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7 thoughts on “God's Rule: Government And Islam

  1. Jessica Harn Jessica Harn says:

    Although a bit orientalist still an important source for understanding Islam and governance

  2. Kumail Akbar Kumail Akbar says:

    Crone can be very dry to read at times but packs a LOT of information in Gods Caliph and Gods Rule Hard to read her casually but if the content interests you as much as it did me you'd enjoy it

  3. Kåre Kåre says:

    Det er for specialiseret til at interessere mig Jeg købte bogen pga fine anmeldelser om interessant bog Og jeg skal jo læse det jeg køber Denne her læser jeg dog ikke længere end til s 98 Det er givetvis en fin bog Den går i dybden med forskellige trosformer indenfor islam frem ca 1800 Angiveligt er den en landevinding Den kobler religion og statsvidenskab sammen og argumenterer for at statsvidenskab ikke harhavde meget selvstændig plads i Islam idet dette område varetages af religionen Men meget bygger på spekulation hvilket forfatteren på ingen måde skjuler Indrømmer at jeg tvivler på at selve hovedtesen er ret relevant i dag Tror at islamiske samfund i højere grad forholder sig til omverdenen end til disse dybe aner I alle fald skal der noget til for at overbevise mig om at den islamiske verden skulle være meget anderledes hvad dette angår end fx Kina Japan som jo forholder sig til omverdenen og til sine dybe aner

  4. Zachary Moore Zachary Moore says:

    An excellent overview of political thought in the Medieval Islamic World Her marked horror of localism aside Crone is fair enough to allow the various schools of thought to speak for themselves A must read for anyone interested in Islamic history and uite enlightening as well to anyone interested in the history of political thought

  5. Mohamed Awada Mohamed Awada says:

    I read this for a political science class She brings forth interesting ideas but in many places I feel she is constructing her own story of historical events to advance her theses Worth reading for general information

  6. Craig Bolton Craig Bolton says:

    God's Rule Government and Islam Six Centuries of Medieval Islamic Political Thought by Patricia Crone 2005

  7. Bryan Bryan says:

    tons of background information into the current internal struggles in the muslim communityif you can tolerate an author who likes to hear herself talk

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God's Rule: Government And Islam ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ God's Rule: Government And Islam ❁ Author Patricia Crone – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Patricia Crone's God's Rule is a fundamental reconstruction and analysis of Islamic political thought focusing on its intellectual development during the six centuries from the rise of Islam to the Mo Patricia Crone's God's Rule is Government And Epub à a fundamental reconstruction and analysis of Islamic political thought focusing on its intellectual development during the six centuries from the rise God's Rule: ePUB í of Islam to the Mongol invasions Based on a wide variety of primary sources including some not previously considered from the point of view of political thought Rule: Government And Kindle Ó this is the first book to examine the medieval Muslim answers to uestions crucial to any Western understanding of Middle Eastern politics today such as why states are necessary what functions they are meant to fulfill and whether or why they must be based on religious lawThe character of Muslim political thought differs fundamentally from its counterpart in the West The Christian West started with the conviction that truth both cognitive and moral and political power belonged to separate spheres Ultimately both power and truth originated with God but they had distinct historical trajectories and regulated different aspects of life The Muslims started with the opposite conviction truth and power appeared at the same time in history and regulated the same aspects of life In medieval Europe the disagreement over the relationship between religious authority and political power took the form of a protracted controversy regarding the roles of church and state In the medieval Middle East religious authority and political power were embedded in a single divinely sanctioned Islamic community a congregation and state made one The disagreement therefore took the form of a protracted controversy over the nature and function of the leadership of Islam itself Crone makes Islamic political thought accessible by relating it to the contexts in which it was formulated analyzing it in terms familiar to today's reader and where possible comparing it with medieval European and modern political thought By examining the ideological point of departure for medieval Islamic political thought Crone provides an invaluable foundation for a better understanding of contemporary Middle Eastern politics and current world events.

  • Paperback
  • 462 pages
  • God's Rule: Government And Islam
  • Patricia Crone
  • English
  • 24 August 2016
  • 9780231132916

About the Author: Patricia Crone

Patricia Crone was Professor Emerita Government And Epub à in the School of Historical Studies where she served as the Andrew W Mellon Professor from until her retirement in God's Rule: ePUB í Crone’s insightful work compellingly conveyed in her adventurous and unconventional style shed important new light on the critical importance of the Near East—in particular on the Rule: Government And Kindle Ó cultural religious and intellectual history of Islam.