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Violet ❰Reading❯ ➷ Violet Author Kate Cotoner – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Wu Jin has both brains and beauty Though poor his family are noble enough for Jin to sit the imperial examinations in the hope of obtaining a high ranking government position at the court of Tang Dyna Wu Jin has both brains and beauty Though poor his family are noble enough for Jin to sit the imperial examinations in the hope of obtaining a high ranking government position at the court of Tang Dynasty China When his parents are killed Jin clings to his dreams and travels to the provincial capital for the exams Pursued by a sinister horseman into the forest Jin seeks refuge at a tumbledown inn little realizing that he's entered the abode of a fox spirit Tian Zhen is a transcendental fox of immense power and considerable seductive charm He's startled when Jin sees through his illusions and believes it's Jin's destiny not only to become his lover but also to help him find a lost talisman the symbol of Zhen's heavenly role as the Guardian of Thunder But convincing Jin won't be easy and the search for the talisman turns dangerous when Jin discovers it's connected to the man who murdered his parents.

  • ebook
  • 65 pages
  • Violet
  • Kate Cotoner
  • English
  • 01 May 2016
  • 9781603709606

About the Author: Kate Cotoner

Kate Cotoner lives in the north of England with her OH and a demanding bonsai named Mr M She has a fondness for Asian men tempered with a love of hunky Germanic and Mediterranean types and manages to combine love for all three types whilst watching Formula One motorsport She loves history needlepoint reading watching brainless blockbusters and meaningful foreign films staring at US crime sh.

4 thoughts on “Violet

  1. Rhianon Rhianon says:

    An artfully crafted short that showcases the potential this author's future stories have to offer 45 starsSet in China this fantasy follows the journey of a young man sidetracked by a magical immortal a fox spirit The characters are engaging the action is well paced and the plot has just enough twists to keep things interesting without bunching up the reader's knickersI was smiling but disappointed when I reached the end I wanted there to be simply because I had fun reading Cotoner's story There were only a few details I took issue with and they were relatively minor and probably point at a cultural gap than anything She hides info dumping in well written dialogue but it still feels the same to me There weren't many such spots but enough for me to take note I thought it odd that despite the prevalent philosophical themes the antagonist characters in the story are so clearly cut and dry one dimensional and undeveloped I think this might be one such gap as I seem to recall other instances of Chinese stories either set in that ethnic area or written by individuals of that background that demonstrate similar features in the antagonist roleOf course it didn't ruin the reading for me and it could just be that I'm hypersensitive to that particular aspect right nowOverall a fun uick read that puts a smile on the reader's face D Write another one KC Longer please?

  2. Aleksandr Voinov Aleksandr Voinov says:

    Finally a long story by Kate Cotoner Kate caught my eye with Enslaved and since then we've been discussing history and writing and life and I recruited her for Echoes of the Future so we're writer friends But her work came first it's just unfortunate that I end up being friends with great writers and then could be accused of not being subjective Well I'm the first person to say this sucks to a friend They do the same for me Thunder is a novella set in Ancient China I always read stories set in AsiaJapanChina with a little trepidation Toruere especially has put out some atrocious stuff I vaguely remember two I think were dragons prattling on for many pages in a very immature style which made my eyes bleed This is not one of those stories This is actually set in a foreign culture and Cotoner gently guides us through a different world and mindset and the writing is totally engrossing I finished this in one go despite having writing of my own to do and I want to read it again to get the nuances This has supernatural elements but is at the same time so real that I'd call it a China set Historical Urban Fantasy rather than a fairy taleThe men in this story are a young idealistic scholar and a supernatural being Both are drawn with great care and their relationship has to struggle against the divide in what they are ancient curses the corruption of the political class ignorance and superstition It's a little Beauty and the Beast and I'd just love seeing that on film Cotoner is a very visual writer a warm writer you can feel that she actually pours love and care into her stories and characters; too many writers just write some porn and kick it out of the door but I never get that feeling with her stuff Meticulously researched and told with verve and heartThe sex scenes are very hot There's a scene towards the beginning where our young hero encounters a sentient shadow And yeah that scene made my e reader steam But the faceless lover might just be my personal kink It wouldn't be Cotoner if this wasn't also very plotty There are many things going on than just the romance Too much out there is just sex scene after sex scene Nope This is a proper full fledged story with developed characters plot twists and some very suspenseful scenes that had me eat it all up and wanting In any case it's well worth checking out I'll certainly read this again

  3. Mara Ismine Mara Ismine says:

    A very enjoyable and evocative story set in ancient China I will probably have to read again to catch all the nuances and grasp some of the explanations fully The justice is served Happy Ending was very satisfying and might leave room for some follow up on how Jin's plans work out

  4. Indigo Indigo says:

    Magical story set in historical China

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