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The Secret to Seduction [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Secret to Seduction ✩ Julie Anne Long – WantonA vicar's daughter unafraid to control her fate Sabrina Fairleigh arrives at an exclusive country soiree with marriage in mind How shocking and intriguing to discover her host is an infamous lad WantonA vicar's daughter unafraid to control her fate Sabrina Fairleigh arrives at an exclusive country soiree with marriage in mind How shocking and intriguing to discover her host is an infamous ladies' man known for his indecent and ah inspiring poetryWickedThey call him The Libertine and his poetry is just as scandalous and irresistible as he is But after one duel too many forces Rhys Gillray Earl of Rawden from lively London to his country estate he's in desperate need of a cure for boredom And the proper The Secret PDF/EPUB or but beautiful vicar's daughter seems like the perfect test of his sensual skillsWondrousWith wit and wiliness Rhys strips away Sabrina's defenses But as he teaches her pleasure the emotional stakes of their sensual duel go beyond anything Rhys has ever known For deep in his past lies the missing clue to the crime that destroyed Sabrina's family And all The Libertine's seductive secrets may not be enough to save their future and their hearts.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 432 pages
  • The Secret to Seduction
  • Julie Anne Long
  • English
  • 03 February 2015

About the Author: Julie Anne Long

Well where should I start I've lived in San Francisco for than a decade usually with at least one cat I won the school spelling bee when I was in th grade; the word that clinched it was 'ukulele' I originally set out to be a rock star when I grew up I had a Bono fixation but who didn't and I have the guitars and the uestionable wardrobe stuffed in the back of my closet to prove it.

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  1. Addie H Addie H says:

