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Elephant Walk ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Elephant Walk Author Robert Standish – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Elephant Walk IMDb Colonial tea planter John Wiley Peter Finch visiting England at the end of World War II wins and weds lovely English rose Ruth Dame Elizabeth Taylor and takes her home to Elephant W Elephant Walk IMDb Colonial tea planter John Wiley Peter Finch visiting England at the end of World War II wins and weds lovely English rose Ruth Dame Elizabeth Taylor and takes her home to Elephant Walk Ceylon where the local elephants have a grudge against the plantation Elephant Walk aviation — Wikipdia Une Elephant Walk de uatorze KC Stratotanker McConnell Air Force Base L' elephant walk est un terme utilis par l' US Air Force pour dsigner le roulage des avions militaires juste avant le dcollage lorsu'ils sont en formation rapproche Souvent cela se produit juste avant un dcollage Elephant Walk fr DVD Blu ray fr Achetez Elephant Walk petit prix Livraison gratuite voir cond Retrouvez infos avis sur une large slection de DVD Blu ray neufs ou d'occasion L'Elephant Walk Dossier avionslegendairesnet Les premiers Elephant Walk ont eu lieu afin de rendre hommages aux escadrilles d’avions de transport et de bombardiers de la Seconde Guerre mondiale Ceux ci dcollaient bien souvent la file indienne donnant une impression trs forte aux rampants Elephant Walk Retreat Hotel Afriue du SudKomatipoort Rserver Elephant Walk Retreat Afriue du Sud sur Tripadvisor consultez les avis de voyageurs photos et les meilleures offres pour Elephant Walk Retreat class n sur autres hbergements Afriue du Sud et not sur sur Tripadvisor Henry Mancini Baby Elephant Walk YouTube Henry Mancini Baby Elephant Walk Elephant Walk Import USA Zone fr Elizabeth William Dieterle's Elephant Walk is basically Rebecca in the Naked Jungle with a dead father replacing a dead wife Abraham Sofaer made up to look surprisingly like Ben Kingsley in the Judith Anderson role and elephants bringing the house down instead of ants This time it's Elizabeth Taylor replacing an increasingly erratic Vivien Leigh who is still reputedly visible in some long shots as Elephant Walk aeronautics Wikipedia Elephant Walk Wikipedia Elephant Walk Retreat – Rest Relax Return Situated on the banks of the Crocodile River at the most Southern entrance to the Kruger National Park lies Elephant Walk Retreat just a stone throw from the Crocodile Bridge Gate Offering unrivaled views of the Kruger National Park and the magnificent Crocodile River Elephant Walk Retreat is.

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  1. Dorcas Dorcas says:

    35 StarsIt was with an arrogant air of defiance that Tom Carey built his manor house and plantation smack across an ancient elephant trail The locals were horrified but couldn't help but be impressed that any man should defy the elephant people and seemingly come off the winnerBut elephants have long memories and once stomped on will eventually take their revengeThis was my first Robert Standish novel and I really liked it I did think however that too much of the novel was taken up with the love triangle and not enough historicalgeographical interest of which there's absolutely loads in Sri Lanka I did want to see of the countryBut for a relatively short under 300 pages novel this was an enjoyable diversion and worth a readI'm actually a little torn on my rating I've been so busy with company and home renovation that this book has taken me far longer than normal to read I couldn't immerse myself as I like to do So I'm not sure if the 35 rating reflects my actual enjoyment or the fact that my reading spells were so broken upAREAS OF CONCERNAdultery is an issue on a couple of occasions but no intimacy is shown to reader

  2. Annette Annette says:

    When I was about 10 years old I saw maybe 10 minutes of the movie based on this book a scene which involved rampaging elephants so naturally I was intrigued when I saw this book for 1 at a used book saleWritten in 1940 it has a lot for its time period far away places and cultures romance jealousy illicit affairs an over bearing yet dead father and surprisingly a female heroine who is smarter and stronger than the cast of male supportersBecause of when it was written I was expecting it to be hard to read but it turned out to be a fast read nothing heavy yet with a lesson for all involveda story where the characters are really trying to find themselves and accept who they are in the world in which they live

