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  1. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    Back in the 1970s I was fond of what were then usually called Men's Adventure Books Today I suppose that would be considered Politically Incorrect However I did enjoy them at the timeno apologies here I also like double cheeseburgers french fries and chocolate maltsnot to mention the occasional beerOh and Coca Cola I love Coca Colamy one true addictionOf late my attention has been drawn back to these old treasures of violent yet simplistic action by a younger friend here on Goodreads who has discovered them thank you FrankieThese books and here we're talking about The Destroyer were largely a reaction to a sharp rise in the crime rate The country was in in the throes of a fairly pacifistic reaction towell to almost everything This was also when I was in the military and Vietnam was at it's height Criminals were largely being viewed as victims and many people were very frustrated with it all It was the era that gave us Dirty Harry Callahan Paul Kersey Death Wish Bullitt 1968 The Punisher and other vigilante type heroesHere we meet Remo Williams a police detective going to The Chair He's to be executed for killing a drug dealerBUT he is swept away to receive training in all forms of combat and stealth He is at last given over to the tutelage of Chiun I won't go into Chiun as to avoid spoilers but he does seem to have written the introduction to the edition of the book I haveAnyway Remo now works for CURE a secret agency set up by President Kennedy They must deal with criminals the system can'tIf you read any of these series you'll see that as a popular theme Either an agency a shadowy group or an individual sets out to fight some criminal element that the courts simply can't deal with criminals who always end up walking free due to some technicality OkayI like many if not most of these books though some do give me a good laugh from time to time Like the huge soft drink the large steak meal at the steakhouse like the huge burger with extra cheese and maybe bacon like a boilermaker or that triple fudge sundae this is great mental junk food This book it's seuels and the others in this almost forgotten group of series books itthey are pure adventure There is violence obvious good guys and bad guys usually a touch or sometimes much than a touch of sex it's all fast action in a uick taleEnjoy I plan to catch up on a lot of these I haven't looked at for like 40 years

  2. Aaron Aaron says:

    The 1971 novel which is the first in the long running Destroyer series Remo Williams former Marine and cop is convicted of a crime he didn't commit and placed on death row A small conspiracy revives him on the other side of his electrocution and convinces him to work for CURE a very secret government organization which tasks assassins with cleaning up those pesky criminals that make life difficult for average citizens Remo is uickly trained by Chiun elderly Korean master of the martial art Sinanju and is sent after a lead named Maxwell who appears to be running crime in New York CityA weird yet fun action adventure Remo's origin training and first mission are described in a very matter of fact manner as though it's obvious that what Remo is doing will save the country He never really uestions who he's killing or why he's doing what he's doing though surely he feels some gratitude toward CURE for saving him view spoilerIt's revealed to Remo at the end that CURE had him sent to death row in the first place in order to have him become someone who doesn't officially exist hide spoiler

  3. Rich Rich says:

    I first started reading these books because I was a fan of the Executioner books by Donald Pendleton and published by the same company Pinnacle books In the end I read them longer and regularly return to them I haven't read an Executioner or Mack Bolan title in about 20 years The concept here is that the government is tired of being tied by the rules as they try to get the bad guys So they create an organization called CURE which really doesn't exist to fight the bad guys without all those annoying rules They have a Dr Smith and hire the world's best assasin Chiun from the House of Sinanju in Korea Then they frame a NYC cop for murder execute him ressurect him as the Destroyer and turn him and Chiun loose on the baddies This series was created and co written by Warren Murhpy and Richard Sapir As I got older I came to realize that these books were full of hysterical satire that was just below the surface And it's this intelligence that really has kept me coming back to them every so often when I want some brain candy For a lot of fun you really can't beat these books Ultimately this has been an action series that has continued to satisfy

