One Billion Customers Lessons from the Front Lines of

One Billion Customers Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China Wall Street Journal Book ❮Reading❯ ➳ One Billion Customers Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China Wall Street Journal Book ➬ Author James McGregor – It is well known that with a population of 13 billion people China's market is moving uickly toward surpassing those of North America and Europe combined Companies from the United States and around th Customers Lessons PDF/EPUB ¼ It is well known that with a population of billion people China's market is moving uickly toward surpassing those of North America and Europe combined Companies from the United States and Billion Customers Lessons from the PDF/EPUB or around the globe are flocking there to buy One Billion ePUB í sell manufacture and create new products But as former Wall Street Journal China bureau chief turned successful corporate executive James McGregor explains business in China is conducted with a lot of subterfuge nothing is as it seems and nothing about doing Billion Customers Lessons PDF/EPUB Ä business in China is easyDestined to become the bible for business people in China One Billion Customers shows how to navigate the often treacherous waters of Chinese deal making Brilliantly written by an author who has lived in China for nearly Billion Customers Lessons from the PDF/EPUB or two decades the book reveals indispensable street smart strategies tactics and lessons for succeeding in the world's fastest growing consumer marketForeign companies rightly fear that Chinese partners customers or suppliers will steal their technology or trade secrets or simply pick their pockets Testy relations between China's Communist leaders and the United States and other democracies can trap foreign companies in a political crossfire McGregor has seen or experienced it all and now he shares his insights into how China really worksOne Billion Customers maximizes the expansive knowledge of a respected journalist well known businessman and ultimate China insider offering compelling narratives of personalities business deals and lessons learned from Morgan Stanley's creation of a joint venture Chinese investment bank to the pleasure dome of a smuggler whose billion operation demonstrates how corruptiongreases the wheels of Chinese commerce With nearly strategies for conducting business in China this unprecedented account combines practical lessons with the story of China's remarkable rise to power.

10 thoughts on “One Billion Customers Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China Wall Street Journal Book

  1. Mark Mark says:

    I met the author in person and he's a very interesting individual who has some very good perspectives on the dynamics of China business His book is written in a case study format each chapter is a story about a company and how it went well or horribly wrong There is a bullet point summary at the end of each chapter summarizing all the chapter's insights Very good reference for international executives who work andor negotiate with Chinese business and government leaders on a regular basis

  2. Rajat Tiwari Rajat Tiwari says:

    Author through his uniue positions in the growing China's economy of 90s to early 2000s shares detailed information on how the Chinese bureaucracy functions I picked up with the intent to know little about the nitty gritties of how a chinese consumer functions Though I did get a glimpse of this but this book largely about Chinese business history derived learnings from itA decent read overall 35 ratingAn anecdote about Chinese people's competitiveness which I enjoyed the most don't mean to stereotype anyone Story of 3 monksWhen one monk is asked to fetch water from river he brings 2 buckets full of water on the either side of the shoulder poleWhen two monks are asked the same they come together with 3 buckets 2 on either side 1 in center of the shared shoulder pole signifying their need to do minimum but eual workWhen the same is asked to three monks they come back with nothing

  3. Mystic Miraflores Mystic Miraflores says:

    This was an interesting book but I'm afraid the info is outdated by now I actually don't have it any I bought it for the office I was working at in 2005 and left it there with a colleague when I left to study Chinese for a year That colleague moved on to another job and I never returned to that office after my sabbatical was over so not sure where it is now Wherever it is I hope it is doing someone some good

  4. Mack Flavelle Mack Flavelle says:

    Great little book about doing business in China General format is case studies followed by analysis plus some maxims mimicked from Mao's Little Red Book format A little too much padding but the case studies were both engaging to read and felt relevant to trying to do business in China as a foreigner with the caveat that they generally weren't stories about or for small business

  5. David David says:

    Great book that shows a powerful insight into business and politics in the Middle Kingdom while certain aspects of the book are outdated due to the constant change in China There are still some great takeaways from this book Thank you James McGregor

  6. Daniel Daniel says:

    Interesting perspective on Chinese business culture

  7. Nguyet Nguyen Nguyet Nguyen says:

    After reading this book I understand how much Vietnam and China alike in both culture and politics

  8. Superqs Superqs says:

    most of the suggestions are outdated I guess But this book is fully of anecdotes which helped me connect a few dots in my memory

  9. Kristof Verbeke Kristof Verbeke says:

    This book goes very well together with poorly made in china and mr China to further understand chinese cukture Although many examples about the business life in china are given this book focusses a bit on history and how history of the prc is still relevant today especially in a business context After each part an important short recap is given Extremely handy

  10. Ashley Lauren Ashley Lauren says:

    I think James McGregor did an absolutely fantastic job in writing this book As a novice to the Chinese system I found his assessments both level headed and helpful I found his stories extremely engaging and continually as I was reading it I found myself showing the cover to my roommates and saying This book is phenominal I believe that this is a good read for anyone I have no intentions of getting into business with China at least not anytime soon but even in the act of travelling to the country I found that this book has given me a lot of ideas about the general culture Well written and informative I applaud McGregor's workMy only ualm which caused me to lower the stars is that some of the stories especially toward the end didn't seem like they could be helpful to anyone who wasn't in his exact situation They were interesting anecdotes but didn't teach a whole lot

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