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Perfect [Epub] ❧ Perfect ➛ Judith McNaught – Kuşkusuz acıklı çocukluğunun kaosundan sıyrılıp kusursuz bir yaşam yaratmayı başaran bir genç kızın korkunç bir suçla itham edilirken inatla masum olduğunu iddia eden genç bir adamla Kuşkusuz acıklı çocukluğunun kaosundan sıyrılıp kusursuz bir yaşam yaratmayı başaran bir genç kızın korkunç bir suçla itham edilirken inatla masum olduğunu iddia eden genç bir adamla karşılaşmasının ve ikisini birbirine bağlayan çaresizlik aşk ateşi ve tutkunun dramatik öyküsüdürKoruyucu aileler arasında sürüklenirken kendisini evlat edinen ailenin sevgi şemsiyesi altında yüreğinin yaraları iyileşen Julie Mathison hayat dolu bir genç kıza dönüşmüştür Yaşadığı küçük Teksas kasabasında öğretmenlik yapmakta; kendisine koşulsuzca verilen sevgiyi sevgiyle geri ödemek ve hayalindeki 'kusursuz' hayata ulaşmak için elinden geleni yapmaktadırVe Bir gün Julie'nin hayatı karısını öldürmekle suçlanan Oscar ödüllü yönetmenaktör Zachary Benedict'in hayatıyla kesişirTeksas hapishanesinden kaçan Zack genç kızı rehin alır ve Colarado tepelerine götürür Julie dehşet içinde ondan kaçıp kurtulmak içinden elinden geleni yapar; ancak bu yakışıklı yabancıya umarsızca kapılmıştır ve beyninde genç adamın masum olduğunu fısıldayan bir türlü susturamadığı bir ses vardırSİ.

About the Author: Judith McNaught

McNaught is a New York Times Best Selling Author with than forty million copies of her novels in print in over eighty countries and than thirty languages She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance subgenre.

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  1. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    DNF after 200 pagesYou know I usually have a lot of patience when it comes to booksI don't mind if they first do it at 70%They don't even have to do it at allI don't mind if the story progresses slowlyIt doesn't have to progress at allAS LONG AS I GET MY HEROES IN THE SAME SCENES TOGETHERSeparations in the book I just don't like everIn this one the hero and the heroine didn't even meet until page 150I mean THAT much detail about their pasts is really REALLY not necessary I could give you a recap of everything that you need to know in a couple of sentencesAnyway I thought I could continue after they've actually met but by then I completely lost interest in it and now I simply don't care about the book at allI had the same problem in the first book from this series and I thought it would be different but sadly no So here's me saying goodbye forever to Judith McNaught's contemporaries

  2. Mo Mo says:

    My re read was just as PERFECT the second time around “She wept with shame for her lack of will and with fear for a love she couldn't control” I loved this one It’s an oldie but stands the test of time Rugged charming alpha heroSweet hometown innocent heroine What’s not to like? Long ago and far away
 I dreamed a dream one day
And now that dream is here beside meLong the skies were overcast
But now the clouds have passed
You're here at lastChills run up and down my spine
Aladdin's lamp is mine
The dream I dreamed was not denied meJust one look and then I knew
That all I longed for long ago was youChills run up and down my spine
Aladdin's lamp is mine
The dream I dreamed was not denied meJust one look and then I knew
That all I longed for long ago was you For the first time in his life he finally knew how it felt to have a home and a family Julie was his home his family It had drama romance laughter tears family friendship misunderstandings make ups everything I love in a good bookLoved catching up with the characters from the previous book Matt and Meredith

