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  • 416 pages
  • An Offer from a Gentleman
  • Julia Quinn
  • Turkish
  • 24 March 2014
  • 9789944822831

10 thoughts on “An Offer from a Gentleman

  1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    Unpopular opinion ahead I have one thing to say SCREW YOU BENEDICT BRIDGERTON I'll be the first to admit that I was really really enjoying this story at the start I mean I adore Rosalyn Landor who is a narrating ueen and I like Julia uinn who is very consistent for me However as I moved further and further along in the story I realized that I wanted to punch Benedict in the face hardBenedict treats Sophie like utter trash He blackmails her to either become his mistress or move into his family's house as a servant because he won't even entertain the idea of marrying someone as lowly as her and then has the audacity to be insulted when she isn't genuflecting in gratitude He tells her that if she doesn't tell him to stop WELL before they have sex he won't be able to stop because apparently he is an asshole Well that makes a VIRGIN feel safe and loved He sexually harasses her ignores her pleas to be left alone and then is acts like a spoiled baby when he finds out her true identity HE IS TRASH The only person who I liked was Benedict's mom who at least finds some courage to do something and think outside the box I'm still angry about this book even after I finished it Traaaaaaaaaaashgoodreads|instagram|twitter|blog

  2. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    45 Love at first sight Stars Going into An offer from a Gentleman I was a bit worried I had a friend tell me that Benedict the hero ask Sophie the heroine to be his mistress over and over for most of the book That he went on about how she wasn't of his class She had told me it ruined the read for her I hate that mistress bullshit in books It's one of the reasons I avoided most historical romance novels for years I hate cheating A mistress is just a side chick that wasn't good enough to marry That shit bothers me It's just so disrespectful to women Yes I know that was how things were back then but it still pisses me off However I was enjoying this series so much that I figured I would just have to take one for the team Read it and get it over with I don't have to love it just read it and then I could go to the next book Shockingly I really ended up loving this book This book reads as a cute retelling of Cinderella with poor Sophie being the mistreated bastard daughter of an earl Julia uinn did a great job of making Sophie's step mother Araminta a total evil bitch I hated her so much and I felt she didn't get her comeuppance I really wanted her to pay for the things she did to Sophie and her own daughter Posy I thought Sophie was a wonderful heroine She was sweet resilient a bit sassy and smart I love that she had such dignity I was a little worried I would dislike Benedict but I really loved him too I did get a tad upset that he kept asking her to be his mistress but not like I thought I would I felt he loved her and treated her well With that and the way things were way back when and the fact that he realized he was wrong for asking that of her and apologized I found myself forgiving Benedict right along with Sophie I thought Benedict and Sophie were a cute together I loved that their relationship was built up so well That fact is most likely what made it easier to forgive Benedict for the whole be my mistress crap On top of loving Sophie and Benedict I adore the Bridgertons The whole family is just so easy to love I also really liked Sophie's step sister Posy I was glad that in the end she wasn't overlook and forced to deal with the evil that was her mother This retelling of Cinderella was cute and flowed well I had to stop once to feed my family and I found myself thinking about the book the whole time I couldn't wait to get back to it and see what happened next That is the mark of a great book I can't wait to read Colin's book On a side note I listened to this book on Audio and Rosalyn Landor did an amazing job of bringing this story to life

