Kathy's Story A Childhood Hell Inside the Magdalen

Kathy's Story A Childhood Hell Inside the Magdalen Laundries [PDF / Epub] ✅ Kathy's Story A Childhood Hell Inside the Magdalen Laundries By Kathy OBeirne – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk 'I feel my story had to be told So much evil was done there was a voice inside me shouting Justice'With no one to confide in Kathy suffered in silence as she was battered by her father and molested by 'I feel my story had A Childhood eBook ✓ to be told So much evil was done there was a voice inside me shouting Justice'With no one to confide in Kathy suffered in silence as she was battered by her father and molested by local boysAt the age of eight she was torn from her family and incarcerated in a series of Catholic homes When she was sent to a psychiatric unit she suffered terrifying electric shock therapy and further cruelty at the hands of her supposed carersAfter ending up in Kathy's Story PDF or a Magdalen laundry she fell victim to sexual abuse and gave birth to baby Annie just weeks before her fourteenth birthday Don't Ever Tell is Kathy's harrowing account of her ruined childhood and of her subseuent fight for justice.

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  1. Jacquil Jacquil says:

    What a load of crap After reading about 70 pages the story didn't ring true While I understand that people do have horrendous lives and tales of abuse this was so over the top There did not seem to be a single person of influence that this young girl encountered who was kind to her On the balance of probabilities your going to come across a decent person somewhere along the way Anyway I did a search on the internet and sure enough the story was discovered to be a hoax I'm familiar with the shameful history of the Catholic Church and the convent laundries but for this woman to make a buck of other's misery is shamefulIt put me in mind of the book A Million Little Pieces which also started to sound contrived about 50 pages into the story The author was also found to be a liar but made millions from his supposedly true story of a his drug addiction and his recovery I don't know why authors would think it would make the story compelling to say that it's true If they are going to go down that road they should at least make it believable and do justice to those that actually lived it Or better yet the publishers of these books should get better fact checkers I mean it is the digital age after all It can't be that difficult to get the facts straight Sheesh What a waste of time

  2. Mortimer Mortimer says:

    As has been well documented by now “Kathy’s StoryDon’t Ever Tell” was an elaborate hoax The whole unsavory case tells us a lot about the culture of lies deceit and false accusations targeting the Catholic Church since 2002 The book became a best seller in Ireland and Britain Yes incredibly 400000 people were conned In reality they are but a tiny fraction of the millions who have been duped over the last decade Kathy O’Beirne claims she spent years as a slave to sadistic nuns in the Magdalene laundries institutions run by the Catholic church to house young women and unmarried mothers how she was raped there by two priests gave birth at the age of 13 and how she had her hand thrust into boiling fat by her alcoholic fatherIt came as little surprise when family friends official records and respected journalist Hermann Kelly author of “Kathy’s Real Story” revealed that this deeply disturbed former psychiatric patient who has a criminal record for dishonesty made it all up The daughter she claims she bore at the age of 13 did not exist And a priest who allegedly raped and beat her suffered from such severe arthritis he could not even shake hands Moreover she tried to bribe a friend Margaret Power to be a witness to that rape According to official records and eyewitness statements she was never even in a Magdalene laundry Nonetheless she has threatened to have those who challenge her account dealt withA planned seuel to the book was unceremoniously dumped by publisher Hodder Headline in 2009 Of course lurid tales of child abuse and misery sell books and newspapers False accusations can yield significant financial gain and seldom receive or even reuire corroboration In the last 3 years alone 173 false accusations have been lodged against Catholic priests in the US In that time there have been approximately 21 accusations involving a current minor that were even deemed credible That is a far lower figure than is the case in other religions The three companies that insure the majority of Protestant churches in America state that they typically receive upward of 260 reports each year of young people under 18 being sexually abused by clergy church staff volunteers or congregation members Yet those numbers are dwarfed by the abuse taking place in public schools in the US and other countries and in society at large stepfathers uncles scout leaders coaches teachers and so on The author of a 2004 report commissioned by the US Department of Education Hofstra University’s Charol Shakeshaft said “The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely than 100 times the abuse by priests” Meanwhile according to government numbers in 2010 alone there were some 63527 reported cases of child sexual abuse in the United StatesSo how was Kathy O’Beirne able to con so many people? Because although child sexual abuse is a societal problem as Professor Philip Jenkins has pointed out our tendency as a society is to seek simplistic answers for complex social problems Couple that with a media that today seeks to form public opinion rather than inform the public and you can see why O’Beirne’s fabrication would meet a receptive audience all too ready to embrace yet another “victim” of a big bad institution None of which should diminish our concern for genuine victims of abuse who are done a disservice by false accusations like O’Beirne’s Although the Catholic Church has put its house in order most of its abuse cases were from the mid 1960s to early 1980s other institutions have not Until they do we are likely to see “misery literature” – hopefully based on fact not fiction PS I am happy to provide references for the above uotes and statistics all of which are publicly available

