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Almost Heaven [PDF] ✎ Almost Heaven Author Judith McNaught – Sosyeteye takdim edilmek üzere Londra'ya gelen ve kumarbaz olduğu söylenen Ian Thornton'ın büyüsüne kapılarak kendini onun kollarında bulan Elizabeth Cameron dedikodular yüzünden acımasız Sosyeteye takdim edilmek üzere Londra'ya gelen ve kumarbaz olduğu söylenen Ian Thornton'ın büyüsüne kapılarak kendini onun kollarında bulan Elizabeth Cameron dedikodular yüzünden acımasızca dışlanarak kötü bir duruma düşmüş adı lekelenmiştir Üvey ağabeyi Robert onun onurunu korumak için düelloya davet ettiği lan'ı yaralayarak kayıplara karışanca anne babası olmayan genç kız yapayalnız kalır Skandaldan sonraki iki yıl boyunca Londra dışındaki bakıma muhtaç malikânesini ayakta tutabilmek için son derece kısıtlı koşullarda mücadele veren Elizabeth'e parasal destek sağlamak istemeyen cimri amcası onu evlenmeye zorlamaktadır Sonunda genç kızı adeta bir meta gibi açık artırmayla pazarlayarak en fazla para veren soyluyla evlendirmeye karar verir Daha önce yeğeniyle evlenme talebinde bulunmuş olan lordlara mektup yazar çoğundan cevap bile gelmez Sadece üç kişi genç kızı bir hafta misafir ederek durum değerlendirmesi yapmaya razı olur Bunlardan biri de Ian Thornton'dırAncak Elizabeth genç adamın av köşküne gittiğinde hiç beklemediği bir tepkiyle karşlaşır Thornton'la aralarındaki aşk kıvılcımı aleve dönüştüğü halde yanlış anlamalar yüzünden birbirlerini incitip yaralamak zorunda kalırlar.

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  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    I felt like re reading this last night for some reasonand loved it just as much the millionth timeLOVE classic McNaught I've been reading her since I was 12 years old and will never stop

  2. Dina Dina says:

    I absolutely LOVE this book This is what I posted at the RF when I read it for the 1st time and I'm simply copying my post here on GR because I'm lazy and don't feel like writing a full reviewWell I've just finished reading Almost Heaven and I'm glad to say that I'm in love with Ian Elizabeth and everyone and everything else in the book I especially loved Ian for having no fear admitting to himself he was in love with Elizabeth without knowing if she felt the same and I adored Elizabeth for standing her ground and not cowering when Ian tried to send her awayI though the Big Misunderstanding issue would turn me off because I'm not a fan of this kind of plot device and there were not only one but two in this book but JM made it believable to me Ian and Elizabeth were so much in love with each other that it rendered them defenseless insecure and wary The you love someone the you're open to being hurt by themuoting Elizabeth I've hurt you terribly my love and I'll hurt you again during the next fifty years And you are going to hurt me Ian never I hope as much as you are hurting me now But if that's the way it has to be then I'll endure it because the only alternative is to live without you and that is no life at all Oh myAnd I can't resist adding my favorite passage If you would take one step forward darling you could cry in my arms And while you do I'll tell you how sorry I am for everything I've done Unable to wait Ian caught her pulling her tightly against him And when I'm finished he whispered hoarsely as she wrapped her arms around him and wept brokenly you can help me find a way to forgive myselfTortured by her tears he clasped her tighter and rubbed his jaw against her temple his voice a ravaged whisper I'm sorry he told her He cupped her face between his palms tipping it up and gazing into her eyes his thumbs moving over her wet cheeks I'm sorry Slowly he bent his head covering her mouth with his I'm so damned sorryOMG I cried when I read that And I'm not ashamed to say my eyes are suspiciously bright right now while I'm typing thisI'll stop now Otherwise I'll just end up posting every single line of dialogue exchanged between Ian and Elizabeth

