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Night Whispers [Read] ➵ Night Whispers ➼ Judith McNaught – Küçük ve sakin bir kasabada polis olan Sloan Reynolds güzel akıllı kendine güvenen ve herkesin sevdiği bir genç kadındır Her zaman herkesin yardımına koşar; bir miniğin dallara takılan Küçük ve sakin bir kasabada polis olan Sloan Reynolds güzel akıllı kendine güvenen ve herkesin sevdiği bir genç kadındır Her zaman herkesin yardımına koşar; bir miniğin dallara takılan uçurtmasını indirmek için ağaca tırmanırken de bir yaşlının kayıp köpeğini ararken de hep aynı sevecenlik içindedir Derken otuz yıldır kendisini hiç aramamış olan babası Sloan'ı kız kardeşini ve kendisini yakından tanıyabilmesi için son derece şık bir kasaba olan Palm Beach'e davet eder Genç kız gitmek istemez ancak FBI ajanı Paul Richardson devreye girer ve Palm Beach'te yapacağı bir araştırmaya yardımcı olabilmesi için Sloan'ı bu teklifi kabul etmeye zorlarSloan Palm Beach'e gider yaşamı boyunca hiç karşılaşmadığı babasını kız kardeşini ninesini yakından tanır ve Beyaz Atlı Prens i ile karşılaşır Yakıcı bir aşk yaşarken umulmadık gelişmeler olacak ve Sloan üzücü ikilemler yaşayacaktırPopüler romanın en tanınmış yazarlarından olan Judith McNaught okuyucular için tam anlamıyla bir hazineLiterary Times.

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Night Whispers
  • Judith McNaught
  • Turkish
  • 01 March 2016
  • 9789753311861

About the Author: Judith McNaught

McNaught is a New York Times Best Selling Author with than forty million copies of her novels in print in over eighty countries and than thirty languages She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance subgenre.

10 thoughts on “Night Whispers

  1. Meret Magdi Meret Magdi says:

    4 stars❤This was my first Judith Mcnaught book❤It started my Judith Mcnaught addiction xDThis book was so goodI loved it ❤Noah Maitland❤

  2. Mo Mo says:

    35 starsAnother good read but Didn’t uite make the 5 stars though Not sure what was missing but something was “Being brave doesn't mean you're never afraid Being brave means that even though you're scared you still do what you should do” Even the sex scenes were lacking something My expectations might have been a bit too high as I really liked the previous two books in the seriesIt was shorter than most of her other books and I found it ended sort of abruptly I mean I got closure and my HEA but there should have been something

  3. Karla Karla says:

    375 stars

  4. Jo Jo says:

    Another great romance from an author I’ve come to love Sloan was a great heroine although her naïveté and innocence sometimes felt a bit OTT But I loved her loyalty and her sassiness and I loved how much she believed in Noah in the end Noah was very sexy and I loved how intensely he was attracted to Sloan right from the beginning The romance was great I loved the chemistry between Sloan and Noah and how awkward she was around him at first Luckily Noah is patient and determined and he was set on wooing Sloan no matter how many times she tried to push him away The secondary characters were great and I especially loved Noah’s father and sister For me Judith McNaught euals passionate and beautiful love stories like Someone to Watch Over Me Paradise and Perfect and while this book didn’t come near the excellence of the others I still really enjoyed it If you’re a fan of this author then this is definitely a must read and for those who have not yet read Judith McNaught you are missing out

  5. Sophie ♥ Sophie ♥ says:

    I have a lot to say about this book It's definitely one that I want to share my opinions and thoughts with you guys on So I know a lot of you are familiar with Judith McNaught's stormy and passionate 'epics' but her recent works have been reaching further towards the crime genre So my first piece of advice to any of you who are considering reading this book is this don't expect the tragically beautiful love stories that characterise her older books Night Whispers Every Breath You Take and Someone To Watch Over Me are no longer the expertly crafted romances that Judith is known for This is not to say they are not enjoyable that is certainly a matter of opinion but the prime focus of her most recent books is mystery and murder In a nutshell this book can be summed up as an investigation into a web of lies deceit and fraud followed by a climatic murder some misunderstandings and a uick resolution Compared to her other books Night Whispers is a relatively short read of 464 pages The heroine Sloan is a down to earth policewoman who is completely devoted to her job Her father left with her sister thirty years ago and as a result they were raised in completely different worlds Her modest upbringing was a long way from the social whirl of Palm Beach the world inhabited by her father and her sister Paris Total strangers to Sloan they have never tried to contact her until a sudden invitation arrives to meet them and indulge in the Palm Beach social season Sloan refuses until Paul Richardson informs her that her father is a suspect in a case of fraud She agrees to go undercover and try to find evidence to incriminate him Instead she falls in love with Noah Maitland a business associate of her father who is also being investigated for fraud and begins building a relationship with her sister After the sudden murder of their great grandmother Sloan is wrongly accused of the murder and her cover is blown Paul pursues his investigation of Noah even though he is entirely innocent and Noah can't believe that Sloan has betrayed him Eventually everything turns out perfectly with Sloan and Paris's father being arrested Paris and Paul getting together and Noah and Sloan reconcilingThroughout this book I saw glimpses of Judith McNaught's sophistication and clever wit but because the focus of the story truly wasn't on the romance the relationship between Noah and Sloan is poorly developed What could've otherwise been an intriguing love affair was passed off as a uick fling leaving me feeling less than satisfied Paul and Paris's story is never truly told although we do know they do end up marrying and having their happily ever after For those of you who were looking forward to reading Paul's story after the part he played in Perfect I think you'll be disappointed to hear he's become a lot jaded and cynical in this book Even though crime thrillers aren't my thing I don't think this book was a complete disappointment I still found myself enjoying it at moments and holding my breath to see what would happen next My main criticism would be the lack of romance I suppose if this book was longer there would be much potential for a well developed love story but I don't believe that was Judith's intent She has been known for switching genres to challenge herself and move away from stereotyping her writing style If you are a Judith fan I would recommend this book I would also recommend it to those who enjoy a bit of mystery and murder If you are neither of these then I don't believe you will be interested in reading this oneRate 35 4 stars

