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An Inspector Calls ➿ [Download] ➽ An Inspector Calls By J.B. Priestley ➵ – The action of the play occurs in an English industrial city where a young girl commits suicide and an eminently respectable British family is subject to a routine inuiry in connection with the death A The action of the play occurs in an English industrial city where a young girl commits suicide and an eminently respectable British family is subject to a routine inuiry in connection with the death An Inspector Calls to interrogate the family and during the course of his uestioning all members of the group are implicated lightly or deeply in the girl's undoing The family closely knit and friendly at the beginning of the evening is shown up An Inspector PDF \ as selfish self centered or cowardly its good humor turning to acid and good fellowship to dislike before the evening is over The surprising revelation however is in the inspector.

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  • An Inspector Calls
  • J.B. Priestley
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  • 03 November 2014
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About the Author: J.B. Priestley

John Boynton Priestley the son of a schoolmaster was born in Bradford in September and after schooling he worked for a time in the local wool trade Following the outbreak of the Great War in Priestley joined the British Army and was sent to France in taking part in the Battle of Loos After being wounded in Priestley returned to England for six months; then after going.

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  1. Bionic Jean Bionic Jean says:

    An Inspector Calls is a memorable play from the mid 1940s written by the popular English dramatist JB Priestley Partly both philosophical and psychological partly a moral fable it is one of Priestley's best known works for the stage It deals with issues of exploitation abandonment and social ruin within the framework of a detective mystery And just to add a little spice it also has hints of the supernatural However it is firmly rooted in the English society life of the time and thus is now considered to be a classic of drawing room theatre The text is often studied in English schools as part of the English Literature GCSE examination Additionally there has been a successful revival in live theatre productions in recent years despite the fact that the play does feel heavily datedThe play takes place on a single night in 1912 slightly before the First World War and focuses on the prosperous middle class Birling family who live in a comfortable home in Brumley an industrial city in the north Midlands There are three acts all of which are clearly marked with directions for the set and staging which JB Priestley felt could be contained within one set with differently lighted areas Interestingly he states The lighting should be pink and intimate until the INSPECTOR arrives and then it should be brighter and harder Examples such as this one show that the author deliberately influenced the audiences' perceptions about this character right from the start in a subtly low key way Additionally Priestley is very clear about the physical attributes of his characters and their demeanour to similar effect He leaves nothing to chanceA key character in the play and one who controls and manipulates the action is the inspector of the title Inspector Goole view spoilerHis name is a wry joke an indication of the supernatural element of the play hide spoiler

  2. Mark Mark says:

    Re read this last week and then realized I have never added it to my books This is one of the most satisfyingly riveting plays i have ever read seen in the theatre three times watched in film Alastair Sims goodness only knows how many times listened to on the radio and now I have an audiobook version Thus i can now luxuriate whenever I feel the need to experience the wonderful schadenfreude of the gradual implosion of the horrendous edifice of arrogance which is the middle class Birling familyThe story begins with the self satisfied gathering of this greedy insensitive and culpably unaware family being visited unexpectedly by a policeman Their arrogant high handedness and dismissive bluster paints them deeper and deeper into a well deserved corner of embarrassment and guilt or to use another metaphor they climb higher and higher up a vilely self satisfied ziggurat they think protects them from the lower orders and responsibility and yet like some horribly twisted party game we see the tower dismantled before our eyes Each family member is confronted suddenly and brutally with their rotten involvement in the downward spiral of a young suicide's life As the play goes on Priestley brilliantly puts his audience into two positions; in one we watch the horrible family weave rope which as the play goes on we realize is going to hang them out to dry and we rejoice in their discomfiture but at the same time he turns the spotlight on the readerlistenerobserverare you he says to us any better? When opportunities arise to belittle or abuse or take advantage of someone weaker or challenging or someone who makes you feel uncomfortable what do you do ? I love this play because it is a brilliant drama has a wonderful building up of tension and approaching doom has a startling ability to incite anger and sorrow and satisfaction but over it all I love it because it never ceases to challenge me Be aware of the effect your behaviour has it tells me Take opportunities to make things right it challenges because one day you may find it is all too late and horrible things will come home to roost

