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Pokemon Strategy Guide (For Nintendo Game Boy) [Download] ✤ Pokemon Strategy Guide (For Nintendo Game Boy) ➸ Jason R. Rich – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Pokemon is the hottest character license from Nintendo This beautiful full color guide presents a walkthrough of the popular Game Boy game valuable strategies for capturing and training pocket monster Pokemon is the hottest character license from Nintendo This beautiful full color guide presents a walkthrough of the popular Game Boy game valuable strategies for capturing and training pocket monsters and an identification guide to all known Pokemons Author Jason Rich has gone straight to the source for inside information that will be Pokemon Strategy PDF/EPUB or treasured by collectors and enthusiasts in this fully Nintendo authorized story book and companion guide.

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  1. Cassie Cassie says:

    It gets an extra star purely for nostalgia's sake but this was a terrible book It barely even ualifies as a book It was basically someone playing the game and writing down in the simplest language what happened A Let's Play for the pre internet era maybe

  2. Ethan Ethan says:

    Ah Pokémon Probably the most popular anime of the 90's It wasn't my first anime Sailor Moon holds that honor but it was definitely a highlight among my childhood cartoons And of course I loved the original video games which is why I've picked them up when visiting Japan Unlike in the Western world you can find the classic Pokémon games for very affordable prices there even when they're mint in the original box crazy but trueBut since the topic of this review isn't the video games but rather the book let's take our attention back to thatThe book is essentially a player's guide to the games naming the protagonist Ash and the rival Gary a la the anime It has Ash take Charmander for his starter as was the most common choice at the time and serves as a good walkthrough Probably what I enjoy the most about the book is that each page features Pokémon illustrations by Ken Sugimori the original artist for the video games and TCG Personally I find his art very nostalgic to look at so to read a walkthrough of what I grew up playing while at the same time seeing throwback style art takes me back Probably my only issue with the book though is some inconsistencies First off the book omits Ash's battle with Gary at Saffron City and if I'm not mistaken the one before he reaches the Indigo Plateau is also omitted The biggest problem is that the final battle has Gary use Exeggutor Gyarados and Charizard when he should be using Arcanine Exeggutor and Blastoise because he took Suirtle at the beginning This is a pretty glaring mistake and takes away from the experience but since the book is otherwise faithful it's not completely ruined especially because it makes mention of the secret 151st Pokémon case in point Mew at the endOverall the book is a fun read for any Pokémon fan who grew up on the classic games andor enjoys Ken Sugimori's art If only for the nostalgic value it provides Rating 35 out of 5

  3. Baconmau5 Baconmau5 says:

    A lets play in written form It was trash but nostalgia wins Didnt have a gameboy so reading this book was the closest i got to playing the game lel

  4. Baul De Baul De says:

    Jason RRich crea una ficción alrededor de la historia de Pokémon Rojo y Azul las dos entregas primigenias de la marca En ambos juegos la historia es la misma el jugador encarna a un su alter ego ue se hace entrenador Pokémon y tiene como meta llegar a ser el mejor y derrotar a su rival El jugador puede personalizar los nombres de todos los personajes pero en esta novela Rich ha optado por usar los nombres americanos el protagonista es Ash el mentor del protagonista el profesor Oak y el rival a batir es GaryAsí pues Rich relata en tercera persona todo el videojuego los diferentes retos a los ue debe hacer frente el jugador los combates lugares ue visita y acontecimientos en los ue participa En sus casi cien páginas se detalla todo los pormenores del videojuego no a modo de guía sino como si de una historia fan fanfic se tratara Todo desde un lenguaje sencillo y muy accesible se trata de un libro para un público infantil una extensión más de mundo Pokémon puedes jugarlo pero también leerlo si uieres Un libro agradable muy para fans del videojuego original Algo desfasado en pleno 2016 pero reivindicable para auellos nostálgicos ue uieran volver a revivir sus pokeaventuras en unas pocas páginasToda la reseña auí

  5. Sarah LeFay Sarah LeFay says:

    Other than the part where this was called Pokemon Pathways to Adventure and was actually about Ash and his level 76 Charizard that he got by never using any other Pokemon I remember this perfectly even though I was 6 when I read it and have no idea where the book got to But how did he win EVERY battle with his Chareptile? Huh? Answer me that JasonRich

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Fun adventure

  7. Jamjars Jamjars says:


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