  3. Sabrina Rutter Sabrina Rutter says:

    After watching the movie The Magdalen Sisters I wanted to know about the Magdalen laundries and it's victims While many believe that this is a fabricated story the author sticks to her claim that it's true and I believe her I have done a lot of research on the internet and know that many women and girls suffered horribly in these laundriesThis is one of my favorite booksThis book is the same as Don't Ever Tell Kathy's Story A True Tale of a Childhood Destroyed by Neglect and Fear just thought I would let you all know so you don't buy this book twice

  4. Caroline Barker Caroline Barker says:

    Chilling is not the word for this book It is horrific and appalling how these State institutions in Ireland were treating their youngsters and female occupantsI have read articles that claim this book to be untrue however untrue or not I personally believe that there must be certain aspects that are true and it is up to the individual reader what they believe Nobody can deny though that some of the torture and abuse that is written in this book has taken place at one time or another somewhere and for those victims I believe that it is important for people to open their eyes at these terrible possibilitiesIt is a gripping book and I read it within a few days I feel that although we'll never know everything that is happening at any one time people these days seem to be open and there doesn't seem to be many 'family secrets' as years ago People are accepting today rather than have stigma's about for example unmarried couples and having children out of wedlock and therefore there are less reasons for people to be 'hidden' or suppressed hopefully making it less likely for victims of this to be abusedI'm no fool and appreciate that there are evils out there but I'd like to think that abuse on the scale that this book is regarding where the State do not intervene are left in the past and hopefully people are aware and outspoken of such thingsAll in all it is an eye opening book whether true or not and I personally believe that Kathy O'Beirne is recalling the abuse that she received maybe there are the odd exaggerations as our memories can alter slightly over time On the other hand there could be that we haven't heard about She does say that there were some things even now she finds too difficult to think about and I think that this is a brave attempt to come forward to encourage people to take an interest for all those that have suffered

  5. Mairead Mairead says:

    Read this book and then discovered that it has been discounted as being untrue which I found very disappointing this really disturbed me as people who write these books only give leverage to those who want to believe that these things only happen rarely and that most are false accusations It does a grave disservice to those who truly have suffered abuse and gives voice to those who insist that the majority of claims are false or have little impact However that being said I wonder if there isn't some truth to the story in the same vane as A million little pieces is now listed as semi fictional

  6. Andrea Nast Andrea Nast says:

    trigger warning rape sexual assault physical abuse emotional abuse gaslighting etc if this story is 100% true then it deserves 5 stars due to its intricate account of the horrors that went on at the magdalene laundries and the extreme bravery it would have taken for the author to write this memoir and relive the events in detail however one google search announces that the entire story is fabricated this is why it is only given 3 stars because I know that these horrors did occur to many women in the laundries; just perhaps not all to Kathy I am conflicted about the story it would be incredibly sad if the author fabricated her story for monetary gain thus hurting all of the women who actually experienced these horrors however it is also plausible that she is indeed telling the truth and that the allegations of forgery are just voices who try to shut up the abuse that happened in the Catholic church we may never know but I will always side with the victim

  7. Tomi Tomi says:

    Yet another heartbreaking story of the evil in the world Kathy O'Beirne writes of abuse by her father and her life condemned to Irish reform schools and the Magdalen laundries There is some controversy over whether or not the things O'Beirne writes about actually happened to her I don't knowbut if only one thing happened that was too many It's hard to believe that all of this happened to one person; I have read enough and studied enough history to know however that all of this horrors did happen even if O'Beirne did not suffer them all Humans can be incredibly cruel And many great institutions have a lot of blood on their hands

  8. Elisa Elisa says:

    I was sooooo disappointed when looking this book up on internet i found out it was all a lie I lived in Ireland 5 years and I love it and i feel a bit irish I wanted to know about the magdalene sisters especially after watching the film and I thought this book was a brilliant testimony of what happened during those years I mean there where even pictures of her best friend corroded stomach after swallowing batteries to get out of the laundries This book made a mockery of all the readers that felt pity and sadness for this woman

  9. Kennedy Kennedy says:

    I have no doubts that the Magdalene Laundries were horrific but while reading this book I felt that it was the everything plus the kitchen sink approach in piling on the misery It rang false and then I looked online to find out that the book has been called into uestion The amount of unreliable memoirs being revealed at the moment is astounding

  10. Ruby Tuesday Ruby Tuesday says:

    This book was a complete hoax I read it a few years ago and at the time felt that some of the detail didn't ring true I later found out that it was a hoax There were many young girls that were mistreated by Nuns in Catholic Ireland many have been scarred for life To make up such a story is just disgusting and makes people doubt those that have genuine stories to tell

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