  3. Katerina Katerina says:

    Hi my name is Katerina and I am addicted to BridgertonsI've been dreaming of balls banuets and gowns since I was a little girl historical romance is my sanctuary from the small and big disappointments of daily life ie work read sleep repeat and during 2018 I've written 3star reviews than my entire lifeI would appreciate some helpThank you “In her heart she longed for this man dreamed of a life that could never be” Now before I start rambling on the wonderful moments I expecienced when I followed Sophie and Benedict's journey I need to state that those three starts you see above do not mean I didn't enjoy An Offer From a Gentleman because I did The imprint of my butt on my living room's couch can attest to that It's just that I enjoyed The Duke and I and The Viscount Who Loved Me which is my favorite so far and I have to be fair and rank them accordingly Putting that aside An Offer From a Gentleman was a tad different from its predecessors It was a Cinderella retelling infused with sizzling tension a generous dose of angst and drama and the trademark Bridgerton humor and impossible situations that can warm even the coldest heart Sophie is the illegitimate daughter of an earl relegated to a servant by her cruel stepmother further to her father's death But Fate smiles on her when with a little help she manages to attend the Bridgerton masuerade ball and meets the Second Son Benedict who is immediately besotted by the mysterious young woman with the silver dress For one night Sophie feels happy Wanted Belonging But when the clock strikes midnight the bubble bursts and she returns to her hard life which is about to get harder Two years pass by Benedict has not forgotten that woman but when he meets an intriguing servant that sees straight through his soul he is torn and confused should he move on or wait for the mysterious woman to reappear and find his happily ever after with her? Little does he know that Sophie Beckett is both womenWhen you dive in the third instalment of the Bridgerton series you don't attend many social events You don't lose yourself waltzing or avoiding Ambitious Mamas or going after eligible bachelors depending on the side of this deadly race On the contrary you sew and clean and dream of a better life next to a girl who has never experienced love or affection who cannot forget even for a single moment that she was born out of wedlock and spent half her life serving the people who were supposed to be her family Sophie is a resilient character true to her ideals determined to never repeat her mother's mistakes and sentence her children to the contempt and disapproval of the society she faced all those years But how is it possible to preserve her dignity and her morals when her Prince Charming the man that haunts her dreams reddens her cheeks and makes her crave things no proper maiden should offers her a life without struggles and destitution in exchange for her beliefs and the vow to herself? Benedict Bridgerton wants Sophie with a burning passion But she's a simple maid he cannot possibly marry her so he asks her to become his mistress And that's what left a bitter taste in my mouth Not the proposal per se but his insistence and self absorption Benedict was a caring sweet yet sarcastic character who at times was very endearing but these two traits and the refusal to understand Sophie's motives were the reason I occasionally wanted to smack his beautiful head Sophie on the other hand she was admirable and strong but her tendency to keep secrets perplexed the situation and caused unnecessary drama and heartbreak However I felt this story to my very bones I ached laughed especially when the wonderfully loud Bridgerton family made an appearance swooned and sighed and that's what makes Julia uinn and the historical romance genre please remind me to write a review for Secrets of a Summer Night sometime this year ideal when I am in the mood for not particularly complicated yet heartwarming and delicious romance with a touch of fairydust which to be honest happens a lot latelySo since I may or may not have ordered the next two books like another Lady Whistledown I'll keep you posted on the whereabouts of the Bridgerton family this summer

  4. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I am loving this series and this is my favourite so far Sophie and Benedict are such charming characters and I loved the banter between the two of themThe story is a retelling of Cinderella right down to the wicked step mother the sisters not ugly although one has an ugly nature and having to leave the ball on the stroke of midnight I enjoyed every minute of it especially when Araminta gets her just dessertsThe Bridgertons are such a wonderful family it is fun whenever they appear I am still looking forward to when Colin finds his wife and I suspect we may have met her already For a Georgette Heyer tragic like me it is a real pleasure to have discovered this author and especially this series of books

  5. Eastofoz Eastofoz says:

    Excellent Excellent Excellent This is a fantastic read uinn’s best so far for me She has an amazing way to draw you into the story from the first few pages and you’re smiling from the get go right up to the end She even manages to take you on a sudden heart breaking emotional roller coaster ride that really gives you the chills and makes you want to cry for the hh as a couple This contrasts so well with the rest of the light hearted story making the situation all the poignant The heroine Sophie is great and Benedict who you never really hear from at the start of the series is an incredibly loving hero Makes you just sigh every time he says and does something –oh ya and then there’s his tenacity He wants her and he’ll do whatever it takes to have her He says to her uietly at one point “I can live with you hating me I just can’t live without you” Kill me why don’t you 8 You can literally feel his frustration breaking his soul when she rejects him time and againThere’s this one steamy scene that will leave you panting when all is said and done Big woo hoo there Duinn’s story is exactly how I’d picture a regency romance to be There’s a secret a fab couple believable problems strong main characters as well as secondary characters great sexual tension brilliant writing and all set against a wonderful regency backdrop This is the kind of novel you wish wouldn’t end BUT there’s another book so the series continues

