I Shall Live: Surviving Against All Odds 1939-1945

I Shall Live: Surviving Against All Odds 1939-1945 [Read] ➺ I Shall Live: Surviving Against All Odds 1939-1945 ➶ Henry Orenstein – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk I Shall Live tells the gripping true story of a Jewish family in Germany and Russia as the Nazi party gains power in Germany When Henry Orenstein and his siblings end up in a series of concentrations I Shall Live tells Live: Surviving PDF Æ the gripping true story of a Jewish family in Germany and Russia as the Nazi party gains power in Germany When Henry Orenstein and his siblings end up in a series of concentrations camps Orenstein's bravery and uick thinking help him to save himself and his brothers from execution by playing a role in I Shall ePUB í the greatest hoax ever pulled on the upper echelons of Nazi commandOrenstein's lucid prose recreates this horrific time in history and his constant struggle for survival as the Nazis move him and his brothers through five concentration camps His description of their roles in the fake Chemical Commando sheds new light on an incredible and generally unknown event in Shall Live: Surviving MOBI ï the history of the Holocaust This edition of I Shall Live contains new evidence about this false Commando including letters signed to and from Himmler himself.

10 thoughts on “I Shall Live: Surviving Against All Odds 1939-1945

  1. Ginger Ginger says:

    This is one man's account of his life as a Jew in Poland during Hitler's rise and fall A very well written memoir It follows his life as a child growing up in Poland to escape and hiding in Russia and the Ukraine and the usual fate of most Jews in those areas into multiple concentration camps His real life story shows the holocaust through the polish and russian angles which I have not been as exposed to in literature So often the focus is from the perspective of living in Germany and following the German Jew An incredible story of survival and makes you again uestion introspectively what you would have done what choices you would have made during those times as a Jew and as a non Jew

  2. Neeraj Handa Neeraj Handa says:

    A very profound personal account of the struggle of the human will to survive against all odds This book opened my eyes to the brutality of the Nazi regime and gave me a real sense of how the darkness in one man has the potential to devastate the whole world

  3. Karen Karen says:

    I have not even finished this book yet but I am giving it 5 stars The author may not be the most elouent writer but his knowledge of progression of events in Europe as they happened along with his own experiences is astounding I have read several holocaust survivor memoirs but this is the first to really give me an idea of the dreadful time in Poland before the Nazis even invaded I am astonished at how anti semitic the population already was and how supportive they were of the Third Reich's ideals More reviews as I keep readingOk now I have finished and my opinion has not changed This is a totally eye opening view of not only life during the holocaust but life in Eastern Europe before and after This man's life is such an inspiring story I would recommend this book to anyone

  4. Iris Iris says:

    This was a horrific story yet it wasn't totally depressing because the author never lost hope It is hard to describe the things that happened to the people Hitler labelled 'sub human' during this period in history are almost unbelievable However they are are so true Shame on all those who turned a blind eye to what was going on and many thanks to the few who stood up for what was right I highly recommend the book It won't resonate the same way for many but FOR ME it reinforces my resolve to do what I can to protect the innocent people labelled sub human in our time the unbornThe author Henry Orenstein now lives in New Jersey and is a noted inventor and philanthropist

  5. Jon Larson Jon Larson says:

    A great story about from a Polish man who survives the Holocaust I have read a few of these types of books and I love them all The common element in all of them is the level of depravity that the human being will sink to in difficult times He was in 4 major camps and through it all he categorized people into 4 basic groups 1 A small number were brutal by nature 2 A fairly larger number were of low character They would steal beg push themselves in front of others with total indifference to everyone else 3 A third group were basically honest and wouldn't hurt anybody but never went out of there way to help anybody either 4 The last group was a small number of people that was always kind to others and trying to be helpful as far as they could never taking advantage of other prisonersHe said In the brutal atmosphere of concentration camps there could be no pretense no concealing one's true nature; it was there for anyone to seeThis description is consistent throughout all the books I have read on the subject I think it is indicative of the base nature of man It is basically bad It is an interesting study on man and it is scary how easy society can shift and peoples true nature gets revealed Anyway it was a great story of survival and an inside look at the attitudes of man Not very pretty

  6. Jacob O& Jacob O& says:

    How much evil is in our hearts?  I can't stop thinking about this book  Its the story of holocaust survivor and it's absolutely heartbreaking  I'm fascinated by WWII Germany  I've lived in a sheltered bubble The worse violence I've seen was on the middleschool playground  The greatest injustices in my life are people driving too slowly in the passing lane  Yet here we have an entire country spearheading the most depraved possible agenda and the rest of the world looks on with apathy  Yet there are some pockets of goodness  Really the courage some of the folks in this story showed was every bit as good as the Nazis were evil  It's a real contrast  Anytime I read something like this I can't help but put myself in their shoes  What would I do if someone took everything from me beginning with my dignity and then my family?  My health and then my life?  What evils am I blissfully ignorant of even now  Convicting stuff  

  7. Sharon Huether Sharon Huether says:

    This is one of the best books I've read about the Holocaust Henry Orenstein remembered all the dangers he and his family faced between 1939 1945 He said he always chose the best plan when danger was present He volunteered himself and his brothers and sister as scientists doctors and mathematicians to engage in a chemical commando saying that some were still students in these subjectsThis work kept most of them alive till the end of the war This book is so well written it's hard to put it down

  8. Lisa Helms Lisa Helms says:

    I read this book very uickly I loved it Very sad and I found it so unbelievable that human beings could treat other human beings the way the jews were treated This book is very powerful and I can't get it off my mind

  9. Kelsey Hanson Kelsey Hanson says:

    Henry Orenstein has an incredible life story He survived horrific things during the Holocaust immigrated to America became a millionaire and used his wealth to improve the world he helped create the Transformers toyline This book focuses on how he and his brothers were able to survive the holocaust As far as Holocaust memoirs go this book has some pretty horrific moments Orenstein and his family were subjected to violence humiliation and unspeakable cruelty and the book does not sugarcoast these moments As much as Henry describes the terrible things that have happened to him and his family he also showcases the spirit of his family and fellow prisoners and shows how acts of kindness and courage made a huge difference This book is heartbreaking but extremely powerful

  10. Heather Heather says:

    Great bookThis book was excellent I may end up buying it It was written well and was very interesting A great story of survival

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