  3. A. A. says:

    35 StarsOnce again I’m impressed with the author’s ability to tell a story and create such a well developed storyline And once again I didn’t get the maximum satisfaction from it After reading Paradise and all of the reviews here I was sure I was about to read a story of epic proportionsA prison escape?A tortured cold brooding hero?A smart and strong heroine?The enemies to lovers trope?I'm falling for my captor theme?A slow burn romance?Except the proportions were not so epicI can’t say I didn’t enjoy it because I did I liked the story but it was so damn long It took forever for the main characters to meet and then to finally get together Sure the hero had some brooding and assholish ualities but his mood swings and behavior changes from cold and grumpy to saccharine sweet and sappy were giving me whiplash The heroine on the other hand was too perfect too idolized in my opinion And the whole prison escape thing? It seemed kind of laughable to me I don't know much about the US legal system and prison rules and policies except from movies but I don’t understand how a person serving a sentence of imprisonment is allowed to drive a prison warden to town every week and go grocery shopping and do other chores alone and unsupervised ?Overall this was a lengthy and uite an exhausting read with an interesting plot lost in the sea of details and twists I don’t know why but I feel like this author’s descriptive style just doesn’t work for me I’m sure I would have loved it had I read it when it was first published

  4. Miss Kim Miss Kim says:

    Well what can I say? The title says most of it I found this book Perfect I loved it and couldn’t put it down for the first 450 pages Then I had to work and was so ticked that I couldn’t get right back to it It was written in the early nineties and does have a little bit of a dated feel but that didn’t bother me at allIn the late 70’s Zack was brought up in an extremely wealthy yet cold family environment At 18 he is heartlessly thrown out He ends up in Hollywood working a job that happens to land him on a movie set The director ‘discovers’ him and he becomes the biggest movie star in the country overnight In 1988 he is convicted of murdering his wife a famous actress He’s sitting in jail in Texas five years later ready to execute his escape planJulie was born on the streets of Chicago and abandoned She fell into the system moving from home to home Because of her life as a small child she had a lot of health problems that kept her out of school Yet her teachers promoted her to the next grade anyway because she was ‘a good girl’ By age 12 she was basically illiterate and starting to hang out with the rougher kids She is given a break by a psychologist that places her in a wonderful family in Texas She grasps at this new chance for life with both hands and never looks back Over the years she lives her life ‘perfect’ She becomes a school teacher for at risk and handicapped children she’s active in her small town community and she’s ‘kind of’ engaged to a man who is soon to be a minister After part of Zack’s original escape plan gets botched he ends up carjacking Julie and making her drive him to a secluded cabin in Colorado You can really feel the torment with Zack not really wanting to involve her but he is in survival mode He can’t let her go; because he knows she’ll go directly to the police Or will she? After a few days she begins to see what a complicated yet caring man he is She starts to doubt that this man is capable of murdering his wife They spend a week together in total seclusion She falls in love with him and he will not admit it to her or himself that he loves her too Once he feels it’s safe for him to leave the cabin and send her on her way home he coldly severs ties with her and she is crushed He intends to hideaway from the world and live as someone else and she wants him to try to prove he is innocent of murdering his wife; let alone guilty of kidnappingThis story is so emotional I teared up a lot I was rooting for both of them the entire time Zach has never felt love from anyone before and he has such a hard time accepting it; especially from someone as pure as Julie When he finally admits he loves her in a letter it is SO good There is good suspense plot action tears joy passion I just loved it