  6. Shawna Shawna says:

    Re readlistened to the audiobook version Oct'20185 stars – HistoricalRegency RomanceThe audiobook narrator was fabulous Overall it's still a 5 star read for me but the heroine's refusal to just tell the hero her secret drove me nuts Original Review from Sept'2010 5 stars – HistoricalRegency RomanceAn Offer From a Gentleman might be a Cinderella like story but it’s much than just a fairytale remake For me this is the epitome of everything I love about romance and happily ever after There’s a charming yet flawed hero a sweet heroine with profound inner strength and resolve who overcomes all odds powerful emotional conflict realistic drama lush sensuality intense passion and witty humor Benedict and Sophie and the supporting cast are all remarkable lovable characters to cheer for I loved when the dowager viscountess Violet Bridgerton brought the whoopass against AramintaIt made me sad sigh smile cry laugh hope and it’s a beautifully romantic touching reminder of the wonder and power of love And it’s my favorite of the Bridgertons series so far 5 Big sweet fairytale stars I loved this Benedict uote It suddenly made sense Only twice in his life had he felt this inexplicable almost mystical attraction to a woman He’d thought it remarkable to have found two when in his heart he’d always believed there was only one perfect woman out there for him His heart had been right There was only one

  7. Exina Exina says:

    Absolutely flawless It is one of my favorites of the series also got a place of my all time favorites shelfIt is a Cinderella story with charming characters perfect plot and character delineation twists and turns adorable and moving romantic scenes sweet and funny momentsAlthough it is based on a fairy tale the emotions and relationships are presented in a realistic wayI love Benedict he is my favorite Bridgerton He is persevering sincere and very romantic I love his humor his struggling between two women who actually are the sameI also sympathize with Sophie her hard life and situation She is strong and sweet and true to her principles I didn’t agree with her last decision when she view spoilerleft the Bridgerton house hide spoiler

  8. KatieV KatieV says:

    Solid 4 stars My favorite of the series from what I've readAgain I listened to the excellent narration by Rosalyn Landor No complaints there SPOILERS This was definitely a Cinderella story A nod is even given to the slippers Sophie wore to the ball but with a twist There was enough angst here to take the story out of Disney territory and into the realm of an adult fairy taleSophie was the unacknowledged daughter of an Earl The product of his dalliance with a house maid who died in childbirth The Earl provided her a home at his country estate and told the world she was his ward He never acted as a father and paid her little attention but she was cared for and educated like a female of his class Her true identity was an open secret as she looked very much like her father and his familyAfter the Earl dies unexpectedly Sophie is left to the mercy of her evil stepmother and stepsisters one of the two sisters isn't evil but she's afraid to stand up to her mom and sister Provisions had been made in the will for Sophie to have a home until she was 20 and to provide her a dowry but the stepmom didn't tell her about the dowry She spent the dowry and turned Sophie into an unpaid servantThe housekeeper who helped raise Sophie plays the part of the fairy godmother and sends her off to the Bridgerton masuerade ball wearing one of her deceased grandmother's dresses and the Countess' shoes She meets the Bridgerton's second son Benedict and it's love at first sight for both Of course she must disappear at midnightSophie was kicked out of her home after the ball when the countess discovered she attended those damn shoes She'd have likely just been nastier and worked Sophie harder but she was furious when Benedict came to the home to meet her daughters in an effort to ferret out his mystery woman Sophie had left a glove behind that was monogrammed with her dead grandmother's initials giving him a clue to her origin The Countess was not amused that the much coveted Mr Bridgerton was truly interested in her hated slaveunacknowledged stepdaughter Benedict leaves their home puzzled and none the wiser and continues to search for his mystery loveSeveral years pass before the two meet again Sophie had since been working as a ladies maid in several different households Benedict saves her from being attacked by the son of her employer and his drunken friends and takes her to his country home with a promise of getting her employment with his mother He's attracted to her but doesn't recognize her because she'd been masked at the ball He finds something familiar but can't uite put the puzzle together Sophie lies when asked if they'd ever met She never wanted him to know because she realized their difference in station would prevent a marriage and make her simply mistress materialBenedict saw her as mistress material anyway and engages in some underhanded ploys to keep her in his clutches He doesn't force her by any means but does blackmail her to ensure she works in his mother's household instead of disappearing as she wanted to do He hoped to keep her around so he could work on convincing her to be his mistress something she refused to do even after giving in and giving him her virginity Sophie was determined not to follow in her mother's footsteps and have a bastard child that may suffer the way she had suffered Benedict's assurances that any children of hers would be cherished by him did not convince her She knew he'd eventually have to marry and from bitter experience did not trust what would happen to her children if he died young like her father hadI thought the differences in station and social s of the day that made Sophie a suitable mistress but not wife made the story interesting The modern woman in me wanted to shake Benedict at times for being so arrogant and condescending but that was fitting for the times Sophie didn't expect marriage but most readers will be of a totally different mindset It made for some great angstOf course this is a romance and we get the big reveal which exposed Sophie as the mystery lady from the ball and revealed to the world that she was actually a gently raised ward of the dead earl who'd had her dowry stolen by the evil countess and not a servant Predictably Benedict had decided to damn society and forget his beloved mystery woman to marry Sophie anyway right before the big reveal That satisfies the romantic ideals despite being unrealistic for the times I knew it would all turn out to be a perfect HEA but there was enough angst around the subject to satisfy me especially given the fact that this was a fluffy Julia uinn romance and not meant to be historically accurate

