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Yendi Vlad Taltos #2 [Download] ➽ Yendi Vlad Taltos #2 By Steven Brust – fr Yendi Les aventures de Vlad Taltos Brust Deuxime volume des Aventures de Vlad Taltos l'œuvre la plus connue de l'auteur une dizaine de volumes crits ce jour pouvant se lire indpendamment Yendi mla fr Yendi Les aventures de Vlad Taltos Brust Deuxime volume des Yendi Vlad Epub / Aventures de Vlad Taltos l'œuvre la plus connue de l'auteur une dizaine de volumes crits ce jour pouvant se lire indpendamment Yendi mlant habilement les codes de la fantasy et du roman noir nous en dvoile un peu plus sur le pass de Vlad Taltos toujours avec humour Yendi Les aventures de vlad taltos Poche Steven Brust Deuxime volume des Aventures de Vlad Taltos l'ouvre la plus connue de l'auteur une dizaine de volumes crits ce jour pouvant se lire indpendamment Yendi mlant habilement les codes de la fantasy et du roman noir nous en dvoile un peu plus sur le pass de Vlad Taltos Vlad Taltos Tome Yendi Steven Brust broch Vlad Taltos Tome Yendi Steven Brust Mnemos Eds Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Les aventures de Vlad Taltos Tome Yendi Babelio Les aventures de Vlad Taltos Tome Yendi infos Critiues Citations Forum Ajouter mes livres Steven Brust Guillaume Le Pennec Traducteur EAN pages diteur Gallimard Note moyenne sur notes Rsum Alors ue Vlad Taltos l'Oriental appartenant la Maison Jhereg vient de s'installer son compte et ue ses affaires Yendi Folio SF Folio GALLIMARD Site Gallimard Deuxime volume des Aventures de Vlad Taltos l'œuvre la plus connue de l'auteur – une dizaine de volumes crits ce jour pouvant se lire indpendamment – Yendi mlant habilement les codes de la fantasy et du roman noir nous en dvoile un peu plus sur le pass de Vlad Taltos toujours avec humour Yendi Vlad Taltos Book Steven Brust Bernard Setaro Yendi Vlad Taltos Book Steven Brust Bernard Setaro Clark Audible Studios fr Livres Livre Yendi Les aventures de Vlad Taltos Steven Brust Dcouvrez et achetez Les aventures de Vlad Taltos Yendi Les ave Steven Brust Folio sur wwwlibrairiedialoguesfr Yendi Vlad Taltos by Steven Brust Yendi is the nd installment in the Vlad Taltos series and is actually a preuel to the first book It establishes some background; how Vlad met Cawti she tried to kill him and how he built up his Jhereg territory There is also the obligatory political problem which in this case was extremely convoluted Yendi – Steven Brust | Le culte d'Apophis Yendi est le deuxime des uinze romans parus ce jour consacrs Vlad Taltos et c’est aussi un prlude au prcdent Jhereg La uatrime de couverture nous prcise ue chacun des livres de ce cycle peut se lire de faon indpendante et du fait de son statut d’antpisode cela n’a jamais t aussi vrai ue pour celui ci D’ailleurs l’auteur rappelle de faon succincte mais efficace les bases de son univers Yendi novel Wikipedia Yendi is a fantasy novel by American writer Steven Brust the second book in his Vlad Taltos series; it is a preuel to the first novel Jhereg originally printed in by Ace books it was reprinted in in the omnibus The Book of Jhereg along with Jhereg and Teckla.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Yendi Vlad Taltos #2
  • Steven Brust
  • English
  • 13 July 2015
  • 9780441944606

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  1. Sebastien Castell Sebastien Castell says:

    I first read Jhereg by Steven Brust when I was a kid and fell in love with the voice and style of the books Yendi is the second book in that series though chronologically takes place before Jhereg For those obsessed with reading in chronological order technically the first book of the series would be Taltos which I think was published fourth If it all sounds like Brust was basically just making stuff up as he went along following whatever story interested him at the time with little regard for the kinds of regimented series design we tend to live with these days I suspect you're right Maybe that's why the books hold up so well todayVlad Taltos is an assassin but not the cool nothing scares me awesomely enigmatic variety that graces the cover of so many modern fantasy novels He's just a guy trying to survive in a world hostile to Easterners aka humans – the dominant species in this world are basically a kind of tall long lived psychic pedantic elves called Dragaerans who are exactly as big arseholes as they sound Vlad's pretty clever good with a rapier and hates the world he lives in just enough to make him good at surviving in it Oh and he's got a cool mini dragon sidekick who calls him boss all the timeThe Taltos books are at once whimsical though not in a Terry Pratchett way and emotional though not in the melodramatic self righteous way of modern fantasy They're stories that never seem over written or even over thought out but simply the artistic output of an author following his instincts and never worrying whether he's put in the reuired elements or checked off all the ideological boxes of the times They're stories in the purest sense which doesn't make them trite or lacking in message only that the message is whatever Brust wanted to impart never hitting you over the head never worrying about whether you'll agreeUsually when I try to re read books from decades ago I find they don't hold up all that well Either the language feels archaic or the tropes feel out of date I didn't find that with Yendi It reads well pretty much as it did when I was a teenager I liked Vlad liked the twists and turns and never felt all that concerned with whether every plot device was entirely logical or not Vlad feels real so everything around him feels realYour mileage may vary of course We all have different tastes but for me – especially in today's fantasy landscape – a book that isn't trying to follow conventions is a welcome respite Yendi made me want to go back to all the others in the series and start picking up the ones I missed in recent years