    I am re reading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 62 on my shelf and counting This is book 50 Tropes Class Difference Marriage of Convenience Opposites Attract Unstarched her him Unreuited Love This is how my 50th re read held up Parts are great parts are not Rhys is a bit too full of himself to my liking – a coldness and arrogance that I never really warmed up to The main obstacle in the story is very big and I am not sure I could forgive him for what he did He is also bored with life bored with money bored with being envied by his peers bored with women falling all over himThere are many POVs that distract from the romance so I was a bit bored tempted to skim I didn’t That said when Rhys and Sabrina interact it’s funny electric and very passionate Almost makes up for it Changed from 5 stars to 3 stars He supposed there was a modicum of drama in doing the honorable thing even if the remainder of his life he was tied to a woman who thought London the euivalent of Gomorrah You haven’t turned than two pages since you’ve sat down Miss Fairleigh Do you read so very slowly? Or does my presence disconcert you? If it’s the latter I do apologize” She’d thought poets possessed clouds for brains This one possessed a rapier “You’re not sorry Lord Rawden” she said evenly Oh and at that he smiled fully And what a smile it was genuinely brilliantly pleased with both her and with himself The kind of smile that made his eyes all but vanish and lines ray from their corners Andsmack just like that her wits scattered like billiard balls She was cleverer than he preferred her to be She had an unnervingly direct gaze when it was fashionable for a woman to look sideways through lowered lashes or cast eyes modestly down Her view of the world was uncluttered by cynicism but clouded by naïveté She didn’t know any better he supposed than to look a man in the eye and deliver stripping truths She’d managed against all oddsto surprise him Again And it had been as exhilarating—and about as pleasant—as being pushed off a cliff He’d meant it to be a swift touch of the lips just enough to scandalize her and to satisfy his own half whimsical impulse to prove to himself that he had won he had lured her here and his reward was to be a kiss But when his lips met hers something went terribly wrong Or perhaps it was just that something went too terribly right Becauseoh God Her mouth was a dream beneath his So softly surprisingly welcoming it was as though she’d been anticipating this kiss her entire life “And that’s what it feels like Miss Fairleigh to lose control” he said softly She dropped her hands and her head jerked up and she stared at him He wondered if he should prepare to be slapped Instead he saw her jaw set “It wasn’t I who lost control Lord Rawden I believe it wasI in fact who had it the entire time” She watched him as the truth of this sank in Rhys froze realizing it And then she turned swiftly on her heel dipping to gather her dropped shawl and walked swiftly from the room wrapping it around her “Pretending something didn’t happen doesn’t uite mean it didn’t happen you know” he said idly “It’s not uite the same thing is it?” He didn’t turn Not yet But the silence was interesting He wondered if her face had gone that lovely pink or whether she’d stopped breathing “But pretending it didn’t happen helps hasten the process offorgetting that it ever happened” she told him in an admirably steady voice “In fact I’ve very nearly forgotten it already” “Have you?” he said absently then knelt to study the books on the row below “Of course” she said idly He let a silence go by Long enough to allow her to perhaps relax a little “You’ve forgotten how my lips felt against your throat and how your body felt pressed against mine?” This he said conversationally his voice almost drifting as he pulled a book from the shelf leafing through it slowly Romans this one was about Ah He thought he could hear her breathing now “I think that you’ll be dreaming of me perhaps until the day you die” She clapped the book shut then and stood abruptly “It was only” she ground out “a kiss” “Was it?” He was laughing now “And over ” she all but growled “you Lord Rawden murmured my name rather feverishly into my throat as I recall” His smile disappeared Good God but a man didn’t like to be reminded of the things he did or said in the heat of passion She was a very good player He eyed her somewhat cautiously “And you were breathing rather like a bellows” she continued “Like a mating bull” “A mating bull ?” “And so I believe you now know the price of succumbing to your animal nature” She said it somewhat sardonically as though concluding an argument Ah Miss Fairleigh She never could resist But nor could he He rose to it “Oddly enough Miss Fairleigh I have kissed dozens of women and managed not to enter into any engagements” “Dozens? Oh my I fall in love with you by the minute” It was time to reveal his hand “I believe you stood on tiptoe Sabrina” Hot color crept into those pale cheeks “I beg your pardon?” She sounded outraged Hmmm A bit too outraged Hadn’t the bard written something about protesting too much? “What I mean to say Sabrina” he clarified relentlessly on a drawl “is that you met me halfway today in the library You wanted a kiss” Instead on impulse he took her hand in his gently turned it palm side up rubbed his thumb over it A pretty hand the fingers long and straight and slim the nails short But the palms weren’t satiny smooth They weren’t tended hands They’d been used a bit “Not the hand of a fragile woman” he murmured “No” she agreed softly after a moment The word a distracted sounding little syllable And there was a silence And as the silence stretched it seemed to gather a charge He’d only meant to hold her hand touch her let it go But he gazed down at her and his thumb continued to move slowly over the mounds of her palm tracing a feathery pattern As if this were the map to Sabrina And what had begun almost absently became as it did every time he touched herintent As he watched the warm color rise in her cheeks that nearly irrational want surged in him Dear God And he’d only touched her hand She was in love with her husband She suspected that her husband—The Libertine—was falling in love with her