  9. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    This is third in the Bridgertons series Couples from the first two show up and some events are referenced and there are definite winks at those who have read the others In all I recommend reading these in orderNormally I'd snark about skipping this one because it sucks but I'm a definite outlier in that opinion Most of my GR friends rated this very high so you might want to take this review with a grain of salt Or I'll admit that I'm relieved that my problem isn't related to the Cinderella pattern overlaying the story I expected that to warp the story than it did but it was relatively benign all toldLike Cinderella Sophie's defining characteristic is being a victim Her life sucks and that's largely due to having suck parents Her step mother is a complete monster but her father wasn't a gem either The story breaks from the Cinderella mold about there There's a costume ball where she loses an article of clothing that gives a clue to her identity and then we're done with the fairy tale Benedict doesn't use it to track her down her situation changes and uinn pretty much forges her own story from there This is not a bad thing except that I had hoped for a bit cheerful good will and kindness and that's not Sophie She feels every bit of the injustice done her She's not a complainer or anything but man her life sucked and being cheerful in the face of that would have been expecting a bit muchBenedict on the other hand is not a prince is not charming and spends most of the story bullying Sophie to get what he wants He has a single act of humanity view spoilersaving her from being raped hide spoiler

  10. Erika Erika says:

    Stepback cover I can live with you hating me he said to the closed door I just can't live without you The Duke and I gave us a sweet romance The Viscount Who Loved Me gave us a hilarious one and An Offer From a Gentleman gave us a magical oneThis third book of the series is about love at the first sight that strike you like a thunderbolt and haunt you for the rest of your life It happens to Benedict Bridgerton when he sees the beauty in silver gown with radiant smile at the Bridgerton's masuerade ball party He doesn't know who she is except that she's the only guest in the party who doesn't know his identity even with mask everyone still able to recognized the Bridgertons She also doesn't know how to dance But it feels like magic when he talks to her when he teach her how to dance when he kiss her and then it's midnight and she's already gone Sophie runs when the clock strikes midnight She's back to reality as a nobleman's bastard daughter and also a maid She knew the entire evening has been a lie But she'll always remember the tall and handsome gentleman who has made her feel like a princess Her charming prince is out of reach She might not see him again but she'll always has her memorySo I thought I knew what would likely to happen next She left her shoe he would have search for her and finally find her with a stepmother and two stepsisters The shoe fits for her only and they will live HEAI was wrongBenedict search for her but he couldn't find her Benedict loves the mysterious woman but he doesn't even know her Then Sophie walks into his life as a maid and their romance stands up in the middle of passion secrets and memories It broke my heart to see Benedict's struggling with his own feeling torns between what he feels for Sophie and the mysterious lady without knowing he's falling in love with the same woman twice And poor Sophie She loves Benedict but she realizes he can't marry her The last thing she wants is to become mistress and has child born in shame just like herThe road to HEA was not easy at all for them There's Benedict's love to the mysterious woman which he must let go Sophie's secrets to be revealed and most important of all is their love is forbidden This book gave us a piece of truth about what could have happened at the time if two people from different social classes fall in love They couldn't marry and everything would still be alright There are conseuences they must accept and sacrifices they must make I adored this love story truly a beautiful one A fairytale with some pieces of reality Very touching but still have some humors What I loved most with the Bridgertons series is that it was not just about love and passion but also about love and family Look up he ordered gentlyBut I'll stumbleYou won't he promised I won't let you Look into my eyesSophie did as he asked and the moment her eyes touched his something inside her seemed to lock into place and she could not look away He twirled her in circles and spirals around the terrace slowly at first then picking up speed until she was breathless and giddyAnd all the while her eyes remained locked on hisWhat do you feel? he askedEverything she said laughingWhat do you hear?The music Her eyes widened with excitement I hear the music as I've never heard it beforeHis hands tightened and the space between them diminished by several inches What do you see? he askedSophie stumbled but she never took her eyes off his My soul she whispered I see my very soul

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