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A Confederacy of Dunces ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ A Confederacy of Dunces By John Kennedy Toole ➦ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk 'This city is famous for its gamblers prostitutes exhibitionists anti Christs alcoholics sodomites drug addicts fetishists onanists pornographers frauds jades litterbugs and lesbians don't make the mi 'This city is famous for its gamblers prostitutes exhibitionists anti Christs alcoholics sodomites drug addicts fetishists onanists pornographers frauds jades litterbugs A Confederacy ePUB í and lesbians don't make the mistake of bothering me'Ignatius J Reilly fat flatulent elouent and almost unemployable By the standards of ordinary folk he is pretty much unhinged too But is he bothered by thisNo For this misanthropic crusader against an America fallen into vice and ignorance has a mission to rescue a naked female philosopher in distress And he has a pirate costume and hot dog cart to do it with.

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  1. Nathan Nathan says:

    I know I'm out on my own on this one but I detest this book I really think it glorifies whining to an extent never before seen in the human condition Everyone I know loves this book and I know I am in a minority here But Christ That this book is so popular with people in my age bracket and not so popular with people older or younger really makes me wonder if it is part of the problem or a reflection of the boring whiny apathy of my generation But if this book has any redeemable aspects at all it is that it highlights just how lazy and worthless my generation is It's reflected in the reverence people my age give this book a book whose central lesson seems to be whining is funny and doing things is bad For dark astounding irony about inaction and the parodoxes of a corrupt society read Catch 22 or some of the comical writers of astroyphysics tomes Confederacy of Dunces is the Forrest Gump of literature and I'd like to never have another conversation about this book as long as I liveNC

  2. Megha Megha says:

    One fine morning Fortuna spun my wheel of luck and put me on a flight to NYC The person who was sitting next to me refusing to indulge in modern day perversities like movies pulled out his book and sat down reading He must have been enjoying it immensely because he kept laughing out loud every now and then Soon he realized that some people had started turning around to give him weird looks Poor guy didn't have an option but to put the book down But Fortuna being the degenerate wanton that she can sometimes be was in a mood to play a cruel joke on him Even after he had put the book down he couldn't help suddenly bursting out into laughter More stares More embarrassmentThat was when I noticed that the book he had been reading was A Confederacy of Dunces Having read it only a week earlier I could understand that he wasn't a nutcaseTo those who haven't read this book yet WARNING 'A Confederacy of Dunces' is extremely hilarious and is known to have caused uncontrollable laughter in several cases Read it in public at your own risk

  3. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    Read for the group On the Southern Literary TrailBounceBOUnceBOUNCEOh man ughh ooohhhhhBOUNCEBOUNCEahhhhhhhhhhhhhOh thank goodness my pyloric valve finally opened I didn't know I even had a pyloric valve until I met Ignatius J Reilly I had no idea that little valve could be so pesky I can only hope it stays open long enough for me to write this review When a true genius appears you can know him by this sign that all the dunces are in a confederacy against himJonathan SwiftIgnatius is trapped in the delusions of his own grandeur Ignatius embraces the philosophy of Boethius a Roman philosopher that was roughly walking the planet around 525AD Boethius will show you that striving is ultimately meaningless that we must learn to accept He likes Boethius because he validates Ignatius's natural slothful inclination to do as little as possible Boethius woodcut attributed to Holbein the Younger 1537In a short lived relationship with some black workers from a pants factory he discovered that they were striving for the wrong things In a sense I have always felt something of a kinship with the colored race because its position is the same as mine we both exist outside the inner realm of American society Of course my exile is voluntary However it is apparent that many of the Negroes wish to become active members of the American middle class I can not imagine why I must admit that this desire on their part leads me to uestion their value judgments However if they wish to join the bourgeoisie it is really none of my business They may seal their own doom Ignatius is a guy that you don't want to work with You don't want to live next to him You certainly don't want to be related to him He is bombastically opinionated gaseous arrogant and looks at the world through a Ignatius kaleidoscope that has little resemblance to real life For example after attempting to capture a stray cat on the street he is asked by his mother about some wounds on his hands I had a rather apocalyptic battle with a starving prostitute Had it not been for my superior brawn she would have sacked my wagon Finally she limped away from the fray her glad rags askew Oh and did I mention that Ignatius is a compulsive liar Every experience in his life is elevated to epic proportions Speaking of epic proportions There is a life size bronze statue of Ignatius on Canal Street in New Orleans He is supported by his mother with some supplementary income from his half hearted attempts to find employment and keep employment himself He explains his failure to stay employed to his mother Employers sense in me a denial of their values They fear me I suspect that they can see that I am forced to function in a century which I loathe His mother paid for him to stay in college for 10 years living in poverty the whole time She didn't see the changes in Ignatius that she expected for all that money spent You learned everything Ignatius except how to be a human beingThe first time I read this book I absolutely loved it The second time the joy was similar but every reading experience of a book is different I remembered than I thought from the first reading a tribute to Toole's ability to tell a memorable story or at least create a monolithic character but there were things that I feel I missed the first time around or certainly did not pay proper attention to This book is funny I snorted out loud I found myself shaking my head smiling giggling widening my eyes at the audacity of one Ignatius J Reilly John Kennedy TooleJohn Kennedy Toole had an unhappy life and took his own life unfortunately before Ignatius was ever realized by the reading public He had no idea that his character would become a descriptive term that even people who have never read the book will use in conversation in some cases without knowing the origin The book is a bit fluffier than I remember not a literary megalith but certainly entertaining If you decide to spend an afternoon with Ignatius you will laugh even if you don't want to and as you turn the final pages you will wish that Toole had written just one chapter or two f you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

