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Bloodwind ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Bloodwind Author Charles L. Grant – Winter storms are white and grey except in Oxrun Station where the Bloodwind rises where the snow is colored red with hate and human blood Chilling horror from the author of For Fear of the Night Gran Winter storms are white and grey except in Oxrun Station where the Bloodwind rises where the snow is colored red with hate and human blood Chilling horror from the author of For Fear of the Night Grant is deserving of bestsellerdom Bestsellers.

  • Paperback
  • 246 pages
  • Bloodwind
  • Charles L. Grant
  • English
  • 04 April 2016
  • 9780812518290

About the Author: Charles L. Grant

Lionel Fenn Simon Lake Felicia Andrews and Deborah LewisGrant won a World Fantasy Award for his novella collection Nightmare Seasons a Nebula Award in for his short story A Crowd of Shadows and another Nebula Award in for his novella A Glow of Candles a Unicorn's Eye the latter telling of an actor's dilemma in a post literate future Grant also edited the award winning Shadows anthology running eleven volumes from Contributors include Stephen King Ramsey Campbell RA Lafferty Avram Davidson and Steve Rasnic and Melanie Tem Grant was a former Executive Secretary and Eastern Regional Director of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and president of the Horror Writers Association.

6 thoughts on “Bloodwind

  1. Thomas Thomas says:

    I remember watching the first season of The Simpsons and getting a sense of the layout of Springfield as it progressed As the show continued season after season and as I kept watching Springfield became larger and larger with and major landmarks that defined the city After several seasons of the show and after images started to hit the Internet trying to fit all of Springfield into one single picture I started to realize that Springfield was hugeI bring that up because I'm starting to feel that way about Oxrun Station In the first few novels I was under the impression that the city was really a town uaint and removed from large pockets of civilization but with the last two novels the town is becoming of a city with the affluent citizens living apart from the rest of the town a university and even its own rock uarry Grant populates the town with what's necessary to tell the story but as the city grows it becomes less uaint and less removed With the strange goings on that are characteristic of the town it becomes harder to accept them as the city grows larger and people still choose to remain thereThe Bloodwind isn't really a good Grant novel It's better than The Curse but not by a whole lot Grant takes a ridiculous amount of time creating the protagonist in the novel and while he does pepper that time with a few portentous events it takes a whole lot longer for the story to get going that it did in his previous novels In those novels he still went at his own pace to develop the story but here it just begins to drag on and on testing the reader's patience In an odd moment of irony the main character Pat gets frustrated with another when the other character refuses to get to the point about somethingOnce the story gets underway the novel gets a lot better but that doesn't really happen until about halfway into the book It's actually a better buildup and conclusion than what I've seen in his previous books there's less ambiguity and of a definitive We beat the bad guys vibe to it without wrapping up all of the loose ends but having to get through the first half of the novel is too much of a chore to call it a great novel Had he gotten to the point uickly I might have considered this the best of his novels I've read thus far

  2. Ken Saunders Ken Saunders says:

    Now the grizzly was reduced to a gleaming grey white marble she had uarried herself back in the hills that coddled the Station on three of its sides The gleam came not from polishing; it was a uality of stone she had not seen in any other and it gave the bear a translucence that at times gave it movement when the lighting was right and she wasn't uite lookingWe meet Pat a 39 year old sculptor and professor on the Thursday her daughter would have turned 16 Not long after she buried her daughter 8 years prior she met a bear hiking The bear recognized her in a heart stopping wilderness encounter and later she recognized it in a few chunks of marble that she carved Naturally when the author of THE TEA PARTY talks about rocks a reader pays attention Anyway we follow Pat over the next three days in this soapy campus werewolf mystery A student is dead and Pat is being stalked Meanwhile someone keeps breaking into her apartment and trying to frame her in escalating campus tensionsDid I say werewolf? Actually it's a killer wind demon or something but it reminded me of those werewolf stories where you try to figure out what suspicious character is hiding the deadly furry secret Is it the secretive playboy? The nasty dean? The kid holding a grudge? What about the neighbor girl with all those freckles who saw the wind the night Sue died? It never really made sense even after all the scenes at the end where characters act like they are explaining something They sort of talk around whatever happenedI enjoyed reading this book but it was often frustrating I think the book would have worked better if it had been written in first person We are with Pat and her thoughts almost exclusively and constantly and the exceptions tend to bring the book to a complete halt It seems like the author really enjoyed hashing out overly detailed descriptions of everything even when they made the writing annoyingly bad and really confusing What kind of sentences are these?Her boots cracked loudly on the metal tipped stone the slot windows at the landing laddering the floor Coffee she prescribed and rushed along the corridor that wound round the auditorium's wall heavy pine doors inserted there and pad locked Maybe this sounds okay on audio but these took me right out of the book Not as big of a problem for me were all the contradictions and logical problems I won't go into these but they really accumulated towards the endEven though the author fumbled the story Pat is a wonderful character The author entertainingly conveys her temper her relationships and the way her attention is always drifting between the present and the past The themes of communication and creative vs destructive natures were interesting and there were plenty of well written wintery chillsImmediately the snow lifted from the ground and blinded her made her windmill her arms as her boot came down on a patch of ice She stumbled forward sideways and fell Sprawled The snow climbing over her insects of ice that slipped down her collar and into her ears into her eyes past her clenched lips and into her mouth and the snow swarmed around her no longer soft no longer gentle striking her like pebbles even after she regained her feet and started running again

  3. Kevin Lucia Kevin Lucia says:

    Awesome as alwaysand with a little of an upbeat ending this time

  4. Randolph Randolph says:

    Probably the weakest of the first five Oxrun Station novels Nothing much happens for the first half of the novel and there is a lot of back story about the protagonist that really isn't central to the plot I think Grant does it for character development but its overlong The menace when it finally arrives just isn't that menacing The surprise reveal leaves you saying ho hum

  5. Charles Charles says:

    A good solid effort from Grant who always did atmospheric stuff very well

  6. Kevin Lucia Kevin Lucia says:

    Too bad this was the last Oxrun Station novel

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