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Good Poems: American Places [Read] ➱ Good Poems: American Places By Garrison Keillor – Another bestselling anthology from Garison Keillor beautiful verses rooted in the American landscape Garrison Keillor the editor of Good Poems and Good Poems for Hard Times host of The Writer's Almana Another bestselling anthology from Garison Keillor beautiful verses rooted in the American landscape Garrison Keillor the editor of Good Poems and Good Poems for Hard Times host of The Writer's Good Poems: eBook Á Almanac and all around arbiter of fine American poetry introduces another inspiring collection by a range of poets some beloved favorites and others brash unknowns organized by regions of America From Nantucket to Knoxville Manhattan to Minnesota the heart can be exalted anywhere Think of these poems as postcards from Billy Collins Nikki Giovanni William Carlos Williams Naomi Shihab Nye Gary Snyder Mary Oliver and many Like the previous Good Poems collections this volume celebrates the high spirited the witty and antic and jazzy voice that in many ways defines the land of the free Choosing poems full of humor sharp insight and warmth Garrison Keillor once again makes good poetry accessible and immensely enjoyable.

  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Good Poems: American Places
  • Garrison Keillor
  • English
  • 03 November 2016
  • 9780670022540

About the Author: Garrison Keillor

Garrison Keillor born Gary Edward Keillor on August in Anoka Minnesota is an American author storyteller humorist columnist musician satirist and radio personality He is known as host Good Poems: eBook Á of the Minnesota Public Radio show A Prairie Home CompanionKeillor was born in Anoka Minnesota the son of Grace Ruth née Denham and John Philip Keillor who was a carpenter and postal worker.

10 thoughts on “Good Poems: American Places

  1. Michele Michele says:

    How often do you sit down and read a volume of poetry? For me I know it is not enough But I did enjoy this one It was really nice having someone so literary pick and choose what they thought would be good for you to read There were several poems that were so moving I was brought to tears They are also some that are uirky and fun such as the UPS man and Nancy Drew poem I need to do this oftenMy faves18 Moment42Summer Kitchen45 Reverence122 Gate C22158 Arc160 Why I have a crush on you UPS man270 Snow Aldo289 Snow Flakes368 The Trestle379 Nancy Drew421 Meadowbook Nursing HomeHere's a sampleNancy Drew Merely pretty she made up for it with vimAnd she got to say things like But goshwhat if these plans should fall into the wrong hands? and it was pretty clear she didn't mean plans for a party or a trip to the museum but something involving espionage and a Nazi or twoIn fact the handsome exchange student turns out to be a Fascist sympathizer When he snatches Nancy along with some blueprints she knows he has something sinister in mind than kissing her with his mouth openLocked in the pantry of an abandoned farm houseNancy makes a radio out of a shoelace and a muffinPretty soon the police show up and everything's hunky doryNancy accepts their thanks but she's subduedIt's not like her to fall for a cad Even as she plansa short vacation to sort our her emotions she knowsthere will be a suspicious waiter a woman in a green off the shoulder dress and her very jittery husbandVery well But no handsome boys like the last onethe part in his hair that was sheer propulsion that wayhe had of lifting his eyes to hers over the custardthose feelings that made her not want to be braveconfident and daring polite sensitive and caring

  2. Nina Nina says:

    Keillor’s latest anthology is an American travelogue in poetry Travel not just in the context of place but also time history As the title states these poems are uniuely American a celebration of cities suburbs cornfields oceans and weather There is an entire section of poems titled Snow another titled Out West another titled Ocean Brine Contemporary poets predominate many of them not yet widely knownCerise Press published an interview with Thomas Lux in the summer 2009 issue Sally Molini asked Lux about accessible poems Lux’s response partially uoted below describes the poems in this anthology; they are hospitable and they invite the reader to experience the slice of America the poet describes Billy Collins says he prefers the word “hospitable” rather than accessible I think I do too There’s plenty of room for strangeness mystery originalitywildness etc in poems that also invite the reader into the human and alive center about which the poem circles Thomas LuxThe anthology format makes it difficult to select favorite poems to uote as there are simply too many wondrous snapshots In his introduction Keillor states “This is a book of poems in which the poet simply is carried away by a particular place in America” Now it’s your turn Enter over 400 pages of reverence for an American place and prepare to be carried away

