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America's First Dynasty The Adamses 1735 1918 [Ebook] ➩ America's First Dynasty The Adamses 1735 1918 By Richard Brookhiser – They were America's longest lasting dynasty the closest thing to a royal family our nation has ever known The Adamses played a leading role in America's affairs for nearly two centuries from John the They were America's longest lasting dynasty the closest Dynasty The PDF É thing to a royal family our nation has ever known The Adamses played a leading role in America's affairs for nearly two centuries from John the self taught lawyer who rose to the highest office in the government he helped to create; to John uincy the child prodigy who followed his father to the White House and fought slavery in Congress; to Charles Francis the Civil War diplomat; to Henry the brilliant scholar and journalist Indeed America's First Kindle - the history of the Adams family can be read as the history of America itself For when the Adamses looked at their past they saw the nation's writes author Richard Brookhiser When they looked at the nation's past they saw themselves America's First Dynasty charts the family's travels through American history along with an impressive cast of characters among them George Washington Thomas Jefferson Ulysses S Grant and Theodore Roosevelt Brookhiser also details the darker side of the Adams experience from the specters of alcoholism First Dynasty The PDF/EPUB » and suicide to the crushing burden of performance passed on from father to son Yet by putting a human face on this legendary family Brookhiser succeeds in creating an impassioned heroic family portrait that the American public is not likely to forget.

10 thoughts on “America's First Dynasty The Adamses 1735 1918

  1. Louie Verile JR. Louie Verile JR. says:

    good overview on the family and a great way to get introduced to Charles and Henry

  2. Joshua Johnson Joshua Johnson says:

    This work of history should not stand alone as a reader's only contact with the Adamses but it is an interesting and engrossing analysis of the life and times of this founding family Brookheiser writes powerfully clearly and with no small amount of wit There's not much that you can ask of a book than that you put it down feeling enriched Brookheiser accomplishes this

  3. Tammy Tammy says:

    Interesting introduction to John Adams and his descendants The writing is a little spotty in parts but fine on the whole Some sentences are clunky and could have used editing to convey the point

  4. Mark Mears Mark Mears says:

    A fascinating documentary of one of America’s greatest dynastic families I would recommend it to anyone interested in history or needing a reminder that all families have successful members never do wells and those in between In that and many other ways the Adams’ story can be inspiring

  5. Norla Chee Norla Chee says:

    Only lightly skimmed last few chapters Tired of the Adamses

  6. Dano Dano says:

    Good read on the Adams’ dynasty Started slow but picked up Found out about Henry that I didn’t know

  7. BigHeadWalt BigHeadWalt says:

    Good read but assumes facts not in evidence in several places John Adams's son drank himself to death because he was a homosexual??Enjoyed the book but

  8. Jim Gallen Jim Gallen says:

    For a uick introduction to the highlights to four generations of the Adams Family “America’s First Dynasty’ is an excellent choice It chooses one figure from each of t first four generations John John uincy Charles Francis and Henry It shows how the family morphed from revered politicians of action into respected historians who chronicled their own history for the rest of us Many know about the presidents John and John uincy but few are familiar with Charles Francis’ critical role in the Civil war as American Ambassador to the Court of St James during which he struggled to prevent British recognition of the Confederacy and delivery of warships to it as well as his later representation of his country at the arbitration of claims arising out of the damage done by the CSS Alabama His dabbling in politics over Charles Francis switched over the role of historian with his compilation of his father’s papers As America changed the Adams family did with it Recognizing that in his day politics was not the center of action that it had been previously Henry made his career as an historian professor and confident of political leaders primarily John Hay and Theodore Roosevelt Even though I have read much about the Adams family I learned facts and recognized threads running through their lives Alcoholism and suicide were multi generational tragedies while irritating personalities remained a lingering trait I had not been aware of Charles Francis’ dabbling in third party movements and the reasonableness of what may seem to us to be futile uestsAuthor Richard Brookhiser has created an easy to read history of our First Dynasty and through them of our nation He is somewhat opinionated in declaring their presidencies to be failures and the other family member to be interesting but not worthy of being featured in his book With this noted I recommend it for any seeking a short introductory work either to stand alone or to commence your study of this remarkable family

  9. James James says:

    Richard Brookhiser has written biographies of Presidents Madison and Washington revolutionary statesmen Hamilton and Gouvernor Morris and most recently a book on Lincoln but my favorite of his biographies that I have read is America's First Dynasty The Adamses 1735 1918 The dates alone spanning three centuries suggest the significance of this family on the history of the United StatesThe first two of the dynasty John and his son John uincy both became President The father was one of the leaders of the American Revolution while the son was both President and later member of the House of Representatives from Massachusetts John's grandson Charles Francis also had a brilliant political career that included a term as Minister to England in the Lincoln Administration The fourth Adams of this dynasty John's great grandson Henry Adams found his greatness in literature both as an academic historian and with the publication of his autobiography The Education of Henry Adams a classic that is read to this dayTheir story begins with John Adams a self taught lawyer who rode horseback to meet clients and ends with Henry Adams in France as World War I begins and he returns to Washington D C This is a well told overview of a family dynasty that than any other helped make the United States the great nation it is today

  10. Bart Bart says:

    A very readable history of a the family that set America on her historic course and once set helped her maintain it

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