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  1. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    This review contains spoilers Reading Whitney My Love took me on such a roller coaster ride of emotions that I’ve been struggling with exactly how to review it and how to rate it When I was upset and sobbing I wanted to give it a 1 star rating When I was laughing smiling and sighing I wanted to give it a 5 star rating Then it dawned on me – for Judith McNaught to be able to make me feel such a wide range of emotions – joy despair passion pain betrayal hatred and love – and feel them deeply enough to bring me to tears than just a couple of times she must truly be an amazing author When writing Whitney’s role in the story Ms McNaught gave us such a well defined deeply complex character that I was able to understand and forgive all of her perceived shortcomings Having been raised without a mother’s affection and gentle nurturing to guide her her upbringing was overseen by a father who had taken little interest in her leaving her to her own devices only to chastise and criticize her when she disappointed him I loved the young girl and her adventurous nature her unabashed ‘love’ for Paul Sevarin and her sneaky little tricks to draw his attention No stunt was too outlandish as long as he noticed her My heart ached for her upon learning that her father was sending her to France to live with an aunt and uncle because he was simply at his wits end with her Whitney didn’t know it at the time but that was the best thing that could have happened to her Her aunt and uncle both adored her and for the last few years of her ‘childhood’ gave her a taste of what a real loving family felt like She grew up to become an accomplished young woman – beautiful sophisticated and confident When her father finally and most unexpectedly sends for her to return home to England she is thrilled She would miss her aunt and uncle desperately but she wanted to hurry home and show her father that she had become a woman he could be proud of – and of course to show Paul Sevarin the same thing and to once again begin her pursuit of him with increased fervor What she doesn’t know and doesn’t find out for awhile is that her father has betrothed her to another manWhitney returns home and immediately begins going out into Society where she meets one Clayton Westmorland who just happens to live but a few miles away from her He is a handsome but annoying man who is pursuing her with the same fervor in which she is pursuing Paul In the beginning she is extremely irritated by him but eventually comes to see him as a friend but because he learns that Paul is about to ask for her hand in marriage it becomes necessary to tell her the truth – that she was in Whitney’s words sold to Clayton a man she could barely tolerate to pay off her father’s debts It had been Clayton’s plan to keep their betrothal a secret – even from her because he wanted to woo her to make her come to care for him on her own without having to force her into the marriage But the truth had to come out she learned that Clayton Westland was actually Clayton Westland Duke of Clay and from that point on everything went to hell in the proverbial hand basketSadly there was very little if any background to Clayton’s character and the story suffered because of it He first appears at a masuerade ball – wearing a mask – where he approaches Whitney flirts outrageously with her and decides he must have her Time passes but he goes about finding out everything he can about her and learns of her father’s dire financial situation Clayton approaches the father and a betrothal contract is drawn up for a tidy £100000 but again he wants to keep this a secret so that his independent free spirited fiancé won’t get her panties in a bunch Sorry Clay – you must have known there was no way to prevent that I have to give him credit though – he really did try hard to earn her affection He watched her throw herself at Paul behave outlandishly defy his wishes and still tried to make her care for him He put up with a lot from her and he did it understanding that she had just had her entire life turned upside down All the hopes and dreams she had had as a young girl were erased by his and her father’s signatures on a contract He really was being very patient and understanding For awhile This is where I begin having trouble with the story in general and not because of a plot deficiency of any sort The problem for me is that Ms McNaught failed to explain to me why Clayton suddenly turned into such an ass Granted there were some misunderstandings that took place but instead of asking Whitney about them he lashed out and I could find no excuse for these behaviors I’ll try to explain what I mean He was raised in a clearly loving home by parents who cared deeply for their children and each other He was wealthy and never had to go without food clothing or shelter He was respected not merely because he was a Duke but because he deserved it So why was he so distrustful and so easily angered? We can’t say it was because he was spoiled and used to getting whatever he wanted because while yes he did live a life of means and leisure he also handled the maintenance of his estates took care of his tenants invested his own monies he worked hard – not at all like