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  • 13 July 2015

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  1. Nancy Nancy says:

    Posted at Shelf Inflicted I saw this twice once in the late 80’s and again in 1996 shortly after my husband and I got married I loved the movie both times I saw it even though my husband found it utterly boring and not nearly as thrilling as Southern Comfort Over time the scenes that stood out the most for me were the dueling banjos and the hillbilly rapeRight after reading the book I watched the movie a third time The first thing I noticed was that the film was uite faithful to the book There were significant differences of course mostly with the character of Ed Gentry The book was told entirely by him not just the events that occurred following Ed and his friends’ preparation for their remote white water adventure but his thoughts about work too much his family too little and his feelings about life which bordered on the too philosophical “The studio was full of gray affable men who had tried it in New York and come back South to live and die They were competent though we demanded no very high standard from them and when they weren’t working at layouts and paste ups they would sit tilted back from the drawing board with their hands behind their heads gazing at whatever same thing was there” Yawnlet’s face it most people’s jobs are boring Unless you’re in a creative profession of some sort or a circus clown I’m not that interested in reading the nitty gritty of people’s jobs Really it’s enough for me to know that you work or not Then again the reader needs to get a glimpse of this humdrum aspect of the men’s lives It contrasts so sharply with their wilderness adventure the remote landscape the feats of strength and the strong bonds of men trying to surviveThis was written in 1970 so I understand that men were the primary breadwinners and work was a large measure of their success while women earned less than half their salaries and were encouraged to take secretarial classes rather than pursue lucrative business careers “The women were almost all secretaries and file clerks young and semi young and middle aged and their hair styles piled and shellacked and swirled and horned and almost every one stiff filled me with desolation I kept looking for a decent ass and spotted one in a beige skirt but when the girl turned her barren gum chewing face toward me it was all over” If you can get past the blatant sexism and the dated feel this is a really good story that explores in depth the wild and unpredictable nature of man and environment I loved the vivid descriptions of the harsh and beautiful landscape the turbulent water and the enormous physical challenges undertaken by Ed and his companions The character descriptions were rather sketchy but this is not a book so much about people’s lives but how they deal with adversity There is a strong sense of camaraderie here no wishy washy feelings or sentimentality This is a brutal harrowing story that drags at times while at other times I wanted It is well worth reading and an excellent film too

  2. Michael Michael says:

    A masterpiece of lyrical intense writing When I think of the old writing admonition make haste slowly I think of this book because the plot is riveting and tense and yet it all unfurls with a measured deliberation with great care in the writing that transforms it from a potboiler to something far beautiful There are so many arresting sentences here I've cracked the book at random to highlight just a couple and I don't think they'll spoil anything since they're devoid of contextI knew it was not a game and yet whenever I could I glanced at the corpse to see if it would come out of the phony trance it was in and stand up and shake hands all around someone new we'd met in the woods who could give us some idea where we were But the head kept dropping back and we kept having to keep it up clear of the weeds and briars so that we could go wherever we were going with it

