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    But let me tell you this my old friend in a world made entirely for the benefit of man it could well be that there is no longer room for man either Roman Gary Letter to the ElephantThe tiger is not just the most beautiful magnificent elegant creature walking this planet a graceful animal whose haughty pose and noble bearing cannot fail to induce admiration and respect being a predator at the top of the food chain it is unfortunately also the first to suffer from the destruction of the natural environment caused by human greed shortsightedness and neglectful stupidity It is therefore a significant indicator of the collapse of an entire ecosystem as this informative and beautifully illustrated book clearly highlights with much supporting evidence When we protect tigers we protect ourselves The way we humans keep encroaching and destructing all available habitats on earth multiplying and spreading like cockroaches instead of managing in a considerate manner the limited and precious resources of our beautiful planet is something that causes me deep frustration and I must admit a sense of guilt towards the next generations They will have to pick up the pieces especially if we do not act soon to address not just the climate emergency that almost everybody with the exception of the criminal Trump and his imbecile supporters has recognized as the most significant challenge facing humanity but also the alarming general destruction of biodiversity that is proceeding at a frightening rate The forest is burning the Arctic ice sheet is melting ignorant and anti science climate change deniers are in government in some countries such as the US and there is no planet B Coming back to these beautiful animals their remarkable combination of grace agility power and beauty make them uite uniue We are talking about creatures that can weight over 300 kg but can reach speeds of 65 kmh jump a distance of 10 metres and leap up to over 5 metres vertically their power does not hinder their grace and agility The tiger's powerful roar can be heard 2 miles away see for a sample which a commentator compared to the starting of a V8 engine they have an exceptionally good night vision they have canines that can reach the length of 8 cm claws up to 10 cm long and they are also very good swimmers The way a tiger's shoulder rolls when it walks shows off its beautiful and powerful musculature and its thick coat helps survival in even the coldest of climates such as Siberia Sadly in 1900 there were over 100000 tigers in Asia and now there are less then 3000 left in the wild with a 93% reduction of their habitats They are seriously endangered and this book makes a passionate call to urgent and proactive action to stop any further degradation of this situation I wish I could close this review with some optimistic statement and some positive limited action is being taken in some countries admittedly but I am afraid that at the present rate of destruction the only tigers left by the end of the century if not earlier will be the ones in captivity

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    Informative and entertaining text stunning photography and creatures that are as beautiful as they are haunting in their role as embassadors for all endangered species Tigers Lord of the Jungle is a must read for all who care about conservation and threatened animal life Everytime I look at the disgusting picture on page 99 which depicts the usual bunch of moronic men proud of their kill I wished somebody invented some virus that would inject some brain cells into blokes of that ilk What is it about such men that they must kill everything in sight? Everything that is graceful beautiful and certainly far useful than the creature with the finger on the trigger? Is it envy the realisation that man will never come close to such perfection as nature provides?Seeing some of the wonderful photographs in Alain Pons and Francois Moutou's book makes me forget for a while that tigers are not what they seem they look just like my domestic catcurled up having fun with their siblings taking a bath sleeping under a treebut they are in fact perfectly designed for their challenging habitat carnivores keeping populations of vegetarian animals down to maintain harmony in natureWithout a drastic population control imposed on humans there is little chance for animals such as the tiger to survive in the wild We need tigers snow leopards turtles and pandas and far less politicians and bankers poachers and hunters people who build supermarket chains and those who pollute the planet recklessly If we must encroach on anyone's habitat and steal their prey why not do it to the aforementioned instead of animals like the tiger? It would certainly be a start to bring back some harmony into the world

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Tiger [PDF / Epub] ✅ Tiger By Alain Pons – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Despite it's unmistakable striped coat the tiger remains a mysterious being glimpsed fleetingly before it melts into its dense habitat This richly illustrated work brings us close to Asia's iconic big Despite it's unmistakable striped coat the Tiger remains a mysterious being glimpsed fleetingly before it melts into its dense habitat This richly illustrated work brings us close to Asia's iconic big cat revealing how it lives and how it interacts with others of its own kind It also considers the threats to the Tiger and its habitat and examines the measures being taken to save this magnificent creature from extinction.

  • Hardcover
  • 132 pages
  • Tiger
  • Alain Pons
  • English
  • 05 March 2015
  • 9781901268409