the self absorbed titled noblemen we read so much about Even after they finally married he wasn’t able to trust her – it makes no sense to me – maybe I’m dense but I like to have it all laid out in black and white Eventually I did forgive him for the way he had treated her; forcing himself on her because he assumed other men had already ‘known’ her – which was no excuse – accusing her of having cheated on him because of a vague letter he found and rather than confronting her about it he treats her like a common whore saying humiliating things to her Thankfully after he calms down he realizes that there was no way she could possibly have done what he was accusing her of but by then it was too late I was deeply moved by the scene where he had finally found out where Whitney had been staying after she left him went to her humbled himself before her by bathing her and drying her and attending her as a servant would – however I didn’t finish the book with a feeling of absolute conviction that he could remain a changed man The reason being that Ms McNaught failed to convince me that his horrid actions were born of a troubled past or any other reason than he was just an ass I suppose I can imagine that he changed because he realized how important she was to him and if he wanted to keep her he would have to change but as a reader I need than that – I needed to be able to empathize with him but that just wasn’t there and it is for this reason and this reason only that I was firmly convinced that Whitney My Love was deserving of a 35 star rating from me rather than the 4 it would have gotten had Clayton’s character been as fully developed as Whitney’s had been But it was the last chapter of the book that convinced me to give this 45 starsMy absolute favorite parts of the story occur in chapter 42 when we are unexpectedly swept back in time to revisit Royce and Jennifer Westland from A Kingdom of Dreams After their wedding when they return home Clayton presents his new bride Whitney to his family staff and friends he leans down and tells her that what he is about to do is a family tradition and he then repeats the very words spoken by Royce when he presented his abducted bride Jennifer to his own family friends and staff “Behold your new mistress my wife And know that when she bids you I have bidden you; what service you render her you are rendering me; what loyalty you give or withhold from her you give or withhold from me”And then once again when Whitney is ‘lying in’ after giving birth to Noel we see another family tradition which Alicia the dowager duchess called “the loveliest of all the traditions in the family” being carried out when Clayton and Alicia show her a ‘treasure chest’ which contains the writings beginning with Jennifer Westland and continued down through 7 generations of the Duchesses recounting the tale of how each had met her husband The Duke’s contribution through each successive generation was a likeness of his new bride one if his choosing which he feels most accurately represents her appearance As Whitney looked through the box she chose what looked to be the oldest letter and began reading “I am Jennifer Merrick Westland Duchess of Clay wife of Royce Westland and mother of William born to us on the third day of January I send you my loving greetings” Whitney went on to read Jennifer’s telling of jousts and tournaments and battles fought by her husband “The Black Wolf” The things she wrote about were not the things that would interest men instead she wrote in great detail the things that would be important to women She wrote of her outrage at being abducted by Royce from her family home then being forced to marry him She wrote of all the things she thought the future Duchesses of Clay would want to hear but most importantly and what shone brightest through it all she wrote of her love for her husband Then we read She ended her letter with an explanation that she was putting a likeness of herself in the chest with her scroll so that her future daughter in laws might know her face “When I told my lord husband of my need for a small likeness and my plan for this chest to pass down through the generations he commissioned an artist and presented me with this miniature It is most flattering” she confided modestly “My eyes are not so large nor my features so fine but my husband swears it is a perfect likeness It was also his thought that my name should be engraved upon the back of the frame so that if my hopes for this chest come about then you will be able to find my face among the many likenesses of all the duchesses of Clay contained within this chest I pray that each of your husbands will do as mine has done I only wish that I could know your faces”Later that evening after Noel had fallen asleep it was Whitney’s turn and as the 9th Duchess of Clay she begins writing her own story to add to the treasure chest and when she finished it was time for Clayton to perform his part of the tradition by adding a likeness of his wife which he has inscribed on the back “Whitney—my wife and my love”Note I read Until You Stephan Westland’s book and really enjoyed the story and the part Clayton plays in it He seems to be a different man – perhaps he was able to truly change and become the man Whitney deserved and the man he himself deserved to be

