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  1. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ says:

    TRIGGER WARNING RAPE swearing violence in general► One thing I'm certain of is that this book isn't a romance No It's a sickening portray of a relationship where abuse in all its forms is romanticized including rapeWhat kind of abuse? Please chose Be my guest Rape? Physical violence? Psychological harassment? Just fucking chose because it contains all those and ➸ As I write Once and Always has an average rating of 422 here on GR with 7149 people who think that it's a romance worthy of 5 stars You can't imagine how much this fact scares me and I'll try to explain why in this reviewThis is going to be uick I will spare you the plot which turns rounds and rounds in circles endlessly the characters not willing to uit making idiotic decisions because really it's not even the matter at hand Just know that this story is filled with dumb twists and misunderstanding nonsense than a vaudeville show To sum up a young American woman Victoria arrives in England shortly after her parents' death to be taken care of by Charles Fielding a lifelong acuaintance of her mother But the old Duke has an hidden purpose to marry her with his illegitimate son Jason What interests us here is the relationship between the two 'lovebirds' throughout this review you can safely take my uotations marks as sarcasm From their first meeting Jason keeps threatening Victoria each time he thinks that she is going to go against his wishes invariably congratulating her by a Good Girl if she ends agreeing with him No matter how perfect she is portrayed to be how interested he is supposed to be in her 'refreshing' behavior it remains that his behavior shows something else entirely ● She's sick? Oh poor thing he's going to give her some med Nice you say? Drink it he said calmly or I'll pour it down your throat● The guy has really a way around words Not conviced?I'd like to wring your neck Jason said half seriously but he grasped her arm as she askedI suppose that I should be happy to know that he doesn't fully means that now should I? ➸ I could go on and on and on about his propensity to be a bully but perhaps the most sickening fact in all that is that we only began to scrape the surface of the issue Just take a look at his reaction the day after their wedding Jason stood in the gaping hole of the doorway his face white with rage his voice hissing between his teeth Don't you ever bare a door to me again as long as you live he snarled And don't ever threaten me with divorce again This house is my property under the law just as you are my property Do you understand me?Victoria nodded jerkily mentally recoiling from the blinding violence flashing in his eyes He turned his heel and stalked out of the room leaving her shaking with fearNot to mention that he just crashed the door to come in More generally we are witnesses to so many scenes where he commits acts of violence against her that it doesn't comes as a surprise that she is scared to death by him The fact that this behavior can be identified as expressions of passion sickens and infuriates me No man or woman for that matter has the right to resort to harassment in order to obtain someone's affection The concept itself is so OFFENSIVE that it makes me want to hurl From his earlier behavior you might expect that he doesn't improve when it comes to the sexual development of their relationship Sadly you wouldn't be wrong Basically he physically forces her to give him their first two kisses Kiss #1 This is what would happen he snapped suddenly and his mouth crushed hers in a fierce brutal kiss that was meant to punish and humiliate her Her struggle only seemed to make him angrier and the kiss painful Victoria saw something primitive and terrifying flare in his eyes as his hands tightened on her arms She jerked back a scream rising in her throat but his lips covered hers stifling her voice with a demanding insistence that stunned her into immobilityBut surely after this kiss she has to KNOW that the guy is a violent asshole right? RIGHT? Of course not what do you think? She excuses him fucking daydreams about it because that was so passionate you know and even feels GUILTY for it first because she thinks that it's a normal behavior to have the girl is so naive that's not even funny and then because she is afraid that HE will think less of her because she LET him kissing her I mean for fuck sake It's obvious from the start that she never AGREED to this kiss and the way the woman is shamed for HIS action shows an undercurrent of blind ill nonsense that maddened me So she says nothing because perhaps she would only look a fool if she made an issues of it So what does he do? Why he does it again of course Kiss #2 A harsh laugh escaped him I like you too damned much he whispered bitterly then pulled her head down and captured her lips in a demanding scalding kiss that took