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Beaton Portraits [Download] ✤ Beaton Portraits Author Cecil Beaton – Sir Cecil Beaton 1904–1980 was one of the most renowned photographers of his generation A major contributor to Vogue and Vanity Fair in Britain France and America Beaton captured for posterity such Sir Cecil Beaton – was one of the most renowned photographers of his generation A major contributor to Vogue and Vanity Fair in Britain France and America Beaton captured for posterity such admired subjects as artists Pablo Picasso Salvador Dalí Andy Warhol and Richard Avedon; actresses Marilyn Monroe Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo; statesmen and politicians Winston Churchill and Robert Kennedy; and of course Britain’s Royal Family This sumptuously illustrated book—published on the centenary of Beaton’s birth—brings together many of his evocative portraits in celebration of his remarkable life and workGifted in an extraordinary range of fields Beaton was noted for his flamboyant sense of style His portraits fashion photographs book jacket designs war reportage designs for theater and film and diaries mark him as one of the first international multi media artists This book features an illustrated essay discussing the wide range of the photographer’s career as well as a portfolio of beautiful reproductions of his most famous portraits and an extended illustrated chronology Beaton Portraits is an exciting and comprehensive look at a tour de force photographer and is an essential book for anyone interested in photography fashion or twentieth century style and design.

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    In 1928 Cecil Beaton declared that 'beauty' was 'the most important word in the dictionary' and as far as his photographs went he lived by this maximRoy Strong in his introductory essay 'Beaton Portraits 1928 1968' states that when he was appointed the National Portrait Gallery's Director at the age of 31 his two main aims were to get the Gallery to acknowledge photography and to accept that portraits of living celebrities should adorn the Gallery's walls something that had been forbidden to that dateIn mounting an exhibition of Cecil Beaton's work soon after his appointment he immediately achieved both his aims and the 150 photographs in this book are a follow up in that they accompanied a further exhibition of Beaton's work in 2004In his own words Beaton believed that he was 'intensely individual' and the photographs within these pages certainly support that view He was something of a surrealist and acknowledgement of that genre shines through in many of his portraits; Coco Chanel with a flowering growth coming out of the top of her head Edith Sitwell asleep as if in a sarcophegus and Orson Welles clutching a skull and a decapitated head of a model And there is a portrait of the surrealist master himself Salvador Dale complete with his muse Gala; perhaps not surprisingly Salvador carries a rapier and Gala wears a fencing maskThere are of course traditional photographs; Fred and Adele Astaire looking very debonair a sultry looking Nancy Cunard a particular heroine of mine Gary Cooper looking far cool anc collected than in 'High Noon' and Johnny Weissmuller on the set of 'Tarzan' And there are many many interesting portraitsAll the photographs have the unmistakeable stamp of the genius that was Cecil Beaton and the essays by Strong Pepper and Conrad all add to the enjoyment of the book

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