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The Return of Santiago Santiago #2 ❴Read❵ ➲ The Return of Santiago Santiago #2 Author Mike Resnick – When Danny Briggs a young thief stumbles upon the long lost poems of Black Orpheus a poet who had immortalized the exploits of mythic bandit assassin and hero Santiago he embarks on an interstellar od When Danny Briggs a young thief of Santiago Kindle × stumbles upon the long lost poems of Black Orpheus a poet who had immortalized the exploits of mythic bandit assassin and hero Santiago he embarks on an interstellar odyssey to unravel the truth behind Santiago's legend.

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  1. Lynn Lynn says:

    Today's post is 'The Return of Santiago' by Mike Resnick It is 464 pages long and published by TOR This is a seuel to Santiago also by Mike Resnick If you have not read either Mike Resnick before or Santiago stop reading this right now and get to your library Go get some of his stuff read it and thank me later I am going to be putting in some changes to my reviewing because I got a professional to read one of my reviews and give me some help A very big thanks to Angela Leonard from for taking the time to read and critiue my review So on to the reviewSantiago is a myth of the Far Future In the year 3407 the democracy is as greedy as ever More and of people's rights are being taken in the name of safety Danny Briggs is just a thief with a forgettable face But he is on the run from the law He takes refuge in an abandoned house In the attic there a treasure just waiting for the universe to remember it The poem by Black Orpheus the poet who wrote about everyone who was anyone in the Inner Frontier Briggs grew up on his tales and legends and the biggest one of all was Santiago As Briggs reads all of the poem he realizes that Santiago was than just an outlaw he was a revolutionary out in the darkness to make the democracy remember that it was to help people not just take from them So Danny decides that it is time for Santiago to return to the Inner Frontier time to give the people someone to believe in someone to fear and than anything something to hope for againResnick's style is as always wonderful to read He is a poet not just with the four lines that start each chapter but with the characters in the story They all come alive as you read them I loved watching Briggs become Alighieri then into than he ever dreamed He is the only one who really changes over the course of the story but he is main character so he is the only one who really needs to change That said other characters do appear to change but as you read the story you will understand that they are not changing but just revealing parts of their personalities that we did not see beforeRating five of five stars ten out of ten this is another wonderful story from Resnick Please feel free to tell me what you think about the new review style what you like don't like and everything else

  2. Kirt Kirt says:

    This is a space western Each chapter introduced a different bounty huntergunfighterlawman another strange alien a different saloon a different planet It was the Star Wars cantina scene again and again and again Creative and entertaining but ultimately predictable you see the end coming from 200 pages away

  3. Randy Randy says:

    UghWARNING SPOILERSResnick is usually my go to guy for escapist space cowboy fantasy but this book seuel to the serviceable Santiago is crap I spent at least 200 pages thinking Because YOU ARE SANTIAGO How much farther in advance could Resnick have tipped his hand?Not good Pick a different Resnick book

  4. Phaedrus Phaedrus says:

    Santiago the seuel Sometimes people just need a hero and if one doesn't appear then you have to create him

  5. Becky Beaman Becky Beaman says:

    I felt like I was reading Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox Tall tales of gunslingers in the old lawless west a hostile wilderness that our Hero had to overcome Entertaining and enjoyable reading Nice plot twists toobunyan

  6. Al Brown Al Brown says:

    This book was ok I don't think it was as good as the first one

  7. Phil Phil says:

    Fun read with some humor You kinda know where it is going to go from the start but it is still a pleasure getting there The first Santiago was better but this is a decent seuel 35 stars

  8. David H. David H. says:

    Why I didn't finish this I loved Santiago but this seuel takes a different tact that just didn't interest me enough to keep going past 50 75 pages

  9. D.L. Morrese D.L. Morrese says:

    This book is full of bigger than life egocentric antiheroes but none who are admirable The main character Danny Briggs is a thief who concludes that the government is too oppressive and needs to be thwarted To do so he decides to revitalize a legendary terrorist organization and he goes in search of a leader He finds one but when they actually begin committing acts of terrorism he feels they have gone too far He recruits another By the end of the book Danny is indirectly responsible for several deaths but seems to suffer little remorse and never uestions if terrorism is the best way to enact social changeThe bad science flawed characters and even flawed premise make this a less than satisfying book The reader ends up feeling that the government oppressive as it is said to be can’t be as bad as the terrorists who are supposed to be the heroes I could find no redeeming value in either the terrorists or the government they oppose but don’t want to overthrow so I really didn’t care which of them ultimately triumphed I almost walked out on this book two thirds of the way in but mainly kept reading to see if the author had some insight to share or a point he was trying to make There wasn’t

  10. Myridian Myridian says:

    Now Resnick is my favorite escapist sci fi author and I just adore his space age bounty hunter cowboy universe It was Cowboy Bebop before there was a Cowboy Bebop This book was as vivid and campy and real as I'd wanted it to be but I was left feeling a bit less than satisfied It's the story of the return of one of the greatest outlawsrevolutionaries on the Inner Frontier The problem was that I started anticipating the ending a few chapters before it actually happened and then there was no bang to create closure for me For some reason the main character also lacked the charismatic pull that I'm used to associating with Resnick's heroes I hope there is a seuel somewhere in the works

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