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  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • The Persistence of the Negative
  • Benjamin Noys
  • English
  • 11 April 2014
  • 9780748638635

3 thoughts on “The Persistence of the Negative

  1. Alexander Alexander says:

    A spectre is haunting continental theory the spectre of the negative Expelled by the light of an ascendant 'affirmationist consensus’ by thinkers of the left the powers of the negative are everywhere in disarray Such at any rate is the diagnosis offered by Benjamin Noys in this wonderfully thought provoking little study Tracking the suppression of the negative across the works of five major philosophers Jacues Derrida Gilles Deleuze Bruno Latour Antonio Negri and Alain Badiou Noys carefully charts the ways in which each tarries with negative in order to better dispel it in the name of an ever entrenched 'affirmationism’ in theory Far however from being a minor linguistic kerfuffle positivity negativity the signal merit of Noys’ work is to handily demonstrate the conseuences both philosophical and political that follow in the wake of such dismissalsThe basic issue is this having done away with the negative in what way can one conceptualise agency? That is in what way can one intervene in the positive being of ‘what is’ in order to affect a change? Without a theorisation of the negative do we not simply mire ourselves in the already there without affording us the possibility of political resistance? It’s these kinds of uestions which guide Noys’ readings for which negation does not ultimately function as an ‘ontological’ category but a properly strategic one In other words not just any kind of negativity is at stake in Noys’ retrieval attempt but a very specific one bearing on the thought and the possibility of politicalagental intervention Hence for instance Noys’ attempt to avoid the double pitfalls of thinking of the negative either in terms of the wholly Other think Levinas or the dialectically opposed as per HegelIndeed it’s Noys’ charge that while these latter figures of the negative are in fact acknowledged and rightly avoided by the 'affirmationist bloc’ the price paid for swerving in the opposite direction of an unadulterated affirmationism is precisely that of disavowing the ’third way’ of ‘strategic negativity’ so necessary to thought of agency Even worrying for Noys however are the political conseuences that follow once such a move is made in lieu of the labour of the negative it’s ‘accelerationism' that becomes the political strategy of choice not resistance to ‘what is’ but its radicalisation becomes the key to political action Or to put it in a maxim the worse things get the better the situation will be Crystallised particularly in the work of Negri Noys contends rightly I think that we simply need better strategies than this if the left is to act as any kind of bulwark against the forces of capitalPart of the complication of reading The Persistence of the Negative however is its well negative approach to the exactly what this negative strategy might look like Given that most of the book proceeds by way of critiue there’s here that specifies what the negative ‘isn’t’ than what exactly it ‘is’ Indeed it’s only in the conclusion that Noys really attempts to flesh out the strategic negativity he has in mind one in fact developed and inspired by the work of Walter Benjamin as well as Guy Debord and the Situationist International Although given a discussion of its own I really do wish the book was as comprehensive in its ‘positive’ conception of the negative as it was with its critical uptake of the ‘affirmationists’ In any case though by simply having properly posed the uestion of negativity afresh The Persistence of the Negative is marvellous achievement one that ought to become a touchstone for theory for a while to come

  2. Tara Brabazon Tara Brabazon says:

    An outstanding complex intricate and difficult book Thankfully Edinburgh University Press continues to publish these important high theory monographs Noys explores contemporary continental theory with particular attention to Latour Negri Badiou Derrida and Deleuze and explores how theory can reconnect to political concerns and imperative A dense and pleasurable reading experience

  3. Itai Farhi Itai Farhi says:

    An immanent critiue of contemporary foreclosures of the negative notable for coining the term 'accelerationism' Noys advocates a passage through real abstractions which leads to a kind of practical rupture of correlationism a downgrading or degrading of creativity and the subject as the principle of politics or philosophy In its place we have the subject as the agent of negativity This is a striking claim correlationism on this reading is the metaphysics of capital itselfA highlight is Noys' beautiful analysis of a western film Valdez is Coming The film portrays courage articulated in a time of reactionary restoration a linkage between the myth of the western and the film’s own contemporary context of the articulation of racism and imperialism especially the Vietnam War Rather than the thesis of the irreducible contamination of the western by racism it détourné this form and negates its racismThis resonates with his broader ambition of rehabilitating a Hegelian Marxism that can hold its own in the face of antihumanism This tradition articulates the non heroic virtue of enduring in the impossible and constructs a fidelity to universality woven out of political memories which are not mere nostalgia but also critiue and re formulation

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The Persistence of the Negative[Read] ➵ The Persistence of the Negative By Benjamin Noys – A compelling critiue of contemporary continental theory Through a series of incisive readings of leading theoretical figures of affirmationism Jacues Derrida Gilles Deleuze Bruno Latour Antonio Negri A compelling critiue of of the Epub Ý contemporary continental theory Through a series of incisive readings of leading theoretical The Persistence eBook Í figures of affirmationism Jacues Derrida Gilles Deleuze Bruno Latour Antonio Negri and Alain Badiou Benjamin Noys contests Persistence of the eBook ↠ the tendency of recent theory to rely on affirmation and especially an affirmative thinking of resistance He reveals a profound current of negativity that allows theory to return to its political calling.