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Cat You Better Come Home ➻ [Download] ➸ Cat You Better Come Home By Garrison Keillor ➺ – A soulful fable adapted from Keillor's popular Cat Songs One cold winter's night the elegant Puff decides to run away from home She goes to Europe where she becomes fabulously rich as a TV cat food sp A soulful Better Come PDF ✓ fable adapted from Keillor's popular Cat Songs One cold winter's night the elegant Puff decides to run away from home She goes to Europe where she becomes fabulously rich as a TV cat food spokescat It's the high life for Puff dripping in diamonds and mink until the day she meets disaster Full color.

10 thoughts on “Cat You Better Come Home

  1. Brett Brett says:

    Sometimes famous grown up authors decide to write books for children and sometimes for unknown reasons I read those booksThis book I think is fine It is short and sing song y I imagine kids would like it It tells the story of a cat who leaves home becomes famous and indulges in lots of bad behavior and then returns home for the simpler life It is a prodigal son type of story a theme Keillor often uses in his work for mature audiences as wellSometime after reading this I also happened to hear Keillor doing an actual song version of it on his radio show so that's out there somewhere as well I have a kid on the way so I expect this book could get some use in the near future

  2. Rosalie Beyer-Krohn Rosalie Beyer-Krohn says:

    A charming tale of a snobby cat running off to live a life of luxury eventually realizing that she didn’t have it so bad back home after allLevel 42Genre Picture Book Large illustrations adorn every page with smaller illustrations occasionally intermingled within the text Classroom uses There are a few different messages conveyed in the book but you could focus on appreciating what you have This could be a great discussion to have right around ThanksgivingHowever I feel this book best lends itself to teaching students about word choice and seeking precise words to enhance your writing This would be a great time to teach them how to effectively use a thesaurusWriting Mentor TraitsWord choice As mentioned above this book relies heavily on careful word choice The sophisticated vocabulary paints a clear picture of the luxury this cat pursues The narrative rhymes as well reuiring even careful consideration of which words to useSentence fluency This book started out as a song so naturally the words are intended to roll right off your tongue Beyond just rhyming the sentence structure also creates a sense of rhythm within the story My favorite example is “ You’re no ueen you’re Puff you’re you and your fans can’t love you like your true friends do”

  3. Brittany Perry Brittany Perry says:

    It was a lovely book with a great message Although we know every child is special and uniue as a society we have uit making life a contest In sports we let everyone on the team in academics we keep scores secret and this country shoulder's people who fail Failure is good people have to sink low and then rise up that's the American Dream to become than what you were This book so accurately shows this in a simple humorous way A cat leaves home and becomes a famous cat but when the extravagant life lands her as an undesirable gluttonous cat she comes back to the simple home she had Then she even says remember who you were and where you come from because one day you may need to find your way back It was an excellent book that toddlers and up will enjoy

  4. Sharon Huether Sharon Huether says:

    Puff the cat became disgruntled with her ordinary food She traveled to Europe for a finer way of life and different food Soon her rich lifestyle came to an endShe then traveled home; her family was wl glad to see herThe beuatiful illustrations makes this book so special

  5. Gold Dust Gold Dust says:

    The book attempts to teach the lesson to be true to yourself but at the same time it also teaches to not follow your dreams to stay where you are in life and not aspire for anything greater It seems contradictory because dreams are a part of who we are If we're following our dreams we're being true to ourselves It's only if one pretends to be someone one's not in order to accomplish the dreams that it becomes being untrue to oneself The book also teaches that there aren't conseuences for disobedience and foolishness; the cat disobeyed its owner and the owner accepted it back without any scolding whatsoever It's like telling kids that if they're dissatisfied with their parents not letting them get their way and eat all the junk food they want the kids should just run away from home trying to find someone better to take care of them The parents only make idle threats dogs in the dark Instead of punishing the child for running away the parent will bribe the kids with rewardsbenefits When the kids come back to their parents they can expect that their parents will shower them with love and that there won't be any conseuences for running away and being ungrateful

  6. Elliott Aengus Elliott Aengus says:

    I think the book Cat You Better Come Home you can tell from the title the cat runs away from home because her owner disrespect her and does not give her the love she needs He does not give her the yummy food he and his ex gets everyday He does not even give her a bed o sleep on the only bed she gets the cold dirty floor So she runs away and a month later she hits to fame She is a super model and a very rich cat bu ten One year later all her fame goes down the drain She is going on to a big boat were she spent all her money n and for some reason her boat was not gonna last evan a second she gets on the boat with her dog friend and then her boat sinks with her Some how she servise and gets out o the water and runs back home in a rainy weather she is all cold and hungry she finds her home and scratches on her owners door he opens the door and gives her a huge wet hug Then a year later she is happy her owner is way nicer to her and they all lived happly

  7. Halena Lathe Halena Lathe says:

    Julie 5 stars mommy Mommy tell everyone what you thought about the bookJulie i like that she came home to a family who loved her no matter what happened in the past or while she was away from homeFrom Mom's perspective the book was sweet and heartbreaking at the same time The cat goes through our cycles of trying to live a life of our own If or when the world gobbles us up and spits us out our family is always there for us if we're lucky to have that kind of family It's a good lesson to learn though a bit sad

  8. Elsa Elsa says:

    Maybe not a good one to read when your own cat is missing

  9. Allahna Gill Allahna Gill says:

    Love the cadence of this book It can be relatable for kids with pets

  10. Catherine Catherine says:

    uirky poem about a cat's uest for pleasure and the truth of the pleasures of home Cat lovers will ❤️ this

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