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  1. Melanie Fritz Melanie Fritz says:

    This is a dramatic monologue which introduced me to some great music I read most of this while listening to Brahm's Symphony No2 which is the first piece of music that the protagonist a double bass player is listening to before he sits down to drink beer and talk about his life Patrick Süskind really nails the tone of voice here I had a very clear image in my head of a mid 30s lonely musician who starts off arrogantly praising his instrument to downright hating it in a couple of pages The he talks the his bravado distanced attitude gives way to a desperation centered around the fact that he can't find life's fulfillment in music since he doesn't believe himself to be a good enough musician and he plays an instrument of lesser significance although he keeps pointing out music that DOES use the double bass effectively Or as he put it Do you think Franz Schubert would begin his Symphony No8 with an instrument that can't be played beautifully? What kind of man do you think Schubert is? He also has a desperate crush on a soprano singer named Sarah and keeps going down rabbit holes with her as to why in god's name she would eat at expensive restaurants with much older men when all the while he is the one who loves her? What is she thinking?Although this is really short there's a lot to unpack I loved the humor as well My favorite part is a weird digression in which the protagonist psychoanalyses his instrument and musicians in general in an over the top manner just to claim a page later that psychoanalysis is over of course because its truths have become common knowledge There are no insights left to be had Ha I would have liked to spend time with this character can we please get a seuel in which the double bass player gossips a bit about terrible men like Wagner who would not have written Tristan allegedly if he'd gone to therapy? Or in which we get to know if Sarah finally noticed him and if that might've changed his pseudo intellectual views on women in music? Die Frau spielt ja in der Musik eine untergeordnete Rolle In der schöpferischen Musikgestaltung meine ich in der Komposition Oder kennen sie eine namenhafte Komponistin? Eine einzige? Sehen Sie Haben Sie darüber schon einmal nachgedacht? Darüber sollten sie einmal nachdenken Über das Weibliche in der Musik schlechthin vielleicht Jetzt ist ja der Kontrabaß ein weibliches Instrument Trotz seinem grammatikalischen Geschlecht ein weibliches Instrument aber ein todernstes Wie ja auch der Tod jetzt assoziativer Gefühlswert weiblich ist in seiner bergenden Grausamkeit oder wie man will seiner unausweichlichen Schoßfunktion; zum anderen auch als das Komplementäre zum Lebensprinzip Furchtbarkeit Mutter Erde und so weiter hab ich recht? Und in dieser Funktion jetzt wieder musikalisch zu reden bekämpft der Kontrabaß als Todessymbol das absolute Nichts in das Musik und Leben gleichermaßen zu versinken drohen

  2. Joana Guerra Joana Guerra says:

    The German Patrick Süskind is well known for many of us due to his brilliant literary work Das Parfum Perfume The Story of a Murderer adapted to the cinema not long ago What several people don't know is what is beyond that Süskind a said to be reserved man wrote other works such as the play I present you today maybe it can sound very differently to who loves his most famous novel but Der Kontrabass The Double Bass a dramatic monologue probably will reminds you of something While in the Perfume we were seduced by scents in this fascinating play we are seduced by soundsNarrated by a musician who plays double bass in a orchestra he is sit somewhere in his soundproof house while he drinks beer constantly and talk The double bassist tells us after all about the instrument he plays and how it has repercussions in his life There are many references to classical music and to techniues of a musician but somehow you pass thought theme easily because they are presented in a very soft way as well as all the names of compositors he mentions I must be honest I read the book in some hours and spend most of the time listening to the compositors and works he mentioned I guess it worked pretty much as the soundtrackI had no idea what the book would be like and surprised me very much to enjoy the lightness of how it can be interpreted In some way it’s amusing to know how the double bass influences his existence as for the relations with women or just how he prefers to care about it than about himself In addition he refers his frustrations due to his situation in the orchestra how he thinks that a double bass is an essential piece in a orchestra but how he is neglected and thrown to the farthest place in the orchestra’s space and how barely audience look at him He secretly loves the soprano Sarah whom he thinks that most likely never noticed him and aims to claim for her attention probably screaming in the middle of a musical performance projecting her to the fame with such audacity making everyone notice her beautiful voice and make her the principal soprano and proclaim himself it as a historical day and probably be fired in the ending because he is just a double bassistHe compares the orchestra with human society since he feels despised due to his post in the orchestra and in society the individuals that do the most degrading jobs are the most despised by the others and he do think the double bassists are the ones who need strengthens by many levels With this he makes a accurate critic to the modern societyAfter all this is also a book about music and I shall end here with a very thoughtful idea music is eternal and untouchable music is at a level we can't reach There might exist wars in the world but music would not be a war it helps people to reunite because music have the ability to change minds and to touch hearts and to reproached hurt souls

