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A Kingdom of Dreams [EPUB] ✷ A Kingdom of Dreams Author Judith McNaught – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Abducted from her convent school headstrong Scottish beauty Jennifer Merrick does not easily surrender to Royce Westland Duke of Clay Known as The Wolf; his very name strikes terror in the hearts of h Abducted from her convent school headstrong Scottish beauty Jennifer Merrick does not easily surrender to Royce Westland Duke of Clay Known as The Wolf; his very name A Kingdom Kindle - strikes terror in the hearts of his enemies But proud Jennifer will have nothing to do with the fierce English warrior who holds her captive this handsome rogue who taunts her with his blazing arrogance Boldly she challenges his will until the night he takes her in his powerful embrace awakening in her an irresistible hunger And suddenly Jennifer finds herself ensnared in a bewildering web a seductive dangerous trap of pride passion loyalty and overwhelming love.

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  1. Dina Dina says:

    Judith McNaught has done it again This book has two major pet peeves of mine #1 at the beginning the hero beats the heroine not only once but twice; #2 somewhere down the road the hero and the heroine are torn apart by a Big Misunderstanding but who cares? I don't know why I don't know how but I ended up loving this book Royce turned out to be a wonderful hero After a less than thrilling introduction he slowly but steadily started to grow on me up to the point where I understood and forgave everything he'd done That's not to be taken lightly because I never or should I say almost never forgive a hero who raises his hand against the heroineAs for Jennifer I had mixed feelings about her throughout the book sometimes I wanted to hug her sometimes I wanted to scream at her but I ended up understanding and loving her too BTW I think Jennifer is an unusual name for a medieval heroine but I'm not an expert in History so I'm not sure it isn't appropriateAs for the story what an emotional roller coaster When I become so involved in a book that I find myself laughing crying and even talking to the characters I know I have a winner in my hands I didn't always agree with everything Royce and Jennifer did but in a sense their actions were consistent and right And what they did in the end What a scene I still feel a tug in my heart remembering it sighs

  2. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    I am at a loss for words – I seriously don’t know how to review this book – which words to use to do it justice Kingdom of Dreams is my first read by this author and it will not be my last I was instantly captivated by the characters who are deeply complex wonderful people trying to make their way through a rough and oft times unfair world – and do it while keeping their honor and integrity intact The storyline with its twists and turns fascinated me from the first page and held my attention to the last I was rendered speechless by the Merrick familyclan dynamic and while yes I know it is just a story thier motives and reasonings were written so well that there was no doubt in my mind all of those underhanded deceitful things could really have taken placeRoyce is an amazing man He’s deadly on the battlefield a warrior willing and able to do whatever he has to do to win accepting nothing less than victory no excuses for failure but off the battlefield he is compassionate fair and honorable He admits his faults and is willing to do what he must to be a better man In my eyes he is the perfect heroJenny annoyed the hell out of me from the very beginning with her lack of loyalty to Royce and her terribly misplaced devotion and trust in her clan and family I couldn’t imagine that there was any way she could change my poor opinion of her but there at the end she did just that in such a way that allowed me to look past all her faults all of her poor choices – and I wept as I came to forgive herWhat an emotional rollercoaster ride we take with Jenny and Royce who though they don’t know it at the time are perfectly matched What one lacks in strength the other makes up for What one can’t grasp the other understands with crystal clarity While Royce and Jenny believe their lives full and complete they discover that apart they can exist but only together do they truly liveIn all honesty there are no words to describe how much I love Kingdom of Dreams It’s been several days since I finished it and I’m still recalling events and conversations still laughing out loud and still struggling to hold back the tearsMy only regret is that we didn't learn about Arik that uiet giant of a man I am certain that his untold story is one of sadness loss and the need of his own Happily Ever After Are you listening Ms McNaught? It’s not too late

