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The Extraordinary Coach ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Extraordinary Coach By John H. Zenger ✎ – COACH YOUR BUSINESS TO SUCCESS USING THIS INTERACTIVE APPROACH FROM TWO OF TODAY'S MOST FORWARD THINKING LEADERSHIP GURUSA wonderful and indispensable guide to the practice of coaching The authors are COACH YOUR BUSINESS TO SUCCESS USING THIS INTERACTIVE APPROACH FROM TWO OF TODAY'S MOST FORWARD THINKING LEADERSHIP GURUSA wonderful and indispensable guide to the practice of coaching The The Extraordinary PDF/EPUB ² authors are among the most seasoned practitioners around and it shows Whether you are coaching subordinates or clients you will want to keep this book close at hand full of detailed guidance Jay A Conger Kravis Professor of Leadership Studies Claremont McKenna College and author of Building Leaders and Learning to LeadStinnett and Zenger provide a comprehensive look at the value of coaching inside the organization complete with a process tools and supports for getting started This book is a great resource and contribution to the field Pam McLean PhD CEO Hudson Institute of Santa BarbaraFinally and I do mean finally a book has emerged that is the very best guide to the philosophy competencies and discipline reuired to be a coach who makes a true difference in lives of others This is not a book to read It is a book to study and live by Why Because it is all there the right uestions the right answers and the right motives of giving your best to others Larry Wilson CEO The Wilson Collaborative and author of Play to Win The Extraordinary Coach offers a compelling view of what it means to be a truly effective leader one who empowers and grows capability through coaching It demystifies coaching into an actionable framework that generates immediate change Christy Consler Vice President Leadership Development and Sustainability Safeway IncPowerful thought provoking and packed with practical tools concepts and ideas you can use immediately It will change the way you think about coaching and about yourself Lou Kaucic retired Chief People Officer of Applebee's International founder of Coaches Collective InternationalAbout the Book Imagine your workplace filled with curious creative committed employees People who take initiative who are fearless decision makers who own their work With the right coaching system in place this dream will soon become realityWith The Extraordinary Coach leadership guru Jack Zenger and coaching expert Kathleen Stinnett deliver an entire toolbox for coaching your organization to success While other such books simply tell you how to coach The Extraordinary Coach uses companion videos at wwwzengerfolkmancom worksheets checklists sample uestions and the latest research fi ndings to provide a fullimmersion course on becoming the kind of coach who brings dramatic changes to an organizationApplying Zenger and Stinnett's system you'll see immediate results in your business includingIncreased productivityHigh energy company cultureDynamic supervisoremployee relationshipsCreative problem solvingGreater risk takingHeightened innovationThe authors collected degree feedback assessments from some of the most effective leaders in business today and identified those who were excellent coaches Then they combined the research with the latest findings from the worlds of psychology adult development and systems theory to map out the real science behind effective coaching The result is a practical evidence based coaching system that can be applied in any type of businessWhen you coach individuals to success you lead your entire organization to success This interactive package is exactly what you need to master one of today's most critical business leadership skills.

10 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Coach

  1. Abdullah Al-zamel Abdullah Al-zamel says:

    I got this book as a valued gift from jack and Kathleen It was one of the best books I read on coaching I strongly recommend it Thanks jack and Kathleen for this great book

  2. John Dobbs John Dobbs says:

    The Extraordinary Coach offers some key insights into how managers can help lead people into greater effectiveness in working through effective conversations and expressive warmth It offers a framework for coaching conversations as well as plenty of good practical examples If I have any critiues of the book the last four chapters seemed like they could have been one chapter In addition whenever books use dialogue as examples it always seems hokey to me and not likely to be a real conversation I liked the emphasis on realizing the employee is a real human living in hisher own context and how keeping that in mind influences coaching If you have difficulty having hard conversations with others this book offers some excellent help I thought it was very good

  3. Kristin Kristin says:

    I found a lot of the information in this book helpful and important for managers In theory if all managers followed this I think employee turnover would be reduced and productivity would increase The information was definitely presented in a dry manner and some of the conversations presented felt forced and a little biased I was uite tired of the person with a problem that the coach approached being a girl but overall great information for leaders on how to help employees be the best employee and know that their leaders care for them personally

  4. Ben Ben says:

    While it's a bit too corporate at times and feels a bit artificial in others it's a uick read and a good guide to becoming a better coach Worth the read if you want to make yourself better

  5. Scott Brown Scott Brown says:

    I received this book as a valued gift from my SVP It is a uniue combination of relevant and illustrative examples deep research with good practical how to examples It is riddled with self reflection exercises that help you map out a plan of actionCoaching Interactions that help the individual being coached to expand awareness discover superior solutions and make and implement better decisions They go on to explain Coaching helps individuals discover answers within themselves and helps them feel personally empowered The coach is also dedicated to helping to ensure the implementation and long term follow through of planned actions

  6. Jeff Jeff says:

    I'm a fan of Zenger's previous book The Extraordinary Leader and was a bit disappointed by this one This book did not seem to be as research driven and also much less concrete The process advanced for coaching is too much for me to keep in my head at once which makes it too complex at least for me It has some decent tips and good coaching philosophyattitude pieces but not spectacular overall

  7. Dan Gabree Dan Gabree says:

    Good read for anyone in business Perspective is as a coach but the ideas are good for any manager who must work with and lead others Good specifics on when to approach topics and how to avoid telling people what to do Provides good guidance on how to establish appropriates relationships to promote growth for both Definitely recommended

  8. Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    I attended the ZF Extraordinary Coach workshop and I would say that the first 160 pages of this book are a fairly faithful summary of the workshop I particularly enjoyed the three chapters on feedback redirecting and reinforcing and the research underpinnings for many of the suggestions All in all a great intro to coaching

  9. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    Book includes a horror scenario intended to illustrate effective accountability Mom wants to lose weight Her children are told they'll each earn 10 for every pound she loses Harassment about Mom's food choices ensues and one can only assume that either child or adult protective services was called in shortly depending on Mom's basic constitution

  10. Lore Aiwohi Lore Aiwohi says:

    Strongly recommend this book Great follow up to the Extraordinary Leader

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