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  1. Hannah Greendale Hannah Greendale says:

    Fever Crumb is the only girl to have been admitted to the order of Engineers When she leaves the order to assist an archaeologist on a dig Fever is haunted by memories that are not her own memories that may hold the key to what likes hidden beneath London Though the book is named after the character that's presumably the protagonist Fever Crumb she remains so bland and underdeveloped that she rarely garners reader interest Due to her upbringing as an engineer Fever has a pragmatic view of the world one that lends itself to excessive use of words like logical and irrational There was a vase of cut flowers on the bedside table which was irrational and a potted plant on the windowsill which was not because Fever knew that it would absorb some of the carbon dioxide she breathed out and help to replenish the air with oxygen That must have been the name of Kit Solent's wife before Kit married her Fever thought remembering the irrational custom which made woman take the name of their husbands Fever sniffled and choked and swallowed salty snot She hadn't cried since she was tiny; it made her feel irrational and ashamed Fever Crumb takes place in the same world as Mortal Engines but the story transpires before cities are raised from the ground and made mobile so in addition to Fever being a one dimensional character the book is sorely lacking in the steampunk elements that make the Mortal Engines uartet such an alluring read The writing however is exemplary especially in those rare moments when steampunk creatures are described If you'd been watching you might have seen the wafer mechanisms pressed between its paper layers; the wires of its bones thin as horse hairs; the shadow of its electric eyes in the blank page of its face It moved along the landing to a bedroom hesitated a moment then folded itself to the floor and posted itself under the door like a note Stale from start to finish Fever Crumb is well written but doesn't uite measure up to the other books in Philip Reeve's imaginative steampunk world

  2. Phoebe Phoebe says:

    It's an odd world we live in is it not? Otherwise how can Philip Reeve write about using 'Cheesers Chrice' as a curse and 'blogger' as an insult? Or about people who think a persisting skin mutation is a sign of racial superiority and then those who hunt them out of jealousy but say it's in the name of peace? And what about those technomancers who play with dials and screws while chanting to the machines like they're gods? So many things that Reeve presents to us are written in such a way that they should remind us of us and they doBut Fever Crumb is a celebration or should I say a mocking? of technology as much as it is a self discovery journey punctuated with tidbits of social satire Sure you see no mad scientists or inventors in the likes of Fogg Instead you see scavengers of ancient technology of burnt out love of memories that are not your own I think I've made my point the world is different from ours but not so different at all When you read Fever Crumb you can't help but get a little excited over the tiniest thing you discover because not only are you an explorer of a world at its endyou're also an archaeologist trying to work out what this used to be what it should be in this world that we live in right this momentWhen it comes to characterisation however Reever does get a little stereotypical But I expect I'll probably retract this statement upon my second or third reading And the stalkersman they're scary

  3. AH AH says:

    Lately a lot of people have been lamenting the state of young adult novels The heroine is too stupid the parents are absent the boyfriend or love interest wants to kill the heroine None of that nonsense is prevalent in this book Instead we are treated to an original story about a very special girl in a very imaginative worldFever Crumb is the story of a girl named Fever Fever was found by Dr Crumb when she was an infant He brought her to his home and into the Order of Engineers Fever is the only female in this Order They live in a big giant head – yes a big giant head in a futuristic London a London without technology For all of you steampunk fans out there this book is a dream There are so many clever and inventive contraptions There are paper boys a kind of paper thin robot boy that can slip through the smallest spaces There are the usual and also the most unusual flying machines There is even a city that moves from place to place kind of like a cruise ship on land only much much larger and full of steam I really wish these books would come with pictures or photos of these contraptions just to help visualize these neat gadgetsI really liked Fever Fever is a fourteen years old orphan She has shaved off her hair because hair is not necessary She has two different colored eyes which may be a hint as to her parentage Fever is the youngest engineer in the Order She is very rational yet at the same time a little naïve When she is exposed to other young children she doesn’t understand why they would need a bedtime story because she did not think it was rational At some points I felt that Fever was very similar in personality to a Vulcan or perhaps Seven of Nine from Star Trek Fever is incredibly resourceful and when there is a revelation about her background and parentage in the middle of the book her responses to the situation were rather interesting and unexpected To continue with my Star Trek analogy there was even a part when a character died and his body was used to create a kind of Borg like robot that would serve the Movement Part human part machine this robot being did not have any memories of his human past Apparently this book is part of a series It is the preuel to the Hungry City Chronicles I can’t wait to read the rest of the series If you like steampunk dystopian worlds of the future and a heroine who is rational then this book is for you

