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  1. James Thane James Thane says:

    In his long and very successful career as a writer of crime fiction Dick Francis only used two protagonists in than one book One of them was Sid Halley who appears here for the third time following Odds Against and Whip Hand Halley was a former champion jockey who had a terrible accident that basically destroyed his left hand and ended his career He then became a private investigator and in the course of an earlier case a psychopath further damaged the hand rendering it completely useless Halley now wears a prosthesis and has nightmares about possibly losing the use of his other handIn this case Halley has been hired to track down a sadistic monster who has been lopping off the hooves of young horses leaving them crippled and useless The attacker usually chooses the left front hoof and although there's no mention of it one has to wonder if Halley who has lost his own left hand might feel an especial affinity for the poor horses who are thus damagedSid's client is the mother of a young girl whose horse was thus attacked To complicate matters the little girl is suffering from a rare disease and needs a bone marrow transplant if she is to survive She and Halley develop a special bond and some of the best scenes in the book are of the two characters togetherAs his investigation progresses Halley is shocked to discover that the attacker is almost certainly one of his best friends another former jockey who has become a very popular television interviewer Indeed the friend Ellis uint did a very heart warming program about Rachel the sick little girl whose horse he had effectively destroyed himself This gives nothing away; the reader learns very early on who the villain isSid's discovery causes him an enormous amount of personal pain and anxiety It also subjects him to savage personal attacks in the press and elsewhere uint is an enormously popular public figure and even Sid's own client can't believe that he would be guilty of such horrendous crimes People insist that Halley is jealous of uint's success and is attempting to destroy his reputationIn conseuence Halley will be up against the wall for most of the book unable to effectively defend his actions and his reputation As is often the case in a Dick Francis novel there are other larger forces lurking behind the scenes and before it's all over poor Sid Halley will be subjected to some very extreme testsThis is one of the better of the later books in the series It moves along uickly and has all of the hallmarks that readers of the series expect Fans of the series should be sure to look for it

  2. Harry Harry says:

    What is there to say about Dick Francis? As I think about all of his books yes this review covers all of his books and yes I've read them all I think about a moral ethical hero steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society either directly or indirectly The heroes aren't always horse jockies they can be film producers or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing worldBut than that Francis's heroes are rational human beings The choices made are rational choices directed by a firm objective philosophy that belies all of Francis's novels The dialogue is clear and touched with humor no matter the intensity of evil that the hero faces The hero's thoughts reveal a vulnerability that is touching while his actions are always based on doing the right thing to achieve justice Causing the reader to deeply care about the characters in a novel is a difficult thing to do No such worries in a Francis novel The point of view is first person you are the main character as you read the story usually the character of Mr Douglas The hero is personable like able non violent but delivering swift justice with his mind rather than through physical means This is not to say that violence is a stranger to our hero Some of it staggering and often delivered by what we would think of normal persons living in British societyYou will come to love the world of Steeple Chase racing you will grow a fondness for horses stables trainers and the people who live in that world You will read the books devouring one after the other and trust me Dick Francis has a lot of novels over 40 by my last countThere are several series woven into the fabric of Francis's work notably the Sid Halley and Kit Fielding seriesAssessment Dick Francis is one of my favorite writers I read his books with a fierce hunger that remains insatiable and I mourn his death

  3. Miriam Smith Miriam Smith says:

    I love Dick Francis books and tales of the racing world and thoroughly enjoyed this one too

  4. Nikki Nikki says:

    Continuing my self challenge to read all the Edgar Award winners for Best Novel I’ve come to 1996’s winner Dick Francis’s Come to Grief I’m sure it will make my 10 Best list for 2009It seems odd to me that Dick Francis who normally sticks to standalones has won two of his three Edgars for Best Novel with books in his all too brief Sid Halley series Come to Grief is the last of them an unusually structured book which while losing none of the suspense Francis excels at also adds new depth to the character of steeplechase jockey turned private eye HalleyAs the book opens a trial is about to begin the trial of Halley's longtime friend and fellow jockey Ellis uint now a TV presenter for a series of horrifying and unusual crimes Sid Halley is one of the chief witnesses for the prosecution In the rest of the book we see how Halley reached his conclusions in flashback and then learn along with him why there is to the story than he at first realizedCome to Grief has several elements that suggest Francis may have planned to continue the series with some new twists and some new continuing characters but so far sadly he has not done so Highly recommended

