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Doing the Right Thing In Examining Both His Noted Documentary Career As Well As His Critically Acclaimed Films, This Study Surveys The Enormous Influence One Man Has Had On The Portrayal Of Black Americans In Hollywood Cinema More A Biographical Narrative Than A Critical Analysis Of The Films As Such, This Story Examines The Director S Impact On Mainstream African American Film Culture As Well As The Social And Historical Context That Gave Rise To The Spike Lee Phenomenon Arguably The Most Successful African American Film Director In American Cinema, Spike Lee Has Played A Major Role In Highlighting African American Themes From Injustice And Interracial Relationships To Political Corruption, Poverty, And Racism This Review Of His Work Shows How He Has Successfully Merged This Sensitive And Sometimes Controversial Material With The Demands Of Popular Cinema Among His Works Examined In This Analysis Are The Films Do The Right Thing, School Daze, And She Gotta Have It 4 Little Girls, Nominated For Best Feature Documentary In 1997 When The Levees Broke A Requiem In Four Acts, A Moving And Critical Documentary On The Catastrophic Hurricane Katrina And Miracle At St Ana, A Film That Highlights The Contributions Made By African American Soldiers In World War II.

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