  3. Annabelle Annabelle says:

    An exceedingly vivid tea farm travelogue of the halcyon days of early 20th century Ceylon Elephant Walk is a trumpeting example of historical fiction at its finest Narrated in imagery so fine it made me swoon and forget the generally cliched plot and predictable uncomplexity of its characters apart from the Elephant People and one other fellow And he's the fellow I would have wanted most to know better and fallen for as candidly as Ruth Carey does before the first half of the novel For we never really get to unravel the paradox behind the piano playing classics reading genteel heel Geoffrey Wilding Who to avoid conversation in lieu of a seduction uotes Voltaire One great use of words is to hide our thoughts A fleeting preoccupation with the actor Peter Finch led me to watch Elephant Walk where he played George Carey seriously miscast as was Dana Andrews as the Geoffrey Wilding now that I have read the book Shortly after I learned about the movie after reading a biography on Vivien Leigh which discussed her tempestuous affair with Finch during filming that exacerbated her mental breakdown and inevitable abandonment of the project she was replaced by a newly pregnant Liz Taylor but the long shots of Ruth Carey are of Vivien Leigh Perhaps the behind the scenes drama hindered Elephant Walk from becoming the epic film it aspired to be but viewing it I knew I had stumbled on the brand of movie my mother sometimes spoke of a movie that unfolds like a novel With this assumption I was confident the book would deliver me the story on a much grander majestic scale How absolutely right I was

  4. Bigwo Bigwo says:

    I thought this epic story would make a great period piece film and was pleased to learn it's been done I'm looking forward to viewing Elizabeth Taylor's role of Ruth

  5. Jack Deighton Jack Deighton says:

    The Elephant Walk of the title is a very prosperous tea once coffee till a disease blighted the crop plantation in Sri Lanka Ceylon as was whose founder Tom Carey built “the Big Bungalow” across a traditional elephant trail Despite being dead for years Carey’s attitudes and prescriptions for life still dominate life in the bungalow as mediated through the main servant Appuhamy who periodically talks to the old master at his graveside and with the parrot Erasmus ensuring Carey’s voice is still heard regularly with open house for other local planters Carey’s almost middle–aged son George takes a trip to England Here in an incidental conversation with a pair fascinated by Buddhism “George remarked that the only Buddhist priest he had ever come in contact with had seemed to prefer small boys to mysticism” Some things are universal and timeless it would seem George is attracted by the charms of Ruth Lakin; chiefly her ability at tennis He soon proposes and Ruth seizes eagerly at her chance for a comfortable existence Back in Ceylon the presence of a woman in the Big Bungalow puts all sorts of noses out of joint while George’s drinking puts a strain on the marriage An accident in which George breaks his leg throws Ruth into closer contact with George’s assistant Geoffrey Wilding The Sinhalese plantation workers soon infer wrongly to begin with that their working relationship has improper aspects but the seeds for an eternal triangle have been sown Once the relationship has been consummated Ruth finds herself in thrall to her feelings for WildingThe advent of the Great War throws a spanner into their lives Without knowing he is the father of Ruth’s unborn child Wilding leaves for Europe and news eventually comes he is missing presumed dead Ruth resolves to make the best of things Wilding has been captured though and escapes to Holland His return to Ceylon precipitates the book’s and Ruth’s crisis not helped by the fact that Wilding’s war experiences have changed himThe web of character relationships here is complex and each has his or her own motivations The oddnesses and assumptions of colonial life are well depicted Appuhamy’s devotion to having things just so as they have always been that way even if extravagantly wasteful his acceptance of minor change to avoid dismissal the jealousies of the beautiful Rayna a Sinhalese outcast girl whom Appuhamy procures in an attempt to distract Wilding from Ruth Standish’s desire to portray the Big Bungalow as a character in its own right doesn’t uite work though and while the occasional foray into the thoughts of the bull elephant injured while navigating the trail when the bungalow was being built are necessary for plot and dénouement reasons they do not accord with what knowledge of elephants I thought I possessed Only remembering the bungalow when approaching it? A bull elephant leading a herd rather than being solitary? Do Asian elephants differ in these regards from African ones?Standish didn’t have pretensions there’s no fine writing here but it’s a good solid piece of fiction