  4. Jim Jim says:

    The series now has over 150 books in it any one of the books is fun light read The early books with Richard Sapir are uite entertaining Sapir was a political columnist I think it shows in the tongue in cheek plots which make fun of everything but especially pick on one current event or attitude per book Around the 75th book or so the plots really lost their zest to me I uit reading the series on book #104 The Destroyer is a New Jersey cop who is 'killed' now serves CURE a secret government organization that works outside the Constitution to protect it Led by Dr Smith an acerbic New Englander trained by Chiun a Korean who is the world's best assassin Remo Williams the Destroyer second best assassin in the world goes around fixing problems that would otherwise topple the US or possibly the worldRemo constantly gets into trouble since he has been trained in 'Sinanju' the 'sun source' of all martial arts He has superhuman abilities but is childish not particularly bright Chiun is pretty smart extremely vain somewhat clueless about western custom He has crippled two pro football players for calling him 'Chinese' rather than Korean since he is extremely prejudiced This book was made into a particularly bad movie

  5. Still Still says:

    This is the first entry in the legendary Remo WilliamsThe Destroyer series of actionadventure paperbacksI am a fan of the 1980s film based on the Remo Williams novels so I was a bit disappointed with this oneMy understanding is this series doesn't really get off the ground until either the third or fourth entryBesides Warren Murphy often with Richard Sapir co writing there were a couple of other authors who contributed in writing the novelsThe Destroyer is a much loved series its fans are legionUntil I've read novels in the series I'll have to reserve recommending this book

  6. Edwin Edwin says:

    The first entry in long running The Destroyer series starts out with how Remo Williams is “recruited” into the secret CURE agency and expertly trained by Asian Master Chiun followed by some dull drunken angst scenes then finishing up with a bang and an unexpected twist This book and perhaps the series in general doesn’t take itself uite so seriously as the other men’s adventure series which are typically somber and humorless I really liked the lighter tone and the self satirizing drollness I like that Remo merely kills someone without going into graphic detail and gore which gets tiresome in other series since there are only so many ways to describe a guy’s head getting blown off I would have liked to see a lot of Chiun and his wise sayings and clever insults Looking forward to reading other entries in the series and hopefully of Chiun

  7. B. Jay B. Jay says:

    In the early seventies as Bruce Lee Chuck Norris and a variety of martial arts schools and styles were emerging in popular culture The Destroyer arose as a satire or perhaps evolution of pulp novels by combining the excessive violence and gunplay of book serials like the Executioner and merging it with the philosophy of Oriental fightingIn this first novel Remo's teacher Chuin had not yet rose prominantly as a lead character figuring in rather exactly as Yoda does ten year later in the Empire Strikes Back a teacher of wisdom than power who only plays as a mid story turning point for the protagonist Hence this book lacks much of the fun interpersonal play that helps the Destroyer series to stand out and provided the only good bits from the movie adaptation But Remo stands on his own here in his debut appearance He is tough as hell and likable even through his worst actions Even the villians of the story short lived and somewhat under developed are the type of guys you love to hateI plan on loaning this book immediately to the nearest person I know who enjoys a good action story

  8. Charles Charles says:

    I really enjoyed this first one in the series Made me want to read

  9. Storm Chase Storm Chase says:

    Read this thirty years ago and then again last week Awesome Violent silly and perfect escapism

  10. Saw Saw says:

    Why didn't I understand the purpose of this book??????Am I just so dumb?

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Created the Destroyer ❅ Created the Destroyer kindle Epub ❥ Author Warren Murphy – When ex New Jersey cop Remo Williams is electrocuted for the murder of a dope dealing goon CURE a super secret government agency that doesn't really exist schemes to resurrect Remo as the ultimate kil When ex New Jersey cop Remo Williams is electrocuted for the murder of a dope dealing goon CURE a super secret government agency that doesn't really exist Created the Kindle - schemes to resurrect Remo as the ultimate killing machine that will carry out most of its dirty plans Under the direction of expert assassin Master Chiun Remo is transformed into the Destroyer and launches a series of secret plots to dissolve the underworld.