  5. Sophie ♥ Sophie ♥ says:

    Rate Infinity and beyond ∞There is no review I could ever write that will do this book justice I can't even say this book is perfect not because it's cheesy but because this book will never be just one word Reading this book isn't just reading some words on some pages and enjoying the story No these seven hundred and four pages are like nothing I've ever read before I can't even say that any of the other Judith McNaught books I've read come close to the brilliance of this one As much as I loved Paradise Matt and Meredith's story kept coming close to but not reaching as far as Perfect did Paradise made me feel every emotion I have ever felt before but Perfect made me feel those and so many new emotions Emotions there aren't even names for yet Perfect had me trembling so hard tortured sobbing for relief and frightened to the point of nausea but somehow there was never a moment where I wanted it to end To sum up briefly Perfect tells the story of Zack Benedict once the most admired and adored actordirector of Hollywood but now a convicted murderer serving a 45 year sentence for a murder he didn't commit and Julie Mathison the kind and endlessly loving school teacher who devotes all her time to helping disabled children and illiterate women After Zack successfully escapes prison he abducts Julie and forces her to drive him to a hideaway house in the Colorado mountains Initially Julie is frightened and desperate to be released from captivity but with every minute spent in the presence of Zack she soon realises he is no murderer and her treacherous heart falls in love with him even though doing so will only guarantee her a lifetime of heartbreak pain and longing From the beginning to the very end this novel took my heart and ran away with it Zack was easily established as the tortured and dispaired hero who desperately deserved someone to love him Julie's kindness and unwavering love were exactly what Zack needed I say that Julie's love was unwavering because even though she did betray him she never stopped loving him And you Zack said somberly tipping her chin up are an angel Do you have any idea how I've felt every time I watched you on that film?She shook her head and he said I felt loved Incredibly completely unconditionally loved Even when you thought I was a deranged murderer you were still fighting and crying for meAt first I found it hard to come to terms with Julie's betrayal but in the end I didn't find myself blaming her She truly did believe she was doing the right thing but the way it happened was so tragic it tore at my heart The scene at the Mexican airport will forever stay with me When Zack and Julie are reunited the book takes on the same playful tone it did during their happy moments in Colorado but this time Judith McNaught lets readers enjoy the laughter and joyfulness without heartbreak around the corner The last 80 pages of the book are filled with the tiny moments that make love whilst the first 600 or so show us the angst and agony of achieving something so magical If you haven't already read this book I would recommend this to you with all of my heart My all time favourite book and definitely one I see myself re reading over and over

  6. WhiskeyintheJar WhiskeyintheJar says:

    For uotescomments as I read and others commentary Buddy Read Perfect700pgs 700 PAGES The first 30% was good with amazing development and laying foundation down for our characters In newer published books that first 30% would have been edited down to around 10% I miss layers like that Having said that oh my god could a lot have been edited out I think Secondary characters that seemed to add depth to the story characters and setting started to become skim worthy as they didn't seem to add to the main arc There's twin sisters that add flavor and a thinking commentary storyline but towards the end I was wondering what the point was Adding to a lesser degree the heroine's boyfriend Greg? and the storyline of a FBI agent falling in love with heroine They add to the layers of the story but they also meander the reader from the main arc and end up disappearing with no real conclusion; I was left with what's the point?” This would not only satisfy your old tv show Dynasty cravings this would fulfill 3 seasons worth I feel like I lived three lifetimes reading this Season One is the childhood of our heroine and hero and the development of how they came to be as adults Season Two is the November sweeps lust murder kidnapping and D rama and Season Three is the lies betrayal revelations and happily ever after All this D rama of secondary character stories lusting murder and life living is told through an early '90s romance view point I ended up not liking the hero because of his overly aggressive I know you love mewant me so I'm going to sexually man handle you until your body forces you to admit it a heroine who could be read Mary Sue ish with some innocent too sweet to be real 26yr old virgin wishy washy and Perfect a puritanical vibe and a overhanging view that good wives are cooking and doing laundry The murder mystery got a bit washed out as it was pushed to the background by the D rama and not for my 21st century woman self views After I read the last sentence I started to think about the ranting review I was going to type up until I saw the Author's Note Due to our heroine's childhood she grew up illiterate until the 5th grade As a result she becomes a middle school teacher and after hours teaches adult women to learn how to read Then in the note the author talks about how harshly illiteracy affects women which is also shown through secondary characters heroine's grown women students she weaves in how women are trapped in abusive relationships and poverty because of their illiteracy She brings up a program called Literacy Pass It On a program funded by Coors Light and how it is working to help women gain literacy I looked the program up and through my weak uick research it went five years and earned 5 million dollars looks like they were shooting for 40mil Was this whole book a story rife with sexism and clearly a prevailing view of its time showing and relating to women a cloak for a message of how women are held back and a way to help prevent that? Maybe maybe not It is why I love the romance genre because there is a message here even if its veiled because maybe it had to be Social commentary and women reaching out to women hearing acknowledging and addressing our issues that is what is commonly hidden behind those bare chest men covers Did I like the story as a whole? No too much editing needed main couple's relationship was not built on a believable solid foundation and the whole Dynasty like D rama However the sub plot of illiteracy and its harmful effects on women and how we can help them? Sign me up every time Secret The romance genre is chalk full of this and why I'm signed up a lot for these booksThe Literacy Pass It On Program is not around any but please considering donating whatever you can at any literacy non profitcharity Share the love of reading

