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  1. Orsolya Orsolya says:

    Could not finish too much of an art history for me I will check out other works from the author though due to the writing being sufficient

  2. Velvetink Velvetink says:

    Holbein is an interesting guy Up to page 220 so far

  3. Anne Holmes Anne Holmes says:

    Interesting I enjoyed this book though of course a lot of it is guess work as he knows Note that Catherine Willoughby was not Charles Brandon's second wife but his fourth His early marriage ventures were shameful

  4. Mary Miller Mary Miller says:

    The last chapter is the best a wonderful read

  5. Sarah - All The Book Blog Names Are Taken Sarah - All The Book Blog Names Are Taken says:

    Had high hopes for this one It was ok Full review to comeMy book blog am not terribly interested in art history but there is something about Hans Holbein the Younger that captures my attention every time I see one of his paintings I was delighted to find a biography about him though as is always the case with figures we revere I also learned some things about the gifted painter that I do not especially care for Additionally there were some major issues with some of the author's facts and a HUGE bias in favor of Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell in particular I'll get to those in a momentGiven the fact that Holbein was an artisan it is not unexpected that major details of his life were not recorded Wilson has to make guesses at certain points with the information we do have filling in the gaps with the most likely scenario While it is frustrating to not know sometimes it is the only option Sadly both Holbein's beginning and end are somewhat shrouded in mystery; we do not know for sure the year he was born or how he died but at least we know the year It is possible the plague is to blame but there is no way to be certain Additionally we do not even know where the artist was laid to rest and his mortal remains are lost to historyHolbein's personal life is the area where we are most lacking in knowledge not surprising It appears he had two families; his wife Elsbeth and their children in Basel and a mistress with whom he had 2 4 children who were young at the time of his untimely death based on guesswork Holbein was around 45 when he passed Based on Holbein's infreuent visits home to Basel it would appear he favored this family as he spent far time in London than his home city Of course London also happened to be where all his major patrons called home before they were systematically and literally destroyed on Henry VIII's orders Thomas More Anne Boleyn Thomas Cromwell but for the author to make the claim that Holbein was a family man yet he almost completely ignored his actual family seems like a leap without the factsThis then brings me to all the issues I found within the book which disappointed me because I am currently reading another by Wilson and have another one sitting on my desk that I am about to start about the Tower of London Anyone who has ever read any of my reviews on books about Anne Boleyn knows I am not a fan so that was strike one against the author for such a dramatic bias in her favor However given later comments he makes about other wives I have a sneaking suspicion that had Anne not been such a pivotal figure in bringing Henry's attention to Protestantism he would have said incredibly nasty and misogynist things about he as well Two examples Wilson is the only author thus far I have read who has referred to Jane Seymour as a 'vapid creature' page 252 Then in regards to ridding Henry of the influence of the Howard clan he says That opportunity was handed to them on a plate by a stupid over sexed young woman page 276 meaning Catherine Howard of courseThe author's heavy bias toward Boleyn and Cromwell this was especially unsettling; yes the religious revolution was exciting but at what expense? I'm not even Catholic and the destruction of the religious houses and all that history disgusts me and the factual errors relating to those at the Tudor court leave me wondering then what he might have gotten wrong them about Holbein the very subject of the biographyStill for those interested I can recommend with some reservation We catch a glimpse of Holbein and the world he lived thrived and struggled in We see how difficult survival could be especially when the king you are trying to gain favor with keeps chopping off the heads of the people who have employed you Interesting read though not without flaws that is for certain

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    There is a lot of good information about Holbein in here and biographies of Holbein are scarce Unfortunately I found the prose nearly unbearable I knew in the first chapter when he used colporteurs and politiues in the same sentence that it was going to be a slog The author was constantly trumpeting his own erudition He freuently employed what he must have felt were witty analogies that I simply found annoying He does a fine job establishing the complex political social and religious background to Holbein's life bit does he have to liken Protestantism to a disease? any hope that the island England might be visited by a weaker strain of the virus or that preventive medicine might lessen its impact proved vain There are eually irritating metaphors throughout Wilson gives two uite different versions of the Thomas MoreStephen Vaughan relationship on pp 154 5 and 180 And he makes claims for Holbein's movements that there is simply no evidence for a second Basel London round trip in 1528 and a return to Basel in 1540 Finally as with so many books of this type the illustrations are woefully inadeuate I read with my iPad at hand to look up images But I would have given this book at least 4 stars had I not been so put off by the way the prose called attention to itself

  7. Angela Joyce Angela Joyce says:

    After admiring his portraits in so many books about other people it was good to finally learn about him A lot of his work makes sense now I'm still most fascinated by the Anne of Cleves portrait

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Hans Holbein Portrait of an Unknown Man ❮Download❯ ➾ Hans Holbein Portrait of an Unknown Man Author Derek Wilson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk One of the greatest artists of the Renaissance Hans Holbein the Younger was also a complex and fascinating man who knew Erasmus Thomas More Henry VIII and many of the sixteenth century's wielders of p One of the greatest artists of Portrait of Epub à the Renaissance Hans Holbein the Younger was also Hans Holbein PDF or a complex and fascinating man who knew Erasmus Thomas More Henry VIII and many of Holbein Portrait of PDF ☆ the sixteenth century's wielders of power and influence He developed his own distinctive attitudes towards Holbein Portrait of an Unknown PDF \ religion politics and social life as he moved among stalwart burghers merchant adventurers and the bejewelled denizens of a glittering courtThe Elizabethan artist Nicolas Hilliard recognised him as 'the greatest Master in portraiture that ever was' Yet the range of Holbein's talent went far beyond painting likenesses He was constantly in demand for trompe l'oeil murals and intricate jewellery designs and he revolutionized book illustration He produced Catholic altarpieces and Protestant propaganda engravings woodcuts and drawings depicting the stories of the bibleIn this fascinating biography acclaimed historian Derek Wilson gives a fresh account of Holbein's motives and paintings suggesting that they included coded signals and propaganda about political figures of the time Hans Holbein Portrait of an Unknown Man is a controversial reinterpretation which presents the artist as a man inextricably bound up in the stirring events of a creative and turbulent age.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Hans Holbein Portrait of an Unknown Man
  • Derek Wilson
  • English
  • 23 October 2016
  • 9781844139187

About the Author: Derek Wilson

Derek Wilson has been a writer Portrait of Epub à of historical fiction and non fiction for Hans Holbein PDF or years His much acclaimed prize winning works have largely centred on th and th century Holbein Portrait of PDF ☆ Europe He has used various pen names for his fiction his current Thomas Treviot Tudor Holbein Portrait of an Unknown PDF \ crime series being written under the name DK Wilson The first books in this series The First Horseman and The Traitor's Mark are based on.