  3. Leyla Leyla says:

    I can't stress enough how much I liked this book

  4. Flohallo Flohallo says:

    This play is basically a monologue of a contrabass player bad mouthing his instrument Fun and interesting for sure especially for contrabassists nothing and nothing less

  5. astried astried says:

    Not for those looking for a plotBut it sure is amusing Ok this will sound a bit like schadenfreude but you have to give me a bit trust that when I said it was amusing to read about a guy falling apart on his own monologue I didn't mean it in a bad way In fact I can see myself going the same way this anonymous double bass guy went if someone let me have a solid 3hours time to talk about my life right now without interruption; on a second thought I might even go worse and starting to shed tears after the first half hour So I don't judge you at all ADBG My heart goes to youReaders not particularly looking for a plot do read this This is a very humane story Not about some cold blooded sniffing extraordinary murderer or life changing pidgeon induced drama just a guy having a chance to unburden his normal life story to an unsuspecting victim and being honest about itAs I was reading this book I realized something If you want to get the truth about something you don't need a rigorous interview what you need to do is to let them talk for as long as possible alcoholic beverage helps This ADBG started the story being a smug all important fellow and gradually descent to the abyss tearing down all the fine cover up of his life and present them as they really are His true life story His dissapointments His wishes His double bassAnd that summarized the whole book though you will receive than that feel than that if you do decide to read this book You can have a window looking inside a sound insulated room As for me I've received a secret comraderie handshake from a fellow self pitying miserable creature of this worldThe amused thought though went mostly to this assumed unsuspecting journalist trying to get a filler interview with an unimportant member of orchestra and received a whole slimy ball of life insteadTo Patrick Sueskind are you going to write something new? I'm starting to get low on your unread book and will need fresh supply soon sometime within this year definitely

  6. Juan Arellano Juan Arellano says:

    I've had this little book for years without reading it today it seemed like a good moment to do it Although it was a no boring reading I didn't empathize with the narrator or main character his problems seemed very irrelevant to me but it was a good tale after all

  7. Chris Shaffer Chris Shaffer says:

    If you are able to get a copy of this book to read I recommend savoring it It's not that it's Suskind best work but it certainly plays a role in his development as a writer of neurotic character novels Oh and it's impossible to track down Took me yearsI find it hard to imagine this being a play considering the lone character sitting in a room with his bass going on and on rather obsessively about his instrument and sipping beer It feels like a short story similar to his novella The Pigeon There is a Hamsun esue neurotic tic flowing through this book first THIS then no THAT then maybe THIS but no maybe THAT Uncertainty and anxiety reside at the core of the work and if we are to run with the main character's analogy that the bass is the fundamental platform on which all music is created then we have a dilemma the foundation is not so secure afterall Not a new idea but certainly an interesting paradox The insecure bassist the most secure and foundational of instruments A good thought provoking read

  8. Lucy Barnhouse Lucy Barnhouse says:

    This book is a delight I picked it up because having read Das Parfum I knew Süskind's way with words was irresistible What I wasn't expecting was such a funny occasionally biting genuinely warm examination of how we live with ourselves with each other with music and sometimes with a double bass I found that familiarity with several of the pieces alluded to made it fun but that's hardly a prereuisite And hey if you don't know the Walküre overture or the Forellen uintett this is a great excuse to discover them

  9. Nacho Cuadrado Nacho Cuadrado says:

    Before reading the perfume I wanted to enter the narrative of suskind with another book of his authorship Custom that I have developed at the time of starting a new author which helps me not to always have reference to his work or main worksThe book felt like a short essay; a story in which the author addresses psychological aspects of a musician of uick narrative and interesting reading

  10. Eric Eric says:

    Süskind sure has a way with words He comically dances the character's thoughts fleetingly from ideas of grandeur to loneliness and despair After initially asserting the importance of his beloved instrument the double bass to the orchestra with each sip a beer the character runs down rabbit hole after rabbit hole recognizing the burden and emotional space such a large instrument takes up in his life This is just such a well written and funny short novella

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Der Kontrabass ➳ Der Kontrabass Read ➻ Author Patrick Süskind – Obra de referência escrita em 1980 narra a vivência de um contrabaixista de uma oruestra nacional alemã no seu peueno uarto A personagem confidencia com os leitores ironias sarcasmos o amor secreto Obra de referência escrita em narra a vivência de um contrabaixista de uma oruestra nacional alemã no seu peueno uarto A personagem confidencia com os leitores ironias sarcasmos o amor secreto por uma cantora de ópera e aborda a história da música e dos músicos.

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Der Kontrabass
  • Patrick Süskind
  • Portuguese
  • 03 March 2016

About the Author: Patrick Süskind

From he studied medieval and modern history in Munich and Aix en Provence In the 's he worked as a screenwriter for Kir Royal and Monaco Franze among others After spending the s writing what he has characterized as “short unpublished prose pieces and longer un produced screenplays” Patrick Süskind was catapulted to fame in the s by the monodrama Der Kontrabass The Double B.