Allies and Enemies PDF ☆ Allies and PDF or

  • Hardcover
  • 210 pages
  • Allies and Enemies
  • Anne E. Maczulak
  • English
  • 15 June 2014
  • 9780137015467

10 thoughts on “Allies and Enemies

  1. Alan Alan says:

    In this book PhD microbiologist Anne Maczulak presents an overview of the bacterial enemies and bacterial allies of humans On the enemies side we read about well known and a few lesser known bacterial pathogens as well as about how they are spread among humans We hear a little about historical cases such as Typhoid Mary and recent topics including the use of Anthrax spores as a terrorist weapon and why it is both effective and non effective On the allies side Maczulak describes the bacterial communities that reside on our skin and in our guts and how they help minimize infection from bacterial pathogens in the case of skin bacteria and how bacteria in our guts help carry out essential roles in digestion We also learn about biotechnology and genetically engineered bacteria such as E coli They can be used to produce human gene products such as insulin etc Pretty cool stuff There is also a nice overview of what DNA is and how it can be engineered as well And also on the allies side we learn about how bacteria can be used in bioremediation that is to help clean up toxic materials in the environment pretty slick Lastly we also learn about how knowing about bacterial may help astronomers to discover whether live does or has existed on other planets All in all I found this book to be fairly well written but not especially engaging This book just scratches the surface of the roles of bacteria on earth and frankly at the end it almost sounds like Maczulak is pleading for a friend who is in trouble rather than telling friends about something really cool she has learned I can't say that I learned a lot of new things by reading this book but then again it wasn't written for professional biologists It was written for the popular market I don't think you will see this book on best seller's lists but it does as i mentioned above provide an adeuate introduction to some interesting bits about bacteriaRecommendation? Well I don't think it'll be a hit with most people and the group I would probably recommend it to would be college freshman or sopho biology majors and even then I don't expect to hear a lot of raving

  2. Lyndsey Lyndsey says:

    Currently FREE ON KINDLEPersonally I find science books fascinating but I know that many don't They often lead to deep musings on the nature of the universe  Oh sorry I was musing there for a secondWell if you are feeling scientific it's a good discount from the usual price of twenty dollars anyway Get it here Or there Or anywhere

  3. Kristen Kristen says:

    got halfway through it started to read like a textbook than non fiction and i lost interest subject matter is really intriguing but starts to get too boring not saying i won't return to it though

  4. Wei-Tang Wei-Tang says:

    Somewhat informative but didn't find the organization or writing very engaging At times it read like an introductory chapter to microbiology textbooks

  5. Patti Patti says:

    The middle chapters were interesting The end was dry and I ended up skimming it

  6. nsazamn nsazamn says:

    This book opens my mind and add new knowledges Especially on how bacteria plays part in rain formation

  7. J.S. J.S. says:

    Television commercials constantly inform us that bacteria are everywhere and if we buy whatever product is being advertised we and our families especially our children can be protected from 99% of them The problem is that often we don't need protection from most of the bacteria being destroyed In fact our bodies are covered in bacteria inside and out and they're generally helpful than harmful And if you've paid attention to news stories you'll probably already know that scientists worry that products such as anti bacterial soaps are actually creating the conditions for genetic mutations in many harmful bacteria that make them immune to such products thereby defeating their use and purpose Anne Maczulak is a microbiologist who is obviously passionate about bacteria and in this book she turns that passion into a crusade for respect for the invisible world around us and the bacteria that make life possible here on Earth The problem is that her passion causes her to jump all over the place in this enthusiastic well I'm not sure what to call it You can't call it a narrative because that suggests order and there's precious little of that here Scientific terms are tossed out liberally and freuently without definitions or explanations Acronyms are used without telling what they mean Historical people and events are mentioned with only the briefest stories Concepts are discussed in a haphazard fashion bouncing to other topics before returning sometimes and seldom with satisfactory or comprehensible explanations In fact I was reminded of this book while reading with my 3rd grader in her science book it had the same tone and same short sentences and moved from one topic to another without really saying much except this book uses lots of big words without even stopping for definitions A little focus could have done wonders to a fascinating topic I do not recommend this book

  8. Lis Carey Lis Carey says:

    Most of us mainly know about the bacteria that are bad for us with good reason Harmful bacteria can be very harmful indeed so it's natural that they capture most of our attentionAnd that's too bad because harmful bacteria are a tiny minority and many of the remainder aren't just harmless They're vital to such basic functions as digesting our food They play essential roles in making Earth habitable The earliest bacteria played a crucial role in creating the free oxygen that made life as we know it possibleAnd if that weren't enough they offer possible solutions to some of the most serious problems that threaten us now including exhaustion of our fossil fuels pollution and global warmingShe also covers some everyday yet overlooked issues A significant problem facing medicine today is the rise of drug resistant and antiseptic resistant disease bacteria Overuse of antibiotics in response to patient demands as well as just in case and overuse of antiseptics in hospitals as well as in our everyday lives where bottles of antibacterial gels seem to be everywhere have generated variants of disease causing bacteria that are harder and harder to killThis little book has a lot of ground to cover but Maczulak does so with grace and in clear readable prose as well as illustrations that actually illuminate her points I do think that on some points she has an overly rosy view particularly of how safe it may really be to release into the environment bacteria that will clean up pollution However it's fair to note also that she knows a lot on the subject than I do Overall it's an unintimidating way to increase your knowledge in an important areaRecommendedI bought this book

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    Im not a scientist but I found this book interesting easy to read and understand I particularily enjoyed the section about how bacteria has influenced the arts especially in the style and content of paintings around the time of the black death and the use of bacteria to clean up images but also how bacteria is destroying some pieces of art Bacteria is often percieved in a negative light so was interesting to see an arguement towards the oppositeThe case studies further helped visual bacterias impact on the world and they didn't always focus on those people who are well known for thier bacterial discoveries such as Pasteur

  10. Taylor Ellwood Taylor Ellwood says:

    This was a fascinating book about bacteria in the world in the bodies of humans and animals and just in general What I like about the book is that the author does a lot to explain how the world relies on bacteria When you read the book you learn about how bacteria can be harmful but also how it can be helpful and also how we set up some of the problems we experience with bacteria If you want to learn about bacteria the author also includes some additional resources I found this book very helpful for my own studies and research around how to work with bacteria and would recommend it to anyone who is curious to learn about the role of bacteria in our lives

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Allies and Enemies☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Allies and Enemies By Anne E. Maczulak ✐ – Bacteria are invisible mysterious deadly self sufficientand absolutely essential for all life including yours No other living things combine their elegant simplicity with their incredibly complex role Bacteria are invisible mysterious deadly self sufficientand absolutely essential for all life including yours No other living things combine their elegant simplicity with their incredibly complex role Bacteria keep us alive supply our food and regulate our biosphere We can't live a day without them and no chemical antibiotic or irradiation has ever successfully eradicated them They're our partners like it or not even though some of them will happily kill us Allies and Enemies tells the story of this amazing intimate partnership Authored by Allies and PDF or Anne Maczulak a microbiologist who's hunted and worked with an extraordinary array of bacteria this book offers a powerful new perspective on Earth's oldest creatures You'll discover how bacteria work how they evolve their surprising contributions and uses the roles they've played in human history and why you can't survive without them No form of life is important and in Maczulak's hands none is fascinating Outlasted outnumbered outsmarted They've been here four billion years and they even outnumber you in your own body How bacteria keep you alive and how to keep them from killing you Humans Defeat Germs But not for long The Invisible Universe The stunning hidden relationships between bacteria and the rest of nature.