everything and gave nothing in return Victoria struggled in appalled frightened earnest bracing her hands on either side of him and shoving hard trying to free her mouth from his Jason swiftly plunged his fingers into the thick hair at her nape and twisted hard Don't struggle he said through clenched teeth you're hurting meYou're hurting me Victoria chocked her lips less than an inch from hisNow tell me at what fucking moment I am supposed to swoon Just fucking TELL ME Am I supposed to be aroused after this? Am I supposed to root for them? Tell me for fuck sake I'm lost Because the only emotions that got through me were disgust and rage But don't fucking worry because after THAT kiss she says 2 pages later Perhaps he would despise her for letting him kiss her I'm sorry WHAT? What in the world is that supposed to mean? He FORCED you Sadly things don't stop here You know how much I despise when rape is used as a plot device or background to make a girl in need of 'fixing' I hate that But it's nothing I say NOTHING in comparison Jason actually RAPES her on their wedding day She is terrified because she's a virgin she says NO and he fucking rapes her I don't care if they made a 'bargain' to give him a son she had no idea what that meant and even if she had it's a rape nonethelessthey are fighting before Visions of blood and terrible pain roared through Victoria adding their horror to the nausea the wine was causing I don't want to she cried piteously We made a bargain and as long as we're married you'll keep it he whispered as he pried her stiff thighs apart Victoria whimpered as his rigid manhood probed boldly at her but somewhere in the depths of her stricken mind she knew he was right about the bargain and she stopped fighting him Relax he warned bitterly in the darkness above her I may not be as considerate as your dear Andrew but I don't want to hurt youHis vicious mention of Andrew at a time like this cut her to the heart and her anguish erupted in a scream of pain as Jason rammed into her Her body writhed beneath his and tears poured from her eyes in hot humiliated streaks as her husband used her without kindness or caring Is that meant to make it okay? I don't care if she stops fighting she is obviously forced into this so yes that's a rape The fact that he doesn't know that she's a virgin don't get me started about their ridiculous misunderstandings doesn't make it okay either Just remember that the day after when she comes to ask for a divorce he threatens her What you need to know is that despite her naive personality and her propensity to excuse Jason for his behavior Victoria sometimes realizes that it's not normal and that she deserves better Each time it happens there is someone to tell her that she's wrong and that she must give him time to open to her Excuse me but that's fucking BULLSHIT I swear each time I heard the old Charles Fielding or the Captain reassuring her and telling her that she had to be patient I wanted to throw up I think that it's no need to prove further that Jason is a violent and dangerous asshole So no I certainly don't want to read things like this You're wrong Captain Farrell said with gentle finality that's after the rape Jason has needed a woman like you since the day he was born He needs you to heal wounds that are deep to teach how to let himself love and be loved in return If you knew about him you'd understand why I said itExcuse me what? She awes him NOTHING It follows then a description of all the hardships Jason had to face in his past but you know what? I DON'T FUCKING CARE because it excuses nothing It doesn't make it okay NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE I won't endorse that wicked belief that condones violence under the pretext of a hard life A few minutes later this gentle soul tells her that she should have sex with her husband to resolve their wedding issues because that's what wives do I recall he raped her I can't fathom HOW exactly it's supposed to help herMore generally in this book the women are either portrayed as sluts who throw themselves at Jason greedy bitches who only want to take advantage of his wealth or as well Victoria pure and perfect virgin who knows everything from shooting to playing piano Just give me a break Not to mention that by all appearances Jason keeps his mistress while married blaming Victoria because hey He has needs do I need to remind you that he raped her? Yeah he's class like thatAs I said at the beginning of this review this is not a romance and the only satisfying way it could have ended would have been everything but a HEA Sadly as you might expect they have their HEA I apologize for the length of this review but it felt important to me to explain exactly why I'm giving it 1 star and why I'm appalled that this book is considered as a great romance by many readers Never ever let someone tell you or even imply that violence is forgivable It isn't For of my reviews please visit

