Deadworld Omnibus Vol 1 Epub  Deadworld Omnibus

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Deadworld Omnibus Vol 1
  • Gary Reed
  • English
  • 14 May 2015
  • 9781600108587

4 thoughts on “Deadworld Omnibus Vol 1

  1. Jeff Jellets Jeff Jellets says:

    Inconsistent art keeps this zombie tale from crawling to the very top of the graveyardLong before The Walking Dead comic fans searching for a zombie story had DeadWorld Debuting in 1987 The Walking Dead didn’t hit stands until 2003 from independent publisher Caliber later Desperado DeadWorld managed uite a cult following despite the original series’ sporadic publishing schedule and limited distribution The modern zombie craze where the rotting dead euate with book movie and television gold made rebooting the fan favorite series a “no brainer” and the 352 page DeadWorld Omnibus is a great place to dig back into the mythos whether you are a long time fan or a casual zombie aficionadoThe typical trappings for a world besieged by the reanimated dead are easily discernible world apocalypse dead come to life now eating people competing groups of survivors – check check check and check More importantly like The Walking Dead DeadWorld features an ensemble cast of mostly likable and relatable survivors amidst a handful of really awful but still living villains Dr Enos Slaughter meet the Governor – I’m sure you’ll get along famously But DeadWorld is far from a simple retread of Robert Kirkman or even George Romero; in DeadWorld the catalyst for reanimation is clearly occult allowing for the introduction of a series of intelligent supernatural antagonists including the series’ hallmark character the leather jacketed motorcycle riding King Zombie who like puppeteers direct the zombie horde toward a darker design than just a plague of the undead Writers Gary Reed and Mike Raicht use this distinction expertly giving DeadWorld a distinctive feel and trauma while at the same time being careful to avoid what could be an easy drift into B movie camp DeadWorld feels scary and at times a bit sleazy but the grittiness of the plot works and there’s plenty of cleverness such as blanketing New York in blizzard during the zombie invasion that keeps the series feeling fresh despite the glut of recent zombie stories currently swelling the horror genre I have little criticism for the series’ plot other than that it could use a bit room to breathe – uite a few good characters are shuffled on and off panel uickly and it’s a shame there isn’t of commitment to DeadWorld the series There’s plenty of fertile ground and character development that could have been explored stretching these first three stories by another ten or twenty pages would not have been out the uestionUnfortunately where the series drops a bit of boat anchor is in the art In the preface Reed jokes a bit about the DeadWorld curse and the series’ inability to keep a regular artist but it’s far from a laughing matter The style differences between Locke and Talajic in the first arc of the omnibus are enormous – neither bad – but so jarring like from Esher to Michelangelo that it’s a bit of challenge to re identify each of the main characters It gets even worse in the last part of the book “Slaughterhouse” The heavy black designs of Sami Makkonen read like a muddy mess – in some panels it’s almost impossible to distinguish the characters shifts in scene and location what’s going on in the action or even the human beings from the zombies Perhaps the original print of this material – in a graphic novel format – showcased this material better but be prepared to suint your eyes and grit your teeth as you decipher the last third of the omnibus It’s a shame because while this chapter is critical to the overall DeadWorld story the execution leaves the reader struggling to discern what is happening to whom The revitalization of DeadWorld is a bit of a missed opportunity The plot is sharp enough to compete with some of the best work the zombie sub genre has to offer and the writers give this world a voice all its own The art on the other hand distracts rather than enhances the story and keeps this series a rung below where it should be

  2. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    This volume reboots the Deadworld series and basically starts from scratch but at the same time it's a retelling of the same basic story we saw in the original comics I didn't really see it as an improvement on the original series but it wasn't bad either I suppose I understand why this route was taken as the original series had been published over a very long period of time from a few different publishers and for a long time the issues were hard to find so a reboot did make sense I've read all of the original issues so I would have been just as happy to see the story continue but it is what it is I'm interested to see where things go from here once we start heading into truly new territoryIf you like the Walking Dead you really should read Deadworld Rather than a scientific plague the Deadworld zombies are supernatural which is interesting Great zombie comic

  3. Meran Meran says:

    How many different zombie reads can there be out there and be any different from those gone before? Not many is my guessHowever this one IS different There are many 'shades' of zombies apparently I was pleased to see how the plot developed very different and faster paced than Walking Dead of which I am a fan Even funny in spots I liked the book Am looking for the others in the series

  4. dogunderwater dogunderwater says:

    I didn't know anything about this title when I picked it up but now I can't wait to find The omnibus collects three story arcs in the Deadworld reboot a new take on a title that began in 1987 The black and white art brings a sense of urgency but the heavy stylization of the later artists and the last of color makes it difficult to reorient yourself and make the characters somewhat hard to recognize a primer in the back would have made it easier But all in all the story is fast paced and gripping like a top notch horror film from the mid nighties King Zombie is fearsome but still wears sunglasses and rides a motorcycle so it retains a sense of fun in the first two books up until we meet our human villains Would recommend to zombie aficionados it's magic than science but it uses that to its distinct advantage to standout in a crowded field of undead storylines

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Deadworld Omnibus Vol 1➨ Deadworld Omnibus Vol 1 Ebook ➮ Author Gary Reed – Here's your opportunity to get all of the recent Deadworld series together in one volume Starting with the reboot of Deadworld in Reuiem for the World which ran for six issues from Desperado and Image Here's your opportunity to get all of the recent Deadworld series together in one volume Starting with the reboot of Deadworld in Reuiem for the World which ran for six issues from Desperado and Image Comics and continuing into Deadworld Frozen Over which moves the desperate battle for survival to a storm ladened New York City Bringing fans up to date is the complete Deadworld Slaughterhouse story previously available only in hardcover that reveals that zombies aren't the only menace in the world plagued by a supernatural holocaust.