  7. Jan Jan says:

    This book was such a great surprise I’ve started 5 books and was getting uite desperate to find my mojo back when this book was recommended to meIt is kind of an all in one packed with action mystery comedy and romance However what touched me the most was the suffocating feeling of helplessness due to the injustice committed against Zach Balance harmony and justice rule my sign Libra ♎ I despise injusticeSo let me start getting the negative out of my way first grandma StanhopeMy only issue in the story is that I was left holding a grudge against herShe didn't deserve forgiveness so easilyWhat an evil witchWhen that predictable making peace scene happened I had to roll my eyes only to soon be taken by surprise with another tearful moment One of the many I have to sayI'm Jamison Zachary Arthur StanhopeSo that was itNow that the bad is out of my way I am ready to tell a little bit about this amazing storyJulie is a teacher in a little town She is fiery funny stubborn witty intelligent brave generous and compassionateZack is a Hollywood actordirector on top of his game – Until his wife is murdered when they both were shooting a movie and Zack became the principal suspect Condemned for a crime he didn't commit Zack is sentenced to 45 years in prison Two lives destined to collide by fate when Zack decided to escape from prison after 5 years behind the barsJulie was the unfortunate person who crossed his path when Zack needed a car to get away Firstly she innocently offered him a lift but soon she found out who Zack really was and his plans to get out of the Country Horrified she attempted to escape but there was nowhere to run Julie was then taken hostage and kidnapped by Zack After a few unexpected events they were forced to stay a few days in a recluse house in the mountains waiting for a chopper – one step towards his final destination South America – when he finally would release JulieIn these few days a resentful cynical disillusioned and callous Zack gets to know JulieHis defences started to crack A heart enfolded by ice because of too many injustices done to him started to meltBeside her idealism Zack felt terribly old and jaded He was nine years older and a thousand times harder than she and yet something about her softened him and made him like being soft both of which were new experiences for himJulie is one of the most amazing female characters I had ever come across She had an ugly past which could have shaped her in a bitter person However she took the only good opportunity life handed over to her when she was 11 year old and did the most of it to become a better personAnd what a beautiful and captivating person Julie turned out to beZack didn't stand a chance Loved it Gripped until the last page Thanks Jessica 3