  2. Mo Mo says:

    LOVED IT AGAIN THE SECOND TIME AROUNDORIGINAL REVIEW on first reading Loving someone who doesn’t love you is hell Don’t ever let anyone convince you that you can be happy with someone who doesn’t love you Words of wisdom from Papauick uestion before I do my review Why oh why do a lot of you NOT read Historical Romance? You are missing out on such a great genre I know some of you like your dark gritty reads but you can do both I like SUSPENSE MM ROMANTIC COMEDY – PLEASE to those of you who have not tried Historicals give it at least a shot Blame me if you don’t like them Whether he was riding a horse or dancing at a ball Jason Fielding stood out among his fellow men like a magnificent jungle cat surrounded by harmless domesticated kittens This is the third Judith McNaught book I have read Why have I not read ? Well one of the reasons is that a lot of her older books are not available as e books so I have to go to the bother of ordering the paperbacks Did I say “go to the bother”? It is no bother at all it is well worth it she caught sight of the dark foreboding figure striding toward the table with the silent sureness of a dangerous savage his buckskin breeches molding his muscular legs and thighs Victoria and her sister Dorothy must leave America go to England after their parents die They have relatives In England but had never been in contact with them Dorothy goes to stay with her Grandmother but because of a family falling out Grandmama does not want Victoria to stay with her so she must stay with another cousinI must say I loved Victoria She was strong independent beautiful nice courageous THE GREATER A MAN’S SOUL THE DEEPER HE LOVES Jason Fielding has had a tough childhood but he turned the tables and is now a wealthy man the envy of many But he is not a happy man He does not suffer fool’s gladly Besides playing the piano I can carry a tune waltz without falling and embroider a fine stitch In addition I can read French and execute a throne room curtsy with great aplomb It seems to me she observed with an impertinent smile that in England it is uite desirable for a female to be utterly useless I won’t go into much detail about the plot as I don’t want to give anything away Yes Jason was an alpha overbearing ass but yes I do love those types of guys ” love is an emotion that is used to manipulate fools I neither expect nor want your love Victoria” I see a few reviews have mentioned the back story with Andrew and how it was not really resolved Totally agree In fact she was beginning to wonder if England was filled with intriguing ill mannered blunt people whose eccentricities were either encouraged or overlooked because of their titles and excessive wealth I loved the interaction with the Ton the secondary characters the Butler Uncle Charles O’Malley the Duchess of Claremont – I felt I was watching a scene from Downton Abbey Her mind told her to run but her heart begged her not to be a coward And to those of you have have not already YOU He needs you to heal wounds that are deep to teach him how to let himself love and be loved in return Tortured Heroes – Cannot get enough of them