  3. Mo Mo says:

    Another re read Another hit Seriously Ms McNaught is the ueen of Historical fiction well in this series anyway I do think she left the best 'til last even though I did love the first two in the series also Ian Ian Ian Ian I think I loved Ian than Jordon and Jason although while I was reading about them I was totally in love with them maybe it is because Ian is a Commoner and he is Scottish well half Scottish I do love Scotland I have already reviewed the book on first reading it so won't bore you any It's such a pity that this author doesn't write Historicals any And that Epilogue I have said it before and I'll say it again every book should have an epilogue ORIGINAL REVIEW IS BELOW Five Heavenly Stars If I could give it stars I would Elizabeth Cameron with her angelic beauty golden hair and shining green eyes had taken London by storm She was not a rage She was the rage I could not put this book down I am not sure if any review can do it justice I think it might have become one of my favourite books ever ”Look Elizabeth isn’t he divine in a sort of mysterious wicked way?” Divine divine you say Ian Ian Ian I loved you Such a torturned hero I felt for him I really don’t want to say much about the storyline as it is a wonderfully woven tale that is best discovered by yourselves ”I think” he said softly “that you are magnificent” Their love story is not a straightforward tale There are trials and tribulations misunderstandings lies mistrusts It had it all But it was worth it I swear I could literally start the book from the beginning straight away I loved it that much “Elizabeth’s entire body started to tremble as his lips began descending to hers and she sought to forestall what her heart knew was inevitable by reasoning with him “A gently bred Englishwoman” she shakily uoted Lucinda’s lecture “feels nothing stronger than affection We do not fall in love” His warm lips covered hers “I’m a Scot” he murmured huskily “We do” ”Dance with me Elizabeth” And for this of you who think there are NO sex scenes in Historicals there are And very nice they are too “Because” he said uietly as she stood up “until you walked into it this was an ordinary garden”Puzzled Elizabeth tipped her head “What is it now?” “Heaven” I loved meeting with Jordan and Alex from the previous book and the DowagerI wish Ms McNaught would write Historicals I know she has written contemporaries also but I think she shines in the Historical genre The sight that Ian beheld when he looked up make his grin fade as tenderness and awe shook through him Spread out before him in colorful splendor were the most magnificent flower gardens I an had ever beheld The other heirs of Havenhurst night have added stone and mortar to the house but Elizaebeth had given it breathtaking beauty” It was the longest three weeks of his life It was the shortest of hers I feel I could wax lyrical about this book for ages and ages but I’d better not As I have said before to those of you who do NOT read historicals please give them a try The three books in this series have been solid FIVE stars if not for meAnd I got my Epilogue And what a wonderful Epilogue it was It was Heaven

  4. Karen Karen says:

    5 SOLID STARS ★★★★★image error

  5. Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ says:

    5 STARS There are four steps separating us and a year and a half of wanting drawing us together” he said Elizabeth swallowed “Couldn’t you meet me halfway?” AllOfTheSwoonsThis THIS is exactly why I love historical romances And it's also why I'm currently kicking myself for only discovering this incredible author now There's only one thing I love than a good bastard in a romance and that's a redeemable bastard that's not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve when he finally sees the error of his ways Even if that particular feet takes him the majority of the book to do Almost Heaven is the story of a young beauty just entering London society in search for a husband that will save her beloved estate and a man that's always been the source of most gossip within it Ian is known as a scoundrel a gambler anything but the titled husband Elizabeth needs He's also a beautifully dangerous enigma that draws her like a moth to a flame Until she gets too close and they both get burnedThis was a delicious tale of secrets and betrayal of mistakes and forgiveness but ultimately of a love that prevails against all odds It was WONDERFULLY swoony At first I was a little concerned because Elizabeth and Ian get together so uickly I'm not usually a fan of uick coupling I was yearning for angst and emotion I shouldn't have been concerned because their initial meeting was only the calm before the storm And what a storm it was Ian is a downright bastard to Elizabeth when they meet again two years after the fateful first time GOD BUT I LOVED IT But it's no secret that I love the bastards Elizabeth was an incredible heroine She's young and sheltered but she's clever and smart and so endearing I loved her strength and her sharp wit She's not afraid to stand up for herself but she also knows that sometimes the biggest fight reuires a sacrifice She was the perfect match to the broody and enigmatic IanThe story was phenomenal and kept me glued to the pages long into the night I NEEDED to see how it all unveils and I couldn't be satisfied This is going down as one of my favorite historical romances And that epilogue? SWOONFind me on