  4. Cornerofmadness Cornerofmadness says:

    Honestly it’s like a 25 stars It’s not badly written but it is not my thing This is my second book by Reeve who is considered a steampunk master but I didn’t really like either of them that much and I do see things repeating in his stories very depressing far future dystopias and cities that walk around under their own powerFever however is an interesting character which is why I even finished the book Fever Crumb it the titular character a fourteen year old girl who was a foundling She was raised by the Order of Engineers as one of their own even though she’s a girl and everyone knows women aren’t reasonable creatures it literally says so in the book She’s raised by Dr Crumb to be an Engineer and to have a Vulcan like approach to emotions The Engineers live in Godshawk’s Head a remnant of a mile high statue to Auric Godshawk the last of the Scrivener kings on the outskirts of LondonWe uickly learn that this is thousands of years after the ‘Downsizing’ an apocalyptic event Several hundred years ago the Scriveners took over London They’re basically genetically altered humans with inky spots on their skin who consider themselves superior to humans At the end the Skinners normal human Londoners killed them off skinning them as proof of their deeds Of those only Bagman Creech is around and his brand new apprentice Charley Fever is raised apart from the rest of the superstitious and therefore silly Londoners with the shave headed engineers until one day Kit Solvent an archeologist appears and asks for her specifically to help him with one of his digs Kit has two young kids Ruan and Fern Fever goes with them perplexed by the normal family situation in a not so normal house The house turns out to contain a passageway to Godshawk’s long lost lab However Fever’s mismatched colored eyes are noticed and she is taken as a ScrivenerAll heck breaks loose and violent riots erupted timed unfortunately as a gypsy group known as the Movement arrive to take over London In the midst of this Fever learns her true heritage and is thrust into the middle of the conflict from which she may not survive seriously Reeve does kill off characters with ease While Fever is likeable and a good female heroine I had some serious problems with the book For one I don’t find it tremendously credible that in a few thousand years all we managed to rebuild was to like a turn of the 20th century tech level while borrowing high tech things It’s stated repeatedly no one knows how this stuff really works electricity for example is sporadically generated by things like treadmills even though they have books they know how to read Think about all we achieved from 1900 2000 a mere 100 years Does it seem likely we’d never rebuild in thousands of years with remnants of old tech and the design specs lying around? Surely someone could have at least figured how to reestablish hydroelectric damsBut even if I bought into this bit of world building I had issues with what starts the whole drama moving forward and it’s character driven since there isn’t much of a plot here other than Fever finds out who she is and people want to take over London Kit Solvent should know that Londoners are a superstitious bunch ready to kill any Scrivener Dr Crumb should know it too especially when his past is revealed They both should know that Fever’s mismatched eyes would be seen as a sign she’s a ‘dappleskin’ and that she’d be hunted and killed But no one even tries to hide it She’s spotted literally the moment she steps off the transport at the London station If they had tried to hide it and she was discovered I would have had a lot less trouble believing in the whole story but that was dumb and I spent half the novel thinking ‘boy that was dumb’ I doubt I’ll look for the next book in the series Fever was interesting but the rest of it not so much

  5. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    If I had a Steam Punk shelf this would go on it without uestion The thing is I have never really found a Steam Punk novel I really like This one is no different I'm given to understand this is a preuel I don't plan to read the books it sets upWe're traveling well trodden ground here Mockery of our own technological society is front and center Twisted and partial memories lead to to some odd beliefs and assumptions We are also again dealing with a minority vs a majority persecution set up This is another post apocalyptic world In one twist there is an assumption that a persistent skin pigment mutation is a sign of superiority skin pigmentation signaling a superiority in species orrace Now who'd take that seriously?All in all a fair book though of course others like it greatly I never got interested in it and was just as glad to be out of it If you like YA post apocalyptic fantasy might be for you Try it yourself I don't plan to follow the series

  6. shanghao shanghao says:

    Read by the authorFever is a nice enough character just too bland and the book isn't bad writing wise In fact I feel bad for giving this just two stars but it's exactly that an 'ok' readThe characters were very stereotypical and predictable which I don't necessarily mind but not in an interesting way sadly There's just not enough development I guess barely enough to interest middle grade kids maybe It's evident that there's further potential I just won't be staying around for book two

  7. Sesana Sesana says:

    Fever Crumb is a preuel to the Hungry City books Basically this will set out how the world of municipal darwinism was built You don't need to have read the entire Hungry City uartet I had only read the first when I started the audiobook nor will you be spoiled for that series by anything that happens here There are some subtle connections in here but they're mostly in the way of bonuses for fans of the previous seriesThe London here is rather different from the London of Mortal Engines though you can see how it will end up there The story mainly involves Fever herself and her past which is rather interesting than she'd probably thought It's also about a major upheavel in London putting the city a step closer to municipal darwinism It reads very much like the Hunger City books that I've read with maybe a slightly lighter tone through most of it The audiobook is read by the author and he did a good job of it The audiobook also includes a bonus scene of baby Fever a nice scene but one that wouldn't have worked in the story as a whole and a few minutes of Reeves talking about the inspirations for Fever and why he revisited the Hungry City world