  3. Keertana Keertana says:

    You might as well get out your popcorn because this promises to be entertaining Over the past few days I have been stressed incredibly stressed and rightly so As such I didn't want to pick up any novels that reuired too much though just mere enjoyment and as I had enjoyed historical romance so much just a few months back when I binged on Lisa Kleypas's Hathaways Series I decided to give some titles a try this week Needless to say this has not been a particularly successful endeavor and all things considered Once and Always really isn't the bad book I'm making it out to be uite unfortunately for this novel though it's the last straw I need to get one thing out of the way early on violence is not romantic Not to me at any rate Men who inspire fear in their wives are also not romantic Additionally naive females who are naive to the point where you want to throw them into a brothel because they clearly are not getting the picture otherwise irritate me to no end So do meddling old people And plot threads that are built and built and built only to be disregarded by the end And so are romances that take forever to develop all because of character stupidity If you're bothered by any of the things I mentioned you might want to steer clear from this one But hey don't take my word for it After all adoring fans have given this so much praise that I wasted 200 minutes of my precious time on it What A Waste Once and Always starts off promising enough and Judith McNaught is an excellent author Yet this book contains too many aspects of violence and rape for me to overlook Our novel begins with Jason Fielding the illegitimate child of Duke Fielding realizing that his wife a woman who blatantly cheated on him and his son who he adored died in a shipwreck Next we cut to America where Victoria witnesses her mother deny her father their bed and listens as her childhood best friend Andrew declares his love for her Only three years later Victoria is an orphan Andrew is on a trip unable to be reached and Victoria is sent off to Europe to live with very distant relatives like friends When Victoria arrives at the house of Duke Charles Fielding though she is shocked to meet his son Jason who is loathsome of her and those around her If anything he scares her but she refuses to back down and makes a home for herself in his house her kind spirit touching upon everyone Okay not too bad right? Just wait So Charles is a relatively old man and although Jason is his illegitimate son he's his only heir But Charles wants grand children Katherine's grand children Who's Katherine? Victoria's mother Enter Flashback Charles and Katherine are besotted with one another Katherine's mother vows to deny the couple money if they marry Charles doesn't believe Katherine can live as a poor man's wife because she was born with a silver spoon in his mouth he marries another woman Katherine marries an Irish doctor and goes off to America Charles is heartbroken BUT now with Victoria who looks like Katherine he can still somehow have grand children of hersif only she marries his son Jason As such despite the fact that Victoria loves Andrew and believes he will come for her soon he arranges so that the world believes Jason and Victoria are engaged Jason needless to say isn't happy about this but over time he cannot help but fall in love with Victoria As a boy Jason has been cruelly treated by his foster mother and after his first wife rejects love Victoria of course makes his way into his heart Unfortunately not very easily Jason refuses to acknowledge his feelings for her and makes her come out to London society And although watching her many suitors makes him increasingly upset he refuses to ask her hand for marriage I don't know why EnterMEDDLING CHARLES AGAIN So Charles pretends to be incredibly sick bribes to doctor to tell Victoria that he's on his deathbed and then extracts a PROMISE that she will marry Jason BAM next morning the old man is all fine and dandy and now Victoria and Jason are married BUT THE IDIOCY ONLY BEGINS NOW Up until this point in the novel I couldn't say I was enjoying the story but I wasn't hating it either I was still reading mostly because the synopsis promised the unearthing of DARK SECRETS and I was intrigued Wellthere are no dark secrets so do yourself a favor and don't bother reading on While the first half of this book is increasingly puzzling and strange with Jason treating Victoria as a friend an older brother and a jealous lover all within the span of a chapter it is bearable because you think the second half will be better And it is But it's also much much worse While the second half of this book inspires much feeling in me it also makes me sick Just like Victoria on her wedding night And I guess that's where our story will pick upJason and Victoria are married in a small church just like Victoria wished But since Victoria is a naive virgin a silly spinster tells her that the wedding night is full of blood and danger and Victoria is reasonably frightened of marriage now As such she hesitates to marry Jason angering him and puts off the wedding night for as long as possible Jason being the idiot he is somehow gets it into his head that Victoria ISN'T a virgin because she gave herself up to Andrew And because he lets his jealousy get the best of him he assumes Victoria hesitated to marry him because she wanted to marry Andrew As such he stalks into her bedroom demands that she strips enters her against her wishes and leaves her crying Only then does the idiot realize she's a virgin and then brilliant idea leaves her jewels in consolation as if she's no better than someone he paid his services for If that description of their terrible wedding night made you want to gag choke cry and murder Jason the actual scene is even worse Anyway the show must go on So Victoria wakes up resolved to divorce Jason and he refuses so after he storms away she leaves to deliver left over wedding food to a nearby orphanage Only she winds up going to the house of a Captain who Jason is very good friends with And keeping with the theme of violent men he forces her to tell him why she demanded a divorce from Jason After