  6. Barbara Barbara says:

    Almost Heaven? No this bookWAS Heaven

  7. Rane Rane says:

    There’s been many books I can say I couldn’t put down but I can truly say there’s also been just a handful of books where it was sometimes physical impossible to stop reading and putting the book away Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught was one of those books Through the hardshipstears and yes misunderstandings I couldn’t put this book down I wanted no needed to keep reading to find out what happen next to these two amazing leads Elizabeth Cameron was one of those heroine’s you love on the spot she was smart beautiful but she had most of all courage and bountiful amounts of love to give After having her uncle force her hand in an unwanted marriages Elizabeth is face once again with her past one where in order to save her home and her brother from debts she was to get married to a rich kind man and she felt foolish enough to fall in love whom she thought was the wrong man and only wanted her for a uick tumble in the sheets and with a vengeful friend out to destroy her Elizabeth’s reputation was in ruins Elizabeth without her brother whom up and left and only her home to go back to keeps moving on Elizabeth may have been brought down to a low but she was strong enough to face whatever came her way and it’s her strength that shows many of times as she has to fight many battles along the way but she stays strong and keeps hope in her heart Ian Thornton Ian how I adore thee Ian was one of those men you wish you could meet in real life he felt so real at times I thought he just jump off the pages where I could yell at him for being mule headed but hold him when he was hurting Ian was at times such a complex man and at times so simple Ian’s life hasn’t been a bed of roses the son of a disowned peer and a sister of a Scottish vicar Ian’s life was uickly turn to the worse when his family suddenly die in a fire Ian goes through life making gambles and money hand over fist but never truly happy until he finds love and heartbreak with Elizabeth Ian like Elizabeth get caught in a tangle of misunderstandings but these misunderstandings bring them back together Ian is very open about his passion and later his love of Elizabeth and shy about himself Ian was at times heartbreaking sweet and mule headed pain in the butt but I loved learning about him every second and I loved him deeply Ian and Elizabeth have a long road ahead of them and it’s their love and their forgiveness that heal their hearts and the sadly the wounds they inflicted on one another through things beyond their control but their love was stronger and able to overcome their hundles and find peace and love in one another There was so many memorable characters plotted around the story from Elizabeth’s childhood friend Alex to Ian old time friend Jack but my favorites were Lucy Elizabeth’s companion who may have been stern but had a uick witted mind and knew how to handle a mean horse And Ian’s grandfather who knew his mistake and wanted to make it up not only to Ian’s father but to Ian himself and was willing to let go of his pride in the end to do thatOverall This book was beautiful from start to finish and yes I have I did cry buckets but often then not they were tears of joys as two great souls Ian and Elizabeth finding one another This book wasn’t Almost Heaven to read but truly Heavenly

  8. Danielle Danielle says:

    I'm pretty sure but not positive that Judith McNaught is actually a god like being who writes romance from the sky just for me Now maybe that's a little presumptuous of me but eh how else could she know how to make me love every one of her books? You have another idea? Didn't think so Just like Whitney My Love or A Kingdom of Dreams Almost Heaven is deeply developed with dimensional characters full of sizzling chemistry whose romance grows on you until it burns into your heart This hero Lord have mercyI'm not one for sweet heroes and I was unsure even though he had an intoxicating presence about him how much I was going to love a hero who immediately proposes to the heroine while professing to her that's she magnificent Well I should have known right away this is Judith McNaught folks ueen of Conflict that their amicable relationship wouldn't last long and that their short 'tryst' actually became a nightmare for the heroine I don't particularly like to read about couples who have already met before at least in a romantic way and neither do I like flashbacks to show the scene we weren't there to witness But McNaught does it in a way that makes it feel like it's the present and the first meeting between Ian and Elizabeth was electric Ian a handsome than sin scoundrel without a title nor fortune to keep him in the ton's good graces If it wouldn't come off strange I would write this entire review swooning over just how hot this hero actually is But alas that might make me come off as a lonely creeper Confidence Intelligence An electric sex appeal Ian had it all He went from poor to riches There is nothing attractive than an ambitious man and that is exactly what he was At one point he was aspiring to marry a stunning intelligent debutante who he met briefly during a weekend party until he found out she was cuckolding her fiance by looking for a fling with him or so he thought Two years later Elizabeth's in dire straights about to lose her home she has spent the past years stringing pennies along to keep She's a social outcast from being caught up in the scandal with Ian and she wants nothing than to never see him again But little does she know her uncle has written her past suitors to try to marry her off again Ian being one of them but only because his incompetent servant agreed to the wrong letter Elizabeth was a fierce intelligent heroine Her hatred of Ian is greatly returned and when she shows up on his doorstep in rural Scotland they both didn't think they'd be pulled together like they had that very first time two years past Almost Heaven was so much fun I found myself trying to uell my laughter so my husband didn't wake up and yes I stayed up way too late to finish it The chemistry between the couple was electric hell Ian was eletric himself and there was an abundance of conflict to keep me stuck to the pages A fantastic tale by JM going straight to my favorites' shelf

