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Art at the Speed of Life [KINDLE] ❆ Art at the Speed of Life By Pam Carriker – Need high energy inspiration when your life gets crazy and your art keeps getting pushed to the back burner Offering terrific mixed media art projects as well as tips for getting organized and inspire Need high energy inspiration when the Speed eBook ¸ your life gets crazy and your art keeps getting pushed to the back burner Offering terrific mixed media art Art at Kindle - projects as well as tips for getting organized and inspired Art at the Speed of Life is a treasure chest of ideas for the artist at the Speed MOBI ☆ whose creative goals sometimes get stymied by the frantic pace of modern life Author and mixed media artist Pam Carriker proves that art and life can coexist peacefully productively and happily Making things every day can be a joyful reality instead of just wishful thinkingEach chapter in Art at the Speed of Life includes both essays and project ideas from a variety of contributors including Suzi Blu Lisa Bebi Christy Hydeck Paulette Insall Cate Calacous Prato The projects are inspiring yet easy to complete on a tight schedule and include techniues such as assemblage image transfer and collage A bonus seven day journal project helps you track your work as you go With a uniue combination of time management tips and advice inspiring essays and projects designed to fit into busy schedules Art at the Speed of Life will help you live your dream of making art every day.

10 thoughts on “Art at the Speed of Life

  1. Chris Chris says:

    The best thing about this book is all the detailed information about making layered backgrounds for mixed media Unfortunately it also made me realize that I am probably not patient enough to make those sorts of backgrounds Oh well I started to skim about halfway through when I found myself nodding off

  2. Erin Erin says:

    This book starts out with a great premise and very inspirational words from the author and various artists I like the handmade journal project that continues through the book and I liked many of the projects included in the book However I found the instructions and photographs to be a bit lacking they needed detail to really explain the steps involved I felt there were omissions in the explanations of these techniues that would be new to anyone who would potentially enjoy this book I think they should have cut down on the inspiration from other artists and left room for project pictures and instruction

  3. Rikelle Rikelle says:

    Great book Can't wait to try some of the projects Filled with lots of eye and soul candy

  4. Sheila Sheila says:

    A nudge for those of us who like making art but get stuck

  5. Megan Megan says:

    This is a fantastic book for anyone who is new to mixed media or art journaling It is packed with projects and well as various techniues and art inspiration from various artists

  6. Kristina Kristina says:

    Not really my “speed”

  7. liberal sprinkles liberal sprinkles says:

    This book is filled with ideas artists' thoughts and inspiration I like the tips on maximizing the time you have to create art especially the one on working on multiple backgrounds at the same time So easy now why didn't I think of that? Many of the suggestions are like this one easily realizable and practical Pam Carriker and her guest artists also share interesting techniues nothing very new but all well executed and explained I did learn new techniues on making papier mache dress collages and Carriker's uicker toilette papier mache both of which I can't wait to try I like how Carriker offers an easier and less time consuming Speed of Life project as an alternative to each chapter's Artist Spotlight project so if you're really strapped for time you can try an different method to create a similar piece uickly The instructions for the projects in the book are uite detailed but I feel they are geared towards the experienced artistscrafters The book is also chokeful of information but I sometimes found it a bit overwhemling there's just so much going on Maybe I'm doing this too much on the go and not sueezing in enough time to absorb it all

  8. Cara Cara says:

    Birthday present This is my current eyebrainidea candy I 3 this book It makes me want to make art messes all the time and it makes me feel like I'd totally be awesome at it It's also trying to make me feel like I can as in have time and actually do it but it hasn't uite gotten that far yet I did buy paint though Loved this book It's great bedtime reading I loved starting at the projects and learning exactly how they were done and it helped me start doing some collage YayAlso for some reason nothing in it sticks in my mind at all so I'll be able to use it for bedtime eye candy over and over I just wish the cover was prettier The picture they used for this book in the Interweave catalog the project on p 70 absolutely sold me on it they should have used that or at least not such a dark background All the pieces are pretty but they come together in sort of an aggressive feel with the lettering style It doesn't match the feel of the book Maybe I should collage up my own as my next project ;

  9. Deborah Deborah says:

    I love all the pictures and projects I was very anxious to try the ten minute journal I am not familiar with watercolor paper and I didn't know which weight of paper to buy and the book suggest a weights I purchased what I thought was a thinnerlighter weight When I went to fold it multiple times I had problems and paper's folds became too thick and I couldn't fold it I placed a sack of flour on the fold to help fold the the paper but eventually I gave up and I scored the paper along the folds and separated in thirds and prepared the pages this way and then recombined the pages I'll try to find a thinnerlighter weight next time if available or maybe just stick to alternating old books Other than that I do enjoy the book very much

  10. Andrea Paterson Andrea Paterson says:

    I was expecting in depth articles but got a whole book of one page overly simplistic snippets that I didn't find very useful The book is beautifully illustrated with contributor art projects so there is some inspiration to be found there However all of the artists create such similar pieces that even that inspiration is limited The suggested projects reuire a ridiculous amount of supplies even though the book features and article on minimizing your craft stash This book was okay to browse through but overall I was disappointed

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