  2. Mimi Mimi says:

    Imagine The Godfather but told from the perspective of a young snarky Vito Corleone who's all alone and setting out on his own He's fighting to make a name for himself as an assassin and mob boss in the Dragarean underworld He's got a small network of semi legitimate businesses and a corner of the city to himself He's trying to establish his territory while fighting off stronger wealthier experienced neighbors who are moving in on his turf He's fighting on multiple fronts all the while trying to stay on top of Dragarean politicsThis book has a lot of things going on and the action never stops Just when you think it can't get any twisty it gets one twist in Turn the page and something new is happening to Vlad In the midst of all this mess though Vlad is still an engaging funny storyteller and I can listen to him talk all day longLike Jhereg this book is out of order but unlike Jhereg it's near the beginning of Vlad's tale So it's a good place to start the series You get to know Vlad on his way up the social ladder but you also get to a glimpse of the things he's been through that have made him who he is today He's still got that optimistic but also realistic outlook on life and his place in the world about him that I like The tone is light and funny and a stark contrast to the story he's telling which has a variety of people out to kill him including his future wife which makes it a little bit funnier because he's so matter of fact about itNotes for future reference view spoilerwhen Vlad first met Cawti and she was paid to kill him hide spoiler

  3. Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller says:

    If I had to sum up the Vlad Taltos series in one word it would be unconventional The writing voice is all over the place flitting between past and present from in the moment to addressing the reader directly It’s as if Steven Brust took one look at the rules of writing and said “eff those I’m going to write however I please” In my opinion that’s playing with fire but some of the most poignant writers take those risks all the time I’m a firm believer that you must know them well first to break them well There are places where I thought he took it a little too far and the heavy voice definitely takes a bit to get used to but his odd writing style is part of what makes the story so interestingBrust also throws you in the deep end of this world to either sink or swim explaining precisely nothing about the dozens of references he makes throughout the story He will throw in an occasional anecdote here and there but for the most part you’re on your own The first 25% of Yendi reuired a lot concentration than normal and I didn’t start enjoying the story until I got mostly acclimatedMy favorite thing about the series so far is what feels to me like a merging of genres It’s definitely a fantasy world but it’s presented with a mystery driven plot and overlay of humor that reads like an urban fantasy I will definitely be continuing on I plan to use this series as a palate cleanser every time I get sick of the same old stuffRecommendations Venture into this series with a “just go with it” mentality and be prepared for the atypical I’d hand this to anyone who might appreciate a fantasyurban fantasymystery tale all bundled into one I would avoid handing it to someone with risk adverse reading tastes or people trying to get their feet wet in the genreVia The Obsessive Bookseller at wwwNikiHawkescom Other books you might like

  4. Brad Brad says:

    Damn I'd written this nice little meta review about being a geek and then some errant keystrokes backed me out of the review I was writing and everything disappeared I don't have it in me to rewrite at the moment so here are some uick thoughts•Vlad Taltos' little gangster turf war is the best part of Yendi and I hope that we get a little of that as the series goes on although I sense that he may be getting closer and closer to going legit ish or at least becoming all political•the Sorceress in Green twist was a convoluted on purpose but it was a little too convoluted for my tastes Still it didn't take away any of the fun so don't let it stop you from reading the story•the preuelness of Yendi was handled well and I actually thought the Cawti Vlad relationship was believable even after the assassination attempt on the latter by the former•two books in and Yendi confirms that this is a series worth reading even if it is fantasy gangster lite I am definitely in for the long haul

