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A Gray Play Book ❮Read❯ ➮ A Gray Play Book ➲ Author Alasdair Gray – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Popular Kindle, A Gray Play Book By Alasdair Gray There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9781906307912: format: Paperback and others 320 pages and has a text language like English Popular Kindle, A Gray Play Book By Alasdair Gray There are many interesting things in this book isbn : format: Paperback and others pages A Gray PDF/EPUB or and has a text language like English.

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  1. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    Gray whose books I’m reading solely for obsessive compulsive completist reasons now seems hellbent on posterity—the last few years have seen him release complete volumes of his poems artwork plays and forthcoming short stories I refuse to read this bumper crop of screenplays stage plays storyboards teleplays and incomplete plays since I don’t rate Gray as a playwright and the book itself is enormous about the width of two trade paperbacks and the height of a tall hardback and doing so would lose me precious hours when I could be reading the remaining dozen or so Dickenses slated for upcoming devourment Is it wrong or vain for a writer to make sure all his work is in print before his demise Especially when a volume like this won’t even serve students writing their theses or diehard devotees like me exhausted at the splurge of Gray out there already Anyway this one counts as ‘sampled’ since I perused the volume making disdainful no way I am reading this ever faces and I have read Working Legs in a separate volume and the novelised plays in their novelised forms So there I love this shelf It’s such a cheat

  2. Rhys Rhys says:

    Alasdair Gray is one of my favourite writers I first discovered him than twenty years ago when I picked up his novella 'Five Letters from an Eastern Empire' in a small Penguin 60s edition I read that story and absolutely loved it In fact it remains the best novella I've ever readSince that time I have read many of Gray's novels and short stories but I had no idea that he once considered himself primarily a playwright This large volume includes most of his plays from his very first in 1944 to his recent rewrite of Goethe's Faust dating from 2008 The volume is a comprehensive retrospective of an exceptionally talented author's work for theatre screen and radio It also includes biographical passages in which Gray talks about the writing of the plays and the circumstances surrounding their genesis and production or in some cases lack of production as some of these plays were never performed These biographical passages are fascinating in their own rightAs for the plays themselves the very early ones are juvenilia but the uality rapidly improves Two plays from the 1960s were later transmuted by Gray into novels The Fall of Kelvin Walker and Mavis Belfrage and both develop along unexpected lines Four short 'sexual comedies' follow and all are excellent The comedy in all these plays tends to be plausible realistic based on natural misunderstandings but this volume also includes some of Gray's outrageous flights of fancy McGrotty and Ludmilla is a wonderfully extreme political satire Another brilliant satire is the opera libretto The Rumpus Room The four 'Act Now' plays are also wonderfulI was less impressed with the storyboard for the proposed film adaptation of Gray's most famous novel Lanark and his screenplay for the proposed film adaptation of Poor Things left me less than enthusiastic Despite the uality of the original novels these versions left me feeling somewhat bored which is why I have only given the volume four stars instead of five A better adaptation is Gray's version of George McDonald's Victorian fairy tale The Golden KeyThe two best plays in this book in my opinion are the brilliantly dark fantasies Near the Driver and Working Legs The first pokes savage fun at the commercialization of public transport and ends with a catastrophe The second is a magnificent reversal of a situation that actually exists in our world reversed in order to highlight the absurdity and injustice of this situation and it was written for a theatre company of disabled actors It is beyond praiseGray is a national treasure and an author deserving of the Nobel Prize for Literature

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