  3. Pramod Nair Pramod Nair says:

    Few novelists have claimed such an epic success with their debut novel as James Dickey did with his dramatically brilliant thriller Deliverance set in the remote North Georgia wilderness Dickey who was already an accomplished poet renowned for his surrealism and eye for primal impulses prevailing in the human society wrote ‘Deliverance’ in 1970 and it has been since regarded among the best English novels of 20th century The book was adapted into a movie in 1972 starring Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight and it was a blockbuster For me both the movie and the novel where eually thrillingThis is James Dickey’s study on the lingering elements of primitive urges and primal instincts for survival which is hidden asleep in even the most civilized of human beings He generates dangerous situations within his narrative as test cases to inspect how law abiding human beings shed their veil of being civilized in response to mortal threats in settings where the common laws of civilization and morality cease to exist This white water ride of an adventure begins when four middle aged city dwellers Ed Gentry a graphic artist Bobby Trippe an insurance agent Drew Ballinger a business executive and Lewis Medlock an outdoorsman feeling stagnated with their personal professional life decides to take a canoeing trip down a river valley in the remote wilderness of north Georgia The book takes the form of first person narration with Ed Gentry describing the scenery and happenings of their adventure I was selling my soul to the devil all day and trying to buy it back at nightFrom his own words which show his dissatisfaction with his day job and his longing for writing pieces of artistic value we can perceive that Dickey gave shape to the character of Ed Gentry roughly based on his own discontent career in advertising In the total isolation of the wilderness they soon start to rethink about their uest for freedom and adventure as they initially find it difficult to adjust to the survivalist mentality reuired in the outdoors The adventure takes a nasty turn for the travelers when they encounter two mountain men and soon the reader will be taken through narrations bursting with sheer rapids of violence uest for survival tragedy moral dilemmas and transformation of civilized humans beings into their primal form of hunters To give a fair warning to those who want to read ‘Deliverance’ with out giving any of spoilers I need to say that some of the scenes in the book are uite disturbing for even readers with a high threshold for descriptions of violenceOne of the plus points that make the novel engaging is the descriptions of the surroundings in which this pure adventure happens James Dickey really shines in creating a crisp image of the ruthless and beautiful landscapes surrounding the boiling waters of the fictional Cahulawassee River and north Georgia wilderness on the readers mental canvas to such an extent that the arduous physical and mental challenges that the characters confront with in the narration virtually engulfs the reader James Dickey’s numerous canoeing bow hunting trips to the wilderness of Georgia and the insights on the territory that he had gained from his own and from other fellow companions experiences really make these narratives enjoyableI read this for the first time 15 or 16 years back and the picture of the harsh wilderness that James Dickey describes with it’s high tension drama is still alive in my memory This is a fast moving thriller which will totally absorb you as a reader with its raw narrations of brutal action set in a primitive backdrop Highly recommended for lovers of engaging thrillers If you are easily offended by descriptions of violence in a fiction then it will be prudent to stay away from ‘Deliverance’ Actual Rating 455

  4. Barry Pierce Barry Pierce says:

    Only men would think it is a good idea to go canoeing into the jungle wilderness of Georgia If this novel were female driven it would have been about two pages long because no woman would stand for its sheer bravado driven ridiculousness So four guys so canoeing in Georgia and things go wrong They go really really wrong Deliverance is testosterone personified It is a novel about men but ultimately it is an ode to masculinity It harks back to the adventure novels that little boys would read and plays with this sense of adventure It lures the characters and ultimately the reader into this intense sweaty oppressive forest The men flow through the jungle but also the jungle flows through the men As we watch everything slowly descending into sheer chaos and brutality we feel helpless You may not know it but you are also on the canoe and you better start paddling Deliverance offers no deliverance The bitter irony of its title is but one of many cruel fates that the reader has to witness The novel is depraved but in its depravity it shows us life The lives of these men their decisions whether they be just or not and ultimately their fates You journey with these men into the bowels of hell

  5. Dem Dem says:

    Deliverance by James Dickey was a book that really took me by surprise Outside of my comfort zone Deliverance tells the story of four men closing in on middle age and looking for a little adventure take to the remote white waster river in the Georgia wilderness with two canoes The adventure turns to a nightmare and a struggle for survivalI honestly had never heard of this book and for me this was a challenge as I don't read adventure stories This was a brilliant and breath taking adventure and the prose is raw and imaginative and I found myself in the midst the rocks and rapids the beauty of the wild and the terror and violence that was so real it had me exclaiming out loud The characters are real and extremely well drawn and I really enjoyed reading the character of Ed and experiencing the journey through his eyes This was a great read but is not going to be everyone's cup of tea Its a short novel and extremely well written and I am so glad I read it I just found out that it is also a movie so look forward to that now I have read the book