  4. sarah sarah says:

    There are a lot of ways to judge people but I find that opinion of this book is one of the most accurate and efficient With very few exceptions I've found that how much I like someone is strongly correlated with how much they enjoy the book Is it their favorite book ever omg? Well they're probably either a best friend a comrade whom I hold in worship approximating esteem or my cool cousin or uncle or something like that Do they not get it or find it boring? You aren't my type sorry To me this book is like the little yellow canary that you send down a mine shaft to know whether to run the other way or not I re read Confederacy piecemeal on my grinding morning commutes last fall If you've ever ridden the DC metro at 730am you know that the cars are full of serious silent business people So when I couldn't keep myself from cracking up I was very obviously that weird possibly schizophrenic girl that every user of public transportation dreads I tried to be professional but Christ this book is FUNNY and I can't help myself And really who cares what those people think anyway I'm sure Ignatius would find their mere existence is an affront to theology and geometry

  5. Mary Catherine Mary Catherine says:

    I hated this book I almost gave up after the first 20 pages but I decided to stick with it and give it a chance Wrong My first instinct was correctThe only thing that might have saved this for me was if the main character Ignatius faced a long slow painful death There was absolutely nothing about him that I found redeeming or appealing Has there ever been a annoying obnoxious character in literature? If so I don't want to know I had heard that this was supposed to be an hilarious book; I don't think I laughed once I'm left to wonder if this book would have this much hype if it wasn't for the story of its author He killed himself; his mom found this manuscript and got someone to publish it Then it won the Pulitzer Truly in the words of the great Dorothy Parker this is not a book to be tossed aside lightly It should be thrown with great force

  6. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    Authors who commit suicide find their Lovelybones eye view from the afterlife brings them no comfortDavid Foster Wallace Oh my God look at that dreadful biography of me and it's selling too it's like they're murdering me all over again oh if I could only commit suicide all over again but up here you can'tJohn Kennedy Toole Oh shut up you preening self regarding self annotating depressing pedant what about ME?? My God if I'd only persevered for another year or so I'd have been rich Famous Women would have wanted to sleep with me maybe Look at those sales figures I'm so miserable If there was only a way to commit suicide again up here again but there isn'tB S Johnson Put a sock in it your situation is admittedly redolent of a sublime irony but the afterlife of a real artist me not you me a real avant gardist a true believer is wretched look hardly any of my God damned books are in print any No one loves them just the odd post grad creep scribbling a note in the margins of something unreadable If there was only a way to commit suicide again up here again but there isn'tSylvia Plath Bloody men Up here Again No escape And look They're giving Ted Hughes a plaue in Westminster Abbey Fuck