  3. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    The proscenium stage has a romance of its own You the spectator is actually a Peeping Tom staring into the lives of total strangers through the invisible fourth wall And what lives For on the stage time and space are usually compressed or telescoped according to the whims and fancies of the playwright Passions are exaggerated on purpose and action proceeds at an unbelievable pace; all the while retaining the semblance of normality this is not essential for an arena stage where the unreality of the situation is accepted by the audience from the start The denouement is usually explosive and you leave the theatre emotionally drainedJ B Priestley’s An Inspector Calls uses the advantages and limitations of the proscenium stage to the maximum extent possible to produce a play which is a very good mystery in the Agatha Christie tradition a social statement very much like Ibsen and a final twist which takes it into the realm of fantasy I read the play then watched the BBC adaptation you have to see it performed to appreciate the power packed into ninety minutes of stage timeview spoilerThe Birlings the industrialist Arthur Birling his wife Sybil daughter Sheila and son Eric are having a uiet little dinner at their home to celebrate Sheila’s engagement to Gerald Croft son of Sir George and Lady Croft Gerald is also present For Arthur Birling the occasion is doubly joyful as Birling and Company are the less powerful competitors of Crofts Limited and the marriage will mean a profitable business deal as well as a social coup d’état It is the pre World War I era and Birling is acutely consciousness of his social backwardness something he is trying hard to rectify through his financial and political clout He has been rather successful as he hints to Gerald because a knighthood is on the wayInto this haven of bourgeois comfort and security walks in Inspector Goole unannounced and goes about destroying it piece by piece He is apparently there to conduct an enuiry into the suicide of a girl Eva Smith who has been admitted into the infirmary after drinking disinfectant According to the inspector the Birlings have a hand in the girl’s death Initially Birling is haughty and superior; being still “on the bench” and a friend of Chief Constable Colonel Roberts he can afford to be short with a mere inspector Goole however goes about his business ruthlessly and ultimately succeeds in grinding them down one by oneIt comes out that the girl has been mistreated by all of them Birling initially fired her from his factory for organising a strike; Sheila got her dismissed from her subseuent job at a dress shop out of pure jealousy and Gerald “kept” her for a year at a friend’s flat after picking her up from a bar which she was freuenting in her desperation This last revelation leads to Sheila breaking off her engagement and Gerald goes out to be alone for a while But the Birling’s evening of woe is far from overInspector Goole establishes that a couple of weeks before Eva Smith had approached Mrs Birling in her capacity of the chairman of a charitable society She was pregnant and in desperate need of assistance Initially she had lied that she was a married woman and that her name was Birling ; however the truth soon came out that the baby was out of wedlock Eva did not want to approach her lover because he was an immature boy who is an alcoholic and had stolen money to support her Mrs Birling however was adamant that the baby’s father must be made solely responsible and succeeded to influence the society to turn her out without a pennyHowever much the inspector bullies her Mrs Birling is adamant – now that the woman has committed suicide her lover must be dealt with very severely Then Goole drops his final bomb the culprit is none other than Eric her son an accusation which the young man accepts He also admits stealing money from his father’s firmThe family is in a total shambles now a son who has committed adultery and theft a daughter whose engagement has ended the same day it started and a father in the hope of a knighthood faced with public scandal and disgrace Eric is almost ready to murder his mother because as he says she is “responsible for the death of her own grandchild” It is at this point that the inspector begins to behave very peculiarly After rubbing in the fact that they all have got blood on their hands he makes this speech and leaves One Eva Smith has gone but there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us with their lives their hopes and fears their suffering and chance of happiness all intertwined with our lives with what we think and say and do We don’t live alone We are members of one body We are responsible for each other And I tell you that the time will soon come when if men do not learn that lesson then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish We don’t live alone Good nightIt is into the situation that Gerald comes back and he comes with some welcome information – he has just confirmed that there is no Inspector Goole in the police department With cold logic he establishes that they have no reason to believe that the girl in each of the incidents mentioned by Goole is the same one – true he produced a photograph but it was shown to each of them individually The hoax is confirmed when they call the infirmary and confirm that there has been no suicide that nightIt is time for a pat on the back for Gerald a sigh of relief from Mrs And Mr Birling and a jolly round of drinks Sheila and Eric though initially reluctant to return to “normalcy” are on the way to being persuaded when the phone ringsIt is from the infirmary A girl has just died on the way there after drinking disinfectant and a policeman is on the way to uestion them and the curtain descends hide spoiler

  4. Ayesha (The Fifth Marauder) Ayesha (The Fifth Marauder) says:

    After finishing this playMe slides Priestley 20 So lets talk about that ending huh?

  5. Connie G Connie G says:

    An Inspector Calls has themes of responsibility class structure and social duty Set in 1912 Arthur Birling a wealthy factory owner is celebrating his daughter's engagement to the son of another industrialist The celebration is interrupted by Inspector Goole who is conducting an investigation of the suicide of a working class woman As the Inspector uestions the family members in the dining room it becomes obvious that each person had a connection to the young woman and had treated her badly A chain of events led to her despair The drama is thought provoking with interesting psychological profiles and a strong moral message Written soon after the conclusion of World War II in 1945 during a difficult economic time in Great Britain it also has political and social interpretationsThe play has been performed on stage adapted to film and performed on radio and television It is also a popular text for study in British schools

