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? [PDF / Epub] ☆ ? Author Charles Saatchi – How can I raise 5000 in a hurry How do you sleep at night Is it better to give than to receive What's the secret of inner peace In this new volume influential art collector Charles Saatchi provides th How can I raise in a hurry How do you sleep at night Is it better to give than to receive What's the secret of inner peace In this new volume influential art collector Charles Saatchi provides the answers to these and over fresh uestions Although Saatchi famously refuses to be interviewed this new book reveals his brutally frank responses to a battery of uestions put to him by leading journalists and critics as well as members of the public Following on from his bestselling book My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic Charles Saatchi answers your uestions about art advertising money religion drugs politics music and dreams.

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  • Charles Saatchi
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  • 04 May 2016
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10 thoughts on “?

  1. Tosh Tosh says:

    One of those non books about an non subject matter One star usually means i hated it and two stars mean I hate it but it got me thinking about stuff? by Charles Saatchi is book length but could be read in one sitting A on various subject matters but mostly there is an overall contempt for Rich Artists and basically advertising wizz Saatchi can make or break an artist's career Which I think is an overstatement Or at the very least that's the drift from the uestions Saatchi seems to be pretty much a straight forward type of guy although I don't see why green he doesn't like this movement that much issues upset him so much And there is no sense of passion in why he collects and likes art My gut feeling is that he loves art It rocks his world But reading this book all I get is surface stuff So I imagine people who buy this book good impulse buy design they want to know about the art world And the art world is not that interesting compared to the aesthetics of the artist or what the work is or how it communicates to the viewer That's interesting But how rich an artist is or does he deserve the attention all of that is really a matter of taste which comes and goes So in the nutshell like the film business with regards how much money the work made is a false issus in my world A book about Saatchi talking about individual artists and what it means to him would be way interesting And maybe he discussed that in his first book Nevertheless ? is pointless but interesting in what it doesn't talk about

  2. Felipe Tofani Felipe Tofani says:

    it is good to see how charles saatchi thinks about some stuff it got me thinking about art and business but it didn't change my life or anything like that but it is cool

  3. Mariam Metreveli Mariam Metreveli says:

    Many useful and funny recommendations from this cool guy One of the best clever sounding one liner from Charles that could be used for any artworks „“Very interesting use of perspective „It applies to anything believe me “

  4. Judith Judith says:

    I am the opposite of what you could call an admirer of Saatchi however he is an interesting man and his wit makes this book an entertaining read

  5. Moritz Moritz says:

    An art collector’s answers to trivial and less trivial uestions Fun read with some nice lines “I have spent too long being able to manipulate the answers I want from market research to rely upon its findings any than I do weather forecasts”

  6. Laura Dzelzyte Laura Dzelzyte says:

    It is as cynical and vulgar as it is witty and enjoyable Packed with hilarious and yet sharp observations of life that only a self aware man of experience can dish out The only trouble is that all the answers are not very memorable They sort of strike you as genius at first but when you look back on a second read Saatchi thoughts fall down on a scale of delight to 'slightly amusing' category to Saatchi How do you sleep a night?A by Saatchi I sleep the untroubled sleep of the innocent This involves a variety of medications ranging from Tamezepan Mogadon Zimovane or Stilnoct which I mix around so my poor brain doesn't develop immunity to anyone of those delightful capsule coshes People tell me they have depressing after effects leaving you groggy and grumpy the next day but obviously I wouldn't notice

  7. Ryan Ryan says:

    uestion is a seuel to I am Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic In this second volume the brash and arrogant Saatchi answers uestions from readers about everything under the sun art advertising religion relationships politics television cars parties music and The answers are mostly jokey retorts to bad uestions but occasionally Saatchi's answers are uite insightful — the best ones are a mixture of bothThis book would fall flat if it wasn't written by one of the world's most interesting people affecting global culture but thankfully it was Worth a uick read if you're interested in art and culture but entirely skippable

  8. Lisa Kim Lisa Kim says:

    I picked this up at a museum bookstore and was halfway through before being guilted into purchasing it saatchi's answers were reliably witty and I was entertained by the responses where he was straining to be irreverently indifferent to his detractors he is clearly besotted with his wife without being overly effusive about it which is a relief if you feel tepid about Nigella as I do a fast and fun read overall

  9. Tidar Rachmadi Tidar Rachmadi says:

    I never thought that if art dealer advertiser husband and father in one body could be this literally funny His answers was unpredictable We can see almost everything in different way using his perspective Light funny and impressive Enjoy it with orange juice

  10. Abbey Abbey says:

    Read this tonight over a cup of tea I would love to meet him — he is awesome

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