  2. Mistress ~ ♠ Mistral& Mistress ~ ♠ Mistral& says:

    I was a bottomless romance pit as a teen I read everything and loved it all Including books that now make me gag; until I read this It mentally scarred me at 16 so much that I didn't touch a historical romance again until I was 25The entire book our hero's either acting from selfish ulterior motives paranoid distrust that results in cruelty or 'let's make this all about me' guilt During the course of the book he beats her until she cries I forget whether it was a horse whip or a riding crop rapes threatens to cheat and desserts his heroine not once but twice due to his own idiocy each time leaving his lady love to grovel to win him back The book ended with me disgusted about how he broke Whitney's spirit with all the emotional abuse and since none of his issues trusting her are ever resolved the HEA is unbelievable

  3. Mo Mo says:

    Just as good if not better the second time around LOVED ITFive solid starsI must admit this was a wonderful read Had my eye on this one for a long time BUT it is not available on Kindle If that is the case I usually don't bother buying a book There have been 3 other books I did buy in paperback since I started my kindle obsession and in the end I gave in and got this oneI hadn't really read reviews so was expecting a nice gentle Historical romance My emotions were all over the place with this one There was so much misunderstanding There was anger there was laughter there were tears there were break ups get togethers break ups It was fantastic Clayton Westland one of my favourite ever heros Yes even with THAT scene I couldn't NOT like him Whitney what a fun loving character she was She knew how to stand her ground And it didn't just end with a Happy Ever After no we got a few years later also Loved the other characters in the book also her aunt especially I will definitely be checking out by this author I have already ordered the first in this series should be here this week And when I visit the UK next month will be scouring the Charity shops and Bookshops for by her Only problem with a paperback is that I was not able to highlight my favourite scenes Ah well I wish I could find the right words to tell you how much I loathe you and everything you represent I hated you from the first moment I met you I’m very sorry to hear that He said softly Because I thought that you were the loveliest most enchanting creature God ever created I’m drawn to you like a moth to a flame Just as you are to me Love was a silly romantic notion that had no place in his life You beautiful infuriating wonderful little fool Don’t cry darling Please don’t cry any Where is your home? she askedWherever you are Oh my God little one Clayton whispered in his heart Pain like love is a thing to be shared Behold your new mistress my wife And know that when she bids you I have bidden you; what service you render her you are rendering me; what loyalty you give or withhold from her you give or withhold from me Clayton she said softly her voice threaded with tears When Vanessa asked about my accomplishments tonight I forgot to mention that I do have one And it's it's so splendid that it compensates for my lack of all the othersStephen and Clayton grinned at each other neither of them hearing the emotion that clogged her voice What splendid accomplishments is that little one? Clayton askedHer shoulders hunched forward and began to shakeI made you love me she whispered brokenlySomehow some way I actually made you love me If I ever think you are even considering leaving me again no matter how good you reasons I'll have you locked in your rooms and the doors barricaded so help me GodHe lifted her foot and began to dry itHer voice shaking Whitney asked Will you stay locked in there with me?He raised her dainty foot to his jaw and tenderly laid his cheek against it then turned his head and kissed itYes he whispered She was his body heart and soul

  4. Alessandra Alessandra says:

    I don't even know what to say about this book Started out okay I suppose I mean Clayton the hero was always a bit of an asshat what with the forced marriage thing but that being said this is an historical romance so that is sort of expectedThen there's the whole Clayton beating Whitney aspect which again historical romance things like that sometimes happen It was in 'Outlander' and in the first book of this series but neither of those beatings were with a riding crop nor were they for such stupid reasons such as the one in 'Whitney My Love' Despite this if the hero had been a likeable character I would have been able to get past the beating But he wasn'tTHEN there's the rape And I'm sorry if some people want to mince words and claim technicalities but it was rape And it wasn't touching or romantic or heartwrenching in any way it was disgusting and degrading Then rah rah 100 pages rah rah Whitney forgives Clayton Really? Come on Okay I thought it's her fictional life Just try to move on forget about it and keep reading And I tried I really didBut then what happens? There's another stupid Big Misunderstanding and after all his adament promises and flowery words Clayton again goes off into a rage and 'punishes' Whitney for something she didn't do So she leaves him then right? I mean it's bad enough that he did this once but again and after apparently learning from his mistakes? No She lies down and takes like the spineless whimpering female she isAnd that's what really cinched it for me It's all right for characters to have flaws For a character to be at all engaging they are essential But making a character act because of their flaws again and again and have nothing change? Well that's just absolutely pointless The reason for writing stories is to send a message through the actions of characters and if the characters learn nothing then how can we?