  6. Amber Amber says:

    Includes spoilersThis is such an awful play I'm going to try and make something coherent out of this rant and I'm sorry if it's long winded but I guarantee you that it will be interesting than the entirety of all three acts Ok so let's startThe play opens up in an upper class English household in 1912 Just in case you couldn't tell Priestly drops hints about it for the entire scene including references to the titanic which incidentally hasn't sunk yet of course Birling still knows enough detail about it to grace his family with and a reference to the great war leaves a sort of horrendously botched attempt at exposition trust me I'm only just getting started Both the titanic and the war are then dismissed by Birling just in case we can't see Priestly's plastering of his overstated character It's so lazy and unsubtle like are you even trying here? Did you even think about what Birling was going to say before you opened his mouth?Blah blah blah everyone is a caricature of themselves it's obvious the fiance is cheating on Shelia from page 3 then after all this bumbling around with the characters saying nothing useful to the plot at all the inspector arrivesCouldn't the play just have started here?Blah blah blah exposition the young female character is the reasonably morally apt family member and yet still manages to be the most un feminist character ever and then we finally start getting into the actual story And let me be perfectly clear when I say that Priestly holds back nothing You won't miss ANYTHING about the plot but you also won't find it out on your own It'll just be presented to you straight up and down style And then we have Eric who started out as the only reasonably amusing character and turned out to be a rapist Good one Priestly Try on all the cliches you wantAlso Why do all the characters react the same way to Eva's death? Why is no one concerned at the end by the strange and completely unexplained inspector's appearance in the first place? Really? Probably because like everything else in the play Priestly only thought about it for around thirty seconds without considering development much like the entire plot layout or any of the charactersPractically it's pretty badly set out too Priestly obviously has never studied the work of Chekhov otherwise he would know that if you have to tell the audience how a character says a line the line isn't good enough I mean come on ReallyMy uestion is What is the point of this play? Is there any conclusion reached that we couldn't have gleamed from the first one dimensional rant from Birling about how great capitalism is? chortle chortle Like we all feel the same way about the characters We all disagree with their stance on life which is never even vaguely concealed at all so unless they were going to do something dramatic why have the play take place at all? sips drinkIn conclusion This play is really bad Priestly seems to write with a paint roller indelicately and probably should have thought the play through before just throwing all of it over the page Don't read this play If you value good characters a well developed plot and some semblance of closure or well timed endings to your literature just avoid this play Don't waste your life on it I feel for the poor souls who have to study this pile of poop at GCSE or A Level I really do

  7. Jonathan Terrington Jonathan Terrington says:

    With its tightly wound and didactic plot 'An Inspector Calls' is among the finer examples of the play world While not as fanciful or elaborate as some of the greatest works by masters such as Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde in his style Priestly manages to pull off what he must It is in fact the simplicity of his work that creates such an appeal because it touches at the heart of humanity and societyThe narrative of the play delves around a mysterious Inspector who interrupts the celebration of a respectable British family It turns out he's arrived to uestion the family about a girl who just committed suicide and has reason to believe certain family members may know why she did so What happens next is unbelievably clever and at the same time highly improbable Yet the point of the play is revealed to be a masterpiece in causing the audience to reflect upon how their interactions with fellow humans could have serious repercussionsI was astounded by this play in a positive way It had a good plot some potent messages and a nice little twist in the end designed to haunt the audience after the curtain descends Still when compared to works such as The Crucible it came up a little short It lacks the flowery elegant style of similar plays preferring to be neater and clinical Which at times can cause characters to appear almost robotic and stiff No doubt when performed this play would rise to another level I fully encourage that anyone interested in plays and classics read this Or at the least watch a play or televised version It truly is worth sinking your teeth into If not for the tight clever and thought provoking plot instead enjoy it for the very fact that it will leave you with perplexing uestion And any work which haunts the reader afterward in a pleasant way deserves to be read and enjoyed in futures to come

  8. Anisha Anisha says:

    Boom MIND BLOWN Seriously it's just so good how it gets revealed in the end

  9. Manny Manny says:

    If it were an Agatha Christie it'd sort of be Orient Express crossed with Roger Ackroyd Perhaps she bet Priestley that those two plots couldn't be combined? view spoilerYesterday I was looking at a review of Princess a book that claims to expose what life is like for women in Saudi Arabia and read that it had been debunked Apparently its heroine is now believed to be a compositeThat did rather remind me of Priestley's play At the beginning of the story a prosperous family is visited by the mysterious Inspector who tells them that a young woman has just killed herself He then confronts each member of the family in turn showing them a picture of the girl and explaining how their actions in various ways have led to the tragic event One of them got her fired from her job another one seduced her and left her when he found she was pregnant and so onIt's clear from the conscience stricken reactions that everything the Inspector says is true But when he leaves the son has a sudden realization Wait a minute he says Note that the Inspector was careful to show each of us the picture in a way that didn't let anyone else see what he was doing How do we know it was the same girl? It probably wasn't We've been hadWhat a relief Everyone feels so much better The victim was just a composite hide spoiler

  10. La Mala ✌ La Mala ✌ says:

    Review to come

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