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  1. Wanda Wanda says:

    35 starsAnother preuel as we learn both how Vlad came to the be ruthless assassin that he is and how he got involved insurvived one of his old war stories Brust must not have figured out yet how to move on after book 3 in which Vlad and his wife Cawti find themselves in conflict over a resistance movement A return to the past gives us the old Vladimir who is cheerfully amoral and who only experiences twinges of conscience from time to time The wise cracking Loiosh his familiar a flying lizard provides some comic relief as do Vlad’s wry comments I am sure that Brust must have been familiar with Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat series—he created another charismatic criminal in Vlad though maybe not uite so conscience free as Slippery Jim DiGriz Giving Vlad magical talents was an inspired additionBecause there are two stories involved there is a fair bit of shifting back and forth between the two This can be a bit confusing until you get into the rhythm of it Once you are aware of what to expect things go smoothlySeries like this one foreshadow the snarky smart cracking main characters that I currently enjoy in urban fantasy Vlad’s weakness teleportation makes him nauseous humanizes him a bit He also builds a group of people around himself—perhaps not friends but at least co operative allies Those are perhaps some of the reasons why Vlad’s stories appeal to me as much as they do I can see Vlad as the predecessor of characters like Harry Dresden The Dresden Files and Atticus O'Sullivan The Iron DruidBook 234 of my Science Fiction Fantasy reading project

  2. Melissa McShane Melissa McShane says:

    With Vallista coming out soon and having finished listening to the Vorkosigan Saga from beginning to end I decided listening to Brust's Vlad Taltos books would be a great idea But I've read most of them multiple times sowhy not take advantage of this opportunity to read them in internal chronological order?So my husband and I started with Taltos The earliest segment is actually the prologue to Jhereg but we decided not to break down the books piecemeal It is the weirdest experience reading it out of order so to speak and I really can't recommend that new readers to the series do it this way Brust is a master at keeping track of which of his characters knows what when and with this book number 4 in publication order he's jumping back in time to when Vlad doesn't know Morrolan or Sethra Lavode and Aliera barely exists And at least some of the fun is in knowing the kind of relationship they will have in the future something you don't have if you start with this one view spoilerAnd knowing why Kieron the Conueror gives Vlad the stink eye which you only do if you've read Jhereg first There's just so much going on hide spoiler

  3. Bradley Bradley says:

    This is actually a solid 35 stars What do you call a preuel of a preuel? We're heading into Vlad's personal past again but this time only a few years after his days as a tavern ownerThe story is the most straightforward with the least digressions of any of Brust's novels I've read except during the last third of the novel when I was forced to shift back and forth between current action and flashback regularly Both seuences were interesting on their own but something about reading them together seemed a little iffy It wasn't wrong per se but it seemed kinda uselessThat's not to say I didn't entirely enjoy reading about his first assassinations or his first really big job but frankly I just wanted of the main action which felt so much importantNot to give such plot secrets away but my biggest enjoyment in the novel was learning how Vlad met and gained the trust and friendship of the inhabitants of Castle Black Such recurring involvements were often dark and thoroughly interesting like a cat playing with a dragon and their evident trust and approval of Vlad had always appeared to be an inexplicable mystery in the first books Well Now I Know The Rest Of The StoryI'd like to say that this novel stands well on its own and it does for the most part but in my mind it falls way too neatly into the category of a flashback of a flashbackIt was okayThe story might have had a better impact on me if it hadn't been cheapened by Vlad's past within the pastThe main action could have been made much better with a truly interesting climax that didn't merely serve as the purpose of putting the Dragon Lord in his favor Making a new spell is fine and good of course but we're talking about the land of the gods here We've got practically unlimited resources to go wild here and the only real conflict I got to enjoy was a mild sense of why these four characters wind up as friendsI guess I feel a pretty large sense of wasted opportunity in the otherwise well written continuing adventures of mr assassin I wanted to like it of course