  5. Readdiction Readdiction says:

    I'm sorry but I just can't like this book I couldn't get past either the rape or the abuse scenes yes it barely hurt her but that is not the point and the fact that he continuously distrusted her and emotionally abused her IMO Even though intellectually I could understand why the heroine and readers would be able to redeem the hero and love him emotionally it left me disgusted Its one of those love it or hate it books and it just didn't do it for me I don't believe a rape victim could ever find anything to love about her rapists

  6. EmBibliophile EmBibliophile says:

    25 stars Oh my This book was exHaustingThis reminded me a lot of the movie ‘Gone with the wind’ which I really loved despite it being extremely frustrating four hours long and have the most manipulative heroine I’ve ever seenNow back to this book which was extremely frustrating and exceeded the limited amount of misunderstandings that should be allowed in a book I was tired and I felt like I’m growing old while reading it I turned into a mad woman screaming at those fictional characters and begging them to please TALK Did they listen to me tho? No it was filled with a misunderstanding followed by another and another and another and you get my point It kept on going like that till foreverAnd you’d think that after all of these misunderstandings and all the stupid things that happened like how awful the first sex scene between them was which was a result of a misunderstandingof course that there would be a proper groveling And with how long this book was you’d think that the author could’ve used a few pages for a proper satisfying grovel In addition to that i hated the hero Just truly passionately hated him Also this book was filled with conflicts but none of them were resolved right in my opinion

  7. Danielle Danielle says:

    “Missing you?” she giggled incredulously “I could cheerfully murder you” It was while reading this novel that I decided I needed an epic romance shelf I mean why can fantasy be categorized as epic and yet romance is just romance?Whitney My Love had about as many pages as a GOT novel and every page was just so goodI read romance for the thrill of falling in love the passion of jealousy the excitement of being intimate for the first time and sometimes for the heartbreak and the angst it brings with it This story captured every one of those in a breath taking story in the regency eraGod it was just so amazing and so engrossing This was McNaught's debut novel turned down again and again by agents who thought it was too developed I know right? too sensual and just plain too 'deep' for women I think she is one of the leading authors who began this amazing movement in romance with deeply sensual and compelling stories Now that movement has just turned romance into three fourths sex and one fourth story but at least I have many 'bodice rippers' on my bookshelf from the eighties to last me through the apocalypse “Cheating” she solemnly replied “I do it when I cannot win” It's hard to put into words how much I loved these characters and how much I was completely engrossed in this story The banter the chemistry and sometimes the hatred Whitney and Clayton had it allWhitney was loveable fierce uirky but also young and naive She believes she's in love with Paul the local gentleman seven years her senior She was only fifteen when her forward acts trying to win his love gets her shipped to her aunt and uncle in France She grows up becoming beautiful and her witty banter makes her become the 'belle of the ball' The Duke of Clay is a profligate rake Richer than God and one of the most handsome sought after bachelors The thing I loved about this story is there might have been extreme attraction from the hero's side but the heroine doesn't even notice him for a while She didn't notice him having not been able to see outside the circle of bachelors surrounding her It irked the duke and when he decided he didn't want to court her like the other dandies he does something shocking Finding out Whitney's father is destitute about to be put into debtor's prison Clayton makes him a deal Whitey's hand for 100K pounds but he wants the chance to court her without her knowing who he is And the deal is done The Duke of Clay becomes Clayton WestlandSmall problem though Whitney becomes to hate Clayton still with designs to marry Paul Whitney My Love was a rollercoaster of love lust jealousy and possession with a strong hero and a witty passionate heroine Their problems can be frustrating based on the issues of early relationships miscommunication lack of trust and just not knowing the other so well But that's just what makes the story so relatable heartbreaking and then heart warming as they fall back together A beautiful story with all the conflict tension and chemistry to make this story one of my favorites of all time