  8. Obsidian Obsidian says:

    So here's the thing I love love love romance books I love the HEA I love the hot sex scenes I love a guy that is totally into the heroine and the heroine being kick ass But as we have all said here time and time again older romance novels are problematic There are a lot of tropes that just don't get done any unless that's a genre that you are trying to market to these days These book had a whole mess of issues that made me cringe Then again this was written in 1993 so I was trying to give McNaught some leeway here but honestly there was so much other stuff that didn't work that I just could not give this above two stars I bought this book and have no intention of even looking it's way againI think that McNaught's historical romances are set up a bit better than this book though we still have the trope of heroine does something and hero takes it badly without listening that appears twice in this one We also have the heroine is a virgin and has the best first time ever trope Let us not even get started on the TSTL kicks that Julie kept getting on throughout this entire book Perfect is book two in the Paradise contemporary romance series that McNaught wrote Book one is Paradise starring other characters that appear in this book as secondary characters Matthew and Meredith Book two is focused on Zachary Benedict and Julie Mathison Zachary Mathison is thrown out of his family's home by his grandmother Zack then is able to turn around and become a stuntman of course he did and from there go on to acting and directing He ends up being a highly respected actor and is now in the process of directing his wife in what many are calling an Oscar caliber film When Zack finds his wife in disarray with the lead actor on the film and demanding a divorce When a scene involving a gun leads to her death Zack is then charged and convicted of her murder Julie Mathison is a foster kid that is shuffled around until someone realizes her potential She is eventually sent to live with the Mathison family in Texas and promises she will do whatever she needs to be the perfect daughter sister friend She eventually grows up and becomes a teacher and is happy with her life with her boyfriend I think his name was Greg even though she feels like something is missing from their relationship it's the sex Julie that's what is missing When Zack escapes from jail he eventually comes across Juile at a cafe Julie because she realizes he has on new jeans and invents a reason for why he would have on new jeans no I am not kidding gives him a ride where eventually Julie figures out that Zack is an escaped convict who then takes her hostage He just has to guys cause he's so drawn to her I mean he's been in jail for five years ughhhhThat is just the bare bones to this story We also have a plethora of characters in this one Why McNaught got into Julie's brother Ted's romance in this one made no sense That is honestly why this book was so endless and went on for than 700 pages She could have just broken up Ted's story and at least laid out the bare bones in this one without taking away from the main storyThat said Ted sucks and can kick rocks Most of the men in this story just sit around and either treat the women they supposedly carelove like crap through verbal and sometimes physical abuse Zack and Ted or they sit around and decide they know that's good for the woman Zack Paul the FBI agent who falls for Julie Julie's dad Ted again you still suck or the feel like they have ownership over Julie's chastity Julie's freaking father The last few chapters of this book are actually about not having sex before marriage I could not deal with this many men in my life being that up in my body To wrap it up most of the men not Matt are awful and I honestly thought the character of Paul was a freaking chump Who hangs around someone who is not into you at all? Katherine and Meredith were better heroines in my eyes than Julie Julie is passive through this whole freaking book And her going from being a virgin to all of a sudden wanting to have sex with Zack who has kidnapped her by the way blows my mind I wonder if McNaught even thought of the implications of Stockholm Syndrome? Zack repeatedly makes Julie tell him she believes that he is innocent I mean even if she didn't believe it you are alone with a guy with a gun what are you going to saydo? I think that would have been an interesting side road for her to go down The initial part of the book with regards to writing held a lot of promise I always get annoyed when an author rushes the backstory to characters to get to the meet cutes and all But McNaught did a very good of setting up Zack and Julie's circumstances However as I said above there was way too much going on This book did not need to be 700 pages The flow was up and down depending on where McNaught took the story Sometimes we would follow Zack and Julie around then we would shift back to Ted and Katherine Matt and Meredith and then freaking Paul The writing in this book hurt my soul sometimes but hey at least Sam AMReader and WhiskeyintheJarKyraryker are having fun making fun of itSome of the passages where I include the percentages just so you can see my notescomments as I was reading1 percent “If you don’t like my offer” Margaret informed her in a steely voice “then I suggest you get yourself a job as a waitress or find yourself a pimp because those are the only two careers for which you’re fit right now”DAMN19 percent Julie had never before offered a hitchhiker a ride; the risks were far too high but she decided to do it this time not only because he’d changed her tire or because he seemed nice but also because of a simple pair of jeans—new jeansSo Julie is not smart is what you are saying Also don't tell me how she doesn't even let men come into her home and she's all let me give a total stranger a ride cause of his jeans 24 percent He had tasted her lips and felt their response to him His starved senses wanted to feast on the entire banuetHe has literally kidnapped her at gunpoint? Maybe wait a while on the hot smexy times 28 percent “Have something to drink” he ordered thrusting a long stemmed glass toward her “Drink it damn it” He made a visible effort to soften his tone “It’ll help you relax”Ughhhhhhhh I mean sure let's get her drinking so you can do whatever Gah31 percent “My father is a minister” she wept “He’s a respected man and you’ve made his daughter into a public slut I’m a teacher” she cried hysterically “I teach little children Do you think they’ll let me teach children now that I’m a national scandal who wallows in the snow with escaped murderers?”You have literally just kissed the dude How do you go from that to I am a slut? Also I should not be laughing at this but I am 31 percent “I’ve spent the last fifteen years of my life” she sobbed brokenly struggling harder against his grasp “trying to be perfect I’ve been so perfect” she weptYou have been lame and exhausting I have only been reading this for a little bit but no you have not been perfect40 percent Apparently she had withheld her virginity from her own boyfriend who obviously loved her and wanted to offer her respectability and a future Tonight however she was willing to surrender it to an escaped convict who was incapable of loving anyone and who had nothing whatsoever to offer herEnough said 42 percent Her body stiffened with the brief pain but before he could react her arms were around him and she was opening for him like a flower welcoming him sheathing himI love how back in the day all virgins in romance land either had the easiest first time ever or were assaulted by the hero FYI these two didn't even use condoms I can't with Julie having sex with a convicted criminal and not even thinking about STDs AIDS was a thing back in 1993 and my first thought would be men being raped in jail or raping others and ugh this is why sometimes I have to yell at myself to just read and not get all actually about books but it's hard 44 percentNow she looked at the man she lovedSo much wrong here I can't evenFYI you can follow Whiskey's buddy read updates here 10 percent25 percent50 percentThe ending was ludicrous I am not a fan of male characters being abusive to the heroines and it all just getting wiped away There of course is HEA that honestly I don't see is remotely believable but hey at that point I just wanted to be done with this