  2. WhiskeyintheJar WhiskeyintheJar says:

    Ooh I really like the beginning of this book The way Lord Rawden is described dark hair with light blue eyes and wearing a great coat; great combo I am personally a huge fan of great coats but that aside Long has done a great job of giving her leading male character a powerful presence I don't even know his first name yet but boy howdy do I want to get to know himHot damn this is the kind of story I expected from Long after reading the first in this series I absolutely love how it's being set up with Rhys the hunk in the overcoat I mentioned earlier and Sabrina to be in competition; the competitive game seduction Bring on all the witty comebacks startling discoveries lingering looks and loving I can handle Ms LongI know the storyline seems like one we've all heard before rake seduces virgin but kudos to Long for putting a fresh spin on it This story felt very new and the main characters relationship felt like nothing I have read beforeThere are definitely some toe curling moments One of my favorites involved these two lines “It wasn’t I who lost control Lord Rawden I believe it was I in fact who had it the entire time”She watched him as the truth of this sank in Rhys froze realizing itThis is what you call saying the right thing at the right momentI was little troubled? disappointed? At how easily Sabrina accepted Rhys going to London and leaving her constantly without even a goodbye to her Thank god for Mrs Bailey though great character This story really turned around for me from being a fun romp to being a serious heartfelt story after Rhys and Sabrina come together in the library the sex scene not the kissing one I felt Rhys' struggle to not love his wife and Sabrina's yearning for than she is getting from him Long did a wonderful job with taking their relationship slow and infusing it with beautiful emotional writingThe scene where Rhys is with Wyndham at The Velvet Glove playing cards and he thinks back to the last conversation he had with Sabrina where she said You just take was superb The atmosphere Long describes in contrast to Rhys inner thinking had my eyes watering for some reason Maybe I got so emotional when I read this part because I was utterly connected to Rhys and his floundering discovery of his love for his wife but didn't know exactly what to do with his personal emotions or hersThe connection of Rhys and the continuing story of how Sabrina and her sisters were divided up was ok but the last half almost felt like another book I appreciate the creativeness of Long to connect and wrap everything up but I honestly could have done without itThe last two lines of this story had me grinning like a fool and I refuse to put them here because you just positively have to read them yourselvesAs far as commenting on the series as a whole the first and third books are frickinfantastic and the second one should never have existed I loved the original storyline in the first and where I thought it could go however the big mystery is solved in the first book The second book maybe has a chapter discussing the original storyline nothing really needed there The third book deals with the problem of trying to locate the girl's mother Anna Holt and like I said before this part made it feel like a whole other book like the author just tagged it on to make it fit into the series Anyway read the first and third book and you will understand all you need to for this series This book was a keeper for me and I just might go back and make the first book a keeper alsoOk so final rant what the hell happened to John Carr from the first book? I hate when authors introduce awesome characters and then never explain what happened to them There had better be a book coming out with John being the center of attentionA

  3. PoligirlReads PoligirlReads says:

    Julie Anne Long is fast becoming a favorite author of mine This was a great book from start to finish I've only read this final book in the series so I'll need to go back and read the other two to find out about the other sisters and Anna HoltBoth the hero and heroine are flawed but completely likeable characters That's a hard thing to do and to do well and Long succeeds These characters show growth it is especially sweet to watch them slowly fall in love and development in ways that don't seem utterly contrived When they fight it makes sense and when the reconcile well that makes sense too The secondary characters are really interesting as well and I even found myself wanting to know about MorelyThe poetry stuff was really an afterthought which I was than fine with I don't have a lot of patience for reading about writers who are writing about writers who have writer's block Blech I'm glad that the greater emphasis was placed on his reputation as a writer insteadA suggestion for Ms Long You like to use the word ironic A lot And freuently in an incorrect manner For your sake and your readers please back away slowly from the word ironic Every time you think you want to type the word stop Just stop It's better this way Trust me

  4. Lorka Lorka says:

    What a great love story I don't know why I left it on my to be read shelf for so long This is book #3 in the series and I actually did not read the first two books and I did not feel like it hindered me at all for not having read themThe best part about this book is the hero and heroine So very well developed So much was shown to us instead of being told to us The chemistry was perfect in my opinion There was uite a bit of bantering bickering that led up to their first kiss but it was not done in a hateful petty way They were both serious mature had a general dislike for each other The heroine was a very sheltered country girl but she did not come across as ignorant or backwards She was very reserved and uick to learn but very genuine and honest with her feelings The hero had a lot of emotional baggage and liked to provoke the heroine and was the one that fell hard for her which was a great thing to watch happen There was a little murder mystery going on in the background that I could have done without but it was ok not too crazy i'm just not big into suspense makes me nervous

