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  1. Randolph Randolph says:

    Another good collection for Grant Four solid interconnected stories with a good framing story set in Oxrun station all similarly themed but each different The themes are alienation and isolation There are a great couple of stories that feature similar weird goings on but in one case the protagonist becomes isolated into herself and in the other the protagonist is abandoned by everyone else both leading to loneliness and isolation from the worldThere is interconnection than usual in the stories with each one clearly referring to another but these can be enjoyed stand alone without much lossOne thing about Oxrun if you hear that old timey hillbilly music coming from one of your neighbors pack your bags and get out of town forever

  2. Kevin Lucia Kevin Lucia says:

    I will never ever be this good Of course that won't stop me from trying As always Grant's brand of uiet horror is built on human emotions and wants and needs and desires and failings too And I'm a sucker for little universes like Oxrun Station Just makes me wish and that I could've met Charles

  3. Thomas Thomas says:

    The next volume in Grant's Oxrun Station novellas series is Dialing the Wind a collection with an inscrutable title The first story in the collection is also called Dialing the Wind and after reading it you'll understand the title but whoever selected this as the title of the book must not have been thinking straight It doesn't really tell you anything about the book and it's about as evocative as dry toastEach of these collections has had a central theme Nightmare Seasons was about obsession; The Orchard was about madness; and Dialing the Wind is about alienation Each theme is common in the horror genre and they work well as a framing point for the entire collection Each collection also has a framing vignette that bookends the four novellas each one suggesting that Grant himself lives in Oxrun Station and is just there to tell the stories In a way I suppose that's actually trueThe story Dialing the Wind is an odd story of a woman whose isolation leads her to receive a radio preacher show on her radio that's not accessible from other radios She runs into another woman who is also receiving the show and she has let it drive her a little off kilter I'm uite sure of the point of this story to be honestThe next story The Sweetest Kiss is about a man who is married with children but suddenly becomes obsessed with an old girlfriend of his His daydreaming conjures her up and he starts to pursue her again but in true Grant fashion she's not what she appears In this story the alienation is self prescribed by the main character but when he chooses to be unfaithful to his wife he becomes unsympathetic I'm not sure if that was Grant's intent but the story didn't engage me because of thatAs We Promise Side by Side the third story is about a woman and her house She's a divorcée who received the house in lieu of any alimony and over the last four years she's taken care of it and made it her own When her ex husband threatens to return the house decides to protect her but at a cost higher than she expected It's a neat idea but I felt like the execution was a little lacking simply due to the lengths the ex husband went in his revenge; it didn't feel believable to me Plus the story echoes The Last and Dreadful Hour from The Orchard only it's not uite as interestingThat bring us to the last story The Chariot Dark and Low where instead of focusing on how alienation brings horror it uses the theme as the horror A young man finds himself suddenly alone in the same town that has always been populated and it traces how that sudden isolation affects him and why it happened at all It's a well told tale and highlights what makes Grant's stuff so good when it worksSo the entire collection is a bit of a mixed bag but at least one of the stories here is definitely worth reading As We Promise Side by Side is an effective story even if Grant doesn't uite stick the landing but The Chariot Dark and Low is the real winner here Fans of horror uiet or otherwise should definitely make an effort to read that one

  4. Sean Mcdonough Sean Mcdonough says:

    Doesn't really announce itself as a short story collection but very good once you get into the rhythm

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Dialing the Wind [PDF / Epub] ✈ Dialing the Wind ☀ Charles L. Grant – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In Oxrun Station the wind carries dark musics and dark magics and summoning the wind can call you to your doom The spectral sound of folk music was a sound not everyone could hear Only those desperate In Oxrun Station the wind carries dark musics and dark magics and summoning the wind can call you to your doom The spectral sound of folk music was a sound Dialing the PDF or not everyone could hear Only those desperate for love heard the haunting notes and had their lives forever altered.

  • Paperback
  • 210 pages
  • Dialing the Wind
  • Charles L. Grant
  • English
  • 08 October 2015
  • 9780812518689

About the Author: Charles L. Grant

Lionel Fenn Simon Lake Felicia Andrews and Deborah LewisGrant won a World Fantasy Award for his novella collection Nightmare Seasons a Nebula Award in for his short story A Dialing the PDF or Crowd of Shadows and another Nebula Award in for his novella A Glow of Candles a Unicorn's Eye the latter telling of an actor's dilemma in a post literate future Grant also edited the award winning Shadows anthology running eleven volumes from Contributors include Stephen King Ramsey Campbell RA Lafferty Avram Davidson and Steve Rasnic and Melanie Tem Grant was a former Executive Secretary and Eastern Regional Director of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and president of the Horror Writers Association.