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Welcome to My World [KINDLE] ✿ Welcome to My World By Johnny Weir – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In a memoir as candid and unconventional as Johnny Weir himself the three time US National Champion figure skater who electrified the 2010 Winter Olympics shares his glamorous gritty heartbreaking hop In a memoir as candid and unconventional as Johnny Weir Welcome to MOBI :Ê himself the three time US National Champion figure skater who electrified the Winter Olympics shares his glamorous gritty heartbreaking hopeful and just plain fabulous life story How does a boy from rural Pennsylvania become an all American original style icon on the ice and off adored by fans around the world and hailed as “The Lady Gaga of skating” Saloncom The answers are here in his invigorating and thoroughly entertaining chronicle of the emergence of his natural talents for skating and horseback riding; the physically and emotionally grinding path to becoming a champion; a family who sacrificed everything to support his passions; an ability to rise again after the most devastating defeats and never look back; an appreciation of style from his mom and self discipline that would be from his dad; and a fearless confidence to say whatever’s on his mindBecause when you’re Johnny Weir you don’t worry about what other people think You let everyone else worry about that for you Welcome to his world.

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  1. N N says:

    There’s a lot of myth that surrounds Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir; myth created from fanciful assumptions and media speculation Johnny makes a drug analogy in a press conference – ohmygod he’s a drug addict Johnny poses half naked in a pair of stilettos for a photo shoot – ohmygod his life is all hedonism and debauchery Johnny makes some snide comments about rival Evan Lysacek – ohmygod he’s a diva bitch from hellThis is very much a ‘setting the record straight’ memoir The reality of course is that Johnny’s a self confessed shy country boy who as a matter of fact has spent the majority of the last thirteen years training training training Because you don’t get to be a three time cough four time cough national champion by partying every night In Welcome to My World he also reveals that he’s a big romantic who didn’t lose his virginity until he was established in a relationship with his first boyfriend Schrew SchmeekinsJohnny provides a thoughtful concise overview of his life to date Most of the content will be familiar to any fan or anyone who’s seen the excellent documentary Pop Star On Ice but there are a few unexpected anecdotes Like the time Johnny injured himself during Grand Prix season by daring Evan Lysacek to a handstand contest in Russia AmazingAlthough I have no doubt that Johnny was poorly treated by his federation egregiously underscored by the judges and misrepresented by much of the media it’s hard not to suspect him of sanding some of the rough edges off his story and casting himself in the best light possible There are some gaps some truths he doesn’t seem willing to divulge yet I for one would have liked to read Johnny’s take on his ‘feud’ with Evan How did they go from being friends during the Champions On Ice tour to being apparently sworn enemies? Was it all media hype? Johnny remains notably uiet on the matterAnyone who’s seen him interviewed knows that Johnny has a great sense of humour but it seems curiously absent here Maybe his humour doesn’t translate to the page; maybe he wanted to be taken seriously here Either way My World feels flat as a result It’s not uite an exposé on the world of figure skating although it contains plenty of appalling behaviour by the federation It’s not uite a tell all It’s not even a rip roaring good timeI expected a few reactions to Johnny’s memoir but “dull” wasn’t one of them

  2. Leta Blake Leta Blake says:

    I think my reaction to this book can be summed us as follows1 Oh Johnny In all iterations of possible tone2 They really treated him pretty shabbily at the Vancouver Olympics and I'm not talking about the scores The insult of introducing a three time US Champion and bronze World medalist with Johnny speaks French and Russian and likes fashion is kind of stunningly dickish all these years laterAll in all the book says pretty much what I expected it to say and would perhaps have predicted it to say I recommend it for people who are ready and willing to have mixed feelings about the preciousness of Johnny Weir and who will choose to love him and be a fan anyway