  4. Kat Hooper Kat Hooper says:

    35 Excellent audioTaltos is the fourth novel in Steven Brust’s series about Vlad Taltos a human crime boss in the fantasy world of Dragaera where humans are short of stature and lifespan compared to the species that rule the world Taltos is actually a preuel to the previous novels Jhereg Yendi Teckla in which Vlad tells us about an incident that happened years ago while he was solidifying his reputation as a new crime lord One of his lackeys tried to cheat him so Vlad went after him instead of letting the guy get away because he didn’t want to seem weak to his rivals The man fled to Castle Black an elusive floating castle owned by the Dragonlord Morrolan Vlad followed This is how he met some of the main characters who we already know from the previous novels including Morrolan the powerful sorceror Read More

  5. Jennifer Wheeler Jennifer Wheeler says:

    It’s always odd to me when I run into a series that at first I really seem to either outright dislike or am apathetic towards and it suddenly takes a right turn This 4th book in the Vlad Taltos series has done that I enjoyed it a great deal than the first three and am now looking forwards to the rest of the series I’ve gotten used to the timeline jumping about publication order seems to have nothing at all to do with chronological order and I’m actually interested in where the storyline is heading I like the characters and have a better grasp on the world the storyline takes place in Dragaeran Elven Hopefully the rest of the series continues in this vein

  6. Scott Scott says:

    I absolutely love this series Can't recommend enough If you haven't read it and are a fan of fantasy do yourself a favor and start it

  7. Daphne Daphne says:

    My favorite Vlad Taltos book so far It was made much interesting to go back and visit the start of Vlad's career after getting to know him in his full power in the first three books

  8. Chris McGrath Chris McGrath says:

    I read this immediately after Jhereg since I didn't have book 2 available at the time and it's chronologically the earliest book in the series Unfortunately it was a much weaker book for a few reasonsFirst it's a preuel which isn't always a bad thing but it seems to exist only to explain how Vlad becomes friends with some of his cohorts from the first book unless there were some other important revelations I missed by reading it out of orderSecond there are two different preuel stories being told from different parts of Vlad's life and these are split up by switching back and forth between timelines every few paragraphs I have seen this done well when split by chapters but this rapid shifting is pretty jarring especially once I switched to the audiobook And we're given snippets of a third timeline at the beginning of each chapter which eventually reveal themselves to be part of the end of one of the main timelines which was a nice touch but didn't really do much for the story eitherThird the stories themselves are simply not that engrossing and the two stories don't seem to have any reason to exist side by side What we have here is essentially two unrelated preuel novellas that would be fine uick reads on their own but when combined into a novel especially in the way they are suished together I presume because he wanted to stick to his 17 chapter format just didn't grab me at all; neither was very exciting25 stars kindly rounded up to 3 only because I didn't actively dislike the book Not sure I'd recommend other readers even bother with it though Maybe my opinion will change after I've read books 2 and 3

  9. Stassi Andreeva Stassi Andreeva says:

    Compared to the previous book this one is awesome It's the funniest so far very witty and gives us a lot of insight on how the Vlad we know actually came to be It's a solid 4 for me would've been a 45 but the paragraphs at the beginning of every chapter were kinda annoying for me

  10. Anna Anna says:

    The one where Vlad meets Morrolan Sethra and Aliera

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Taltos Vlad Taltos #4 ❰Download❯ ✤ Taltos Vlad Taltos #4 Author Steven Brust – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Journey to the land of the dead All expenses paidNot my idea of an ideal vacation but this was work After all even an assassin has to earn a living The trouble is everyone knows that a living human ca Journey to the land of the dead All expenses paidNot my idea of an ideal vacation but this was work After all even an assassin has to earn a living The trouble is everyone knows that a living human cannot walk the Paths of the Dead and return alive to the land of men But being an Easterner is not exactly like being human by Dragaeran standards anyway Thus the rule doesn't apply to me I hope.

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