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Letters from a Slave Girl: The Story of Harriet Jacobs Harriet Jacobs Was Born Into Slavery It S The Only Life She Has Ever Known Now, With The Death Of Her Mistress, There Is A Chance She Will Be Given Her Freedom, And For The First Time Harriet Feels Hopeful But Hoping Can Be Dangerous, Because Disappointment Is Devastating Harriet Has One Last Hope, Though Escape To The North And As She Faces Numerous Ordeals, This Hope Gives Her The Strength She Needs To Survive Based On The True Story Of Harriet Ann Jacobs, LETTERS FROM A SLAVE GIRL Reveals In Poignant Detail What Thousands Of African American Women Had To Endure Not Long Ago It S A Story That Will Enlighten, Anger, And Never Be Forgotten.

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    Wow As I turned every page I could not help but feel as if I was living life beside this Slave Girl in the 1830 s The author of this book took me deep into the life of young girl name Harriet Jacob, where I did not experience her life from the outside, but from her personal place where all her thoughts and true feelings were hiddenher diary, letters to her loved ones The reality and the rawness of Harriet Jacobs story is what makes this book so captivating I experienced each event with Harriet as I read letters that she wrote to her deceased mother, missing family members and loved ones Harriet s life is a trail of tears as she has to hide her thoughts and sometimes even herself in order to protect what she loves Harriet wants what many slaves living during the Civil War wanted, freedom The letters that she wrote depicted that, especially when her mistress died and she has the chance to finally become free Freedom comes with a price and I ran beside Harriet as she made each decision in her efforts towards escaping to a better future Sometimes I would cringe, when the Docter her slave owner would walk by, looking for her I was holding my breath, hoping that if I held mine long en...

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    I chose this book from the library simply because I thought I was in a rut I ve been reading a string of fantasy and science fiction books and I needed something new If I m going to tell my students to branch out, I ought to also.The content of Letters from a Slave Girl The Story of Harriet Jacobs is very mature It talks about how her master sought to use her sexually with her consent while another older white man was given her favors while she was in her teens Some of my middle school students might have problems with dialect but I believe that st...

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    I snagged this book from my daughter s school during their end of year book giveaway After reading some hard sci fi, I needed something a bit easier and this filled the bill quite nicely The time period 1825 1897 is one of my favorite times to read about in American history, though the things that happened were horrifying, to say the least.Harriet s story was one of hardship, love, and tears You could feel the pain she felt when one of her loved ones died or was sold to a new master, along with the cruelty of those who looked upon her as property You felt the pins and needles that she endured from hiding for so long and the chills of her fevers.The only thing I didn t like was the last part of the book It felt terribly rushed and it seemed as if the author wanted to cram a lot into just a few pages I would have liked to see letters about Harriet s journey Overall, it was a good book Part of me thinks it would be a bit graphic for kids, but considering the gore that mo...

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    The Book Letters from a Slave Girl The Story of Harriet Jacobs was about a girl of African American Descent named Harriet Ann Harriet Ann was born into slavery but did not know until her adolescent years When Harriet s mother had died her owner had promised Harriet s father freedom if he could pay for it He father began saving up meanwhile Mrs Margaret was getting ill While on her death bed she was helping Harriet learn to read and write Harriet had dreams to make it to the North with her father and brother but with their only hope Mrs.Margaret on her death bed, those dreams were distant This book is ve...

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    My middle schooler had to read it over the summer, so I got interested This book expanded my horizons on American history Love it It did make me cry.

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    I read this book because it was a school assignment, and it was a good book for readers to sleep at night.

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    Great information Great book, almost felt like it was me whom actually wrote the book and actually experienced thisoften makes me sad at the scarifies that were made before i was born to have a better life.

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    Definitely a book for discussion and thought, especially for 5 8th graders Adults can read it quickly This is not the book Ms Jacobs wrote herself, but is based upon that book and events during the time she lived.

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    I would recommend this to students grades 6 and up who enjoy biographies and American history and especially want to learn about the impact of slavery on young women and their families.

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    Damn they did not hold anything back when showcasing the unique way black women suffered under slavery They didn t have to go into graphic detail for the point and horror to come across clearly.