  9. Ivy H Ivy H says:

    Every lover of romance novels has got that one special story that's #1 in her eyes; it's the novel that always tops all others with MC's who are a head and shoulders above all the other favourites Well Judith McNaught is my favourite romance novelist of all time and this novel is my special #1 I've read this about 4 or 5 times perhaps even ever since I first borrowed a copy from my aunt almost a decade or so ago It was perfect and heart wrenchingly romantic It's as much a timeless classic as this wonderful old song whose lyrics are perhaps most suitable for the tale that McNaught unfolds in this novel time I re read this novel I am captivated by the absolute romantic splendor that's filled with angst comedy tragedy drama that befits a soap opera and most of all a second chance tale of love lost and found again And each time I read this again I'm always in a rush to finish whatever chores I'm doing just so that I can get back to the tale of Ian and ElizabethIan Thornton the H is my #1 H of all time In my mind he's the H to top all othersIan's the grandson of the Duke of Stanhope but he has relinuished his claim to that legacy because his grandfather had disowned Ian's family after the H's father chose to marry an ordinary Scottish girl Ian doesn't need his grandfather's money or title though because he's a genius who has far wealth than most of the Ton can begin to imagine The H met the heroine Elizabeth at a country house party years ago during her debutante season and he was filled with insta love for the beautiful young noblewomanElizabeth is the belle of her Season and she received many marriage proposals from her adoring admirers but there was only one whom her mercenary brother favoured Viscount Moundevale But there was a viper in residence at the house party and that creature went by the name of Valerie Valerie was also a plain debutante who pretended to be the heroine's friend and was jealous of all the attention that Viscount Moundevale gave to Elizabeth This led the jealous young woman to engineer a scheme that would ensure Elizabeth's fall from grace It was one of the saddest part of the story because it involved a pair of forged notes that led the MC's to meet each other at a cosy cottage out in the back of the estate bordering the woods by the lake It all blows up in their faces Elizabeth is ruined Ian offers to marry her because he's in love but her nasty brother challenges him to a duel The story begins a few years after all this drama went down and the heroine's brother has disappeared Her guardian is now her miserly wicked uncle who's determined to marry her off to the highest bidder One of the men on her uncle's list is an obese old pervert called Sir Francis Belhaven and this horrid old man has got his ugly sights set on the heroine His intentions are nefarious scary and gross Elizabeth is horrified I loved how the MC's are brought together again in a simple cottage way up in the highlands of Scotland The H is a perfect cad who thinks Elizabeth is a flirty gold digger so he is mean and nasty I don't know why I still love Ian above all other H's I think if I'd read this novel for the first time as an adult my perceptions might be slightly different Perhaps it's sentimentality that makes me warm to him so much even though he behaves like an ass to the heroine while they're in the secluded cottage in Scotland I think it's all due to the magic of McNaught's writing She has a special way with words and is the ueen of heart wrenching and wrecky drama She also manages to infuse lots of humour into situations that should be depressing I admired the spunky heroine for the way she persevered and fought to hold on her beloved home Havenhurst Elizabeth was a proud compassionate and strong character but she did have her TSTL moments too Ian's proud and filled the need for revenge because he thinks that Elizabeth had spurned his offer of marriage all those years ago When they meet again in Scotland Ian's on the verge of proposing a marriage of convenience to some boring daughter of an Earl McNaught is one of the few authors who also manages to create some wonderfully unforgettable minor characters who are crafted with such care that one can help but love them Two of these are Lucinda Throckmorton Jones Elizabeth's eccentric grouchy sourpuss but loving chaperone and Ian's uncle Duncan a priest who plays the central role in reconciling the MC's The MC's attraction for each other is as strong as it ever was but each is still filled with