  5. Elis Madison Elis Madison says:

    Premise Anna Holt was the much loved and deeply loving mistress of Richard Lockwood Together they had three daughters Susannah 3 Sylvie 4 and Sabrina not much older One awful night Richard's good friend James Makepeace gave Anna the dreaded news Richard was dead—and there's a witness who claims Anna was the killer James advises Anna to flee—without her three tiny girls since the authorities will be looking for a woman with three young girls James promises to see Anna's daughters are cared for and he'll let Anna know when it's safe to return Fast forward 20 years Poor Sabrina—the eldest of the Holt girls She was sent off to be raised by a vicar of all things The man was kind but always left Sabrina with a sense that he was waiting for her to screw up She grew up a pure and dutiful girl Her adoptive father's curate one Geoffrey Gillray says he hopes to become a missionary with her as his helpmeet All they need is money from Geoffrey's cousin Rhys Gillray Earl of Rawden also known as The Libertine Fortunately Rawden's nose hasn't fallen off just yet—sorry JohnnySo Sabrina is game to attend a house party at the Rawden estates with a good friend gadfly Mary Capstraw to help persuade Rawden to support Geoffrey's cause Do you see it coming? Good Because that's pretty much the way it works Rhys Gillray is struggling with intense ennui and the smug self righteous little virgin under his roof presents a challenge He's way too smart and she's way too naïve to deal with the seduction when it comes—and then they're busted Caught swapping tonsils and various other anatomical bits—by Sabrina's vicar father no less—there's not much choice Despite being a virgin Sabrina is a bit woman than Rhys has ever experienced before But he's still a jerk so he has to treat her like crap for a few chapters until he realizes that he really wants TRANSCENDANT SEX—the kind of sex that ties into the heart strings and really really blows his tiny useless mind Who knew that LOVE might make SEX that much better? Not this dumbassAnd then he has an even bigger problem Yes behind Rhys's wealth there's a really nasty earth shaking secret that will make Sabrina hate him And seems the facts just won't lie low He makes some really dumb decisions before he faces the Inevitable And by then he's burned a buttload of bridgesThis is a fine tie off to the trilogy and a fair complement to Beauty and the spy

  6. LuvGirl LuvGirl says:

    25 stars This was a book that I picked back up after putting it down a while ago Okay read nothing spectacular The romance between the HH was nice to watch The banter and seduction was entertaining The book ran out of steam towards the end The mystery didn't really appeal to me I would have loved to see done with the hero's mistress causing problems since he seemed so infatuated with her at first I would have preferred that over all the other conflict that took place It was actually a bummer to see that wasn't done with her as it was his infatuation with the other woman and her voice in the beginning that made the book so interesting Also this one seem not to have as much dept as JAL other books

  7. Keri Keri says:

    I disliked Rhyes for most of this book and wish we could have had a bit of an ending

  8. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    This would VERY easily have gotten 5 stars if it were half the length and not part of a trilogy

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    Julie Anne Long put together a satisfying conclusion to the Holt Sisters Trilogy And I still need MOAR JALThere was a lot about this book that I shouldn't have liked but totally did Why do you do this to me JAL? Why? Both Sabrina and Rhys had their eyes on other people for various reasons and so the their relationship was super slow to begin SlooooowSabrina was almost painfully green though which provided a counterpoint for Rhys The Libertine and his constant need to be entertained or to seduce He's not all that likable at first but I think his growing attraction and later attachment to Sabrina really helped And in many ways Rhys cracked open the cocoon Sabrina held herself in There was a lot to Sabrina than even Sabrina knew but Rhys found a way to draw it outAnd not just through seduction and sex Even though both of those happen obviouslyAs you might suspect the sisters find a way to be together and many things come to light including who was really behind the murder of the ladies' father the rest of the players that made it happen and what actually happened to Anna HoltAnd while I like the rift that happened between Rhys and Sabrina toward the end and also how hard Rhys fell I don't feel like I got enough of their reconciliation I wanted at the end I also wanted to see of Rhys's housekeeper It seemed like a small thread was opened with her and never uite closedStill The Secret to Seduction was a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy and now I need Julie Anne Long in my life again

  10. kris kris says:

    Over dramatic secret from the past comes back to destroy the burgeoning happiness of the scandalously married pair of near opposites Haven't I read this book before?

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