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Sabbat Worlds ❰Epub❯ ➟ Sabbat Worlds Author Dan Abnett – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Across the Sabbat Worlds a bitter conflict is fought a conflict that can only end in victory or annihilation The innumerable forces of the Archenemy attack without mercy and planet after planet burns Across the Sabbat Worlds a bitter conflict is fought a conflict that can only end in victory or annihilation The innumerable forces of the Archenemy attack without mercy and planet after planet burns with the flames of war This anthology opens the gateway to the Sabbat Worlds like never before featuring new stories from some of the Black Library's best known authors including Dan Abnett Graham McNeill Aaron Dembski Bowden and many.

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  1. Jean-Luc Jean-Luc says:

    In the Warhammer 40k universe the Sabbat Worlds are a section of over a hundred planets in Segmentum Pacificus and retaking those worlds from the forces of Chaos is the primary objective of Warmaster Slaydo's Crusade This anthology is a series of short stories about some of the many different units taking part in the crusadeThe biggest draw is of course Dan Abnett's 2 stories about the Tanith First and Only If you haven't read any of the Gaunt's Ghosts books before Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities gives you a good sense of what the designation First and Only meansIf you're a big fan of WH40k fluff then you'll likely recognize some of your favorite characters and this will cheer you up immensely Most of these stories serve as bridges from one book to another If there's a badboringwhy did I just read that? story in here I don't remember itOf course if you're not a WH40k fan you probably have little reason to pick up this book even if you're a military scifi fan p

  2. Student Teacher Student Teacher says:

    OMG OMG OMG Another book about the Sabbat Worlds crusade Wait let me back up So about a year ago Dan Abnett was writing like 30 books at the same time the dude writes a BUNCH and it turned out he was sick He wen't to the doctors and found out in his words that it was just epilepsy his schedule slipped a bit Prospero Burns which was supposed to come out at the same time as A Thousand Sons is now coming out this coming January Also the thirteenth Ghosts book 13 really? had its deadline missed So in order to tide over all the 40k nerds they decided to put this anthology together so here it isThe first story is called Apostle's Creed by Graham McNeill This story is an after story from Double Eagle which in my opinion is one of the best 40k books out there We follow a suadron of Thunderbolt pilots that are the best of the best The story here is not overly complecated and I had figured out the plot in the first 5 10 pages That being said this was an excellent story The combat was seat of your pants good and the time in between the combat was very well paced This was pretty much the best kinds of 40k short story Brutal fast and didn't make me think too much and I totally mean that as a complementNext up we have The Headstone and the Hammerstone Kings by Matthew Ferrer Now I have commented on how much I liked Mr Ferrer's Arbitor book but I did have a hard time reading his story in Fear the Alien so I was a bit worried about reading this story Unfortunately my fears were founded I believe this story like Faces from Fear the Alien was too smart for me I just really couldn't get behind it After sitting working for three nights in a row trying to force myself through the 30 pages of this story I had to give up I just couldn't finish this story I really feel as if its a good story but its just not what I want from my 40k I want to read to relax not read to exercise my brainThe third story in this anthology is Regicide by Aaron Dembski Bowden So after trying for three days to read THatHK I read all 28 pages of this story in one night Aaron D B does an excellent job with this story It is a story that takes place about fifteen years before the current Ghosts timeline A Guard soldier has been captured the archenemy right after the great victory at Balhaut His captors are trying to get him to tell them about the death of Warmaster Slaydo Finally he does and we get a very first hand account of the death of the Warmaster Aaron D B does a very good job of jumping back and forth and while most of the story is the retelling of the story we also learn about Commodus Ryland What a good good storyIron Star is a Ghosts story by Dan Abnett This story takes place right after the end of Only in Death and delves into what happened to Gaunt immediately after he is rescued in Only in Death The story is a bit vague but for a reason It is a bit confusing for a reason In the end it is a decent story I don't think it was supposed to be a surprise but I figured the story out very early in to it It wasn't bad at all but not the best in the bookAfter Dan Abnett's story is his wife's first 40k story Cell by Nik Vincent This story tells of an underground resistance on an archenemy held world I really liked the build up of the story Vincent does a good job of getting us to buy into a lot of the main characters The story moved along at a very good pace and I started feeling and rooting for the characters Until the end of the story At the end of the story all of the action takes place Now it may be because I read as I'm laying in bed right before I go to sleep but I found it very hard to follow I was literally sitting there saying to myself how did that happen? What is HE doing? What? Hes dead? Hold it HES dead too? Where did he come from? I didn't even know he was even there That being said I thought it was a pretty good storyNext came another gem of this anthology Blueblood by Nick Kyme I have not been a big fan of Mr Kyme but this story is awesome It tells a story about Royal Volpone known as the Bloodbloods The main character is Major Regara He has been punished and sent to a backwater worlds named Sagorrah He has being punished for writing a commendation for the Ghosts for actions that take place in chapter Blood Oath in the book Ghostmaker The reason I like this story is that Kyme makes us like the Bloodbloods and then makes us hate them and then makes us like them again That up and down of the story is really what I liked about itThe next story is A Good Man by Sandy Mitchell I really like Sandy Mitchell hurry up and write another Cain book This is a story about a munitorium scribe on the recently pacified planet of Vergast sight of the book Necropolis This story is about a man trying to find his buddy and what happens when he gets himself into a situation he is in no way capable to handle There is very little action in this story but Mitchell is very good at the character interaction I really enjoyed itLastly we have Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities whats up with these long old names? by Dan Abnett This is another Ghosts story to wrap up the whole sh bang and what a way to end it This is an awesome story for no other reason than it takes place not too long after the Ghosts were founded This means two things first we get to see some of the Ghosts that have past It was great to see Corbec and Bragg again Second we see what it was like when everyone hated Gaunt almost as much as Rawne diddoes I thought both of these were very well done in the story One of the other things I thought was kind of nice was the foreshadowing I guess that is what you call it when the story takes place earlier in the continuity but was actually written after the things it is referencing that is all over the place Gaunt notices the Domor has uick eyes there is a comment about how Feygor has a smooth voice and Gaunt playfully sorta threatens to amputate Larken's foot I think some people may say that he does this too much but for me each one triggered a memory about that person some of whom are no longer with the Ghosts so I didn't have a problem with itAnd thats the book There were some really good stories in it and some not very good ones But the good was really good and that bad wasn't terrible Plus the good stories outweighed the bad I was afraid I was going to have to give a bad or mediocre rating for this book but the last story really pulled it out for me My only other complaint is that the book seems a little small for an anthology eight stories seems a bit light for me I remember the days of Let the Galaxy Burn with its 38 stories and this one just seems to be a bit of a lightweight for meBased purely on uality and not the uantity I give this book four sightings of the Sabbat beti out of five

