The Extraordinary Leader Turning Good Managers into Great

10 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Leader Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders

  1. Amy Amy says:

    Fabulous really fabulous States and calls for pillars of leadership that build on strengths versus weaknesses unless they are fatal flaws loved this so so true have incorporated this into my leadership acumen years ago and am still learning Build on your own and your staff's strengths and diversify will result in exponentially stronger and greater people teams outcomes

  2. Paco Nieto Paco Nieto says:

    I think it is a good book for general leadership referal like it is the departing point for other leadership development topics

  3. Paul W Paul W says:

    An insightful assessment of the competencies reuired for effective leadershipA key message in the book is that when assessing performance the focus should be on reinforcing strengths rather than on weaknesses except in the case of fatal flaws This insight contrasts with the approach adopted until recently in most performance assessment processesHowever the book also has a number of inconsistencies and challengesThe authors criticise rightly as patently ridiculous assessing leaders based on too many 175 behaviours p86 But they then list 83 competencies under 16 behavioural headings pp103 108 with other behaviours scattered across other pagesThe authors also seem to flip between universalist theory adopting these behaviours will work for everyone and contingency theory you need to select leaders with the behaviours reuired to match an organisation's specific circumstancesThe other challenge is that ultimately the authors' assessment of leadership is based on people's perceptions of effective leadership They do not adeuately link perceptions of leadership effectiveness with measureable results or outcomesDespite these points the book is a rewarding read with insights on leadership and practical suggestions for leadership development

  4. Ian Ian says:

    This book is being used as a textbook for my organization's leadership training program It's an excellent research driven investigation of what makes a great leader and what bad or good leaders can do to become greatThere are some familiar insights like build on your strengths and leaders are made not born However there were a lot of new insights for me as well1 Great leaders are secure enough to hire companions who are as good or better than them2 Great is a huge difference from good3 Leadership improvement is not linear or incremental4 To be great the leader must also fit the organization You may be a great leader at one organization but fail in another5 Character is central and essential to leadership Accompanied with directed discussion and accountability this book has changed the way that I work lead and even follow An excellent read for anyone interested in leadership at any level Even if you're just a husband or father this book could be insightful

  5. Michael Michael says:

    I definitely recommend this to anyone that really wants to be a leader and a true leader at that This book goes far beyond just one's employment I have thought up and hopefully have begun to implement these traits in both my personal and church life No uestion I have had many a manager in my life but can only say that a true leader can be counted on one hand If you are in a leadership position of any type right now I highly suggest you read this book and make sure that you really are fulfilling what a leader should be doing for your employees If you want to be a leader read it for sure

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    I like reading leadership books They always make me think and reflect on how I am leading my team The authors break leadership down to five main traits which they call tent poles character personal capability focus on results interpersonal skills and leading organizational change Each chapter addresses a different insight and will provide you with reflection and action items to enhance your leadership An overall solid read I'm looking forward to reading another book by ZengerFolkman next called The Inspiring Leader

  7. Ron Oltmanns Ron Oltmanns says:

    This is an insightful and useful book on leadershipZenger and Folkman have done a lot of field research on leadership and leveraged 360 feedback data to distinguish what people see in their peers and leaders and what makes them forgettable average or extraordinary They come up with 16 competencies that matter and five domains that these are grouped within to build a useful leadership model than can be used and has been in leadership building efforts within organizations I recommend this book

  8. Rob Carr Rob Carr says:

    The central theory of this book is good The demonstration of the importance of excellent performance over good and the idea of how you get the competencies to that level was powerful However the book does wander at times and tries to do a set of categorisations of leader types and business types that don't really work

  9. Christopher Gohman Christopher Gohman says:

    Want to learn about yourself and how you can be a leader in the workplace? This book is for you Combined with personality and emotional intelligence indocators it really helped me develop my world view for the work place and how I can be an effective leader

  10. Darice Darice says:

    I appreciate the Zenger Folkman philosophy of building on your strenghts instead of focusing on your weaknesses

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