  3. chan ☆ chan ☆ says:

    had to up my rating really adore this book

  4. Karen Karen says:


  5. Kristen Kristen says:

    Huge 5 stars Kingdom of Dreams is one of the best books I've read The story is full of vibrant and richly developed characters a plot that's riveting emotional provocative and a prose that's exceptionally well written To top it off this book has one of the best ending I've read It was amazing extremely poignant and very powerful I'm still an emotional mess hours later Judith McNaught is an exceptional storyteller and I'm embarrassed it's taken me so long to read one of her books

  6. Mo Mo says:

    5 DREAMY STARS Loved this one This is the second book I have read by this author and it will not be the lastRoyce Westlandaptly named THE WOLFScottish and English wars and hatred have abounded for yearsTHOR his trusted stallionCan he tame the lovely Jennifer or will she be the one to tame the Wolf?The artist who painted this one was actually from my home village in the West of IrelandLoved Jennifer she was so feisty independent loyal beautiful My own kingdom I used to plan my own kingdomWhich kingdom did you mean to seize?It wasn't a real kingdom with land and castles it was a kingdom of dreams a place where things would be just the way I wanted them to be “The amusement fled from Royce's face and with a groan he pulled her roughly against his chest crushing her to him Jenny he whispered hoarsely burying his face in her fragrant hair Jenny I love youShe melted against him molding her body to the rigid contours of his offering her lips up for his fierce devouring kiss then she took his face between both her hands Leaning back slightly against his arm her melting blue eyes gazing deeply into his his wife replied in a shaky voice I think my lord I love you ” You are mad she snapped her chest heaving And you are a devilAnd you my dear are a bitch Behold your new mistress my wife And know that when she bids you I have bidden you; what service you render her you are rendering me; what loyalty you give or withhold from her you give or withhold from me Jenny he groaned Jenny he whispered hoarselyJenny he murmured hotly He could not stop saying her name I hate you She said with deadly calmA perfect basis for the perfect marriage In all his years of aimless sexual encounters and torrid dalliances nothing had ever approached the shattering ecstacy he'd just experienced The things they say about you the things they say you've done they aren't true I don't believe it Blind to the beauty of the place he'd been yearning to see for eight long years Royce wondered grimly how it was possible that he could intimidate knights nobles suires and battle hardened soldiers into doing his bidding with a single glance and yet he could not seem to force on young stubborn defiant Scottish girl to behave “What were you thinking about justnow while you were looking out the window? To his surprise the uestion flustered her I—wasn't thinkingThen what were you doing? he asked his curiosity arousedA rueful smile touched her inviting lips and she shot him a sideways look before turning back to thewindow I was talking to God she admitted 'Tis a habit I haveStartled and slightly amused Royce said Really? What did God have to say?I think she softly replied He said 'You're welcome' For what? Royce teasedLifting her eyes to his Jenny solemnly replied For you”