her whole story comes pouring out the Captain tells her Jason's life story of a brutal past and being the kind person she is Victoria sets out to make amends Only that never works out Jason ignores her and instead departs to his mistress which even gets put in the papers and makes Victoria jealous So Victoria bans him from his mistress and tries to seduce him but he doesn't realize she's seducing him until FINALLY after pages and pages of ANGST and sexual tension and stupid longing they have sex And Jason leaves her expensive jewelry And continues to do so until Victoria leaves for the city for four days instead of the two Jason reuested So Jason in a fit of anger seeing the recurring theme of ANGER and VIOLENCE here? finds her in London forces her to have sex with him and the two return back to their mansion In between all this Victoria tells Jason that she loves him and although Jason treats her coldly all day only interacting with her at night and never expressing his feelings for her he MAKES her tell him those words every time they have sex Kill me now Anyway this ridiculous jewelry giving continues until Jason finally gets it into his head that Victoria genuinely loves him and YAY they're finally happy BUT WAIT You forgot about Charles didn't you? And Andrew? THEY'RE BACK So the night Charles faked an illness and made Victoria promise to marry Jason he received a latter from Andrew informing him of dire circumstances that kept him from coming to Victoria While Jason didn't know about this Charles didn't give a damn and made them marry anyway Giving us this horrendous book but back to the story We're ALMOST done Nearly So Jason goes off on a six day journey and hours before he comes home Andrew arrives and the whole torrid affair is revealed of Charles's betrayal Victoria sends Andrew packing because she's happy with Jason by this point but she believes Jason had a hand in this duplicity so she takes off to visit her grandmother the same lady who prevented Katherine and Charles from marrying each other Along the way she thinks she's being pursued by bandits when it's really a servant trying to make sure she's safe in the storm and leaves behind her cloak to dissuade the pursuer Well in a classic let us not deal with the real situation I spent hours creating the servant proclaims Victoria to have drowned Jason comes back to learn his bride is dead and the world is restored to its violent balance You didn't think we could end this tale without displays of power and violence did you?Victoria in her grandmother's house finds out about the misunderstanding and rushes home to reveal her very alive self And as expected from Jason at this point he tells her he'll chain her to him and what notall supposedly romantic crapand locks her up in a bedroom where he supposedly ravishes her And outside Charles and Grandmother Dear are happy because they'll finally get that damn grandchild they want so badly The End Honestly I am forgetting a few important details such as the fact that Victoria genuinely liked Jason when she married him although she was frightened or that she and Jason had many moments when they were dear dear friends Yet the pervading themes remained that Jason was tortured as a boy and therefore had every right to be violent and moody while Victoria had to accommodate for that and struggle to make her marriage work WHY DAMMIT? WHY? I am SICK and TIRED of this plot device I read Lord of Scoundrels just days ago and a similar situation was built where the man led a tortured past and the woman HAD to heal him HAD to deal with him HAD to do everything because she was the woman NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO THIS IS NOT ROMANCE Why do we think it is? Why do our hearts flutter when a muscular man comes at us with violent lust in his eyes? WHY ARE THESE WOMEN NOT RUNNING AWAY SCREAMING? Maybe the women of these time periods were made of sterner stuff but with all the swooning going on I suspect not Although Jason is a character I can understand because of his complex past he was never one I could bring myself to like Granted he had his sweet moments and his servants all adored him but there is so much just blatantly WRONG with this ideal of marriage or life Now I know you're all going to point a finger at me and tell me it's my OWN fault I knew what I was getting into when I picked up a historical romance did I not? No I didn't Why I like historical romance is because it allows characters to do a few things Firstly it allows a woman to display a side of her that isn't always prim and proper but rather sexually aroused which is a fact of life Women have sexual needs too and historical romance never glosses over this which I appreciate Secondly it nearly always provides a perfect foothold for a balanced relationship While these women may be simpering or poor they have just as much power over the man as he has over them As such these books never shy away from displaying a side of men that is hushed up and forgotten And most of all historical fiction allows authors to explore marriages not just courtships I don't mind seeing how people fall in love but seeing their struggle to sustain that love is all the powerful And that is why I read historical romance Not for this Not to be treated to THIS Not for violent men naive ladies who are fearful of their violent husbands or old meddling fools And frankly I am terrified for our generation after seeing all the positive ratings for this Granted Victoria's predicament made me feel so sharply for her but I doubt I was supposed to feel all the pain and disgust I did feel In fact I can very truthfully say that Judith McNaught has warned me away from historical romance for good With the exception of a few Kleypas novels MaybeI am not in the habit of poring back through books I actively disliked to find uotes to illustrate my point I am also not in the habit of using angry GIFs So maybe that makes this review less than credible who knows? but if you ever choose to pick up this book just know that someone out there wasted 200 minutes of their life so you didn't have to And maybe also procrastinated on physics homework but you don't have to remember that part