  3. Dorothy Dorothy says:

    The only thing that the poems in this book really all have in common is an American voice and sense of place and so they are especially appealing to an American reader I'm not sure if they would be eually as appealing to readers from other parts of the world unless it were a reader who was struggling to get a sense of what these crazy Americans are all about Overall the book is a profile of the uirkiness and diversity that is AmericaThere are so many good poems here but two stand out in my mind as favorites The first is John Updike's Baseball not surprising perhaps since I am a baseball fan and an Updike fan The second is Why I Have A Crush On You UPS Man by Alice N Persons What can I say? As one who looks forward to visits from her UPS man I could relate

  4. Michael Michael says:

    Most free verse sucks It's just stream of consciousness babble formatted to look like poetry or really poorly punctuated paragraphs or just a regular paragraph that someone called poem Whatever This is 444 pages of free verse for the most part I simply do not see the attraction It is so subjective There is no there there I liked about ten poems in this entire book out of than 100 I learned a lot about poetry from The Ode Less Travelled Unlocking the Poet Within by Stephen Fry and while I fully acknowledge that first the kind of poetry one prefers is entirely a matter of personal preference note that I snuck some alliteration in there and second I prefer metered verse or blank verse or something a tad technical that the average free verse poem I freely admit that when free verse does work for me it's wonderful It's just rare So I wrote a free verse poem Maybe Garrison will read it on The Writer's Almanac and put it in his next bookI went to Market Basket tonightamong the frozen peas and Cabotcheddar a light flickered above meululating with the beatof carriage wheelsand cabbagesSee you on the radio kids

  5. Jef Sneider Jef Sneider says:

    Garrison Keillor has done a nice job putting together an assortment of American poems old and new The brief biographies in the reference section makes interesting reading as I tried to understand the poem by knowing the poet This did not often work As a reader new to poetry I enjoyed seeing the variety of poems They were easy to read and follow reflecting various aspects of American life city and rural recent and past The poems made for good bedtime reading This book is the third in a series and the book itself had a nice feel and design I plan to get the others to enjoy as well

  6. Pamela Pamela says:

    This is a very nice selection of poetry reflecting a diverging viewpoints regarding American life as reflected in its geography I particularly liked the balance of well known poets along side those whose work might receive less placement in anthologies

  7. Janice Janice says:

    I always enjoy reading poems by poets I hadn't heard of and this collection gives me that opportunity

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    As the 3rd book in the series this one was okay

  9. Jim Jim says:

    There were a number of good poems in this anthology A lot of repeat offenders too He seems to like non rhyming dark poetry and the same authors a lot but many of his choices were ones I too would have chosen I found many of these to be good introductions to poets I was unfamiliar with and throughout the book I kept stopping and jotting down names of poets and poemsI liked the end with a blurb for each poet

  10. Martha Martha says:

    Despite the way Garrison Keillor irritates me nowadays it’s clear we have a very similar taste in poetry I love his criteria for the poems he selects short usually a bit prose y powerful emotional surprising I also love his creativity in grouping poems In this collection his categories include On the Road A Warm Summer City Life A Sort of Rapture Snow Charming As I read through I bookmark the table of contents so I can checkstarunderline titles and also the author notes at the end so I can find out something about a new name It’s fun to see that someone is from the Twin Cities or taught at Southern Illinois University or some other kind of mythic link to me I love the way he reintroduces me to familiar names too This spring I was bowled over by the William Carlos Williams poem “Spring and All 1923” “By the road to the contagious hospital Lifeless in appearance sluggish dazed spring approaches” This is indeed a northern spring poem – and the resonance and mystery of the remarkable first line is amazing I’ve got Maxine Kumin on my “to readbuy” list because of what I saw of her in this book and my table of contents marks poems by William Stafford Gary Snyder Kate DeMillo WS Merwin Linda Pastan and Charles Bukowski – all poets whose names I know but whose work I’ve read very little of I used DeMillo’s poem “Snow Aldo” as an opening prayer for a church board meeting and I sent Louis Jenkins’ “Earl” to my daughter and several others – it was another poem that delighted me and that I reread for several days Well how else are you to live except by denial by some palatable fiction some little song to sing while the inevitable the black and white blindsiding fact comes hurtling toward you out of the deep?Thank you very much Garrison

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