  7. Bgurl (don& Bgurl (don& says:

    A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught3 “More Galavant Than The Tudors” Stars Hells yeah I want to go there I don’t really have a choice Before cracking open A Kingdom of Dreams I read Teresa Denys’ masterpiece The Silver Devil and in a Medieval romance face off; McNaught’s version loses hands down To be fair the two authors have very different writing styles The Silver Devil is dark gritty and authentic to the time period; while A Kingdom of Dreams is modish amusing and fantastical In television terms The Silver Devil is The Tudors; whereas A Kingdom of Dreams is Galavant Though both shows are indeed set in Medieval times only one of them has knights that act like this But hey What do I know? I’ve never met a Medieval knight If they truly do dance like lunatics whilst pillaging and plundering then I apologize My bad MOVING ON In the midst of war torn Scotland Jennifer Merrik – the 17 year old Countess of Rockburn is kidnapped and forced to marry her mortal enemy Royce Westland The Duke of Clay aka “The Wolf” Upon joining together in unholy matrimony Royce and Jenny view their alliance as battle than bliss Thus the two headstrong individuals commence upon a long hard journey toward happily ever after Between you me and the jousting post I could have done without the 10000 times Royce admired Jenny’s “indomitable spirit” and “unbelievable courage”; referred to her as a “fiery temptress” and a “charming wood nymph”; and gushed over her “lyrical laughter” and “jaunty grin” Had Royce suddenly waxed poetic about Jenny’s ability to converse with blue jays and befriend baby skunks I wouldn’t have been surprised As for Royce being “The Wolf” well that’s a misnomer When he wasn’t dwelling on the “wet velvet” of Jenny’s eyes or mentally referring to her as a “golden haired temptress”; he was getting his metaphorical panties in wad because she had the gall to escape him Seriously? The guy kidnaps an innocent girl holds her captive deflowers her and plans to dump her for a “biddable blonde wife”; and she’s supposed to thank him for soiling her reputation and rendering her unmarriageable? With suishy thinking like that he should be called “The Marshmallow” Girlish musings and childish snits aside The Marshmallow still manages to be pretty swoon worthy His lovemaking is worshipful his groveling darn right legendary and his wooing; well judge for yourself 'You have the bluest eyes on earth' he added with a low appreciative chuckle 'When you're angry they're the color of wet blue velvet' Jenny rolled her eyes in disgust 'Wet velvet?' she repeated wryly wrinkling her nose 'Wet velvet' His white teeth flashed in a devastating grin 'No? What should I have said?' His smile was irresistible and Jenny fell in with his teasing mood 'Well you might have said they're the color of—' she glanced at the large sapphire in the center of the crucifix '—of sapphires' she provided 'That has a nice ring to it' 'Ah but sapphires are cold and your eyes are warm and expressive Am I doing better?' he chuckled when she voiced no further argument to wet velvet 'Much' she agreed readily” Royce Jenny Like Galavant A Kingdom of Dreams is Medieval light a place where indomitably spirited unbelievably courageous maidens get kidnapped by swoony but marshmallowy knights in shining armor; and they ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after in their Disneyesue castles; with their army of loyal protectors 25 male heirs 3 mythically named horses a sky full of talking blue jays and a BFF baby skunkIf that’s the type of Medieval romance you enjoy then Judith McNaught’s A Kingdom of Dreams is the book for you TO READ MY REVIEW OF BOOK 2 click link belowWhitney My Love Westland #2 Click Me Baby Galavant ABC 2015 Present Television The Tudors Showtime 2007 2010 TelevisionDenys Teresa The Silver Devil Ballantine Books 1984 Print

  8. ♥ℳelody ♥ℳelody says:

    25 I'm really getting tired of this stars This really should have been titled Taming of the Shrew Part II Or A Kingdom of Hell Misery No? Too harsh? How about this Well this sucks Another McNaught favorite among many that I did not love I feel like I should put out a disclaimer or apologize to my GR friends for clogging up your feeds with my negative reviews low ratings as of late I promise you I'm NOT doing it on purpose I’m not one of those reviewers I’ve been in a serious book funk that seems to have no end Nothing is working for me I pulled this out of my ‘emergency’ pile in hopes it would pull me out of it but no such luck sigh Go figureThis started out promising The hero Royce Westland was everything fierce aggressive alpha and intimidating that I enjoy I was not a fan of the slapping incident but he slowly redeemed himself The whole falling in love with my captured enemy was right down my alley of fun But the heroine Jennifer Merrick and staggered plot made the whole experience uite torturous Oh Moses this girl holds a grudge like a dog with a bone Jesus I kept having to remind myself that Jenny is only a 17 year old sheltered girl but still with that age and her attitudeshe took a lot of arrogant liberties and uick to believe misassumptions that made me wish someone would slap some sense and humility into her And by the way what woman in 1400s Scotland would have a modern English name like Jennifer? I mean Jennifer? Come on I googled it and it dates back only to the 20th Century So uhWTH? This was a huge gaffe and made me wish the author picked another accurate name appropriate to the time period Or one that isn't so ridiculously out of place It stuck out like a sore thumb Moving onThis was literally a Tudor version of Paradise just switch out the names setting and era I've noticed that Judith McNaught likes to stick to a certain formula and plug it into every story no matter the genre That's fine since she exceeds at writing tortured conflicted multi layered characters I can overlook it but I'd like a little variety is all I'm saying Do both leads HAVE to be strong willed and obsessively obstinate? The endless misunderstandings arguing vicious hate just piled on top of each other like an angry agitated ant hill Here emotions and feelings swing like a pendulum and are so mercurial that you never know what you are going to get in the next 5 pages You literally are holding your breath waiting for the next explosion and the small baby steps the couple have taken just disintegrate and we are back at suare one Where's the actual relationship development? The character growth? If you are constantly hurdling obstacles at the couple every few pages there is little room for actual growth and development For me at least that's what it felt like here Jenny's surprise revelation that she loves Royce came out of nowhere considering she tried everything to get away from him but the minute she finds out he did in fact want to marry her gasp She loves him Huh? The momentum and pacing is complete crap IMO The couple do get a few moments of levity but it was all surface because both the reader and characters are fully aware that it will all fall apart very soon The number of times and dramatic shifts from hate to love to hate again is just crazy I just wished Judith would have let this couple be for a little while Same grievances I had with Paradise I ran into in here the amount of anxiety anger and frustration I experienced while reading this just colored my opinion of the whole story and unfortunately the characters too When the couple finally reached their HEA I felt totally indifferent and not really caring I mean it was nice and sure Jenny's gesture was sweet but it didn't wow me I just felt numb Like 100 pages too late honeyI kept uestioning was the payoff worth it? Jury’s still out I’m not sure if the heroine’s groveling and humbling herself in the VERY last chapter was worth the ridiculous amount of strife and misery the hero the couple and the readers are put through It wasn't worth it for me I mean it wasn't enough for Royce and Jenny to endlessly run into problems and constant misunderstandings and manipulations by outside forces but the needless death of Jenny's stepbrother William in the last 100 pages used as another source of contention between the two was just too much Was this really necessary? The knife incident just threw me over the edge and I checked out mentally after that Jenny crucifying Royce and refusing to believe his innocence was the final straw that broke the camel's back for me This made my blood boil and stressed me the HELL out I mean she pulled a damn knife on him And this is just mere days after discovering she loves her husband and claiming to trust him Yet she draws a knife on him in vengeance? Really? That's not love Not my definition of it at least I can’t and won't overlook that This had too many shades of an unhealthy unstable volatile relationship that won't last long What got under my skin was that Jennifer didn’t even hesitate or bother to ask Royce what happened Instead she’s uick to pounce on the man she supposedly loves and attacks him with a knife with zero hesitation Bitch GOODBYE I don’t care if it was a family member she was grieving over you don’t attack or try to kill a person you love without demanding an explanation first It's disgusting needless and not my cup of tea And if that wasn't enough brutal misery her choosing to publicly humiliate her husband and turn her back on her new countrymen to sit with her manipulative scheming family and clansmen made me seethe The amount of prideful arrogance this girl has is enough to choke a horse It wasn't enough to publicly scorn Royce as a murderer but you have to cut him at the knees too in front of 2 countries because you think it's your duty? The amount of times this girl continuously martyrs herself for her heartless vile selfish father and hateful clansmen was unbearable I get why she was always looking for her father's love and approval but her blindness to his shortcomings and refusing to believe her people were capable of any wrong doing was so naive it just veered into TSTL in some instances Especially when Royce gingerly brought up the truth about her father’s underhanded scheme to secretly take her away to an Abbey after the marriage without asking Jenny She doesn’t think he’s capable of it oh no her father would NEVER take her choices away from her The same man who carted her butt off to an Abbey for 2 years straight to cure her ‘hellion’ ways and didn’t bother to visit her isn’t capable of this? Really? RME Okie dokie I tried to sympathize with her but there was little room for me to even do that because of her prideful attitude stubborn idiotic ways And the stunt her father and Malcolm pull at the tournament just made me wish they would all get trampled This was the first book where I loathed the Scottish characters and was rooting for the English pillaging and snobbery and all Usually the roles of hero and villain are reverse when it comes to this historic rivalry I appreciated that JM went a different route There are villains on both sides and a lot of animonsity which I found accurate I just was hoping to get something a little along the lines of The Raider or Perfect same idea of captor falls in love with his captive and sworn enemies thing But the balances in there were way better I guess I am a little softhearted when it comes to angsty stories after all and I love angst But not this kind I just can’t stand a book packed with vicious attacks name calling and scathing retorts That can only go so far The thing about McNaught I’m coming to realize is that she likes to test emotional boundaries and put readers in an uneasy mindset with the constant ups and downs all the way to the very end I can appreciate thatup to a certain point I had a handful of her HR on my TR list but nowif it's the same dynamic same outcome in every book I'm not sure it's for me I need satisfaction conviction and payoff in my readings And ones that don't make me feel like absolute shit while reading it And most importantly characters I don't want to physically strangle Life is stressful enough yo My dear Goodreads friend who are avid JM fans help me out Is this pretty much what we get as far as characterizations in all her books? Please do share

