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Candide, ou l'Optimisme PDF Candide, Ou L Optimisme By Voltaire Diclofenac16.us Publisher London Murrays Book Sales Publication Date 0 Notes This Is An OCR Reprint There May Be Numerous Typos Or Missing Text There Are No Illustrations Or Indexes When You Buy The General Books Edition Of This Book You Get Free Trial Access To Million Books.com Where You Can Select From Than A Million Books For Free You Can Also Preview The Book There.

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    After dismissing Candide as something probably dumb for the better part of twelve years, I decided to finally read Voltaire s most famous work, thanks to the prodding of fellow GR er Nathan N.R Gaddis , who in turn gets all his best ideas from Steven Moore, such as choosing this English translation as opposed to all the others In any case, I m happy to report that Roger Pearson s translation of Candide is the cat s pyjamas Never has rape, mutilation, murder, amputations, public burnings and cannibalism been as funny as this Voltaire s masterpiece is a piss take on optimism as a branch of philosophy, but it still works outside of that context dressed up as a picaresque bildungsroman, staring Candide, the haplessly na ve misfortunate who is jostled ceaselessly about by political carnage, religious cruelty and natural disasters, as he tries to reunite with the love his life Weighing in at under a hundred pages, this novella is a satirical gem of 18th century Enlightened Literature.The other pieces packed into this collection are fun philosophical tales, but none are as rambunctiously readable as the aforementioned star of the show Micromegas uses the Rabelaisian comedic device of giants to make a brief report regarding an interplane...

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    Having already read Candide, Zadig and Micromegas, I skipped to the following What pleases the ladies a poem about a knight making a trip to Rome, makes a detour to Paris where a does harm to a pretty shop girl s eggs and virtue so is brought before the queen he is sentenced to hang unless he can gain pardon by finding what pleases all the fair view spoiler Whate er her qualities may be, Desires t...

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    At seven stars for Candide, and three stars for the other nearly identical Voltaire works included in this book Ingenu, White Bull, Zadig and Micromegas , the average neatly comes out to a hearty five stars I m not sure if it s just the work of this translator, but the writing and biting sarcasm feels very modern perhaps Voltaire s antipathy is something people of any age can relate to...

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    Even though this cover is hidious, this book is great, good introduction and notes also

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    I read this book while in college, in a Humanities class It moved and influenced me greatly as it came early on in my quest to come to grips with the disillusionment that my experiences in Vietnam caused me I found myself identifying with Candide For those of you old enough to remember Hubert Humphrey, he once referred to the Vietnam War as our great adventure and a wonderful one it is I imagined him as a latter day Pangloss Professor Pangloss had a ready perspective on life in this world everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds If God created it, it must be wonderful Suffering It must be for the best how could it be otherwise Rape, robbery, torture all for the best After experiencing all manner of sufferings or viewing the suffering of others, Candide finds it difficult to accept Pangloss...

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    Candide is perhaps sixteenth century French philosopher Voltaire s most memorable work It is his anthem of a world view that challenges the na ve notion that all of man s troubled existence is the best of all possible worlds Voltaire moves his protagonist Candide through every conceivable trauma available in his time period enlistment in the army, beatings, shipwrecking, robbery, torture by the Inquisition, and separation from his beloved Cun gonde, for whom all his sufferings began exposes humanity s corruption in government and religion and shows the futility in the pursuits of philosophy, science, and even romance Having plumbed the depths of worldy pleasures, fancy philosophies and fantastic quests, Candide ultimately resolves, like the writer of Ecclesiastes, that all is uniformly meaningless, and that we must therefore choose with resourceful intent to cultivate our garden amidst the detritus of life Let s work, then It is...

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    I only read Candide but I feel like that s enough Voltaire for now, although I did enjoy exploring the text in detail His use of satire and intelligent vocabulary makes for an enjoyable read, but knowing the background information kinda completes the experience A good read for my course yay

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    Candide is still the best of all possible stories in this collection, a five star amusement Zadig, Micromegas and the Ingenu follow a similar philosophical road trip to knowledge, or not.

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    There may be some dispute about what the purpose of philosophy should be, but one strong contender is that it should be about seeking the good life and finding happiness In this selection of stories, Voltaire, the philosopher s anti philosopher, shows many characters seeking happiness in different ways, and we get to see just how elusive that happiness is.This volume comprises six stories Candide is of course the most famous one, and tells the tale of a young man dismissed as a servant and forced to fend for himself in the world He is accompanied by an optimistic philosopher called Pangloss who believes that we live in the best of all possible worlds, but this is constantly belied by the series of terrible disasters and atrocities that are experienced or witnessed by Candide and his companions.Micromegas is a shorter story about giants from outer space who commune with the philosophers of Earth The story ends in a discussion about the soul, in which the giants laugh at the arrogant pretentions to human superiority that are expressed.Zadig is the tale of a philosopher who keeps hoping that the pursuit of virtue will bring him happiness, but he passes from one misfortune to anot...

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    I was surprised, Candide is a short novel, but is jammed packed with adventures and devastation.The philosophy that was instilled on Candide who is down to earth is All things happen for good and There is no effect without a cause He joins the Bulgarian Army and from there life takes good from kindness and bad torturous turns for him After his life is saved yet again he is brought back to his true love and performs a double murder He takes the two women to the New World in hopes of a new life Where life serves him the same plate as before He decides to return to Venice and life again serves up a horrendous amount of Not again and This guy never catches a break Finally in the end he buys his true love, ugly and beaten, and the old women He purchases a Turkish farm and they all live there as a family The...

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