bitterness based on the lies and misconceptions from the past It's only after Elizabeth leaves Scotland that Ian's uncle Duncan tells him the truth Lucinda Throckmorton Jones had been injured and in her laudanum filled state she managed to reveal everything about Elizabeth's past and current problems Ian was shocked and desperate to make it up to the woman he loved That's the part of the novel that I loved the most Ian's grovelling was epic Ian does what many other H's never have to do he lowers his pride for her sake and sacrifices his integrity by reconciling with the grandfather he hates He does this this because he has to save Elizabeth from a forced marriage to the nasty Sir Francis Belhaven and because the heroine's uncle would only give her to the man with the highest title Ian therefore resigns himself to accepting his legacy as the maruess heir of the Duke of Stanhope “That title is within your power Ian I realize how deep your hatred for your grandfather goes but it no longer signifies Either you let Elizabeth wed this despicable man Belhaven or you reconcile with the Duke of Stanhope It’s one or the other and you know it” Ian tensed his mind locked in furious combat against the idea of reconciling with his grandfather Duncan watched him knowing the battle raging inside him and he waited in an agony of suspense for Ian to make his decision He saw Ian bend his dark head saw him clench his hands into fists When at last he spoke his infuriated curse was aimed at his grandfather “That miserable son of a bitch” he bit out between clenched teeth “After eleven years he’s going to have it his way And all because I couldn’t keep my hands off her”Judith McNaught Almost Heaven Kindle Locations 4315 4321 Pocket Books Kindle Edition The hero bent over backwards to ensure that all the wrongs done to Elizabeth in the past had been righted He even ensured that the jealous junior hagwitch Valerie got her comeuppance when he gave her the social cut at a ball by telling her that she'd misspelled the word greenhouse in the notes she'd sent to him and Elizabeth all those years ago I also laughed at Valerie because after all these years and all her conniving she's still single and salivating after Viscount Mondevale who doesn't seem interested in her Ian also proves his love for Elizabeth by protecting her from her horrible uncle Julius “Certainly” Julius said his face reddening with anger “I have it but you’re not changing one word and I’m not giving back one shilling” Rounding on Elizabeth he continued “He paid a fortune for you you conceited little slut –” Ian’s savage voice cracked like a whiplash “Get out” “Get out?” Julius repeated furiously “I own this house You didn’t buy it when you bought her” Without looking at Elizabeth Ian snapped a uestion at her “Do you want it?” Although Julius didn’t yet recognize the depth of Ian’s fury Elizabeth saw the taut rage emanating from every line of his powerful frame and fear raced up her spine “Do I I want what?” “The house” Elizabeth didn’t know what he wanted her to say and in the mood he was in she was actually terrified of saying the wrong thing Lucinda’s voice turned every head but Ian’s as she eyed him with cool challenge “Yes” she said “She does” Ian accepted that as if the woman spoke for Elizabeth his gaze still boring through Julius “See my banker in the morning” he clipped murderously “Now get out” Belatedly Julius seemed to realize that his life was in genuine jeopardy and he picked up his hat and started for the doorJudith McNaught Almost Heaven Kindle Locations 5626 5638 Pocket Books Kindle Edition I do admit that there was one part of the novel that was filled with some unwelcome drama The MC's got married and were finally happy when the old specter of her evil brother Robert returned to destroy things for them I disliked Elizabeth in this part of the story because her idiocy and inability to trust the man she loved almost ruined her marriage There was some OTT drama where she faked her death Ian was the suspect in her murder she returned to clear his name he punished her by ignoring her for a few weeks etc I felt that part was a bit too much and ordinarily it would have made me reduce my rating for the novel However McNaught managed to get back into my good books by the very beautiful reconciliation scene that she wrote In this scene it was the heroine's turn to grovel and I loved seeing how turnabout was great fair play I think that's what made the novel so splendid for me in the space of one story I got to see