  6. Michael David Michael David says:

    People who defy classification whether men or women cause too much perplexity In 2018 the iconic Gould's Book Arcade in Sydney was closing and I wanted a memento of it I scoured the place for an appropriate book and ended up with this novel I picked it not because it was a classic I had never heard of Robert Standish before then I bought it because of its pulpy cover and because the title was interesting It took me almost two years to finally decide towards reading the book because I wanted to compare the movie with it I've vacillated between giving it three or four stars and decided to be nice because the terrible ending isn't reason to penalize the whole novel The novel starts like a layman version of Faulkner's Absalom Absalom The patriarchs of both novels also happened to be named Tom Carey for this one Sutpen for Faulkner's Tom Carey created a huge mansion out of a place used to be an elephant path and created a sprawling tea plantation that grew in wealth and prestige He fathered a son George Carey who became the new governor of Elephant WalkIt was in such an environment that Ruth Carey the newly wedded spouse of George was brought Geoffrey Wilding one of George's supervisors complicated her isolation from the world she was used to because he was as handsome as she was beautiful The plot's progression was uite predictable but the characterization is one of the novel's strong suits Although not uite as subtle as true masterpieces the major characters of the novel are fleshed out well My major ualm with the novel has got to be the ending I've never been a fan of the deus ex machina and the rampaging elephant actually providing Ruth and George with a solution to their predicament wasn't something I enjoyed Nevertheless I'm giving this novel four stars because of its atmosphere and characterization but it's 35 actually

  7. Bookfan Bookfan says:

    Good uick read entertaining and rather engrossing All the elements of a soap opera without the smut A strong beginning a good twist or two and a good ending An escape into a decadent long ago time in an beautiful exotic settingTom Carey set into motion a series of events he was a control freak His decisions were not based on practicality reason or for the welfare of anyone or anything His decisions were ego based and what fed his ego most was taking control of his world and all those in it He managed to establish a means to control not only management of his plantation long after his death but to remain steady in the day to day lives of those living near or on Big Bungalow The story begins as Tom Carey selected a site to build his plantation He selected a site that would prove that he is up to the challenge of building where no one else would On the land of the Elephant People In his zeal to show the elephants that he is able to force his dominance upon them he used brutality One little bull elephant never forgot Given time events unfolded that Tom Carey could not control Enjoy the story

  8. Medlibrarian Medlibrarian says:

    I decided to read this after seeing the film Serviceable romancedrama

  9. Elizabeth Bailey Elizabeth Bailey says:

    I got this because I remembered the film and saw an early edition on eBay I really enjoyed it to begin with The writing is a tad old fashioned and points are laboured too much for our modern taste but I liked the atmosphere of the times that Robert Standish created He explained his character's motivations thoroughly so didn't leave much to the reader's imagination and about three uarters of the way through I began to get a little restive It started to get predictable but I wanted to finish it and I'm glad I did I was surprised in the end it didn't go the way I thought it would A good read and very interesting look back to early literary form

  10. Ann Manning Ann Manning says:

    I read this amazing story when I was a young girl and was very impressed with the storyline the characters were intriguing and the storyline about the plantation being built by the owner over a watering area where the elephants were know to go was interesting enough to keep me reading the book The triangle of romance between the characters was also complex I also remember the movie based upon this book staring Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Finch I loved the movie even than the book because it was very well done This book was one of my favorite all time novels

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