  3. Harley Harley says:

    At first when I added this to my Goodreads list I thought to myself Well of course I'm giving it a five It's Johnny And then now after just finishing it I realize that it actually deserves the five I'm giving itFirst of all no shockers here I absolutely love Johnny Weir I love him as a person I love his skating I love his attitude and views on countless topics that mirrored my own but I was too afraid to speak up about So of course I had to order this book Well technically my mother ordered it for my birthday And a first edition autographed copy too OverwhelmingI started reading it one night after the long wait for it to arrive and had to put it down a couple times and think before I could continue This wasn't the fantasy driven novels that I usually enjoy to read this is John Garvin Weir's actual life I think coming into the book realizing this brought out my vicarious side and is what made me spend 95% of the time reading in tearsJohnny said that he would give the dirty details of everything from his skating career to the USFSA's mistreatment to his love life although referring to his LDR with a shitty alias I won't drop it here but I am disappointed that Alex vied for a pseudonym when he has nothing to lose by being open about it And he did give this details and so much of them that I felt it I have never been nor ever will be an Olympic athlete but I've still found myself able to relate to Johnny so much especially now while reading about the things that he's gone through and feel the emotions that he described It gave me similar spurts of emotion that even surprised myself Leaning the truth about 2003 Nationals? I wanted to smack him There were countless moments that I just had to stop reading because I felt stupid for crying so much I knew I was going to be emotional through some bits but I surely wasn't expecting that It got to the point where I couldn't read it at school any because I almost starting crying in the middle of French my French teacher probably would have understood though; he harbors a similar interest in Johnny Weir as mineWhile fun as hell to read Welcome to my World had a deeper meaning to me than pure entertainment value As I said before Johnny has been someone I can look up to for guidance in my own life I wish I could print paragraph upon paragraph from the book and carry them around with me when I'm having a weak moment The message that he's trying to display along with his own story is clear be yourself love yourself and don't let anyone tell you how to be One of the final pages of the book where he says that the only community he has ever wanted to represent are those who aren't normal by society's standards be it their race religion sexual orientation gender identity uirky habits family background ANYTHING was the most inspiring thing I can honestly say I have ever read Hearing such support from someone I idolize telling me and countless others that we aren't alone in being weird and that we're loved for it that our uirks are what make us meant so much to me than when any therapist family member or close friend had told me the same thing Sorry guysHe may not be a PR magnet saying exactly what he feels rather than what others want to hear He may not be the pinnacle of masculinity most male athletes are And if one person asks me who the chick on the cover is I'm going to scream Hell he may not be an Olympic Gold Medalist But this fur wearing neat freak gender bending diva on ice is who I idolize for being the one person to get me to live my own life and love myself for every bit of it when no one else could

  4. Sleepless Dreamer Sleepless Dreamer says:

    All of the books I'm reading lately are either LGBT or Russian themed reading period and well Johnny Weir is a bit of both What am I doing reading autobiographies of ice skaters from the 2000s? I have no idea In any case this is a swift read It has a good flow and I feel like he addresses most of the issues you'd expect him to I didn't feel very surprised at it If anything I feel like he's what I'd think he'd be that his biography didn't reveal anything insaneAfter reading this I watched a few of his interviews and it doesn't uite feel like it's the same person Johnny Weir of this book seems shy soft somewhat socially awkward Johnny Weir of the interviews seems well flamboyant and sassy I am sorry for using all the stereotypes This isn't really very surprising either and I enjoyed hearing stories from the book Yesterday I performed spoken word poetry for the second time It went badly In the worst way I mean I didn't throw up or run off stage crying but my performance wasn't good I was out of focus and it showed I think I'm pretty much basing this off the energy I felt After this I found myself thinking about Johnny Weir His younger self is pretty much the patron saint of messing up on stage That Johnny Weir was so out of focus that people assumed he was using drugs as an explanation for the differences between his performances And you know it made me feel better to realize that this is something that can be worked on Then I remembered how Johnny Weir was essentially cheated in the Olympics and you know you watch the video and it's uite heartbreaking To think that he did everything he was supposed to and still It's like the story of I Tonya but reverseUltimately I did feel like he was a diva like his fights with his coach were silly and his insistence on rooms was kind of specific and strange but yeah you know you expect that from people like Johnny WeirAnyway this is a nice read Makes me even excited about Russia What I'm Taking With Me Johnny Weir didn't want to be a gay icon And it's funny that years later you have Adam Rippon who's owning it Can we talk about how Johnny Weir designed his costumes? Johnny Weir studied Russian alone and then promptly spent time in competitions making fun of Americans in Russian with his coach He considered converting to Judaism That's pretty cool even if he's also part of the trend of reading Kabbalah

