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10 thoughts on “Build a Brand in 30 Days

  1. Catherine Catherine says:

    Plenty of valid advice but I listened to this as an audiobook and the material didn't really lend itself to that format Lots of bulleted lists read as BULLET content uite hard to pick the good bits out then

  2. Erfan Nezami Erfan Nezami says:

    A good overview of how u can build a brand fundamentally

  3. Stancalău Stancalău says:

    Very motivating book It has inspired me to take time to really deep dive and find out why and what I want to achieve before investing in any type of branding It has some neat little brainstorming exercises to help the reader do that

  4. Massi Nami Massi Nami says:

    perfect book ever

  5. Robin Peake Robin Peake says:

    Excellent and practical introduction to branding for the non marketer

  6. Kerry Bridges Kerry Bridges says:

    This is an interesting read for someone who loves what they do but perhaps isn't great at the marketing and branding side myself includedI often listen to audiobooks but this one I would definitely have as a paperback as there are exercises to fill in so you'll want to write in the bookI think that has really helped me find my product brand and work on it successfully and I would recommend it to any small business peopleIf you want to know about my brand please visit wwwfacebookcomkerrybridgeswellbeing

  7. Barrie Barrie says:

    A decent read for someone who was starting out in personal branding Build a Brand is written in an easy to read way

  8. Ken Ken says:

    This is one solid book if you're just getting started with getting your brand up and running Simon has wrote this in a very easy to read way The information is solid and lets you think about things in a different perspective for example alot of people may think of a brand just being about the logo but by reading this you will soon come to find out that this is very not the case at allThere is one fault with this book for me though it is not very specific to all types of businesses such as internet businesses the book is directed at business owners with an actual store frontS in locations in the world but it is up to you as the reader to be creative and apply what he says to your internet business in creative ways all in all this is a solid book i'm very glad i picked it upfeel free to write me at moneymavericks92gmailcom

  9. Anna Lundberg Anna Lundberg says:

    A very down to earth overview of things you need to consider when creating and growing your brand most useful for someone who is new to marketing but still very interesting for me with my corporate background to get a different perspective As an independent consultant I found the author's insights on his own brand as Brand Strategy Guru particularly interesting as well as reassuring with his examples coming largely from the Norfolk area it shows that you can be seen as a credible expert do very well for yourself and publish a book without necessarily being the leading global authority on a topic There is hope for us all

  10. Mackel Mackel says:

    This is the best branding book I have read to date If you are a entrepreneur you need to rwad this

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Build a Brand in 30 Days ❰Reading❯ ➿ Build a Brand in 30 Days Author Simon Middleton – You don't need a marketing degree or intensive training to build an attention grabbing brand; you just need this book and 30 days Simon Middleton shows you how to create manage and communicate your br You don't Brand in ePUB ☆ need a marketing degree or intensive training to build an attention grabbing brand; you just need this book and days Simon Middleton shows you how to create manage and communicate your brand profoundly and effectively in just days by following clear exercises How you work through the book is up to you the result will be the same an authentic compelling and highly distinctive brand that will attract and engage Build a eBook ☆ customers and fans You will learn how toEstablish your brand values and positioning Get the all important name right Bring your brand to life Turn your customers into your advocates Manage your PR and use your marketing budget wisely Inspire your staff to live the brand too Deal with problems when something goes wrong Branding isn't about funky logos and expensive advertising Your brand is what your company means to the world Getting that meaning right a Brand in PDF/EPUB » is the most important thing you can do in business'Passionate and persuasive Simon Middleton has a natural instinct for uncovering the Wow factor in every brand' Dawn Gibbins MBE Veuve Clicuot Business Woman of the Year and Star of Channel 's The Secret Millionaire.