instances where each MC had to bend over backwards to prove how much heshe loved the other That's what's stood out for me in this story because true love is one in which both partners are willing to do whatever it takes to make amends and right the wrongs that have been committed The reconciliation scene occurs in the Scottish cottage once again and the author's ability to craft pure romance out of mere words is once again obvious Stroking her hair he swallowed and spoke but his voice was shattered “I love you” he said telling her what she had told him that terrible day in his study “I never stopped loving you” She raised her face to his and her answer made his chest ache “I know” “How did you know sweetheart?” he asked trying to smile “Because” she said “I wanted it so badly to be true and you’ve always given me everything I wanted I couldn’t believe you wouldn’t do it just one time Just once ” She moved slightly and Ian checked her tightening his arms “Stay still darling” he whispered tenderly and seeing her confusion he told her “because our child is being conceived Her eyes searched his “Why do you think so?” “Because” he said slowly smoothing her hair off her cheek “I want it so badly to be true and you’ve always given me everything I wanted” A lump of emotion swelled in Ian’s chest as she pressed closer against him cradled in his arms not moving She was willing it to be true; he knew it as surely as he knew that somehow it wasJudith McNaught Almost Heaven Kindle Locations 8179 8189 Pocket Books Kindle Edition That scene and those words might be a bit cheesy but it's cheesy wonderful It appeals to the my romantic side and makes me sigh with wonder whenever I read this novel McNaught also added a grand cast of characters like the MC's and their relatives from her other great love story Something Wonderful who made cameo appearances It was splendid to see Jordan Alexandra the sour dowager duchess and cousin Tony again This novel also has one of the best epilogues that I've ever come across in a romance novel In this novel the author creates her magic by highlighting why the title of her novel is so significant to the story Ian is having a conversation with his 6 yr old genius son Jonathan about the definition of heaven Crouching down he put his arm around the little boy’s shoulders and gestured toward the garden As if Elizabeth and Caroline sensed that they were being observed they both looked up at the terrace and then they smiled and waved – two green eyed girls with gilded hair and love shining in their eyes “In my opinion” Ian solemnly confided to his son “that is heaven right there” “There are no angels” Jon noted “I see two of them” his father uietly replied then he glanced at his son and amended with a grin “three of them” The little boy nodded slowly a smile of comprehension drifting across his face Turning to look up at the tall man beside him he said “You think heaven will have whatever a person most wants it to have is that it?”  “I think it’s very possible” “So do I” Jon agreed after another moment’s thought He started to turn saw his tutor and his relatives looking expectantly in his direction then he turned back to his father and said with a helpless smile “They’re going to ask what you said And if I tell Mr Twindell you said heaven will be like this he’ll be very disappointed He’s counting you know on gold streets and angels and horses with wings” “I see where that could be a problem” Ian agreed and he tenderly laid his hand against his son’s cheek “In that case you can tell him I said this is almost heaven”Judith McNaught Almost Heaven Kindle Locations 8384 8392 Pocket Books Kindle Edition

  10. Victoria Victoria says:

    Going back to other books I've read from this author I feel like I'm still holding grudges against Clayton Jason and Jordan Their actions against their partners were horrible I found them way too ruthless but their stories were compelling enough to enthrall me to the very end Almost Heaven is a long book 475 pages long and I stopped reading it at page 370 The writing as always with McNaught was brilliant And even though I found Elizabeth's character unlike other McNaught's interesting heroines shallow and predictable the story was interesting enough to keep me engaged Sadly the main character's immensely stupid action made me dislike her so terribly and my annoyance with her idiocy was such that I lost interest in a book in which I'd had invested so much of my time Bah

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