  5. Bradley Bradley says:

    I freely admit that I don't know whether this second book was written before or after the first's publication date but it certainly falls five years before the main action of the previous novelWhy does this matter? I don't mind having that tantalizing clue of having died years ago in the first novel being expanded into it's own interesting tale but something has been itching under my skin as I read YendiIt didn't feel as polished as the previous novel I kept picking up on clues that felt like this was the first tale not the second It was straightforward following action after action reversal after reversal The previous novel jumped through time with important scenes and barrelling through ten years giving us the weight of great things and interesting stories untold letting our imaginations do most of the work and driving us into some seriously important Work without stalling This second novel compressed the time involved to just a few months keeping things simple if not uncomplicatedSo why do I feel like this one could have really been the first novel of Mr Brust? Because he didn't use all of the excellent tools of his writing that were at his disposalDon't get me wrong This was a great mob boss turf war novel set among half dragons and an unfortunate Easterner read human interloper in a big city It also catapulted his love interest to the forefront and despite being such a whirlwind romance I was charmed Cawti was fully in the driver's seat whether she was literally killing or loving Vlad I rooted for both of them What can I say? It was hopelessly romantic Thank goodness for revivication It's what turns any would be tragedy into high comedyOne thing Steven Brust does fantastic in both novels is the near breakneck speed he can turn any desperate situation into a natural tragedy following from unintended conseuences of character's actionsview spoilerIn the first book neither Vlad nor us knew what his casting of the second dragon invitation would do My heart was in my throat when I like Vlad believed that he had just severed the connection with his best friend in order to save his life The situation was a bit twisted in this novel after I was invited to see Cawti's world through Vlad's eyes after Vlad's assassination had been accomplished Love at first sight for both of them at the moments of both their deaths so fucked up and so damn beautiful So yes I say again thank god for revivication and the kindness of fucking powerful dragon hosts at Castle Black hide spoiler

  6. fantasy fiction is everything fantasy fiction is everything says:

    35 stars

  7. Stephen Stephen says:

    45 to 50 stars The Jhereg series is one of those series that I love to come back too whenever I am in the mood for a good fun read This is the second installment and I think it was as good as the first one I love the world that Brust has created and the main character Vlad Taltos is great I highly recommend this series to everyone who has not tried it yet

  8. Brad Brad says:

    I'm rereading my Taltos books these days and my reread of Yendi didn't do it any kindness It was an okay way to spend a few sleepless nights but I very nearly set it down I suppose I kept going out of nostalgia but it made me sad Now I knew I know going into these books that they are readable and fun but they are also fairly light weight Yendi is too light weight however Sure we get to see the coming together of Cawti and Vlad but it didn't come anywhere near satisfying me this time and it felt way too rushed Sure there was plenty of Loiosh and Vlad wit in their psionic conversations but the banter has already entered the precious which is particularly annoying considering this is a preuel to Jhereg Sure there was lots of intrigue but the intrigue was way too forced and if I had been faced with just one Vlad speaking his thoughts aloud while his friends listen attentively figuring it out scenes I would have screamed my house awakeSome things are better left alone So do I stop now? Or do I press on in my plan to reread with the belief that most of the books really are better than this one?I am going to regret my decision I think

  9. Melissa McShane Melissa McShane says:

    The thing I had forgotten about Yendi in this most recent read via audio book is how fundamentally straightforward it is Vlad still new to controlling his territory is challenged by someone who wants to destroy him that's the basic story It isn't until you get most of the way in that the depth of the plotting is revealed and it becomes clear that only a Yendi master of subtlety and complex machinations could be behind itI loved this book when I was young primarily for the romance between Vlad and Cawti Having read Jhereg about a million times the year I was thirteen I adored their relationship as a married couple which at the time I had only just discovered adult fantasy literature was so rare in stories So reading the story of how they met was exciting This time I was conscious of how unusual it was that they came together at all It makes sense for Cawti to have fallen in love with Vlad having studied him so closely but Vlad's attraction to Cawti as anything than physical lust is less obvious Is it that she's in the same line of work? That he's wanted than the casual relationships he's had up to this point? I don't know I think if I really were reading this chronologically for the first time and didn't have a million readings of Jhereg influencing me I'd be skeptical One reason not to read in internal chronological order if it's your first time with the seriesI do like the development of Vlad's relationship with Morrolan Sethra and Aliera What Vlad says to Cawti about his loathing for Dragaerans is a stark contrast to what to me seems like a clear friendship view spoilerMorrolan and Aliera would not have come barreling to the rescue on Kragar's say so alone I'd like to see the scene where Vlad is assassinated from their perspective hide spoiler

  10. Maggie K Maggie K says:

    Yendi is the 2nd installment in the Vlad Taltos series and is actually a preuel to the first book It establishes some background; how Vlad met Cawti she tried to kill him and how he built up his Jhereg territory There is also the obligatory political problem which in this case was extremely convolutedI do enjoy these booksthey are fast paced and have action They aren't too long or convolutedThey are a great relaxing read For some reason it took me a little bit to realize we had gone into the past at first read and it was a bit jarring The territory warplotline was interesting The love story didn't really seem very genuineIt came off like Vlad is just a horndogand the political scheming? Kind of well contrived The power scheming was so convoluted that it had to be a Yendi because they are into being convoluted and here is a Yendiso it must be her Let's work it backwardsit isI still enjoyed it just wasn't buying it

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