  3. Jor Jor says:

    This short story anthology was a trip back to the Warhammer 40000 fuelled days of my childhood and adolescence Dan Abnett's writing is always a delight to read His Gaunt's Ghosts novels remain among my favourite book seriesHis two contributions to this anthology remind me what I enjoy so much about his stories the characters They are the humans in an unjust realm Relatable in the face of despair Honest despite the odds And yes occassionally a little too uippy His books are about people hoping and struggling and survivingThe Warhammer 40000 setting has its limitations and faults There are unmemorable stories in this collection about Miserable Pilots Who Pilot Good And Must Be Miserable and about Honourable Soldiers Who Fight For Honour I think if I wanted strings of action seuences I'd play the wargameThe IMO stronger stories offer something I liked the character exploration and I'll admit dense Gaunt's Ghosts continuity references of Abnett and the investigative archive tale of MitchellRating the anthology I must take the average of all my individual opinions My mean judgement is it's fine Now I'm just looking forward to reading Abnett's new book The Warmaster once it comes to paperback

  4. I.F. Adams I.F. Adams says:

    Short story collections are always a tough review for me cause they are inherently a bit all over the place With that in mind a bunch of vignettes expanding the Sabbat Worlds warzone is still a strong draw I'll admit I felt the ones focused on the Tanith felt a little forced but I also think he completely deserves a pass given he was in the middle of some medical crises and working through thatI think off all of them my favorite was the Hammerstone story There's something about dropping a reader in the middle of a universe and place with no explanation or handholding that while risky in that you can lose the reader can also make it that much immersive and in this case I think the author succeeded

  5. Zaphied Zaphied says:

    Read it for the guant's ghosts shorts Some of these were uite good if abruptly ended Others I found myself at a loss of why I continued to read Regardless it was fun attempting to peg actions to different Sabbat crusade time points

  6. John Vance John Vance says:

    Cannot get enough of the Sabbat Crusade This collection of short stories really fills out the universe Makes you feel that there truly is a wide massive galactic campaign taking place More