  6. Susan Susan says:

    This is an unoriginal boring unattractive bookSloan Reynolds is a very beautiful woman who is attractive to all men and she doesn't know it She is short blonde curvy and has lavender blue eyes That is the most merciful description you will get of her appearance because the author deigns it useful to remind you almost constantly and always with a mention of how gorgeous she is Sloan is continuously complimented by those around her because of her extraordinary kindness and intelligence She doesn't actually do anything commendable the author just makes a big deal out of every single act of helpfulness She also has no vices There is nothing to add depth to this character at all and the only reason she is extraordinary to characters in this book is that the author has gone to great lengths to pretend she is Everyone else just exists to make up the numbersThere are perhaps only two characters in this book worth reading about and they don't get enough time of day Edith Reynolds is Sloan's estranged great grandmother and is a strict cunning woman with heart than her daughter and grandson Unfortunately she is also exploited by the author's need to prove Sloan irresistable She is made to approve of everything she does and says even when it makes no sense and is then view spoiler murdered hide spoiler

  7. Aisyah Aisyah says:

    this is my 1st Judith McNaught book because of it and the effects after reading it i have to give it a 5starthe effects? i bought ALL JM books and loving each of them though i am inclined to rate it less than 5 as compared to her other books this 5 star represent the honour of it for changing my life chewahhh

  8. Bedoor Khalaf Bedoor Khalaf says:

    Very enjoyable I love the way Mcnaught describes the characters in details The plot is very interesting

  9. Elvie Doll Elvie Doll says:

    This book felt formulaic and tired Also the first uarter of the book is filled with people and situations that I would avoid to my utmost in reality which made that part of the story trying The heroine's biological clock is practically deafening her her mother comes across as a brainless twit her best friend is portrayed to be shallow and mercenary and her boss is such a blatant chauvinist that he ought to be up to his neck in lawsuits Is it any wonder that I was uestioning whether I would even finish this book?Things improve with a change of venue which completely changes out that cast of characters with the exception of the heroine She predictably gets immediately swept into a sizzling romance with the brilliant sexy single billionaire next door Because they're just lying around for the taking all over the place He is the reuisite jaded womanizer soured on women and relationships who nevertheless is instantly entranced and sexually captivated by our naive near virginal sweetheart heroine someone so flawless you need shades so as not to be blinded by her haloAnyone who tries to bill this book as a suspense story is yanking your chain The murder mystery is simplistic and easily solved and the story revolves entirely around the relationships the heroine develops with her billionaire and some long lost family members Even the McNaughtian Great Misunderstanding which temporarily separates the two lovers seems limp and easily conuered compared to previous offerings although since the Great Misunderstanding is probably my least favorite McNaught trope this was not really a negative for me This one was easily solved because the characters got around to unstopping their ears and behaving like rational people much uickly than usualDespite these flaws fans of McNaught's modern romances will probably find things to enjoy about this book It benefits from her fluid prose the pert witty banter in which her characters engage the lush sweet sensuality of the physical romance and the pleasure of having nearly every character's problems tied up in neat bows by the end of the story even if some of the HEAs seem pat to the point of absurdityAll in all this is the stalest of McNaught's books that I've read so far McNaught is a talented writer She just needs to get a new playbook

  10. Susan Susan says:

    Yuck Bluck Ick Judith McNaught is well known for her very thick scenes thick meaning lots of description good backstory maybe a tad too much internal dialogue But her characterizations and storytelling are what make her stories great readsNot so this bookNight Whispers reads like a ghostwriter wrote it It was filled with very thin scenes and barely any romance which for a romantic suspense is a touch odd and a way too transparent suspense that wasn't suspenseful I gave it 100 pages which is when the heroine met the romantic interest and it still didn't pick up speed I skimmed and scanned to the end and realized I missed absolutely nothingSniff sniff I hate wasting my time with a bad book And as an author myself I hate giving bad reviews But I'm not on Goodreads to lie either

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