  6. Stacey Stacey says:

    Wow I've been talking about Deliverance to all my friends who all roll their eyes at me because I haven't seen the movie This was one of the best books I've read this year The writing is documentary style but surprisingly lyrical It's told from a single point of view and works so well for description mood suspense I absolutely loved itAm I the only person in the world who hasn't seen the movie? I'm familiar with the two most talked about scenes The banjo scene was beautifully written and the rape is brutal in its simplicity I think that was the best uality of Deliverance the simplicity Everything except the country is told in a stripped down journalistic style but the river country they travel through is a fully realized character on its own The narrator rambles He tells what they did in little bits But he describes what he sees in long panoramas framed by his designer vision like a layout for one of his magazine spreads I was prepared to be disappointed having read several books lately that seemed as though they had been written just to be an easy screenplay This novel demands to be filmed and you just hope that it gets done by somebody who can do it justice I suppose I'll have to watch it just to see if it happened Wikipedia tells me In 2008 Deliverance was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being 'culturally historically or aesthetically significant' One can hope that means they succeeded

  7. Fabian Fabian says:

    The one about the city folk getting lost in the woods and subseuently rapedhunted Confession I have never seen the film I know its a big deal but all I am ever faced with are the edited for TV sections on TV of the pig sueal and the torment heavy megaambiance The bromance comes to a thunderous halt as the friends try to makes sense of it all and desire desperately to come out alive It is I will admit pretty full of those literary premonitions any horror novel worth its salt would contain But when EVER has the climax happened way BEFORE the last page? It occurs SPOILERwhatever at around page 200 Then there's like 80 pages oh anticlimax supreme it seems like a wee uneven especially for a tale that's not all that unconventional Ah you and I can find this in the elusive MEDIOCRELIT BEGETTING UNFORGETTABLE CINEMA category next to Oscar winning Ordinary People the Judith Guest novel is hella skipable and lame and Bridges of Madison County this is the lowest of the low Up In the Air as well as non Oscar perennial favorite I Know What You Did Last Summer

  8. J.K. Grice J.K. Grice says:

    DELIVERANCE is a tremendous novel and river adventure from James Dickey This is an American classic

  9. Paul Paul says:

    Deliverance is a book about wilderness and survival Maybe not the way you would generally imagine a wilderness vs survival meeting no spoilers here but none the less survival in the truest sense This novel was very well written extremely fluent and flowing

  10. Rebbie Rebbie says:

    Woo hoo my last book of 2016 and boy was it a doozy What a fantastic way to end the year This book is about 4 suburban men who spend the weekend river rafting and hunting deep within the mountains of Georgia They meet some hillbillies horrible things happen and then they spend the rest of the weekend in a race to survive the brutal elements of the wilderness as well as trying to survive against enemies who were born and raised in those mountains The enemies have the advantage of knowing the river woods and mountains like the back of their handI could wax philosophical about the underlying meanings of this book man versus nature alpha males the primal instinct to survive at all costs the shame that accompanies the fear of death in masculine souls especially when witnessed by other men Oh and the biggie how emasculation or the fetishization of emasculation is the root cause of every single sexual dysfunction or sexually deviant and repugnant behavior in the entire worldBut I won't because that would take too long We could spend days discussing this book and the ideas behind it so let's skip that altogetherJames Dickey's prose was simple and to the point and I love him for that It caused the story to provide such vivid imagery I felt like I was right there like I could feel the Cahulawassee River raging around the men whenever it felt like itWhat a ride this book is especially with the suspense it offers and the superb way Dickey shows just how vulnerable we are to nature and the unknown and how we're at the mercy of other people Luckily most people are decent At least for now

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Deliverance☉ Deliverance PDF / Epub ❤ Author James Dickey – The setting is the Georgia wilderness where the state's most remote white water river awaits In the thundering froth of that river in its echoing stone canyons four men on a canoe trip discover a free The setting is the Georgia wilderness where the state's most remote white water river awaits In the thundering froth of that river in its echoing stone canyons four men on a canoe trip discover a freedom and exhilaration beyond compare And then in a moment of horror the adventure turns into a struggle for survival as one man becomes a human hunter who is offered his own harrowing Deliverance.

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