  7. Matt Matt says:

    This is the book that almost broke my book club John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces is as famous for its back story as it is for its content It was published posthumously in 1980 over a decade after Toole ended his own life by carbon monoxide poisoning Despite having been earlier rejected by publishers the book went on to win the Pulitzer Prize A Confederacy of Dunces is a rambling aimless comedic novel centered on Ignatius J Reilly a buffoonish overweight man child with poor fashion sense worse social skills and deplorable hygiene Through 400 pages – which is relatively long for a book in which nothing happens – we follow Ignatius through various minor misadventures Ignatius goes to a bar; Ignatius gets a job at Levy Pants and attempts to unionize the factory; Ignatius sells hotdogs; Ignatius – in what passes for a large set piece – attempts to use a gay soiree as a political rally Comedy is all about personal subjective reactions Thus any artistic medium that relies heavily on comedy is likely to engender varied responses For my book club at least those responses were all passionate It was my buddy Colin who picked the book He’d loved it as an eighteen year old; now fourteen years later he thought it a propitious time to revisit it Rule 1 of Book Club – at least our book club – is that the person picking the book has to have read it before He is then forced to “defend” the book at our bimonthly meeting In his opening statement Colin declared his undying love A hilarious romp with an indelible central character The salvos came fast and fierce The group was roughly split on loving or hating the book and responses lived at those two extremes Colin was the chief defender I was his chief inuisitor No one at our meeting had an indifferent response Eventually the others got tired their attention drawn by the frozen pizza and beer The debate came down to Colin and me battling away over the inherent worth of A Confederacy of Dunces while the others looked for a way to exit uietly I’ll tell you what I told him I hated it Hate is a pretty strong word Perhaps a bit imprecise as well Overall I strongly disliked the book But I hated everyone in it Based on the epigram by Jonathan Swift it is clear that Toole’s title refers to Ignatius’s worldview that his inflated sense of intelligence his delusions of grandeur and his unrelenting condescension has created a paradigm in which he believes that every other person in this world is an idiot And what is he thinks this idiot filled world is in league against him I took the title differently I assumed it to be Toole’s worldview His evident intelligence his publishing failures and his depression clearly combined to lead him to his unfortunate end Reading this book I got the sense that Toole really thought himself a genius – one destined to be misunderstood To that end the “confederacy of dunces” consists of us – the hapless clueless world There is a strong disgust for humanity permeating every page There is not a single likeable character There is not a single person walking the streets of Toole’s New Orleans who shows a flash of wit warmth or love The pro Dunces members of my book club pointed out that I have a tendency towards “likeable” characters I considered the possibility and though there is a grain of truth I don’t think it’s entirely accurate It was not the characters’ un likability that struck me; it was their creator’s disdain Toole appears to despise his own characters How could I feel otherwise? Ignatius is a tiresome boorish person to follow He is disruptive dishonest and frankly disgusting His interactions with others are marked by a tendency towards sociopathy He is written for laughs – or so I am told by those who found him funny – but he is clearly suffering from undiagnosed mental illnesses But rather than seeing him to a hospital we have to follow him as he plods and farts his way through each day griping about his “valve” unable to reach the tiniest bit of insight The side characters are just as bad Ignatius’s widowed mother Irene is an alcoholic enabler – and so immensely irritating that I nearly defenestrated my copy of this book on several occasions Ignatius’s long distance “girlfriend” – for lack of a better word – Myrna is a sex crazed New York beatnik who attempts to solve Ignatius’s problems by analyzing his sex life To be fair her correspondence with Ignatius is fairly hilarious Mr Gonzalez the manager at Levy Pants is a clueless bungler who doesn’t realize that Ignatius is filing things in the trash The owner of Levy Pants Gus Levy is dumb indifferent and put upon by his wife a trite do it yourself psychoanalyst Patrolman Angel Mancuso seems to have a decent enough heart but he is such an inept miluetoast that it’s impossible to care about him The one character with a semblance of actual rather than perceived aptitude is Burma Jones a black porter at the club Night of Joy He works there for Lana Lee and puts up with her unpleasantness so that he isn’t arrested for vagrancy Burma rises above the crowd with his ability – not to be taken lightly in this novel – to accurately observe life as it swirls around him He is in other words relatively sane But even this character is marred by the black stereotypes and tropes he is forced to carry Honestly I sometimes enjoy trashing a book Especially a trashy book that deserves it I don’t feel that way in this instance For one the background – Toole’s publishing woes his death – is sad For another he was a man of obvious talent A Confederacy of Dunces is a masterpiece in that it absolutely achieves – with great skill – exactly what it sets out to achieve I simply did not like it After our book club disassembled I didn't hear from Colin for awhile I wondered if I hadn’t assaulted his favorite book a bit too hard Books are personal Sharing them is a risk Especially with our book club We don’t stab in the back; we stab in the front I almost texted him to apologize But his wife was also expecting a baby any day so it occurred to me that he had other things on his mind Then the other night I was taking an evening stroll when I ran into him and his wife as they walked around trying to jumpstart labor I was going to ask them about baby related stuff but Colin cut me off immediately “I’ve been thinking about A Confederacy of Dunces” he said “I’m certain than ever that you’re completely f ing wrong It’s a great book It changed my life”“Did it really change your life?” I asked “Well no But it’s really damn funny” So there you have the dissenting opinion I didn't care for A Confederacy of Dunces But maybe I’m just completely f ing wrong

