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10 thoughts on “Daredevil: Gang War

  1. Himanshu Karmacharya Himanshu Karmacharya says:

    Great Work by Frank Miller who helms both the writing and art job Bullseye and Wilson Fisk are written very well The early issue which shows Bullseye s psyche, as he suffers from hallucinations, was very well done Miller has perfectly captured the dark, criminal side of New York City and the art is perhaps one of his finest.

  2. Christopher Christopher says:

    Wonderful early work from Frank Miller

  3. David Horton David Horton says:

    The writing and the illustration match up so well No wonder these are classic stories It feels like each artist is holding back just enough to adhere to the comics code of the early 80s If Marvel had a Vertigo style imprint back in the day, these fellows could have really let this character off his leash There s some typical comic book silliness along the way but there are hints at what Brubaker would eventually do with Daredevil decades later.

  4. Camilo Guerra Camilo Guerra says:

    Kingpin no quiere ser Kingpin, pero hay gente que quiere que sea Kingpin, y Matt le gusta ser Daredevil aunque tiene un dolor de cabeza llamado Bullseyeuna historia cl sica, con noir, un ambiente Kitsch que a pesar de los a os se mantiene muy bien, con un Miller en forma, algo primerizo pero lleno de energ a aunque su trazo es respaldado por Klaus Janson en mas de un 50%.

  5. Liam Martin Liam Martin says:

    Grade A

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