  9. EmBibliophile EmBibliophile says:

    375 stars ”You are mad she snapped her chest heaving And you are a devilAnd you my dear Royce imperturbably replied are a bitch With that he turned to the horrified friar and unhesitatingly announced The lady and I wish to be wed Sometimes I think how lovely it would’ve been if I lived during that historical era but then I read and historical romances and I would come to a realization that the feminist in me wouldn’t last a day without commiting a murder

  10. Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ says:

    5 MILLION BAZILLION TRILLION STARS “You are mad” she snapped her chest heaving “And you are a devil” “And you my dear” Royce imperturbably replied “are a bitch” With that he turned to the horrified friar and unhesitatingly announced “The lady and I wish to be wed” I've been dreading this moment This moment that I've been saving for last The very last historical book of Judith's backlist that I knew I'd want to savor I tried to pace myself To truly get engrained and enjoy the experience of this magical world and yet I ended up binging late into the night completely unable to set this book down for even a secondMcNaught has given me some of my top favorite historical romances but nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the experience that was this book It was EVERYTHING It was like someone took all of my favorite things and put them into one book full of emotion swoony romance and created one of the most unforgettable stories I have ever read EVERIt's no secret that I love a good enemies to lovers trope but every other book I've read in this trope pales in comparison to this book and Jennifer and Royce McNaught is a ueen of creating these incredibly tortured and brooding heroes and throwing them into the path of even stronger heroines Jennifer and Royce are easily my favorite characters I've read in my entire reading history I'm not even kidding Why is it when you yield I feel like the one who has been conuered?” What happens when a strong beauty gets captured by her clan's sworn enemy a man known as The Wolf? One of the most swoony romances I've ever read The only thing I loved than seeing their wills clash was seeing their walls crumble I loved watching Royce fall for Jennifer no matter how much he fights it And boy did he fight it Jennifer is not the striking beauty that her younger sister is But there's something about her that calls to him Her strong will her strength her bravery All of it make up one incredibly striking woman that he finds himself falling for rather unwillingly There's plenty of reviews that will give you detail about this book and I don't want to rehash than need be to take away from the experience of this story to those that haven't read it yet What I will tell you is that I went through so many emotions reading it I laughed I cried and I fell head over heels for the brooding and imperfect Royce And if there's anything I love than Judith's tortured heroes it's watching them fall and fall hard I love the perfect layer of angst that spans the entirety of the book I simply loved everything about this book One of my top favorite romances I've ever read Bar noneFind me on

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