  8. Pamela Pamela says:

    As the description says this book is a preuel to the Mortal Engines series which I have not read Luckily it is written so well that prior knowledge of the events of Mortal Engines isn’t needed to enjoy the heck out of this bookFever Crumb was raised by Dr Crumb in the Order of Engineers and is a very rational girl However her commitment to the Engineers’ rationality is strongly tested when the secrets of her past begin to resurface and she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous search for ancient technologyWhile the characters themselves are fascinating and well developed what I found most enjoyable about this book was the setting It is set in London but it took me a while to figure out exactly when it takes place The current technology is almost steampunk in feel but there are constant references to “Ancient” tech that is basically the technology of our time I love the feel of the book as if our world is recovering from a massive catastrophe and is hanging onto the old technology found by archaeologists even though they haven’t the faintest idea of how to reproduce itThe little details that Reeve throws in both enhance the regressed future setting as well as making the book pretty darned funny Fever is nearly run over by a group of religious practitioners wearing “robes and pointed hats chanting the name of some old world prophet ‘Hari Hari Hari Potter‘” I was actually reading this while my class did group work and I got some very strange looks when I snorted with laughter Little touches too like Bttersea a pub called the Blogger’s Arms and the use of ‘blog’ and ‘blogger’ as a swear word on par with ‘bugger’ are graceful additions to the place and time that barely remembers our timeAnd Reeve’s writing is often just funny on its own My personal favorite line in a scene where Engineers are leaving the giant statue head that is their headuartersBut by then a whole crowd of Engineers were coming out of Godshawk’s nostril like a highly educated sneezeThe only major complaint I have about this book is that the plot feels rushed at times Fever is immediately thrust into her new duties which is actually an excellent way to begin a book by tossing the reader right into the action but the rest of the events in the book seem to happen at a breakneck pace especially when rushing toward the climax It’s a bit exhausting and I found myself wishing it had been drawn out just a bit But overall I very much enjoyed this book and I’m currently on the hunt for the Mortal Engines series I love the setting and want

  9. Andy Andy says:

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this book mostly because it was one of the most original YA books I've read in a while I mean we in the Middle School teaching racket are used to the latest flux of novels that have come out the past 4 or so years Female protagonist futuristic setting something sci fi y sometimes a setting that takes place in the past but remains SF etc etc etc Well Reeves was able to take the whole SF thing and twist it into an old school setting Think steampunk meets post apocalyptic times All the tech is there the characters just don't know how to use it Yes there is a female protagonist but even she is taken and turned into something uite different; an androgynous protagonist who isn't really herself but is and has the memories of her grandfather jammed packed in her brain but also she has some sort of nanotechnology that works its way around her organs and stuff I mean there's the SF However no one can explain anything so it makes it like Dickens This is SF Dickens my friends If Oliver Twist possessed the knowledge of the future you would sort of have Fever Crumb For this reason FC scores a five star from me One of the first in while for me I might add It is a great read and has some great characterizations in it as well FC is a sweet read with heart SF action and a weird Dickensian flair to it Rock on Reeves Rock on

  10. Jake Knapke Jake Knapke says:

    I give Fever Crumb a 10 out of 10 I gave it a 10 because Phillip Reeve just planned the book out perfectly The characters fit the story so well Having Fever being the only girl engineer was a good idea showing how important she is in the story Also I gave it a 10 out of 10 because of Fever's background with being left behind with only one little note saying her name is Fever That made the the plot so much better I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy suspense and just a weird and twisted plot I would not recommend this book to people who don't like to not know whats going to happen next The books is basically about a young girl engineer who doesn't really know her actual identity She lives with the order and eventually goes to the house of archaeologist Kit Solent to figure out the mysterious room that once belonged to Auric Godshawk and she somehow knows the to the vault Without spoiling the book Fever Crumb is a very intresting book with many twists and turns that will leave the reader on the edge I 100% have faith that almost anyone would like this book

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Fever Crumb ❤ Fever Crumb pdf ⚣ Author Philip Reeve – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A stunning new novel by master storyteller Philip Reeve Fever Crumb is a girl who has been adopted and raised by Dr Crumb a member of the order of Engineers where she serves as apprentice In a time an A stunning new novel by master storyteller Philip Reeve Fever Crumb is a girl who has been adopted and raised by Dr Crumb a member of the order of Engineers where she serves as apprentice In a time and place where women are not seen as reasonable creatures Fever is an anomaly the only female to serve in the order Soon though she must say goodbye to Dr Crumb nearly the only person she's ever known to assist archeologist Kit Solent on a top secret project As her work begins Fever is plagued by memories that are not her own and Kit seems to have a particular interest in finding out what they are Fever has also been singled out by city dwellers who declare her part Scriven The Scriveners not human ruled the city some years ago but were hunted down and killed in a victorious uprising by the people If there are any remaining Scriven they are to be eliminated All Fever knows is what she's been told that she is an orphan Is Fever a Scriven Whose memories does she hold Is the mystery of Fever adopted daughter of Dr Crumb the key to the secret that lies at the heart of London.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Fever Crumb
  • Philip Reeve
  • English
  • 01 January 2015
  • 9780545222150

About the Author: Philip Reeve

Philip Reeve was born and raised in Brighton where he worked in a bookshop for a number of years while also co writing producing and directing a number of no budget theatre projectsPhilip then began illustrating and has since provided cartoons for around forty children's books including the best selling Horrible Histories Murderous Maths and Dead Famous seriesRailhead published by Oxford Un.