  8. peachygirl peachygirl says:

    Whitney my lovely FOOLNow that you are happily married and settled in life with a baby on the way I'd like to know some things about your whirlwind romanceFirst of all how could you have fallen for a guy who physically and emotionally abused you time and again raped you when there was a rumor floating around that you weren't 'innocent' and gave you money afterward to clear his conscience?How could you have married him while he flaunted all his current and former mistresses left right and center?How could you have put up with him even after he doubted the paternity of your child after sleeping with you for God knows how many times?So what the hell is wrong with you Whitney? Weren't you supposed to be a courageous free spirit? What changed? oh right Love That's what turned you into this docile dumb sorry excuse of a DuchessOr is it MaMcNaught who thinks douches like Clay are every girl's dream and romanticizes abuse?Sincerely A girl fed up with this particular brand of 'romance'

  9. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    45 I CAN'T LOSE YOU STARSI ADORED THIS BOOK After reading this one I read all of JM books YES for me it was that goodThis story starts off with an beautiful girl named Whitney who's father was cold and indifferent to her He sends her to Paris to get some manners and some refinement Which she does that and as she attracts the attention of a Duke And not just any duke but the duke of ClayA Duke that would love to keep her and cherish her She was a challenge to our hero so he goes behind her back and makes a deal with her father for her hand Meanwhile she is going through hell with her conflicting emotions for the hero Clayton and her unexplored feelings for her childhood crush who is a complete jerk SHE IS COMPLETELY TORN The hero tries to make her see that they belong together She must see it They really do However in his confusion about the heroine's past he makes a terrible mistakeOne that DEVASTATES him Therefore he must lets her go Will their love be enough to overcome this mistake? READ THE BOOK AND FIND OUTI truly feel that this is an epic love story that will leave you breathless It will make you dream of masuerade balls and beautiful manners and hand holding with the promises of something Swoon This book was just well written and a total MUST READ for those who love historical

  10. Bgurl (don& Bgurl (don& says:

    Edited 832016 Added link to review of book 2 Whitney My Love Westland Saga 02 By Judith McNaught Several days after finishing the 2nd book in the Westland series I still had no idea what to say This book made me feel such a wide range of emotions that I truly didn’t know what to make of it First I was charmed then frustrated; the next Chapter I was laughing; a few pages later I was enraged After one too many plunges from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows I almost asked my doctor for mood stabilizers Because I’m 999% sure he’d say no I turned to science instead Below are the results of my scientific exploration of Whitney My Love by Judith McNaughtWhat did I think of Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught? Whitney My Love is a one star read because Clayton Westland the Duke of Clay H is a Grade A AssholeTo accurately determine if the H is indeed a Grade A Asshole I read the following scenes to my husbandview spoilerp626 H gets his twat in a knot over a rumor that h is engaged to OMchokengtitiktitikchokeng634 H believes a jealous rival’s lie about h’s lack of puritychokengtitiktitikchokeng636 H drags h from a party berates her shames her and rapes herchokengtitiktitikchokeng653 H discovers h’s virginity runs away like a pussychokengtitiktitikchokeng689 H cancels their betrothal pays £10000 in guilt money p693 H forgets he's a rapist smiles “easily” “occasionally” laughs p735 H calls h a bitch asks OW to marry himchokengtitiktitikchokeng800 H the RAPIST makes h the VICTIM beg for forgivenesschokengtitiktitikchokeng924 H uestions h’s fidelity accuses her of having OM’s babychokengtitiktitikchokeng925 H makes preggo h's life a living hell because he’s an Asshole hide spoiler

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