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  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Obstacles to Young Love
  • David Nobbs
  • English
  • 10 August 2014
  • 9780007286287

10 thoughts on “Obstacles to Young Love

  1. Sid Nuncius Sid Nuncius says:

    This is a really excellent book It is exceptionally well written witty humane perceptive and extremely touching The plot is simply a chronicle of how the lives of two people and those associated with them develop as they grow older There is marriage birth death divorce friendship and some tragedy but no car chases grisly murders or anything of the kind and yet I found it utterly gripping It kept me engrossed in the lives of people whom I really cared about in a way that few other books have done and genuinely made me think about what is important in relationships and in lifeThe story opens in 1978 with Naomi and Timothy discovering sex together aged 18 and follows episodes in their lives for the next thirty years sometimes apart and sometimes together David Nobbs has a wonderful talent for seeing honestly and describing brilliantly the way people behave think and feel With Timothy in the first section of the book for example he catches with perfect delicacy the teenage sense that everyone else somehow knows how to behave what to say what to wear and so on and that you don't but must try look as though you do He paints a full cast of real genuinely believable characters and gently lays before us their foibles and mannerisms the little lies they tell themselves to survive the things they try to ignore because they are painful but know to be true and so on I felt that I had already met several of them in my life David Nobbs is terrifically perceptive about them He doesn't spare us their humiliations or their failings but treats them with tenderness and compassion He reminds you too of people like the bloke who is always hanging around but is never really included and that he too has feelings and a life even if no one ever takes an interest in himImportant themes in the book are faith and organised religion how they impact on lives and whether it is possible to have a meaningful fulfilled life without them It's exceptionally well done here Nobbs's own position is very clear by the end of the book but it's never preachy He is very even handed and he shows some of the fine and the ignoble aspects of both faith and atheism with eual insight which makes this an enjoyable and thought provoking aspect of the book whether or not you agree with his final stanceNobbs's prose is a delight He writes in the present tense here which I seldom like but it works very well giving the narrative a real flow through the years It is straightforward poised and excellently crafted so that I seldom actually noticed the writing and when I did it was just to notice how much I was enjoying itI don't often rave unreservedly about a book but I think this is simply fantastic Beautifully written extremely readable hugely entertaining and very thought provoking it's one of the best novels I've read for years and I recommend it very warmly indeed

  2. John Welch John Welch says:

    I liked this for the style rather than the content The story line was predictable a comedy of errors of the relationship between the young lovers that took 25 years to finally work itself out I thought it was rather odd that he chose to have their seperate lives mirror each other so much 2 failed marriages each etc when it was their differences that prevented them staying together in their youth Having said all that it was well written with occassional uirky humour and a very readable and enjoyable style that made me overlook its shortcomings

  3. Stephen Stephen says:

    1978 two lovers perch precariously on the cusp of adulthood Timothy’s life ambition is to take on his father’s taxidermy business while Naomi dreams of a career on stage Across the decades their lives continue to interweave and occasionally cross – bound by the pull of intoxicating first love But will their destinies ultimately unite them?’I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book To be completely frank the synopsis didn’t immediately sell it to me but it was the little details that made me decide to buy it – how many romantic comedies do you read where one of the leads is a taxidermist? Come to think of it there aren’t many novels where one of the leads is a taxidermist so I was intriguedLike a lot of romantic comedies it’s a fairly predictable story Nobbs isn’t reinventing the wheel with this book but the way it is told is what makes the book compelling and I raced through it The writing style is eual parts sharp and witty and contemplative – Nobbs shows an incredible talent for capturing the little nuances that make the characters seem real often through moments of painful honesty There’s a lot of ‘cringe comedy’ and it’s these little observations that make even minor passing characters stay in the mind like the awkward German travel agent Tim and Naomi meet on holidayNaomi and Tim are both relatable and realistically flawed characters and I was unsure which of the two I liked Ultimately it’s hard not to feel like you care about them both especially since the reader knows their history The notion that they might both still have feelings for each other is teased repeatedly as we see them re encounter each other several times generally coming when one or both of them is in a new relationship More cynical readers may roll their eyes at the series of coincidences and missed chances that keep Tim and Naomi from simply getting back together Yet Nobbs manages to avoid making these inevitable awkward encounters feel sitcom y and despite myself I found myself rooting for Tim and Naomi to be reunited once By the end of the book I was so invested in them reconnecting that the eleventh hour twist had me shouting angrily at the page Occupational hazard y’know?I had picked up this book expecting an easy read and a light frothy sort of story and while Obstacles of Young Love is undeniably comedic there’s a lot of heartbreak too I love a story that’s not afraid to have a sense of scale and this one ends up spanning nearly forty years By the end I felt as though I’d lived every minute of it as wellThis one became a favourite uite by chance Who knew that scouting out cheap books you’ve never heard of from charity shops could pay off?Well me obviously It’s how I spend my weekends

  4. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Sorry I found it a bit lame

  5. Tilly Tilly says:

    Loved the writing style Want to adopt it The story itself was extremely predictable like a bad romantic movie It's not even moving because it's so obvious So much so that I read a line from every page of the last chapter just to confirm my thoughts you must know the feeling? the near end of the book the random bits of 'closure' the author feels the need to give but you can't be bothered to read?However I loved the writing style so much it gets a four Reading it was a bit like lying in bed with your best friend and listening to himher tell you a dumb story from that summer you were away Not life changing but really nice

  6. Bethj Bethj says:

    I really enjoyed this book Predictable to an extent but I read it for that reason I liked the characters there was not one which I thought spoiled it for me I liked all the ends being tied and there seemed to be no 'waste of time' characters Everyone served a purpose within the story Definitely passing this book along to be enjoyed by others

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    The usual David Nobbs uirky humour to be found in here But really it was odd moments not carried the whole way I think he knew he was doing an over used and highly predictable story line and trying to do something different Unfortunately the odd moments of charm where few and far between and large sections felt like wading through treacle

  8. Chalky Chalky says:

    Loved it Big fan of these author but unlike most his books that have a sad but true undercurrent to his humour here the humour is than balanced by an abundance of pathosDespite some of the cliches and obvious subplots this is an excellent and very moving book

  9. Joana Joana says:

    The story of Timothy and Naomi separated by many life circumstances united by love The writing is very witty and funny but I believe the book would have benefited from being a little smaller as it tends to drag on a bit and lose some of its crispness in the middle of so many stories

  10. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    This is an honest moving love story not much to go and really enjoyed it Now finished it really nice read bittersweet funny sad and happy good characters and touching moments

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Obstacles to Young Love[Download] ➵ Obstacles to Young Love By David Nobbs – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk From one of the greatest comedic writers of a generation comes a story of love faith and taxidermy‘Three mighty obstacles threaten the burgeoning love of childhood sweethearts Timothy Pickering and From one of the greatest comedic writers of a generation comes a story of love faith and taxidermy‘Three mighty obstacles threaten the burgeoning love of childhood sweethearts Timothy Pickering and Naomi Walls They are Steven Venables a dead curlew and God’ Two lovers perch precariously on the cusp of adulthood Timothy’s Obstacles to PDF \ father decides it’s time for him to take on the family taxidermy business; while Naomi dreams of a career on the stageAcross the decades their lives continue to interweave and occasionally cross – bound by the pull of intoxicating first love But will their destinies ultimately unite themNobbs moves his exceptional comic talent to a new found depth Memorable and moving a tale of love won and love lost You will never look at the art of taxidermy in the same way again.