  9. Karla Karla says:

    5 Stars Very enjoyable book with an epic uality Perfect is a rather lengthy read at 674 pages but I was never bored and the story was just riveting The author draws you in with the compelling history about the main character's childhoods and the circumstances that bring them together This takes up a good chunk of the book but has you understanding Zach’s hard exterior and why Julie is so eager to please It was an interesting and necessary set up and made them easy to relate toWhat really sealed it for me was that the last 60 or so pages that give the reader wonderful bonus material It was extra time to spend with the characters under different circumstances after a read that left at times left me very anxious Those last pages summed up the book wonderfully and felt like a beautiful extended epilogueThere was some laugh out loud moments and plenty of dialogue which broke up the narrative and made it easy to connect to the characters I also enjoyed the appearance of two characters from Paradise the first book in the series who played significant roles in this book Which I might add is another amazing read and would recommend being read prior to Perfect It's not imperative but Mathew and Meredith's story is just as compelling as Zach and Julie's and when they show up in this read you'll understand who they areMy only complaint is that two secondary character's fates felt unresolved One of them had a key role in Zach’s life and the other in Julie’s It might not bother other readers but I felt the need to know what happened to them and hope they have a book of their own Still a 5 star read for me and I look forward to reading of Judith McNaught's books she is an exceptional author

  10. Sam (AMNReader) Sam (AMNReader) says:

    ScreamsRips book apartThrows it to the groundJumps on book until pulverizedGets out lawnmowerMows over it multiple timesNo just noI’ll start with the positive This book made me and my reading buddies Whiskey review here Obsidian review here wonder Is consent consent if you are a hostage? I’m of the mind that no it’s probably not The other positive it was good infuriating fun to read with those two And really that’s where my positivity sinks into the ground like the pulverized book in a solid rainstorm I was kind of hooked at the beginning I wouldn’t call it good I’d call it kind of fun to read Call it novelty I give you permission And then Julie our ‘heroine’ who is incredibly perfect due to her pious family who adopted her at 11 built a snowman And I thought “Well what is this fresh hell?” And the book Perfect answered me back with a resounding “Just the beginning Sam”Characters always have uestionable choices kind of like regular people And just in case you want to read this I won’t go into the complete nonsense of this book Why would you want to read it? Some people LOVE this book For me it just hasn’t aged well The hero is incredibly emotionally manipulative Sweet and innocent Julie is far too perfect and your basic TSTL for me The dialogue made me want to scream just like the rest of the book Or as I said in a b r thread“Lord knows their dialogue makes me wants to rip out my eyebrows by individual hairs”They were always ‘joking’ when they weren’t really My eye got twitchyAnd twitchier See apparently if you save someone it negates former bad acts makes former bad acts unbelievable and future bad acts like sexual assault and abuse just something that will never happen again Also women in this book are told constantly to calm down So aside from overbearing dominant asshole men and women who think it’s their duty to cook they all overreact and talk too much There’s also an incredible amount of rehash and replays in this book so it rounds out at something like 700 pages Not to brag but I could’ve done it in like 150Not since Blue Eyed Devil have I loathed a book so completely that i finished And funnily this reminded me of that from the get go which should have told me something There’s lots of good stuff over on b r thread

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