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    I thought the book was ok One of my old boyfriends recommended it to me and while I was reading it I told him what an asshole I thought Ignatius J Reilly was and that I was sick of hearing about his valve He got pissed off at me and told me that I didn't get it He said Ignatius was a misunderstood genius stuck in a shitty town with no one who understood him To be honest my eyes kind of glazed over and I don't remember the rest of his rant but I finished the book anyway I think the most valuable thing I learned was to lie on my left side to fart One of my pet peeves is when someone says You just don't get it No I get it I just don't like it One time I saw this shitty band I don't remember their name open for the White Stripes and they kept saying You guys don't get it Some of you get it but the rest of you just don't get it NO you guys just SUCK

  9. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    A Confederacy of Dunces John Kennedy Toole A Confederacy of Dunces is a picaresue novel by American novelist John Kennedy Toole which reached publication in 1980 eleven years after Toole's suicide Published through the efforts of writer Walker Percy who also contributed a foreword and Toole's mother the book became first a cult classic then a mainstream success; it earned Toole a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1981 and is now considered a canonical work of modern literature of the Southern United StatesThe book is famous for its rich depiction of New Orleans and the city's dialects including Yat Many locals and writers think that it is the best and most accurate depiction of the city in a work of fictionتاریخ نخستین خوانش یکی از روزهای سال 2014میلادیعنوان اتحادیه ی ابلهان، اثر جان کندی تول؛ برگردان پیمان خاکسار؛ تهران، نشر به نگار، 1391؛ در 467ص؛ شابک 9789646332836؛ چاپ چهارم تا ششم 1392، چاپ دیگر تهران، زاوش، 1392؛ شابک 9786007283189؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، نشر چشمه، 1393؛ شابک 9786002292742؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی سده 20مسبک نگارش اتحادیه ابلهان، رندنامه یا همان «پیکارسک» است؛ چکیده داستان زندگی پسر جوان عظیم‌ الجثه‌ ای به نام «ایگنیشس» است، که با مادرش زندگی می‌کند، و روحیه آرمانگرایانه دارد؛ در عین حال فردی تنبل است، که مدام برای خانواده و شهر خود دردسرساز می‌شود؛ او از جامعه مصرف‌ گرای آمریکایی بیزار است، و جهان امروز را سیرکی سیار میبیند؛ یک مأمور مخفی دست و پا چلفتی، که برای تنبیه به مستراح ایستگاه اتوبوس تبعید شده، پیرمرد عاشق‌ پیشه‌ ای که فکر می‌کند همه پلیس‌ها کمونیستند، یک پیرزن فقیر دائم ‌الخمر، رئیس بی‌انگیزه ی کارخانه ی در حال ورشکستگی تولید شلوار، و کارمندان و کارگرانی بدتر از او، زنی که به سبک بیمارگونه و مسخره ‌ای نظریات نوین روان‌شناسی را بلغور می‌کند، و در حقیقت به هجو می‌کشد، هات ‌داگ فروش متقلبی که برای ادای دین به سنت و تاریخ «نیواورلئان» لباس فرم دزد دریایی، بر فروشندگان خویش می‌پوشاند؛ این‌ها و شخصیت‌های دیگری از این دست، در ماجراهایی موازی کنار و دوشادوش قرار می‌گیرند و در نهایت همانند تکه‌ هایی از یک پازل، به هم می‌پیوندند، تا اتحادیه‌ ای از «ابلهان» را در جامعه ‌ای که نمونه ی عصر کنونی است، تشکیل دهند؛ آنها همچنین با کارها و حرف‌های بی‌معنی خویش، همانند دلقکها، بر باور «ایگنیشس»، قهرمان محوری رمان، که جهان امروز را سیرکی سیار می‌بیند، صحه میگذارندتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 27071399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

  10. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    This was my second read of this unbelievable masterpiece from John Kennedy Toole who committed suicide 21 years before this book was rediscovered and published by his mother he was thus the only person to receive a posthumous Pulitzer in 1981 Ignatius P Reilly is so incredibly unforgettable I laughed from cover to cover The parrot on his shoulder reminded me of the Mexico episode in Bellow's Augie March which I also loved and reviewed here There is never a dull moment here and the implicit criticism of American consumerism was and remains revelatory and thought provoking But what really clinches the book is Ignatius and his poor long suffering overbearing manipulative compulsively Catholic mother and his insane ex girlfriend Somewhere between Portnoy's Complaint and Don uixote this is a true modern masterpiece and well worth the readAlso a good read now with Drumpf the tiny handed Dunce in the White House With a mustache and a hat with earmuffs the resemblance with IP Reilly would be striking

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