  5. Nichole (DirrtyH) Nichole (DirrtyH) says:

    This was tough to rate because I couldn't decide what criteria to use My theory is that your enjoyment of this book will be directly proportional to how much you love Johnny Weir It's not like some life changing piece of literature obviouslyI happen to love Johnny Weir so this was a very easy book for me to read and enjoy This book will give you insight into how hard he worked for what he has achieved in his career The boy is certainly not without his faults; he can be very immature and sometimes acts like a petulant child and sometimes his ego seems to know no bounds But at the same time he is the ultimate role model someone who is who he is without apology He is not trying to fit into anyone's notion of what he should be not the skating federation not the media not the gay community Yes he is trying to be outrageous but at the same time he's still being 100% himself Which is why I don't think calling him the Lady Gaga of figure skating is accurate because I don't think Lady Gaga is being herself i think she's playing an elaborate game with the mediaBut that's neither here nor there Basically there's nothing all that earth shattering about this book If you like Johnny Weir you'll like the book If you don't you won't My 3 stars is based on the fact that while I enjoyed it I just really don't feel like I can give it than that because it is so lacking in substanceSo yeah I'm not sure any of that made any sense but I love you Johnny

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    My other Olympic love Johnny Weir As much as I love the poise Olympians have I like his brashness when it comes down to it Some things he is a total ass and diva about and I just want to slap him but at the same time I totally love what he does Guess that is his charmThis book talked a lot about his rise in the ice skating world just a small part on his personal life and fall out from competing and what or what not does the future hold? Some things he says I totally agree with like actually sort of campaigning to win a medal and being the whole package and not just good on the ice and based on one or two performances and some things I totally don't demands his own room when everyone else shares get over yourself and wearing a Russia jacket at an international competition domestic fine everyone knows everyone is from the US but yeah If you are out there to represent one country don't go wearing something from anotherI always wondered why J didn't participate in ice dancing as I think he would be much better at it but this book didn't really answer that uestion All I know is that he is done with the olympics and moving on to the next stage And I will keep an eye on him all the way I love his tv show too Can't wait for new episodes to start

  7. Denise Denise says:

    Ah Johnny Weir You just gotta love him for his incredible talent if ever a figure skater deserved an Olympic medal he was deprived of it's Johnny Weir on the ice as well his attitude and confidence to be himself and give zero fucks about anyone else's opinion on the matter You do you Johnny You're all kinds of awesome

  8. Surreysmum Surreysmum says:

    I'm a completist when it comes to figure skating biographies otherwise I'll admit I might have passed on this one Weir although he's the type of man who usually interests me gay determined on his own path etc for some reason has never captured my attention beyond a few fine skates he had earlier in his career I suspect it's because of his obsession with fashion and other glam pursuits which are anathema to me The front of the dustjacket of his book could not be indicative of this Johnny looking flirtatiously over one shoulder in furs and jewels holding up an enormous disco ball with an absurdly elongated stiletto He seems to be daring us not to take him seriously alas I fear many of us have taken him up on that dareDespite his well publicized failures to fit in with the homophobic culture of the figure skating establishment and oh yes we all know that it is I found the story of Johnny's figure skating years to be pretty much typical it is after all a pursuit that reuires obsession of its elite practitioners and no one but no one writes an account of those competitive years without falling into a fairly boring pattern of competitions where I did well and competitions where I did badlyAt the end of the day there's an honesty about Weir's account not sparing himself in retrospect over truly childish or stupid acts such as pretending to be sick to withdraw from a competition that saves this story But I think Johnny's still looking for whatever cause or passion will jolt him out of his self centred universe and cause him to make a real impact on the world not just on its celebrity culture which he gleefully chronicles I look forward to the book he writes when he finds that cause or passion

  9. Felicia Felicia says:

    I'll keep this short lest I take my ranting over the top Luckily it only took me about 5 hrs to get though it because I got so pissed off reading it Johnny is so contraditory it takes all credibility away from him I absoloutely hated the way that he would talk about other peoples' thoughts and feelings as if he knew exactly what everyone was thinking when in fact he was only guessing Normally reading autobiograhpical books gives me new insight to the person and gives me new respect for them This had the opposite effect I went into expecting to see a side of Johnny that would change my mind about him but It only reinforced my original thoughts

  10. Yi-Hsuan Yi-Hsuan says:

    3 4 stars As an avid watcher of figure skating competitions I remember the tensionrivalry between Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek like it was yesterday Johnny stays relatively classy in his book referring to only a few not as great skaters as such and leaving out certain names even though it's easy to look up who he's talking about It's a nice inside look into competitive figure skating and the writing's not bad I'd read Except if it's from the US Figure Skating Association Those guys are horrible

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