  4. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    5 ALWAYS STARSThis is one book that I really don't care what others say IT ROCKED FOR METhis was the amazing love story of Victoria and Jason Two very different individuals who find themselves together because of their shared UncleVictoria is a sweet stunningly beautiful innocent red head who has to move from America to England following the death of her loving parents In those days a young unmarried lady was not allowed to be responsible for herself She needed an elderly aunt or male family member to take care of her However she was just buying time as she was almost engaged to her childhood friend Andrew She shows up on the hero's doorstep by mistake and he was captivated by her Although he would fight his feelings The hero Jason was very distrusting of others and their motives Life has taught him that only pain can come of allowing others in He was a cold and calculating man who did not believe in love or even innocence They are all a myth and he refused to trust what he saw in the heroine's eyes They would be forced together by a meddling uncle and circumstances beyond their control To make this work they would have to both take a leap of faithbut will they? So many memorable moments in this book when she plays the piano for the first time for him when she milks the cow when he tries to save her in the pond and many tender moments However not all their shared moments are tender view spoiler the hero does rape the heroine and he does not even see it as rape here because they are married hide spoiler

  5. Karen Karen says:

    5 STARS ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎OH HOW I LOVE THIS BOOKimage error

  6. Mishelle LaBrash Mishelle LaBrash says:

    This is the one The one that started my chemical embalance towards everything historical romance I was an avid reader in elementary school Anyone out there remember Fear Street? lol Mostly horror mystery and suspense Anne Rice and Stephen King ranking among my top authors Then life happened and I stopped picking up books for well over a decade 2 12 years ago I started a new job and met many new people making friends among my co workers One of course being Rhonda Krieger a fellow GR guru One day she asked if I ever read in which I replied 'Read who the hell has time for that' She started telling me about certain books she has read and when I heard it was romance that was her genre of choice it took all my strength to refrain from laughing out loud Romance seriously Who on earth reads that crap My God Not me For weeks she relentlessly nagged and cajoled telling me 'You absoloutly MUST read this book' handing me an old copy of the book I am now reviewing I remember it having a hideous special only 499' sticker on it and chuckled to myself knowing I was right the book must be crap and I will never enjoy it To apease Rhonda and basically get her off my back I took the above mentioned bookLadies and Gentleman I have an announcement Now pay attention because this is the only time you will hear me utter these 3 wordsI WAS WRONGYup you heard me or read me rather I was 120% utterly shamefully completely wrong in my views of the historical romance genre and it's readers This book will forever go down in my history as the THE book the one that opened my mind my heart along with my eyes to reading again and the amazingly beautiful stories created by thousands of awesome literary minds out there Judith McNaught will forever be One of my favorite authors of all time My only complaint is her apparent decision to stop writing historical romances and her diversion to contemporary Historical Romance lovers of the worldor GR community atleast I tend to get carried away You must read all of MsMcNaughts Historical romances Prepare yourselves for an amazing journey full of tears hysterical laughter frustrating anger may even find yourselves throwing the book one or two times screaming 'OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME like I didpassion and over all unbelievable true and unyielding love These are what Historical romance is all about And of course

  7. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    I loved this one when I first read it oh about 18 years agogive or take Unfortunately I'm not too crazy about it now I still liked it but the constant misunderstanding Victoria's wishy washiness Jason's cruelty grated on me For example Victoria's penchant for putting herself in danger would have been fine with me years ago but now oh my gawd I can't even And Jason Fielding felt unnecessarily cruel to meStill I enjoyed this one The writing did feel dated but it's Judith McNaught Reading this again gave me a sense of nostalgia of the good old days where heroines were special snowflake Mary Sues and rapey heroes roam romancelandia If I had read this one now I definitely would've hated it