  7. Joanne Joanne says:

    Read a few of the stories prior so of the ones I did this time I rated it a 3

  8. Mick Mick says:

    Bridging the gap between the publication of Blood Pact and Salvation's Reach Sabbat Worlds Anthology collects eight stories from some of the Black Library's most noted authors edited by Dan Abnett and set within the setting for his Gaunt's Ghosts series the wartorn Sabbat Worlds All take inspiration from the events and worlds created or alluded to by Dan Abnett and help to flesh out this part of the 40k universe Apostle’s Creed by Graham McNeill features Imperial Navy pilot Laris Asche learning an important lesson lots of dogfighting and a thrilling attack on a major enemy target Lovers of science fiction aerial combat in the vein of Star Wars will enjoy this one This story is a seuel of sorts to Double Eagle which I haven't read but was able to follow anyway The Headstone and the Hammerstone Kings by Matt Farrer focuses on the cleanup operation following the conuest of a planet and in particular on the recovery of captured and destroyed enemy war machines It's a complex story which brings to mind the scramble by the USA and USSR to recover German material and technical expertise following WW2 Aaron Dembski Bowden's Regicide takes the reader back to before the beginning of the Gaunt's Ghosts series with an account of the death of Warmaster Slaydo in battle against the Archon at Balhaut as told by one of his men currently held captive by the enemy It's a stirring story rich in action and ties in neatly with Gaunt's own recollections in Blood Pact Dan Abnett's The Iron Star previously published in novella format bridges the gap between Only in Death and Blood Pact It's a brutal story told through the delirium of a dying man Nik Vincent's Cell gives the reader a look at the harsh reality of everyday survival on a chaos occupied world and the dangers of resisting that occupation In tone and subect it's very similar to Traitor General; brutal but ending on a note of hope Blueblood by Nick Kyme features the Volpone Royal Bluebloods the aristocratic regiment which played the antagonists to the Tanith 1st in several of the earlier Gaunt's Ghosts novels It's a straightforward but exciting piece of military science fiction which does a good job of making the stiff necked and contemptuous Bluebloods likable Sandy Mitchell's A Good Manis an odd piece It's basically a film noir pastiche of The Third Man transposed onto the ruined world of Verghast and featuring an Administratum scribe and an Arbite officer investigating a disappearanc and data fraud It shouldn't work but Mitchell is very good at this sort of thing and it proved to be my favourite story of the collection The final entry Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities by Dan Abnett returns to the earliest days of the Gaunt's Ghosts with what could be called an origin story for the Tanith 1st This was an excellent story featuring many characters who've since fallen by the wayside and setting up some of the conflicts and relationships we've seen develop throughout the series Overall this is an excellent collection The stories are all strong pieces even though the tone and the subject matter vary wildly as each author brings his or her own distinct talents to the task of filling in the gaps of the Sabbat Worlds crusade

  9. Hugh Griffiths Hugh Griffiths says:

    Disclaimer I don't know much Warhammer and I'm aware there's a lot of backstory I'm missingShort stories set in one specific campaign in the Warhammer universeThese read to me mostly as a kind of fanfiction which I definitely don't mean as an insult Warhammer has a huge complex universe and these stories seem like individual writers have taken tiny pieces of a huge picture to carve out their own niches They have features in common but I like that they each have very different stories and styles I love too that this style of collaboration means they're not writing about the biggest characters or the main narrative it's about exploring the side characters and novel anglesThat said there's a satirical short story Ursula le Guin wrote which I've entirely forgotten the name of about an author really wanting a cup of coffee and writing a story about it by substituting alien names and sci fi tropes I feel like that's exactly what's happened here the military tech is all spaceships and laser weapons but none of it seems functionally different from guns and melee combat These stories could easily take place in real settings and it makes me wonder why they aren't? That said the terminology makes is seem like the authors want to be really clear that this is a sci fi setting

  10. Derek Weese Derek Weese says:

    All of these stories were good the different authors picked how I'm not sure I''m assuming either BL or Dan Abnett himself asked about all contributed their own little flavor to the overall 'Daniverse' and the man himself contributed two fantastic stories My favorites were Nick Kyme's story about the Volpone Bluebloods Aaron Dembski Bowden's tale of the death of Warmaster Slaydo and the final story written by Dan himself Still all the others were good And i didn't honestly know that his wife Nik Vincent is an already established author I liked her story enough that I'm looking to see what else she's written If you love the Sabbat Worlds Crusade and Gaunt's Ghosts or just really good military sci fi that is very very VERY dark and brutal then give this collection a go I thought it was well worth the time

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