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Classical Ballet Techniue [Read] ➬ Classical Ballet Techniue Author Gretchen Ward Warren – Classical Ballet Techniue is an invaluable guide for students teachers and ballet lovers It not only covers the broad spectrum of ballet vocabulary but also gives sound practical advice to aspiring da Classical Ballet Techniue is an invaluable guide for students teachers and ballet lovers It not only covers the broad spectrum of ballet vocabulary but also gives sound practical advice to aspiring dancers The clarity of the writing in a field notorious for its opaueness is in itself a major achievement Merrill Ashley Principal Dancer New York City BalletAn excellent comprehensive guide to ballet pedagogy valuable to teachers and students alike For many years Gretchen's has been a major voice in the dance community and this extensive work details the study of classical ballet from her Classical Ballet MOBI :Ê uniue and expert point of view I applaud her and I heartily recommend.

10 thoughts on “Classical Ballet Techniue

  1. Liz Liz says:

    Many thanks to Peter for buying me this gorgeous book for my birthdayThis is basically one of the best how to books for ballet you're going to find Most ballet steps are in here along with linking steps as well as ballet standards It's a ballet dancer's bible I learnt a lot from it especially tour jetes my gosh I just can't do them But who knows maybe now I will and I'm not even aspiring to be a professional dancer The most helpful thing is the photos Every photo has instructions underneath but for me being able to see the dancer do it in the photo is the biggest help It also has photos showing incorrect placement posture things like that Every chapter also has notes mostly directed for the teacher Also it has wonderful suggestions for teachers on how to conduct the classroom steps that should be done every class along with tips for progression from beginner to intermediate to advanced and suggested combinationsThe only thing I have a grumble with is really uite superficial Why unitards? Why bodystockings? They look so ugly especially in black and white I can't tell you how many times I was looking at a photo thinking 'is he naked? is she wearing anything?' Oops

  2. Deisy Deisy says:

    so many important things to learn

  3. Megan Megan says:

    This book is a great reference for any aspiring ballerina The books is full of detailed pictures instructions for correctly executing each step A MUST HAVE for a ballerina's library

  4. Edi Edi says:

    This is a well thought book It is sorta old Pictures are descriptive and clear One can get the basic idea of the techniue to apply to one's practice Alternatively watch a video to reinforceWhat is amazing is that the book covers a large number of movements It shows the various names for the same movement Worth checking out

  5. Karen Radius Karen Radius says:

    Great pictorial for all the classic ballet positions etc and wonderful reference

  6. AJ AJ says:

    Beautiful illustrations although I found the flesh toned bodysuits kind of creepy at times and very useful diagrams of techniue A lot of this book is for advanced dancers but even beginners like me can benefit from how to hold the barre properly correct foot and body positioning in each position etc

  7. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    This book saved my life multiple times in college when I would rush back to my dorm after being confronted by some strange step I had never seen before but which everyone else seemed to have mastered years ago An indispensable resource

  8. Shayla Shayla says:

    The Ballet Bible Beautiful pictures of beautiful dancers She tries to show all ways of doing each step from all schoolings Although it would be impossible for it to be 100% complete she does a decent job

  9. Z Z says:

    An amazing guide to ballet complete with pictures and descriptions of the movements There's a reason that we refer to this as the Bible in my ballet school

  10. Friedrich Friedrich says:

    the most comprehensive photographic guide to classical techniue available it's expensive but buy the hardcover

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