  8. Susanne Susanne says:

    I've found a potentially new favorite author but unfortunately not a new favorite book There was so much going for this book but in the end I am still battling over how many stars it deservesI really don't know how to explain any of this without spoiling the book So beware there might be mild spoilers below It was a high uality well written regency romance There were parts that truly sparkled and at one point I was sure it was going to make it to the top There was an unmistakable aura of virility about Jason that made female hearts flutter His thick hair was coal black his piercing eyes the green of India jade his lips firm and sensually molded Tough rugged strength was carved into every feature of his sun bronzed face from his straight dark brows to the arrogant jut of his chin and jaw Add a feisty incredibly warm and sweet heroine from America a dashing dangerous hero with a tortured past meddling relatives and a ton debut and you get this book It had all the right ingredients It was charming and funny and I loved the language and the tone of the book I especially liked all the interactions with the tonWhat I didn't like was Jason's abominable treatment of Victoria Just because you've been treated badly does not give you an excuse to treat other people horribly He constantly jumped to the wrong conclusions and always thought the worst And the wedding night completely horrified me After that he really couldn't redeem himself in my eyes To be honest I couldn't fathom what Victoria saw in himThere were also some loose ends The book is in desperate need of an epilogue The Andrew subplot was very unsatisfactory view spoilerWe never got a closure on Victoria's feelings and very little about his visit And the poor guy had done nothing wrong but was left heartbroken hide spoiler

  9. Tani Tani says:

    WARNING SPOILERS AND CURSING AHEADI think I died a thousand times internally within the total span while reading this bookHow is this shit romance? It's a train wreck Can we start with how Jason is a piece of shit? This emotionally constipated jerk abuses Victoria emotionally physically and mentally He is cold to Victoria from first page of this book He forcefully kisses Victoria twice Did I mention that he rapes her on their wedding night and other nights too? His sob story should not be excused as a reason for his abusive behaviour Oh boi let's talk about Victoria Even worms have spine than this lady I can't fathom how can authors romanticise sexual assaults And please stop fetishing naive and stupid women That shit isn't sweet Or normalDon't get me started on Uncle Charles That Grandma Countess and Captain whatever name They manipulated and forced Victoria to stay with Jason Especially after hiding Andrew Vitoria's former lover's letters They were the masterminds behind forceful marriage between Jason and Victoria This book is a clusterfuck I just can't

  10. Daniella Daniella says:

    breathes in breathes outOh boy Hate me all you want but this story was utter bullshit to me Note Emphasis on the me part people Before you slit my wrists and burn me at the stake I want to make it clear that this is based on how I feel about the story My opinions do not invalidate yours so if you can't tolerate negative comments about this book by all means don't read this reviewManipulation RAPE Cheating Verbal abuse Violence These are definitely elements of a great romantic novel right? RIGHT? Holy fucking shit man You know what? I'm too mad disturbed and nauseated to do this Thank God my pal Alienor wrote a comprehensive review You can check it out here if you'll excuse me I have to go to therapy or something

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Once and Always ❰Read❯ ➲ Once and Always Author Judith McNaught – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Judith McNaught'ın en güzel aşk romanlarından biri olan 'Sonsuza Kadar' özgür ruhlu Amerikalı bir genç kızla huysuz bir İngiliz lordunun hikayesiAnne babasını kaybeden Victoria uzak bir ak Judith McNaught'ın en güzel aşk romanlarından biri olan 'Sonsuza Kadar' özgür ruhlu Amerikalı bir genç kızla huysuz bir İngiliz lordunun hikayesiAnne babasını kaybeden Victoria uzak bir akrabasının yanına sığınmak üzere uzun bir okyanus yolculuğu yaparak İngiltere'ye gelir ve kötü şöhretli Lord Jason Fielding ile tanışır Lordun küstahlığı karşısında şaşkına dönse de bir panterin acımasızlığına ve zarafetine sahip olan genç adam ona çok çekici Once and PDF/EPUB ² gelir Karşı koyamadığı bu çekim sonucunda kendini Jason ile evli bulduğunda Victoria için mücadele ve üzüntü dolu günler başlamıştır Genç kız pek çok sınavdan geçecek bu arada koşulsuz sevmeyi özveriyi ve sonunda ulaştığı sonsuza dek sürecek aşkın değerini bilmeyi öğrenecek; taş yürekli Lord Fielding'e de aynı şeyleri öğretecektir.