  5. An Odd1 An Odd1 says:

    Come to Grief by Dick Francis describes the final result everyone mourns many lost lives friendships loyalties I had this friend you see that everyone loved I thought narrator Sid was starting with his previous case but no the friend and connected relationships parents social group public are the current problems We wait pages for friend Lochinvar's real name and others breaking down mother Ginnie's suicides father Gordon tries to murder Sid only the last pages answer why Alround sad recurring cancer obsession implies personal tragedy none of the trademark humor that keeps me going back for Francis Rating is for compelling not likedTake cute feisty wide eyed cuddler Rachel having nightmares after sadistic mutilation of her beloved big eyed pet Silverboy Girl is frail dying of leukemia Colt is delicate fast future champion racer Accused is popular ex jockey TV celebrity handsome endearing funny laughing lovable Ellis uint who publicized the dastardly foot amputations repeated on full moon for months Sid has nighmares too fearing for surviving hand after first crushed and torn in accident riding and by criminal torture when detecting From page one we know the perpetrator Suspense depends on unfolding details tantalizingly slowly uestioning motivation why revelation of how discovered and resenting harsh treatment of the hero If I hate the plot the cruel sadistic deed the frustration and denial knowing who the nightmares why read on? Dick Francis compels my curiosity draws me into strange new worlds horses strong heavy; Britain high and low; a man's world of physicality where women are periphral whiners criers and objects of beauty admiration or pity and men willingly break and bloody bodies in fights Stories told in the first person enable us even if weak of body and untested in spirit to identify with the protagonist who has physical and moral courage then needs to demonstrate those ualities But he gets little praise all private maybe an old fashioned kind of reward? These days I'd think the written confession would have been front page in the tabloids Like in the book even today publicity has the same ability to destroy reputations and lives the justice system the same inability to deal out justice The resolutions Francis finds to dispose of his villains is both satisfying and disappointing Twists are clever such as the thirty second delay that saves Sid's life Books deserve higher ratings when I'm hooked in spite of misgivings or nightmares afterward1996 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master for lifetime achievement

  6. Becca Becca says:

    This was truly a trashy mystery novel The worst part was it wasn't even entertaining The crime was absurd cutting off a horse's leg and Francis tries to make you care about it by throwing in a sappy story about a little girl with leukemia The plot is just poorly put together and eually strange and you're asked to just take for granted that the criminals are crazy and not uestion their motivations beyond that The detective has a prosthetic hand and is supposedly famous yet he's always doing things like going in disguise or having people not recognize him The characters were shallow stereotypes and even the action filled scenes were kind of blah Was not a fan

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    I love Dick Francis's books The Sid Halley books are the only series that he wrote All the rest of his books are stand alone All of his books involve horses many of them are set in the racing worldparticularly jump races In this book someone is cutting off the left front hoof of young horses The mother of a little girl with cancer hires Sid to find out who is doing it His relationship with the little girl is really great Sid was injured in a racing accident and eventually lost his hand The trauma of that is often part of the story Francis's characters are always complex and well developed One of those stories where you feel like you'd like to meet the hero

  8. David Highton David Highton says:

    The third Sid Halley book and further demonstration of what a great character Francis created tough resilient and unyielding but capable of fear and uncertainty inside A plot driven by the trial of an old friend accused of dreadful animal cruelty maintains a fast pace all the way through Great stuff I am glad I rediscovered Dick Francis a year ago

  9. Kath B Kath B says:

    A cracking read full of pacey twists and turns I just love Sid Halley what a fabulous detective Ex jockey with a jockey's stoicism when injured and a tenacious mindset even when he knows he's going to come off badly I read a lot of Dick Francis books in my teens and early 20s and marvel at the world of horse racing They have stood the test of time well just as enjoyable today

  10. W W says:

    Sid Halleythe ex jockey with the artificial hand makes his third appearanceCome to Grief is unusually long for a Francis bookover 400 pagesTorture is the major theme of the bookthis time horses are maimed for the sheer pleasure of itFrancis is one writer I never tire of

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Come to Grief ➿ Come to Grief Free ➶ Author Dick Francis – Sid Halley ex champion jockey turned investigator is facing his toughest testA number of horses have been brutally mutilated horrifying their owners and the general public Even Sid's friend broadcaste Sid Halley ex champion jockey turned investigator is facing his toughest testA number of horses have been brutally mutilated horrifying their owners and the general public Even Sid's friend broadcaster Ellis uint has been moved to make a shocking programme about itBut when Sid is asked to look into the case the evidence he uncovers points in a startling direction and he finds that his head must overrule his heartAs friends and associates are angered by his discoveries so Sid is drawn into a terrible web Come to PDF \ of conspiracy and intrigue Escape will reuire all his legendary wits and cunning.

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